15 July 2017

Responsibility of the Lightworker ~ Gabriel Raio Lunar ~ 13 July 2017

Food for thought....

Source: Disclosure News Italia

As you know, due to the advancement of the Light Forces and significant progress on the surface of the planet, naturally those forces opposed to this advance will attempt to retaliate in every way.

One of the ways they still have is to try to put the Lightworkers, one against the other, in the old “divide and conquer” tactic. All personality weaknesses will be explored, so it is imperative that they resist in their loving silence.

The opposing forces will seek out people within these Lightworker groups who have an easier personality to be influenced, and will implant ideas of separation and chaos.

That is why weaknesses, fragilities, macules, sensitive points of being in need of healing, as they are open gaps for such undesirable interferences.

The first thing to do is “Abstain from any type of judgment and do not engage in these conflicts publicly, nor internally. Keep your posture calm and serene, paying no attention to any attack you may suffer, or even come to tell you about something of this nature. Failure to comment negativity is already a powerful neutralizer to prevent any harmful force from spreading.”
Of course, the more they maintain a calm and loving posture, the more they will try to drag them into the eye of the hurricane.

Resist and remain calm and quiet. Nothing will shake you, and the more you stay that way, the more power and protection you will have.

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  1. "loving silence" - hush hush, people, and walk on, there is nothing to be seen.

    I feel more and more pride and ego in the way of this young lad, making it impossible for him to even *consider* that his sources might not be of the light, instead very afraid of a public and frank discussion, which sure can be critical and include disagreement. That is part of communication, conversation, sociocracy, friendship, democracy.

    Not being able and/ or willing to self reflect and possibly admit errors is the exact opposite of truthfulness, love, healing, etc.

    He is still young, proud, convinced, which I can sense more and more with every of his justifying posts. He's free to be jus that. Just we are invited to discern - to *avoid* more divide and conquer .. ;)

    1. Interesting observation....I'll be watching what develops in the near future. Blessings