29 July 2017

Soul Fuel ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 July 2017

Source: Lee Harris

Remember to have contact and connection with your soul each day. This can strengthen your soul-ignited experience on Earth. You will forget to do this. You will forget to have a conversation with your soul and ask what it is you want to bring in next. You will forget to say to your soul - I am gold, I am golden. You will want to, you will like the idea of it and you might try it a few times but it is in your human nature to forget about the soul, for at this point, that is dominant in the collective consciousness. It is no mistake or error of yours, you all live in a way that feeds and informs each other. So if mass consciousness is not remembering the soul on a day to day basis, it will become quite easy for you to forget that, unless you are immersed in and around people who are practicing with the soul everyday.

- From Soul Fuel

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