24 July 2017

The Lion's Gate Diary ~ Celia Fenn ~ 23 July 2017

Celia Fenn will be providing energy updates for this key period leading up to the August Solar Eclipse. Please check the link below periodically in case I forget to post them here :)

Source: Starchild Global

23rd July : New Moon in Leo
Today the sun moves into Leo and we also have the New Moon in Leo.  This is a time to go within and to start the process of letting go of the old and sowing the seeds of the new cycle of Manifestation and Creation.  Use this deep and quiet time to really consider what you wish to create in this next cycle of Time Flow.  You are the creator of your own reality, and in the 4th Dimension you are also a Master of Time.  Use your ability to focus intention for the incoming cycle.  You can call on the Royal Lion's of Sirius to guide you to the Portal and assist you to move across into a higher level of conscious creation on your new Time Line/Spiral.

You may find the energies quite difficult right now as the frequencies accelerate on the Timeline.  Many people may be feeling tired as they adjust to the new frequencies.  Also, you may feel headaches, nausea and dizziness.  All  the symptoms that indicate Time/Space upgrade.  In this time it is really important to take it SLOW!  The higher the frequency, the slower you need to go!  It is one of those spiritual paradoxes.  Rest, relax, don't rush anything!  There is plenty of time.  Eat good food, sleep as much as you need to and drink lots of water.  Stretching exercises and yoga are also good, as is walking in nature and enjoying the sunshine.  Be at Peace with yourself and your world!