13 July 2017

Having the Eyes to See ~ Lisa Renee ~ 10 July 2017

The first two paragraphs of Lisa Renee's blog update is so accurate and eloquently written that I copied and submitted it as a Letter to the RM.

Additionally, I'd like to support what Lisa has to say about LWs who have faced or experienced dark interference or worse, attacks. I personally know many who have been affected, and this is indeed very real.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

These are extremely challenging times for the people of the earth, who are enduring the trials of planetary ascension without any context; standing in the cross fire of the war over consciousness and grabs for territory happening between tyrannical power mongering humans and Archontic nonhumans, while all the spiritual knowledge of multidimensional anatomy, consciousness as energy, spiritual lightbody, negative aliens and demonic forces, humanities true star origins and galactic history is being completely concealed from the public. Along with the fact that the human body is designed to undergo biological spiritual ascension into higher dimensional frequencies and shift consciousness by changing the way we think - which is happening to us right now while all of this critical information about Ascension and our real identity is being suppressed, manipulated and gaslighted by the mainstream media.

Most of humanity is travelling blind in the sandstorm of chaos, unable to see or understand why the planet and her inhabitants seem to have gone to another stage of crazy, acting out senseless violence and insanity. Many of these unstable and violent people are covered with demonic entities and attachments. The collective consciousness in the planetary body is surfacing the contents recorded in the cellular memory that holds the blackest of the black force of unconsciousness and that miasmatic substance. It is the dead energy created from the disconnection of spirit, where the deepest bowels of darkness exist, the collective trauma, pain, deviance, astral garbage, spiritual sickness and Satanism. It is so that we can bring this blackest of the black unconsciousness into the light of day, bring it into the light of pure consciousness witnessing, so that we can transform it once we can actually know what it is. Right now many people on the earth are in a battle with something dark and shadowy that they cannot identify, an invisible and silent enemy, because all of this Ascension information is being intentionally withheld as a divide and conquer warfare tactic that is used to take advantage of them. This is why humanity must come together through unifying our hearts, we must find our true dignity and divinity to preserve our humanity in a world that is under siege.

For Starseeds, or Intuitive Empaths, feeling, sensing and seeing this dark phenomena explosion in the field, and living out every day as a battle for commanding personal space and deflecting negative and demonic forces that are buried everywhere in the 3D structures designed to hijack, attach to and mind control the people, can feel harrowing and exhausting. As has been mentioned earlier, this year is the year of the showdown with the anti-Christ, and this is the stage of the archetypal battle of Megiddo. Not all people will experience the battle with actual demons that they can see, but will battle their own inner demons through their personality vices, houses of ego, grappling with fears, paranoia, insecurity and feeling confused from being uprooted from their reality. Many Galactic Warriors such as Starseeds do see these satanic and alien forces and are many times unwittingly pulled into galactic dramas to defend the right for humans to ascend and be freed of alien mind control on this earth. This battle is real and it rages on in the interdimensional planes, a silent and quiet war with electronic weapons, just because you cannot see it physically or do not believe you experience it directly, does not mean that it is not real. Have compassion for your brothers and sisters, because many of us have no idea what it is like to walk in anothers shoes and to endure what they may be experiencing now during the consciousness battle for earth and humanity.  The world and all people need more love, kindness, compassion and empathy than ever before.

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