06 October 2017

Toplet Meditation from Spear of Light: Update

For the time being, please check details at We Love Mass Meditations.

The new audio for this meditation is here At the time of writing, only the English version is available.


  1. Hi Grace, sorry for not answering it fast enough, but I have issues with emails comming from blogspot, well I have another post with list in other languages: https://spearoflight.blogspot.com/2017/10/daily-toplet-bombs-removal-meditation.html

    But Im okay with you putting this meditation on your blog, Im not a number freak and dont matter for me if this meditation is on my blog or on your as long is the same. I dont monetize on blogspot so copyright rights arent problem for me.
    Althought there is high chance since I contacted Hoshino from WeLoveMassMeditation that there will be in near future changes for this meditation, I will let you know about change in future, so if you have any notice for this meditation let me know.

    1. Dear Sword, thanks for writing in here :) I also have issues with Blogger, so I guess this is common.

      It's my policy to respect sources, which is why I always link back to them, and only post a portion unless the information is very important or comes from facebook (some readers don't have fb).

      I will keep this post for the moment so that all the main links are in one place. May I suggest that you also include the English audio link in your original post (the one with instructions)? So when people go there they can see the link :) And that youtube audio will update the links for other languages as well.

      Yes, let's keep each other informed of changes :) Thanks once again, Sword. Blessings <3

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