26 July 2017

The Lion's Gate Diary ~ Celia Fenn ~ 25 July

Source: Starchild Global

25th July : The Day out of Time. Today is the day to celebrate the "Day out of Time", and to honor Jose Arguelles who helped us to remember the Sacred Mayan Calendar.

The Day out of time is that moment when the old cycle has completed and the new is yet to begin.

It is a time within the "void" and the emptiness, but filled with possibility and potential.  It is like being in the womb, between death and infinity and the process of rebirth.  It is a magical and joyous time in which to celebrate the ongoing spirals of life and creation.
It is also a good time to consider what might be left behind and released as you move forward into the new cycle of time.

Remember that in the Fourth Dimension Time is experienced as a fluid quantum wave, and this is the moment when you prepare yourself to catch the incoming wave that lifts you through the Lion's Gate and into a higher level of conscious experience.  As Jose Arguelles would have said, now is the time to prepare to surf the "Zuvaya "or quantum Light wave from the "Hunab Ku" or Galactic Center , that will create another cycle of experience for us in 2017/2018..

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