15 July 2017

Grounding Mechanism - Lisa Renee - July 2017

Brilliant article with essential guidance from Lisa Renee.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

This month we discuss the fundamental understanding that the Grounding Mechanism for the human and planetary body is reconfiguring into different and higher functions.

Currently there are sweeping changes occurring to the planetary architecture, which are impacting the human body and collective consciousness in a variety of ways, putting stress upon the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers in order to adapt to the laws of structure in the next harmonic universe. The world of forces as we have known them on the earth, are fundamentally changing their patterns of movement. Transiting into the next harmonic universe requires that the cellular record, the birth imprint in our lightbody, be altered so that our consciousness is able to synchronize with the higher frequency timeline, or ascending spaces that exist without alien machinery. For some groups the arc of this ascending pathway to evolve beyond 3D earth mind control is longer, for others it is shorter or even happening now. We must transform our consciousness into more loving, kind and unifying thoughtforms, or suffer the consequences of our unconscious actions that pull us down into density like a lead weight. The density of these unconscious forces carry us into the magnetic pull of black force interaction that works like a vacuum, sucking down everything in its path to be dragged into the black void of space.

The NAA is banking on maintaining the status quo of unconscious slavery in humanity by transmitting extremely negative base thoughts in order to capitalize on the black forces that are highly magnified in the collective consciousness. All of our efforts should be towards deflecting and neutralizing the mainstream psychological operations targeting our minds with blasts of negativity, by deeply connecting with our inner spirit and grounding into our own core self. When we have developed a strong inner directed Grounding Mechanism it is much easier to stay centered and keep our heart open while we sail through the choppy seas that are generated from the convergence of many forces at once, along with their energetic interference patterns.

Only when a person is fully grounded in their core self, will they feel safe enough to open up their heart to feel deep emotions that are capable of catalyzing profound spiritual healing and consciousness shifts. As some of the lower frequency planetary vortices that were functioning as the base chakra system of the earth have dissolved, one of the major events happening during this phase is the reconfiguration of the human lightbody's Grounding Mechanism. Essentially this refers to the reconfiguration of the red wave chakra spectrum, changing the root chakra 1D interface that governs the activation of prana seeds and life force distribution throughout the human body, as well as within the planetary body.

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