13 July 2017

Cobra & Prepare For Change June Interview ~ 12 July 2017

Some of the topics here have already been addressed, but Cobra provides additional details. He also confirms that clearing of the plasma plane is progressing, and that the situation in Congo is improving, albeit gradually. The outlook on Syria is positive, and Cobra also reports things unfolding on the financial front but stresses (yet again) that the Reset cannot happen until The Event. He also touches briefly on the Nazca mummy discovery, the Universal Dissolution reports as well as confirms the power of Pyramids.

There's also information about Tachyons and an emphasis on the Sunday meditations, which will speed things up.

Please access the audio or transcript at Prepare For Change.


  1. Cobra couldn’t get much clearer, could he (Gabrio Raio Lunar). The last doubt that his sources indeed are of the dark were „dissolved“ when they rowed back the dissolution speed AFTER Cobra had made clear that Yaldabaoth certainly had NOT dissolved as fast and much as GRL’s sources were claiming. That’s when they exposed themselves.

    So we can be grateful to Cobra for helping us discern once more after exposing the SC teacher Denise Patterson whose Chimera-origin messages were (are?) published by American Kabuki.

    I feel GRL is a good spirit and believes in what is being poured into his channel, but hopefully that does not mean that he is blind to reality and to learning.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Lee :)

      You'd be amazed how many people write in to warn me about Cobra....and the unpleasant (unpublished) comments, ugh. Yet here I am.... :D

      I'll continue with the "progress" report, until I feel I can't.

      As for AK....I quite often see his posts being shared around the Internet, so I guess his info appeals to a lot of people.


  2. I hear you. People warning about Cobra are for example those who believe this twisted veiled stuff from "One who knows" (OWK) who even claims Cobra is a she.. I met Cobra in person.. what else to say. OWK might be more real changing his abbreviation to OMG .. ;) Here's who is is: https://tinyurl.com/y74ywkhe

    Djwal Khul (who I know beyond the slightest shadow of the doubt to be more than just real through my friend on Big Island, HI) told me that "Cobra's Intel is accurate for the most part". He also confirmed Yaldabaoth and the "dark matter bombs" (that's how he calls the bombs made of negative plasma, which according to DK is ultimately dark matter, rid of love and light), and that they present a real threat to the mission.

    There is still people that spread and read Benjamin Fulford (even though he has been debunked as obvious as can be several times), Sheldan Nidle's constant repeats, Yosef's "Sitreps" even though he *publicly* admitted that he is "busted", fake and paid by some government. Kent Dunn, etc.pp., the list is very long So it does not surprise me the least bit that a lot of people also still resonate with American Kabuki ("Pleiadians originate in Atlantis"; "Cobra is fake"; "There are no plasma bombs"). It's how the Voice of God "producers" do it as exposed by (hmm - was it among others also David & Corey?) - spread sufficient accurate information and mix the inaccurate underneath stealthily, to divide and conquer...

    I prefer to stick to your selection, Grace, 98%, because you have all - a (really sharp) mind, heart, discernment, intuition, discernment and spirit at the right place.

    1. OWK = OMG Lee, you're incorrigible! :D :D Thanks for that laughing fit! You're not serious about the mug-shots, are you? (!!)

      Thanks so much for that vote of confidence....all I can say is, the best selection for you, is wherever and whatever your Higher Guidance leads you to :) I just try to do my best as much as possible. Ultimately, you are your best guide :) Blessings

  3. ;)

    The mug-shots.. I did not dig any deeper to figure if they are real or photoshopped. Nevertheless, what has become evident by now is that this bloke does not just look criminal/ evil..