31 July 2017

Short Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 30 July 2017

This is news to which we have been looking forward! I know it's easy to say after the fact, but I'm very certain many of us felt (or even "seen") the progressive effects of the "loving attention" (Cobra's term) that's been given to the Black Stone.

Cobra makes a reference to Peter Reed's Taiwan Conference notes (manifesting abundance), which I have already posted in April. In light of current circumstances, it's definitely worthwhile to re-visit it again.

Cobra's wit is appreciated, too....

Source: The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group and their exotic weapons continues and big breakthroughs have been made.

A process of dehadronization of the Black Stone has begun. This simply means that the Black Stone has begun to decompose into smaller, more manageable chunks of heavy quark matter that get smaller and smaller as the Light Forces give them „loving attention“.

This will further accelerate the process of removal of remaining toplet bombs and the Yaldabaoth plasma entity.

On a Galactic scale, the healing of the remaining quantum spacetime anomaly, the last remnant of the galactic wars that raged across the galaxy for millions of years, is taking place. This means that „tortured space“ is finally being straightened out and healed and the Galactic body of the Pleroma looks healthier that ever before, and for the most of the Galaxy, the trauma of the galactic wars is completely healed.

On a planetary scale, one significant aspect of progress is the Chinese quantum teleportation link between Low Earth Orbit and the surface:


The Light Forces are very effectively using that link to clear plasma anomaly between Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and the planetary surface, accelerating the process of Compression Breakthrough.

Please read on....

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