15 July 2017

Co-Creating Earth's Conscious Ascension ~ David Wilcock ~ Wisdom Teachings: Season 26 Episode 9 ~ 3 July 2017

This is available for free viewing over the next 48 hours. Here is the description provided:

David Wilcock explains that the increase in self-luminous electrical phenomena are harbingers of transformation for our planet and humanity. We start to see that these strange electrical spectacles bombarding our atmosphere have a unified explanation. They are high levels of hyper-dimensional energy downshifting into our reality. As our Earth continues to charge up from the energy of the heliosphere, our planet is undergoing a process of dramatic transformation. As part of the ascension of humanity, the Earth functions as a conscious being which is co-creating strange effects, including the ascension of the planet. This presentation was originally webcast July 3, 2017.

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I really like this episode because it wraps up very nicely the connecting thread of Dr Dmitriev's work with Kimberlite Pipes, the nature of Plasma, and the Ascension process. The best part was when David was explaining how diamonds are formed within a very short span of time inside Kimberlite Pipes, instead of taking the very long years that they usually do. That's our Ascension process! The same principle applies ~ we are going through this same transfiguration from a carbon-based form into one that's crystalline, within a very much shorter span of time than it should take. Since I've only been sporadically watching the Wisdom Teachings series in the past months, I'm not aware if David has mentioned this before in another episode, but he didn't in this one.

So far, we've got 2 major empirical experiments that tie in nicely with the Ascension process:
  1. Dr Gariaev's frog-and-salamander experiment which proves that photons can transmit DNA codes and actually effect radical transformations ~ that would be our Sun beaming forth all these "new" energies (codes) from the Central Sun of the Central Sun
  2. Dr Dmitriev's Plasma and Kimberlite Pipes studies, and their correlation to the vastly accelerated rate of change that we are going through now, and that of the Ascension process. 

It's interesting that both these scientists are Russian; it's no secret that Russian experts were intensively studying the paranormal and parapsychology since the 60s, if not earlier. Or at least, they were the ones who were conducting such research more openly than other countries.

David also mentions that the Planet's core isn't iron but likely plasma. I'd like to believe that it's more crystalline ~ or could a crystalline structure also be plasma in solid form?

He also explains why Disclosure is imperative before the Solar Flash occurs, because we would need assistance from both our Extra- and Intra-terrestrial families. I'm assuming he means the surface upheaval (terra-forming?) as well as extreme weather conditions, and that we can seek shelter in Inner Earth itself before this happens.

I'm also very glad he stresses on our own responsibility when it comes to global climate change ~ I feel that attributing it to "Nature" and totally discharging our liability, as what many sources are promoting, is a reckless endeavour that doesn't serve any positive purpose.

Finally, Dmitriev makes a specific point ~ the higher our collective spiritual growth, the less intense the catastrophe when the Big One hits. This is precisely the concern of the Light Forces, as Cobra has said repeatedly. This has also been well explained by EM and Blue Solara in their few but much-appreciated webinars.

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