14 July 2017

Gateway Preparation: July 13-17 ~ Sandra Walter ~ 13 July 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We are connecting with the Cosmic Stargates today through Monday (July 13-17), with an upcoming collective trigger on July 23. You may have noticed the timeline shifts as this approached; the time-standing-still sensation which occurred in several moments yesterday. Also note the clarity of the SUN has brightened again; let this be reflected in your own heart.

During this morning’s Gatework a palpable shift was made; I also received a nudge to encourage more Lightworkers to get involved in the preparations for August. I AM sure most of you understand why the Higher Team is encouraging this preparation.
Many have asked about participating in Gridwork, preparing for the eclipse, participating in the New Earth Grid activation, and what the eclipse means in the USA and on a Global level. I AM creating a video to review all that has been received and shared about this very esoteric and transformational passage of the August Gateway (August 3 -25).

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