19 July 2017

Message From Three Visions/Dreams ~ A Re-post

The latest update from Sandra Walter made me recall something I wrote some time back (here). I'm re-posting it again because I think it has some relevance, especially the "Gaia is crowned" part.

From 7 February 2016:
Three very short dreams in as many consecutive nights. I feel they are all related, with one overall message.

In the first dream, there was a small tree in a white pot. It had some dark reddish-yellow, succulent looking fruits on it. I got "fig tree", although the fruits looked visually more like peaches or apricots. It was growing in my apartment, and although it didn't seem likely to thrive indoors, I was very adamant and sure that it would and be able to feed lots of people in the near future.

Next, I was presented with a speeded up slide-show of locations around the world. They all look like Paradise ~ rich, vibrant colours and the most gorgeous flora. I recall a simple white building which reminded me of a Mediterranean scene, set against a mountainside, surrounded by lush greenery and multi-coloured blooms.

The last dream was one of a lady. She had a beauty that permeated from deep within, and the immense feeling of Love that she emanated was very palpable. She had a tiara-looking ornament on her head, just at the edge of her upper forehead. What I got was "Gaia is crowned".

I've tried my best to put together a montage of the visions in the image above. Of course they are only depictions, and not actually what I saw. I do hope they give you a sense of the visions.

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