30 September 2017

Welcoming the Divine Masculine ~ Lee Harris ~ 30 September 2017

I allow shame to leave my body
Source: Lee Harris

I allow my Divine Masculine to inhabit my body. 
There is room for the divine male in me. 
My inner feminine and inner masculine are married - married in the true sense of the word.
It is a flowing relationship.
I acknowledge my shadow male aspects.
I feel no shame around these.
I allow my shame to leave my body.
I welcome my Divine Masculine.
I invite back my divine strength.
I invite in my divine love.

Book of Enoch and Solar Flash ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S27:Ep7 ~ 25 September 2017

** Update 2: Gaia TV has responded:
"Thanks for reaching out and for the information. Chrome and FireFox work best with our website. However, if you are watching Gaia on a mobile device I would recommend downloading our app. If you search Gaia meditation you should see it. It has a teal background with white writing that says Gaia. 

Please let me know if you need anything else and I'd be happy to help :)

Thanks and good vibes."

** Update: I did a bit more checking.
Firefox on my mobile and PC devices works just fine.
Opera on all devices didn't work. **

 ** NOTE: I have received feedback from many that all they got was a blank screen when they tried to view this episode. I have written to Gaia TV about this, and once they respond I will update again. I have also asked that they reset the clock back to 48 hours. I haven't watched this episode yet myself (I had until 30 September to utilise my last gift for the month) so I don't know how important the information is in the episode. Sorry about this, I'll get back to you soon! **

Available to view for free over the next 48 hours:

Continuing his examination of prophecies for the end of times, David Wilcock looks to the lost apocryphal text of the Book of Enoch. What we find are strong similarities to prophecies given in stoic philosophy and other ancient Roman texts. We are told of the coming of the day of tribulation when the wicked and godless will be removed and messianic figures will descend from the heavens to bring ascension. This will all be enacted through a great conflagration known as ekpyrosis, which may be a reference to the long predicted great solar flash. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast September 25, 2017.

Emergence of the Divine HUman: New Podcast ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 September 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The effects of the Equinox Gateway passage are anchoring into the collective consciousness. The Cosmic Mother/Divine Feminine energies bring us fully into the experience of consistent NOW dynamics; the absolute Presence of the Multidimensional Self.

While the newness and beauty of this state of BEingness is difficult to convey, the key quality is it’s unshakeable nature. This consistent Zero-Point awareness demonstrates the new phase of our embodiment. Many Wayshowers are experiencing this merge of past, present, future and multidimensional aspects of Self in synchronous time. A true taste of consistent 5D consciousness at last.

Embodiment of the Divine Multidimensional Self has been the goal of the Wayshowers, in order to anchor this state into the collective, the grids, and beloved Gaia. This has been a message for years: Embodiment first, then a profound acceleration of Ascension can unfold. The continual amplification with every Gateway this year is palpable for many. Strong Cosmic factors are assisting us along this path, however the shifts to Christed/Unity consciousness are a Divine HUman choice.

Remember we are here to demonstrate what is possible with Ascension, as well as transform realities. Divine HUman DNA, the miraculous crystalline DNA, is a powerful conduit for Pure Source consciousness. When we pair it with the availability of Primary Christed timelines, which don’t feel like timelines in this state, we open brand new Gateways within the cosmos for brilliant unfoldments to occur.

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Smoothing the Way Through Change ~ Judy Satori ~ 30 September 2017

Source: Judy Satori

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share this with you today as the energies streaming to Earth are very powerful and rather challenging for us to adjust to. There is a short audio recording called Smoothing the Way Through Change that I just added to my home page that will help you feel better and sleep better. Listen once or three times whenever you need it. 


Love & blessings,

Heaven and Earth Technique ~ Untwine ~ 29 September 2017

Source: Recreating Balance

This is a powerful technique that can help to increase life force, protection, and aid in healing.

1. Stand up straight, and as you breathe in, lift your arms up slowly above your head, and while you do that, visualize your intention/will/brilliant white Light, flowing upwards from your Earth star chakra (which is 20cm below your feet), through all your meridians and chakras in the whole body, through your legs, through your central channel in your torso both in the front and in the back along the spine, up through your arms and your head, up to your Soul star chakra 20 cm above your head.

2. Now as you breathe out, bring your arms back down slowly and visualize the same thing going back down the other way, from Soul star chakra to Earth star chakra via all your meridians and chakras along your whole body.

3. Repeat this process as long as you feel guided, and while you do this, also visualize the same white light spinning around your aura, as you breathe in it is going upwards from the Earth star chakra in counter clockwise direction, and as you breathe out it is going downwards from the Soul star chakra in clockwise direction.

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TIME SENSITIVE! Meditation for Catalonia referendum on Sunday October 1st at 10 AM, 2 PM & 6 PM CEST

It's interesting that in the latest Gaia Portal, there's this sentence:
"Spanish concurrences are accepted as the truth."

If you are guided to join, please visit We Love Mass Meditations for details.

Transcript for Goldfish Report No.133

Being the Spiritual Catalyst ~ Lisa Renee ~ 18 September 2017

I believe that this information from Lisa Renee is invaluable to those who are in the situation that she describes,  especially so when it pertains to loved ones in our lives. There's one aspect that I would like to offer as an addition to the list of subconscious patterns acted out by those who are triggered, and that is some thing I call "Rearranging Reality". This is when the person triggered recalls past events differently to that which actually occurred. The person can chop and change sequence of events, leave out/add in/distort events to suit his or her perspective.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

Once you become seasoned on the Ascension path, or as a Starseed person, one will start to recognize that you have the role of being a Spiritual Catalyst for others, whether you want to or not. A Spiritual Catalyst instigates potential awakening or consciousness shifts in the people, places and things that become connected with or exposed to your personal sphere of influence.  Sometimes, this may appear to stimulate other people around you into some really strange types of unconscious behaviors, such as spontaneous eruptions of subconscious reactions, transferred projections, acting out in angry impulses from out of nowhere, or our personal favorite here in ES, the dreaded red wave of Victim-Victimizer programming.

This is a very surreal, strange and disorienting time on planet earth, to observe what is happening in the larger collective consciousness during a time of deep psycho-spiritual crisis. We may observe how the current events and psychological operations have instigated a lot of mental confusion and chaos, and sometimes, this instigates aggravated fear and violence in the unawake people and 3D based organizations around us. When people's identity are fully enmeshed or connected to a mental position or belief system, taking sides in the polarity of forces, they can become mentally rigid and emotionally dependent on that specific belief system or mental point of view. We refer to this as the bi-wave polarity consciousness, it’s when a person gets stuck in the extremes of one side or another, and staunchly will defend their beliefs, many times at their own expense and even while generating harm to others. As example, the archetypes of Hero/Savior and Enemy are really the same position in the bi-wave of duality and exaggerated by those playing its archetypal game in order to create sides for division. This is the main divide and conquer tactic by the NAA mind control that is used to keep people arguing and killing each other over petty disagreements that are being taken as major offenses. Recent events with the amnesiac barriers dissolving, rises up subconscious contents which for many have been deeply internalized and personalized by people's sense of identity, and they easily take offence or feel hurt or slighted, because their 3D point of view or mental belief system is being threatened in a big way.

Sometimes, people in our awakening group, people that have made an effort to discover another alternative for exploration, seeking the larger truth in what is going on in the consciousness of this planet, are perceived as a threat, by those who are desperate to maintain their position in the 3D reality bubble. Being perceived as a threat by those who are still asleep, is a common pattern for many of us here. Over the years, I have tried to be authentic with an accurate and objective way to describe my own experiences of VV programming with people that still allow subconscious fears to gain control over them, the betrayal, accusations and demonization that is endured on this awakening path, from what seems to be mostly instigated from exerting control over the most meaningless and petty topics. What was the most surprising in these past experiences, was that the people that tend to be the most brutal, were supposed to be spiritual peers, colleagues or awakening people that defined themselves as spiritually dedicated. Generally, I have a hard time comprehending the types of things that people get upset about, when our problems on the earth are so much larger, so much more expansive then the myopic point of view that many people have in the 3D arena.

With this in mind, remember to be strong when people around you may turn on you suddenly because they perceive you to be threatening in some way. People deeply fear what they do not understand. As awake and aware people, do your best to not let some people's surreal, incoherent and mean behaviors hurt your feelings, as truly many people now are undergoing a type of 3D ego dismantle and spiritual crisis. As a result, they are emotionally unstable, chaotic, confused and prone to lash out with little to no provocation.

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Millenials and Carelessness ~ Lisa Renee ~ 25 September 2017

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

I’m reposting this blog from May of this year, as it has been very disturbing to see the mainstreaming of the Satanic Agenda and astral black magic being targeted at the younger generation of teenagers to 20 something millennials. This group has a much harder time with discernment and personal clarity, being able to navigate the maze of increasingly distorted realities from aggressive use of AI, electronic harassment, frequency of fear related bullying and holographic insert mind control. Many millennials exist as an emotional powder keg, ready to explode into panic, fear or aggression, never having been taught how to manage their stress or use common sense and critical thinking to help solve their day to day problems.

This end game cycle is very important to the Negative Aliens as well as the Controller’s who target those who are unaware, naïve or unable to protect themselves, and this directly impacts children, teenagers and especially the 20 something’s who are trying to get a grasp on their own sense of identity and purpose for the future. Most are trying to establish a sense of self in order to belong to some peer group, while co-existing within a 3D system that is parasitizing, collapsing and decaying all simultaneously. Unfortunately, there are very few strong and capable leaders in this younger age group who have an informed view of the Negative Alien Agenda and the methods used in specifically targeting the younger generation, who at this stage of personal development still want to be cool and hip with their chosen peer group. All of this pressure to be cool and hip comes at a great personal expense with potentially serious implications on their lightbody.

Between the biological ages of 12 through 22, the spiritual-biology will attempt to help integrate the soul frequencies and open the heart complex of the youngster who is on the earth during the Ascension Cycle. As we know, soul integration has been seriously tampered with through the technological alien abuses on the astral plane, and these areas are filled with astral delusion, astral bliss and astral rape/sex. Unfortunately, this age group and those who are still attracted to the hedonistic pleasures that can be manipulated from these astral dimensions, are at risk for deeper intrusions into their lightbody and infiltrations that source from the astral plane of many delusions and holographic inserts. This inserts are astral visions, images that are sent into the mind of the person, to influence their behavior to be self destructive. Without a strong sense of core self, being able to feel centered and connected, or clarifying ones purpose to move steadily forward, this age group is at high risk in areas that are marketed to them in social media as standardized entertainment, creative exploration, and casual sex filled with reckless and careless behavior as if this is no big deal. It is a very big deal and has consequences that allow the physical body to be used as a dark portal, or enslaved for the purpose of another entity's amusement or energy siphoning.

As the millennial generation comes of age, they face a number of serious threats, including high rates of suicide, homicide, motor vehicle accidents, substance use, sexually transmitted infections and dramatically increasing obesity rates. Most all of these threats come with some kind of partial to full attachment or possession. Children are being targeted by satanic forces for suicide, it is a possession and not the healthy and sane mind of their soul that wants them to sacrifice themselves this way. Additionally, most people have not been educated to comprehend how their current choices generate consequences in this life, and the life after this one. As well as how many more attachments, fragments and possessions are latching onto people that act out unhealthy and destructive behaviors as this planet endures its Ascension Cycle. As a result drug and alcohol use as well as sexual activity is higher for this generation, when it is a much higher risk for them at this time of planetary shifting. How can we help teach a group of highly impressionable kids that it’s much better not to drink and do drugs when the exact opposite is being conditioned as the norm? How do you ask a youngster to challenge their peers to resist the destructive norms of the death culture, during a time when they are trying to manage how they can fit in into this world?

Additionally, the sexual misery programming is running amok while most youngsters are seriously traumatized about sex, wanting to be attractive, desirable and belong in a sick culture with impossible standards for mainstream physical beauty and handsomeness. The death culture mainstream promotes life-style goals that are anti-human and anti-sex, reversing the healthy and sane perceptions in the bio-neurology in order to condition them to believe that the grotesque, extremist and deviant are the most desirable qualities to have.

This age group desperately needs support to learn how to be dedicated to build a healthy and positive state of mind while cultivating a deep self-awareness for one’s true self, which is the pathway that results in personal happiness. In order to build clarity and self-awareness it requires self-care and self-kindness, to embrace and accept yourself as you are.  A self that does not need to abuse alcohol, drugs and sex and has the inner strength to say no to others, “I do not consent to the abuse of my body, mind, and spirit. I unconditionally love myself no matter what!“ I hope this blog is taken in the context for helping to support our younger generation, who are in desperate need of strong and accepting adult role models to help guide them to understand how to build a healthy and positive mind for themselves, and to just say no to self-destruction. It is not okay to be reckless, careless and hurt yourself. Now, on to this week’s blog.

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29 September 2017

Seeking Peace From Within ~ Archangel Michael through Ronna Star ~ October 2017

This message isn't yet available on Ronna Star's website, Star Quest Mastery.

 Beloved masters, it is time to take an inventory of what you are thinking and the emotional energy you are projecting during these days of conflict, turmoil and stress on your planet.  Are you diluting or distorting the aura of harmony you have created around you by allowing yourself to be caught up in the chaos of miscreation and destruction that is taking place on planet Earth at this time? Are you engrossed in the scenarios that are being presented over and over again via the television, radio and newspaper media?  Have you once more allowed yourself to be drawn back into the density of the negative environment of illusion? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are fueling the chaotic vibrations of the world situation with your energy instead of adding your Love/Light/Power to that of other emissaries of peace around the world.  Will you stand on the side of those whose greatest desire is to bring about a peaceful solution for the greatest benefit of all, or will you unintentionally align with those who wish to perpetuate separation, suffering and domination?

            We do not mean that you shouldn’t stay informed as to what is taking place around the world, but we are saying that now, as never before, you must rise above what is occurring and join us as observers from a higher vantage point, a vantage point where there is no right or wrong way, only different shades of truth and different motives, a vantage point where no race, country or religion is totally righteous or blameless, nor totally in the wrong.  Remember, each and every Soul on Earth carries a Spark of the Divine within. You must stay heart-centered and attuned to your Higher Self with a Spirit-inspired consciousness so that your actions and decisions are always in alignment with the Divine plan.  Then, beloveds, you will stand among the ranks of the righteous ones whose greatest desire is to return the Earth and humanity to a true state of peaceful co-existence in an environment where our Father/Mother God reigns supreme.

       Granted, there are those who have agreed to play the “devil’s advocate,” those who are presenting your shadow side to you in its most destructive way. There are others who self-righteously claim to have only the highest, most altruistic motives, but we see and know the ulterior motives behind the decisions that are being made, and the actions that are being initiated in the name of peace and justice. The game of duality is being played out on Earth in its most dramatic form right at this moment, and it is up to you as to whether or not you will be drawn into the swirling downward spiral of mass karmic action that is now taking place.

            We have spoken many times before about the laws of cause and effect, or for every action there is a reaction, which results in what is known as negative or positive Karma.  For many ages, you, as the en-Lighten-ed ones, have been working diligently to bring into balance your personal karma, ancestral karma and race karmic influences.  That was a major part of the game of duality and polarity: returning to balance and harmony in all Facets of your Beingness.  And so what will happen now as the winds of war, conflict and destruction swirl like a dark and heavy cloud around the Earth, touching and affecting everything and everyone?  It depends on what you are feeling and thinking, dear ones, what is on your mind and in your heart as to whether you will stand firmly in the Light, or add to the negative karmic thought forms that are being created each and every moment. Many of you have succeeded admirably in balancing your Karmic ledger of life, and let us now call it that, your “Ledger of Life,” whereby you have a plus and a minus column and your goal is to turn the minuses into pluses or positive energy patterns.

             We are not asking you to passively sit by the wayside and do nothing. You are being asked to stand up and be counted, for your dynamic Life Force energy is needed now as never before. You are much more powerful than you can imagine, my brave friends; you are playing an important role in attaining a peaceful solution to a very unsettling world situation. The energy you are radiating forth from your heart center has just as much an influence on the outcome of this great conflict as those who are on the “front lines.” You, too, are on the front lines, so to speak, for you have the ability to tap into the pure, unmanifested Creator substance and mold it into powerful thought forms and actions that can overcome any adversity. Those brave Souls who have been called to the battlefield, no matter which side they are fighting for, if they are doing so with a desire for true justice for all, and with compassion of Spirit for their fellow human beings, instead of hate, a desire for revenge and to enslave or control others, then they are functioning as righteous warriors, and the forces of Heaven are with them.

            It has disturbed or confused many of you that we use the terms “Warriors of Peace” and “Warriors of Light” or what might be construed as militant terminology.  Here again, there are many different interpretations and different facets of truth. Since the Earth’s and humanity’s fall into the density of separation and pain, we have fought diligently for you and with you.  We have fought the shadows of illusion, and the negativity created by your mass consciousness beliefs of fear, guilt and unworthiness. We have fought to assist you to reconnect with your Divinity, and to help you remember how magnificent you truly are. We have diligently carried out the orders and directives handed down from our Father/Mother God and the Creator, “Assist our children to return to the Light and to reclaim their Divine Heritage.”  Yes, we have been involved for eons of time in a war between the Light of the Creator and the shadows of humanity, but our weapons have been love, compassion, understanding and support as you traverse the valleys of despair and seek to soar to the mountain tops of hope and illumination.

            If you will join us in our efforts to bring Light unto the shadow world and hearts of humanity; if you will stand firmly in your convictions that ultimately right will prevail (knowing that only our Father/Mother God are aware of the total picture and what is truly the best outcome); if you can maintain a sense of peace and joy within and radiate the expansive love of the Creator to ALL humanity; then you are truly a warrior in our Legions of Light.

            Those who protest, shout and march for peace are adding their energy to the melting pot of chaos. They are not offering solutions or taking positive action, but laying blame and protesting the actions of others, while declaring that non-action is the only way to achieve peace and harmony. It is another form of fence-sitting, or not taking a stand. We have told you many times before, it is time to “get off the fence,” it is time to declare which side you will serve, the Light or the shadow side.  It is time to declare either that you are an Emissary of the Light, a blazing Spark of the Divine, and a cocreator of love, joy, abundance and harmony, or that you are a human being who is willing to take the easy way by following the dictates of others, thereby, for the time being, putting aside your Divine Birthright.

            “Peace” is an often-used word in these unsettling times, and it can be interrupted in a multitude of ways. You use the term “peace of mind,” which means having a calm, tranquil state of mind that is free of discord, inharmonious thoughts, or mental conflict. Peace can mean a mutual agreement between two people, a family, a group, neighborhood, city or nation, which benefits all who are involved, and which brings about a calm, serene and secure atmosphere, as well as lawful order. It can also mean a treaty or agreement to prevent or stop a conflict between two dissenting factions. You may be called a peaceable person or a pacifist because you are inclined toward or seek to promote a peaceful environment. You may “seek peace” or endeavor to “keep the peace” through conciliatory actions or by settling disagreements through compromise.  Peace is the end result of achieving harmony and balance in any situation. Peace is never attained via the emotional nature or mind of the ego, but through the higher vibrational energies of Spirit, which always seeks the greatest/best outcome for ALL concerned. In your world of duality and polarity, the optimum goal is to seek harmony and balance in all things, but this harmony must begin from within. It must blossom within the heart as you allow Spirit to descend and once more take dominion within your physical vessel. Then you will begin to see through eyes filtered with love, and listen with ears tempered by compassion. You will know that all you ever require is yours for the asking, and you no longer seek to take that which belongs to another.

            You always strive for a win/win solution, and you know that when one loses, everyone loses as well. You become champions of Light, and you walk softly but courageously as you carry the blazing etheric sword of Divine will, honor, truth and justice. You affirm what is your truth, and you live your truth steadfastly with integrity and humility, teaching by example, and you allow all others the same right. You must first seek peace from within, beloveds, and when you find what you are seeking, you will radiate an aura of peace out into the world where it will be joined and magnified by that of others with a peaceful and harmonious nature.

            Together and in force, you can overcome any adversity, and you can create and enhance the cells/areas of Light that you are building on Earth, as well as in the Fifth Dimension.  And when those thought forms of Light reach a certain level of magnification, they will miraculously begin to manifest on the earthly plane.  Many of your visions are nearing that point and will manifest seemingly without effort. The final touches are being made and the preparations are almost complete, brave hearts; now watch for the wondrous results of all your steadfast efforts.

            Humankind’s inhumanity toward one another has been an ongoing, never-ceasing process since the fall into density. Peaceful co-existence has hardly ever been the ultimate outcome of a conflict. The underlying intent has most often been to conquer, seize, and force others into submission without any consideration for the welfare of those caught in the middle or forced to fight.

            We explained several times how the chasm between the Light and the shadows is widening, almost as if a world filled with the vibrational patterns of Light is being superimposed over the Third/Fourth-Dimensional world of illusion and shadows. This condition is becoming more dramatically defined every day.  It is imperative that you stay vigilant, heart-centered and Spirit-inspired each and every moment. You must learn to set energetic boundaries, and to constantly reinforce your shield or column of protective Creator Light. You must listen to the whisperings of your heart, for it is there that your angelic guides and teachers will leave treasures of wisdom for you to access and use.

            Go within, my faithful companions, and remember how, so many eons ago, we soared throughout the universe together, creating new galaxies, worlds and civilizations beyond your wildest dreams.  Remember how you had available to you all the Divine substance of Creation, and all you had to do was reach out with your mind and mold it into form? Remember how all you had to do was envision something and it miraculously appeared before you. Try to remember the many forms you have taken, some human, but also many different forms in a variety of compositions, textures and features, but all beautiful and perfect in the eyes of our Father/Mother God. It is important that you remember that you have experienced every Root Race that has ever populated the Earth -- meaning that you have been every color, and you have borne the characteristics of every Race now embodied on your planet. We are telling you that you are a multi-faceted Being who has experienced all the richness and diversity that this Earth, this solar system, galaxy and universe has to offer.  And so how can you judge your brothers and sisters, because in this lifetime they have different colored skin than you, because they have different customs, beliefs and worship differently or call their God by a different name?  It has been said, but bears saying over and over again: “WHEN YOU DO SO, YOU ARE ONLY JUDGING YOURSELVES!”

            Remember, beloveds, during these times of great change, you can make a difference.  Shine your Love/Light for all to see.  Allow us to assist you to fulfill your earthly mission and nurture you with our love.  Together, we shall prevail.  I AM Archangel Michael.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : RonnaStar@earthlink.net​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Frozen Landscapes Thaw as Cosmic Warmings Enter ~ Gaia Portal ~ 29 September 2017

Source: Gaia Portal

Frozen landscapes thaw as Cosmic warmings enter.
Spanish concurrences are accepted as the truth.
Entrance of insight seekers occurs with all Light-Centereds.
Planetary stabilization ensues.

Celia Fenn Update ~ 29 September 2017

We've had to deal with some pretty grim things in recent weeks. Time for something nice....

Source: Celia Fenn

Aurora over Alaska (from Spaceweather site).

Beautiful Pink and Green Light codes that are awakening the Heart Chakra and assisting with the recalibration of the Earth Star Chakra.

I love that the shape also looks a little like a heart.

I don't doubt at all that the new Earth Light Codes are being received on Earth into the Light Grids of the Planet and our Light Bodies, and that huge changes and transformations are happening.

We are living in exciting times!

Daily Toplet Bombs Removal Meditation ~ 3pm GMT / 5pm CEST ~ Spear of Light

** sticky for now **
This meditation was specifically mentioned by Cobra in his latest Situation Update ~ its primary focus is the removal of toplets.

Please visit Spear of Light for full details.

Please check here for your local time:

I had earlier on suggested that since the toplet factor is the last thing keeping our Planet and Humanity hostage, perhaps consider consolidating everything (including the disaster-type meditations) into the Violet Flame meditation if you can only do one per day.

However, since this Toplet Meditation has been singled out by Cobra, my suggestion is to make this one the main meditation. By all means, do more or all if you feel guided to do so. This is only my suggestion.

Meditation for Puerto Rico and Vieques at 2:30 pm GMT

Please check We Love Meditations for full details.

As I've suggested before, since it's simply not practical for many to be joining all these Healing/Pink Goddess Energy meditations, perhaps consider consolidating all into one. In my opinion, it's much better to do one this way rather than to be forced to pick a specific one.

Currently, we have:
  • Agung, Bali
  • Puerto Rico and Vieques
(Maria is now a tropical storm, no longer hurricane category).

My suggestion only, of course :)

I have also suggested this consolidation to the organisers. If I receive any response, I will update here.

Short Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 28 September 2017

Omigoddess, what Cobra reports must be the "black ink" squirted out that I wrote about (here). And if I bear what I wrote in mind, then I don't consider this update as a step (or two) backward at all, because this must be the built-in defence mechanism (formerly hidden, just like the black ink) of Y. Cobra also confirmed that this was an expected reaction from the entity, in the comments section in answer to a question.

And look at the progress ~ Black Stone removed, as well as its anomaly!

Source: The Portal

Anomaly associated with the Black Stone is removed.

What is remaining are the remnants of the Yaldabaoth plasma entity with plasma toplet bombs and plasma anomaly associated with it, and a few more plasma parasitic entities that were until now hidden within the body of Yaldabaoth and are now getting more active as Yaldabaoth is weakened more and more. All these entities are also full of plasma toplet bombs and plasma anomaly.

I will mention two of those plasmoid entities here and they will be cleared and removed exactly in the same way as Yaldabaoth.

The first one is a wormlike entity that was teleported through the Congo portal from Rigel star system between 1996 and 1999. This entity is trying to cut the surface population from Light, it is trying to suppress spiritual growth and the Ascension process. This entity is carrying the vast majority of all still existing advanced plasma scalar weapons in its body and is using an advanced fuzzy logic computer program to direct those weapons to suppress Lightworkers and Lightwarriors as much as possible. The removal of this entity is top priority for the Light forces right now.

To refresh your memory, these are circumstances associated with the arrival of this entity to planet Earth:


The second entity is a less powerful wormlike entity that was teleported to Earth between December 2004 and June 2007. This entity is trying to suppress the Goddess presence and Goddess mysteries.

There are also many lesser plasmoid parasitic entities that escaped to Earth during the purification of the plasma of the Solar System in the years between 2001 and 2017.

Please read on....

28 September 2017

ETs and the Eschaton ~ David Wilcock in Wisdom Teachings: S27:Ep5 ~ 11 September 2017

Free to watch over the next 48 hours:

Here's the given description:
When the end of time comes, who will save us from ourselves? David Wilcock continues his exploration of the end of time prophecies from the Zoroastrian tradition. The texts tell us that the collective good of humanity will evolve the world toward the final resurrection, when all will be in a state of perfection and everlasting bliss.

But first, we must endure a trial which will bring about the weakening of evil. Then the arrival of cosmic beings will vanquish any remaining negativity with a solar flash that will transform those who are ready for it. 

Thus, comes the Frashokereti. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast September 11, 2017.

For Info.....

Master Your Holographic Mind ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 27 September 2017

Source: New Earth Central

Everything is changing so quickly it is challenging for the mind to process it all. Timelines are reshuffling, some dropping out and new future outcomes arriving in the earth plane. Many of the changes are occurring in the non-physical realm of the quantum field. When experiencing life thru the limited lens of the earth-bound left brain, our daily perception misses over 70% of incoming data.

Scientific research on the Blue Brain Project revealed that the human brain has the capacity to process reality in up to 11 different dimensions. Operating as a transmitter/receiver, the brain converts data into multi-dimensional neurological structures, called cliques, which disintegrate once they are understood.

“It is as if the brain reacts to a stimulus by building then razing a tower of multi-dimensional blocks, starting with rods (1D), then planks (2D), then cubes (3D), and then more complex geometries with 4D, 5D, etc. The progression of activity through the brain resembles a multi-dimensional sandcastle that materializes out of the sand and then disintegrates,” said researcher Ran Levi. For more info, go to:


Neurological research is proving that memory exists beyond the brain, operating in a holographic system. The ground-breaking research by Karl Pribram during the 1970’s revealed that the visual cortex responds to frequencies of various wave forms, like the ear is a frequency analyzer of sound waves. Just as a television camera converts an image into electromagnetic frequencies which the television set converts back into the image – our brain operates in a similar way.

A hologram is a three-dimensional photograph made with the aid of a laser (photon light). Unlike normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole. If we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not get the pieces of which it is made, we will only get smaller wholes. Since frequency is a measurement of wave oscillations per second, this suggests the brain functions in the same manner as a hologram – a continual kaleidoscope of interference wave patterns transmitting information of the entire image into the mind.
In a holographic universe where nothing is truly separate from anything else, then the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.

Please read on....

Being A Good Scientist ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 27 September 2017

Source: Nassim Haramein

"To be a good scientist, you have to use your heart because that's where the information comes first." – Nassim Haramein

Multiple Dimensions of Reality ~ Galactic Historian Team ~ 23 September 2017

Source: Andrew Bartzis

Whether we know it or not, reality is arrayed in multiple dimensions of consciousness and our lives are greatly influenced both positively and negatively by the various flows and interplays between them.

There are benevolent energies and entities supporting our natural evolutionary unfolding and others intentionally retarding it.

By becoming increasingly aware of these influences and sensitive to them, we're able to align ourselves more accurately with our destined evolutionary path and not get diverted down some blind alleyway. 

What's coming is the potential for the birth of your Cosmic Self, a Child of the Multiverse; something to be embraced with courage, passion, surrender and grace.

-GH Team

The ‘Shape of the Universe’ Found? It Resembles an Ancient “Solar Cross” ~ Ivan

David Wilcock, in his Wisdom Teachings series, covered the Amplituhedron and Maltese Cross in detail.

Source: Ancient Code

For centuries has mankind searched the meaning of life, and our place in the universe, wondering whether or not we are alone in the universe.

However, in order to understand where we are located in the universe, we must learn what space and time represent.

These have been some of the greatest difficulties for experts who have tried for decades to uncover the secrets of the universe.

In the last couple of years, astronomers have made great progress understanding where we—Earth, our solar system, and even our galaxy—are located in the universe.
Not long ago astronomers found we are part of a massive intergalactic highway that is part of a humongous SUPERSTRUCTURE interconnected by over 800 galaxies.

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IT'S OFFICIAL: Gravitational Waves Were Just Detected With The Greatest Precision Ever ~ Michelle Star ~ 27 September 2017

Source: Science Alert

This is a huge step forward.

A massive international team made history in 2016 when they announced that, for the first time ever, they'd confirmed the existence of gravitational waves - ripples in the fabric of spacetime from the collision of two black holes.

Now gravitational wave astronomy has taken a leap forward with the detection of of a collision between two black holes using not two detectors, but three - vastly improving the accuracy, by a factor of about 10, with which astronomers can pinpoint the source of the waves.

The collision, in a galaxy about 1.8 billion light-years from the Milky Way, occurred between two black holes with masses about 31 and 25 times the mass of our Sun. The single black hole that resulted from this collision is about 53 times the mass of the Sun.

It's the first observation taken using three detectors, and the first for the updated Advanced Virgo detector in Italy, in collaboration with LIGO's two detectors in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington, both in the US.

The first detected ripples in the fabric of spacetime were gravitational shockwaves caused by two black holes colliding. It was a huge deal - confirmation of the last remaining major prediction by Einstein in his theory of general relativity.

Just as radio telescopy was able to detect objects and events in the universe invisible to optical telescopes, gravitational wave astronomy is becoming a new way to discover things we didn't even know existed.

Since its first 2016 announcement, LIGO made two more gravitational wave detections from black hole collisions. This new announcement marks the fourth.

Advanced Virgo joined LIGO for an observation run on 1 August, its first time observing. The detection was made on 14 August.

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My Energy ~ Reincarnation Genesis

Reincarnation Genesis
"I'm responsible for the energy I release in the world."

Thank you to Manu Va for posting this.

Me We

Energy Update ~ Eric Raines ~ 27 September 2017

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

Major movements towards the complete control of the surface population by the negative agenda were halted and reverse engineered back into a major push forward towards positive polarity/timelines.

The 23rd of September was pushed with as much quick "end of the world" programming as possible for a greatly needed recharge for the negative forces, and unknown to many, the Draco alliance was using this Loosh energy to open up a portal to bring in much needed backup.

In coordination with some of the surface ground crew anchored in the physical, operations to not only shut down the portal, but to reset original timelines, open up more Galactic Consciousness to the programmed surface population, and capture/quarantine some major players in the Dark forces were undergone with a major success.

The Dark forces have been in survival mode for almost a year now, and they are pushing as hard as they can for more and more fuel. This is why we are seeing so much social unrest, unstable weather, natural disasters, wars and rumors of wars picking up faster and faster.

The negative agenda has been running the razors edge for a long time. Milk enough negative energy out of humanity to fulfill their agenda, and keep us from exploding into a massive Armageddon type scenario from all the etheric interference, social/political programming and us vs them mentality. Without us, they have no batteries, and this is another reason why there will never be a major world ending war, simply because they need vast numbers of their "livestock".

They are reaching the end of what their manipulation can handle without the collapse of their entire system.

Here is the thing though....we already know the old world is collapsing. Many are actively cultivating the seeds of the new world to catch the collapse of the old.

The reason we came here is to usher in humanity through the birth of the Golden Age as painlessly and full of love as possible.

Take stock of yourself. Do you produce as much as you consume? What value are you bringing to humanity?

If this question leaves you lacking, which if we are being honest with ourselves, all of us are lacking in some aspect of this, do not let it discourage you. Start small. Smile at a stranger. Hold the door for someone. Make a meal for the neighbors.

We are all stuck inside of our bubbles only caring about our immediate surroundings. It is not ME that is going to get us through this, it is WE.

Start to open up the feelings you have to your immediate friends/family and start spreading it out to everyone. Even if you can never interact physically with billions of these people, send them your love, your appreciation, your thanks.

Stay calm. Stay true. Hold yourself to a higher standard. We are coming into the unstable times of chaos before the major transition. A small, sustained group of people holding the world in their hearts with love can make this transition so much faster and easier.

Become one of them. Become one of US. Recognize that everything we thought was true is malleable and we will be witnessing amazing things in the coming years.

We all know there is something massive coming for humanity. Something brilliant. Something pure. The path is clearer than it has ever been, and we can see where it leads now.

From my heart to yours,

Breathe It All In.....

Space Weather Prediction Centre
Yesterday was mildy torturous for me, but most thankfully I'm good to go today.

If you are mainly on a plant-based diet, you may need to ground more often as the energies can come in pretty fast. Integrate, assimilate, ground, and most importantly, go with your Higher Guidance. I needed brown rice and quinoa to ease the queasiness (as well for grounding and complex carb), but unfortunately nothing except time (and naps) could cure the migraine. But some Himalayan salt very likely shortened the duration.

Love and Gratitude to these energies!

Urgent Meditation for Agung, Bali at 3:30pm GMT ~ DAILY

John Lana
Please read the details at Prepare For Change.

Please check here for your local time:

I feel compelled to add my own suggestion here.

Not everyone is able to join all the ongoing daily meditations that have accumulated over the past days, especially on a daily basis.

Perhaps just do one main one, and include all the current concerns in that one meditation? The daily Long Island one is pertinent, I feel, because it deals with the toplets ~ the last thing that's keeping Earth and Humanity hostage. All the other concerns can be added to this meditation.

** Updated: 29 September 2017
In view of the fact that Cobra posted the Toplet Removal Meditation from Spear of Light, I suggest consolidating everything into this meditation instead.

27 September 2017

Solar Activity as at 27 September 2017

Most unfortunately, I felt that......

It will be stormy, according to the forecast for the next couple of days.

There were a couple of low C-class flares over the past couple of days:

Earthquake Energies: How We Can Help ~ Aluna Joy Yax'kin ~ 27 September 2017

Source: Aluna Joy Yax'kin

A few years back, I was obsessed with driving the entire length of the stunningly beautiful pacific coast highway 1. After we finished the entire journey, I posted about it, and I found that a lot of other light workers and Earth stewards were also getting the call to travel this highway. Then we began to notice that there were very few earthquakes on that coast line for several years, and no big ones at all.

We learned that by just BE-ing on those fault lines, and being with the land and sea, was enough to shift and balance the energy. This was all done without knowing why we were called to do this journey. It has been relatively seismically quiet for years on the pacific coast. This has changed recently. I am starting to feel that it is time to do this again. It appears that the total solar eclipse over North America has really triggered the major fault lines (along with an acceleration of catastrophic storms, and uncountable other issues all over the Earth). I know there are many issues that could use our attention, but this is what I am feeling called to focus on today.

Earth quake symptoms ...
Feeling queasy?
Seeing an odd stillness in your local area?
Seeing birds and wildlife laying low?
Feeling of building pressure or uneasiness?
Pets acting extra needy or quiet?
Lower back aching?

By SHARING HERE, we can help each other learn to read Earth energies for our future needs. These are skills that we learn while traveling in sacred sites in groups. Anyone can read the Earth if they just pay attention. It will be interesting to see what people are noticing out there.

It is time to call on those of you, who have the time and means to get out, and walk on or near the fault lines. The rest of us can send light and love to all the fault lines on Earth. Do this only if you have taken care of yourself first! Always take care of your home base first, otherwise you will not be as effective as you would like. This is true for all your spiritual work in the world.

I can already see a flood love of glorious energy racing toward the coast (and other fault lines). We can shift this. I have no doubt in my heart. We have averted so many catastrophic events already over the last few decades. There are no worries here. We can simply use our light and love to balance out the polarities that have been building in our global collective consciousness. Our dear Mother Earth has been absorbing these accelerated catalyzing energies, and the eclipse in August opened a door and unleashed a huge clearing. This is a blessing, but Mother Earth needs us to focus a bit of our light and intent, TOGETHER, to balance and bring back into alignment the right use of energy. Even my dear brother and Inca Spiritual messenger, Willaru Huyata, is calling for light work and prayers to ease these earthquake energies.

What you can do right now ...
- Simply send prayer and love to the fault lines on Earth.
- Visit natural fault line areas near you, and allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth. Just by engaging in appreciation, we shift more then we realize.
- Gather in groups to send energy to fault lines, or go in a group to these areas.

Just by the simple action of going to these areas, instead of running away from them, we can balance the energy. It is that simple. And yes, we are that powerful. If you feel called to pray, to offer ceremony, place crystal grids, etc..., then this can only enhance your impact.

If you have visited sacred sites, or worked with the Earth's sacred ley lines, your visit to any area that is out of balance, like fault lines, could be even more healing. You carry unique energies, absorbed from sacred places on Earth, that hold a powerful, energetic orientation which maintain a balance through all dimensions.

The simple fact is that as I write this, the energy is already changing ... and by you reading this, it changes even further. And ... if we take any form of action, either on our own, or in groups, then we are only multiplying our balancing, peace anchoring energy exponentially.

So I invite you to do what you can, and know that whatever you do, it is enough. If it wasn't enough, you would be called by your heart to offer more, right? Offer what comes easy and naturally. If you feel guilty that you have not done enough, you have already gone too far, and you are not trusting how powerful you truly are. Each person will be called to offer different types of help. All are appropriate if offered from the heart.

Please share here what shifts you are seeing now. Share what is working for you and how you are helping.

The image is of a map of significant 5+ or more magnitude earthquakes since Sept 17th. The second image is of the fault lines to help you visualize balance.

Crystal Beings

Energy Muse
"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation."    Nikola Tesla

"The crystal, vibrating at 786,000 pulses per millisecond, is neither solid nor not solid; its vibrations occur faster than the speed of light."    Dhyani Ywahoo

26 September 2017

Dawning of an Ascended Age ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S27 E4 ~ 4 September 2017

I haven't yet watched this, but will gift it now because it's already coming to the end of the month and I don't wish to waste my three gifts.....


Please note that someone else gifted episode 6 (Prophecies of Ascension) of this season earlier on. I will gift episodes 5 and 7 in the following days.

This is the description given:
David Wilcock begins a comparative exploration of ancient prophecies for the end of time that relate to the precession of the equinox, foretelling the end of an age of calamity. These prophecies tell us that the challenges of this final time period become the catalysts to ascension. It is important to note that the texts are telling us of the end...

A Blessing from the Arcturians ~ via Suzanne Lie ~ 21 September 2017

Source: Awakening with Suzanne Lie

We the Arcturians, appreciate and bless the many humans, animals and plants in the lower United States and Mexico who have greatly suffered. We are sorry that dear Gaia needs to “shake her self out” a bit before she can begin her transmutation from the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension.

However, humanity has banded together, assisted each other, and greatly expanded their compassion and their consciousness due to their “Service to Others.” Service to Others is what will allow the landings to occur. In other words, the Galactics can not land to assist Gaia and humanity before the humans show that they can work as ONE to assist each other and to assist their planet.

Gaia is a “Free Will Planet.” What that means is that the humans, who were meant to be the most evolved beings on the planet, must expand into the frequency of consciousness to the frequency in which they innately "bond together and offer service to others” during a crises, as well as during their everyday life.

When humanity has come to the point of evolution that they realize that “helping each other” expands beyond just humans and encompasses the entire planet, as well as ALL of Gaia’s creatures, elements and elementals, we, your Galactic Family, will gain the “go-ahead” from the higher dimensions that “IT IS THE NOW" to directly interface with humanity in preparation for First Contact.

We, your Galactic Family, are very pleased to see that humanity has expanded their consciousness and given help and great compassion for those who are suffering—which includes the earth, the waters, and the air.

NO! the Galactics did NOT create any of these events, but the dark ones have been planning these situations for much of your time. We will not get into how the dark ones have learned how to “assist disaster,” as humanity must discover that for themselves.

Please read on....

Choice Of Realities…Does this choice even exist? ~ Lisa Rising Berry ~ 25 September 2017

photo from Cosmic Starseeds
 Source: Rising Frequencies

I have been seeing talk in different spiritual circles about choosing realities, timelines, etc…  And this really got me thinking because choice is not what we think it is.  It’s not as cut and dry as one thinks.  I wrote in my previous articles about how I can see a split occur in our collective energetic realities.  We all have our own personal reality that is our experiences, but there is also a collective reality that we are all connected too.  I used to only see one reality, now I see two, which is something I never thought would happen.  I saw with the hurricanes people that experienced the storms as an inorganic creation in one bubble and I saw people experience the same storm as an organic creation in a separate bubble.  It was one hurricane on one planet, but two reality bubbles that represented two different experiences.  I decided to look deeper into this, and I found out that it is connected to my other articles I wrote on the Secrets Of Infinity.    Secrets of Infinity Part One….CLICK HERE TO READ  Secrets of Infinity Part Two…CLICK HERE TO READ

In the not so distant past, the matrix reality construct that surrounded our planet was a sideways infinity loop.  It was like the poison apple, it was the silver gate of men, that very few could escape and achieve liberation from.  The infinity loop fell when things got very bad here, and the connection between the upper worlds became disconnected from the lower worlds.  The Mu Cord was cut and the wheels of time fell over.  This created an inorganic time matrix.  In 2015 the infinity symbol flipped upright and became Gold.  Then in 2016 the Mu Cord was restored and flowing.  Once the nodes of the Moon shifted in May of this year, it prepared for the final click between the upper and lower worlds.  Now, with all of the alignments that have been occurring this month, the gates between the two worlds is finally fully open and working.  The Wheels of Time are clicking in the right direction.  I knew this time was coming, and I said on one of our radio shows that I wasn’t sure what would happen to people that did not connect to the organic reality. 

Please read on....

Message from Matthew Ward via Suzy Ward ~ 25 September 2017

Source: Matthew's Messages

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. 
Deepening concerns surrounding North Korea have led to inquiries such as “Can ships land if ET presence would avert a nuclear war?” and comments like “It would be really helpful if disclosure and spacecraft landings happen soon!” Dear ones, let us assure you that escalating rhetoric will not lead to nuclear war, and if any missiles are launched with nuclear warheads, crews in spacecraft will prevent their detonation.      
As for disclosure and landings, what we told you some time ago still stands: God is in charge of timing as only He can know when safety is certain for the landing parties and Earth’s peoples. Final details of official acknowledgement of extraterrestrial presence will be tailored to that timing, but we haven’t heard of any changes in the basic plan. Via a telecast beamed into all national systems, internationally respected persons will announce that benevolent civilizations’ crafts are in your skies and some will land imminently. Next, well-known dignitaries greeting disembarking crews will be aired, and if not at that time, then soon afterwards, members of our universal family who are assigned to various missions around the world will be introduced in a conference-style telecast. As the society becomes acquainted with their visitors—and light beings throughout this universe will be overjoyed to see Earth’s peoples mingling with these family members!—the scientists among them and your teams of specialists will pool their ideas and technologies and restoration of the planet will begin in earnest.    
To readers who asked if it is true, disclosure will happen December 21, we say that while nothing should be considered an impossibility, please do not count on that. The Illuminati don’t want people to even speculate that friendly extraterrestrials may exist light years away. To prevent disclosure and the announcement of NESARA that was scheduled September 12, 2001, the “9/11” betrayal of the people of the United States by their government was carried out, and since then the Illuminati have successfully kept under wraps the truth about that infamous attack and the information that would have been made known at that time.
Absolutely the presence of other civilizations will be officially revealed, but please don’t expect it on a date specified in some message circulating on the Internet—dark sources ascribe fictitious times to events they know will not happen. When the date comes but the event does not, likely reactions include disillusionment, discouragement or anger, feelings that emit the low vibrations dark ones feed on, and if the nonevent convinces people that nothing in channeled messages is believable, that amounts to a double dark coup.         
We want to answer here your questions about crop circles because of the circles’ relevancy to disclosure and landings, and we shall get to that. First, though, they are made by specialty artists, you could say, aboard some of the spacecraft surrounding the planet. Their concentration on mental images creates electromagnetic “stencils” that are energetically transferred to selected fields where they bend grain stalks exactly according to the artists’ intricately detailed images.   
Some circles do convey messages, but those who make them know that correct interpretations would be rare, so their designs are primarily for beauty and awe. We suggest that interpretations are not necessary to appreciate those aspects of the circles and, of far more importance, their purpose: They are tangible evidence that other civilizations are nearby, and since they can travel to Earth, surely they have the ability to invade, but they haven’t. For forty-some years these stunning patterns that appear overnight mostly in the United Kingdom, but in many other countries, too, and by now number over a thousand, have baffled your scientists and leaders. That alone would be cause for mainstream media never to mention them, but the real reason for censorship is that their precision and sudden appearance cannot be done by human hands—who is doing this?  
The Illuminati know. That is why, through their influence in the film and electronic game industries, extraterrestrials are depicted as grotesque creatures that want to conquer Earth and destroy or enslave its inhabitants. If the peoples knew the myriad ways these visitors in your skies have been helping the planet and that when they land, their extraordinary assistance will extend to environmental restoration, they would welcome with open arms the attractive, congenial, loving people from other worlds without any fear whatsoever.