30 November 2017

Islamic Prophecies of Ascension ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S27:Ep14

I spent an unacceptably incredible amount of time yesterday attaching slides for David Wilcock's "Ezekiel Prophecies" so I'm glad this one hasn't got as many :)

This is my final free share available for November, and it ties in nicely with the only remaining episode left of Season 27 that has yet to be gifted by anyone else (of which I'm aware).

I appreciate David emphasising that the Quran isn't all about terrorism, bearing in mind that much of the latter is Cabal created. (Also, tomorrow is Prophet Muhammad's birthday....and no, I don't plan this stuff!)

Here for this episode:

Description given:

A persistent message of humanity’s potential ascension, come a fiery rebirth, is perpetuated throughout every major spiritual tradition, including Islam. These prophecies come to light as David Wilcock analyses texts from the Quran concerning the day when time ends. He tells us that this will be a day of truth and enlightenment when all secret motivations are revealed and those who have prepared will realize the permeance and perfection of the spirit, as a body of light. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast November 13, 2017.

Some points in this episode:

Many Sufis achieved Light Bodies, based on teachings of the Quran.
Prophet Muhammad reported seeing a craft, and a Being appeared to speak with him, said to be Archangel Gabriel because he had bird-like features (this is news to me!). David believes that it could be a Blue Avian. He says that much of the Quran is similar to Law of One, but perceived through Muhammad's filter, so there are parts that are fundamentally negative, just like other sacred texts. (Also obviously they have all been hijacked and distorted.)

Clues about the Solar Flash in the Quran:
  • David recalls that those involved in the Montauk Project reported having an omniscient experience where Time stands still after hitting 2012 ("when time suddenly disappears"), and what lay beyond was subjected to each individual's state
  • "Brightness of the heavenly orbs" splitting open is a reference to the Solar Flash, followed by a dimensional shift
  • David feels that there's more details here than in previous sacred texts because it has been tweaked to make things clearer, seeing as it's a newer text when compared to the Bible or others. This is so that there's more clarity about what's going to occur, and we are encouraged to be spiritually prepared through spiritual practice
  • David also encourages us to take this Solar Flash seriously so that we don't end up in the next 25,000-year cycle without ascending.
Again, referencing Time standing still.

David reminds us that the Spheres holding back the Solar Flash is to allow us to prepare since we were not yet "there" in 2012, when it was supposed to happen.

29 November 2017

The Ezekiel Prophecies ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ 23 October 2017 ~ S27:Ep11

This is the second last free share I have for this month. I'll post the last one as late as possible tomorrow so that the viewing time is more spaced apart. Thankfully, there's only one episode left that's not yet been shared by anyone that I'm aware of.

Please watch here:

Description given:
David Wilcock examines prophecies of a coming mass evolutionary event that has been described in passages in the Old Testament. By looking at the numerical clues embedded in the Book of Ezekiel, we uncover the depiction of a cosmic cycle which culminates with a great solar flash. For some, this will be the ascension into a light body with everlasting life. Visions of such a future were relayed through the King’s dream of five metals, representing humanity moving into a new golden age. This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast October 23, 2017.

Some slides shown in this episode:

Prophecies of Daniel from The Book of Daniel:
where "the king" could be a reference to the Cabal.

"South" and "North" may not be literal, they are symbolic.

where "Michael" is Archangel Michael. The "time of distress" appears to be now, our current timeframe. The "book" is the Book of Life, or the Hero's Journey, and relates to people who are ready for Ascension.

Sleeping in the dust of life may mean the trials of being here on Earth.

The prophecy isn't for that time, but for a later period.

"A time, times and half a time" may mean the tipping point between 3rd and 4th dimension, or the mid-point between higher and lower chakras, or the weighing of the heart against the feather.

From Book of Isaiah:
No more wars (weapons).

House of Jacob could be Cabal bloodline.

Sounds like Solar Flash, and going underground for safety.

Could be a reference to immortality, Ascension.

Referencing the Solar Flash.

Could be a protective shield, or sphere of Light, or Solar Flash glow.

Ezekiel's Prophecy contains many numbers and measurements, that could refer to the transformation of Earth.

Several references to 25,000 ~ could be related to the precession cycle.

Cobra Interview by Iruka Umino 2017 ~ 27 November 2017

The original article appears here, in Japanese. The one below is the translated version.

Source: Paradism Hatena Blog

Iruka: In Japan, attacks to Light Workers have been substantially reduced since the beginning of 2017. What can be the causes for this?

Cobra: Cobra: Advanced light technologies (Tachyon chambers, Mandala laser systems...)

Iruka: While taking a Tachyon healing chamber, may we connect with Pleiadians,Siriuns and angels?

Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: Such connection may continue even after chamber session?

Cobra: Yes.

Iruka: Can you please raise effects and merits of Tachyon chambers that are not widely been known?

Cobra: Tachyon chamber connect you with your I AM presence.

Iruka: I heard that Tachyonized Farden Quartz and Aquamarine has an effect to connect with a mother ship of the Galactic Confederation. Are there any other minerals that have a similar effect?

Cobra: Aquamarine is the best stone to connect with the mother ships.

Iruka: Are there any minerals that enable us to connect with Ascended masters?

Cobra: Goshenite.

Iruka: How Aquamarine , Morganite and Goshenite as you recommended are great? What sort of secrete is hidden in beryl minerals?

Cobra: Beryl minerals have hexagonal crystal structures which is the most powerful sacred geometry form to connect with the light.

Please read on....

A Small Fragment of Solara's November 2017 Surf Report

Usually, these Surf Reports fragments are made available around the last 10 days of the month. This month, however, I have only today remembered checking for it, my apologies.

What Solara has to say for the month certainly resonates with me. In fact, I had written this on the 11:11 (here), because the message was so loud and strong.

Solara has graciously allowed me to reproduce the complete fragment. The full Surf Report is available here.

Alignment with Our True Direction

November is a month of RESET and Rebirth in which many of us will experience Quantum Leaps on numerous levels which will enable us to free ourselves from the snares of duality like never before. Some of us are going deep inside our inner control panels to finally dismantle our fear mechanisms. It's so important that we don't carry these old fears with us anymore. We will also be dissolving false limitations and expired beliefs. We are also resetting our entire relationship with money in order to attune ourselves with greater abundance.

Both of the predominant reality systems are clamoring for our attention. The chaos of duality is being slowly replaced by the energies of True Oneness. The energies of the New Reality of AN are pouring into the planet, becoming stronger each day. There's a sense of renewal that overlays the obvious decay of the world of duality.

This is especially apparent when we don't fall into reaction mode and get polarized by all the injustices that are happening in the world. When we instead put our attention into holding the Beam of Love and Trueness, we become part of the solution by strengthening the resonance of Trueness until it is felt by increasing numbers of humanity.

Moving into the New Reality takes focused effort. We have to choose to unplug our televisions and stop seeking distractions so we don't have to look at what is going on. Instead of getting pulled into duality's dramas, we can choose to expand our beings so we can see what is REALLY happening on a far vaster scale. It's time for us to start living as if we were already in our True Lives. It's time for us to embody Greater Love and Trueness, whether we fully understand it yet or not. The New Reality is here, both within the pregnant emptiness and all around us. As we choose to live it, we will make it more viable and real.

Many parts of us have burned away in the Fires of Transformation. Now, we are in the midst of seeing what remains. As we tentatively shake out our scorched feathers, we may discover that new feathers have appeared which are noticeably longer and stronger than the old ones. They have new colors that weren't there before. Our wingspan has expanded too. It may take us a while to get used to this and flying may feel awkward at first. We may not know what clothes to wear or what food to eat. Our old activities may no longer interest us. Now, the healing has begun. All of these experiences are pushing us firmly into our True Paths.

We are continually being given many examples of how to expand our awareness so we can more fully inhabit the New Reality of AN. We are discovering that things which we initially perceived as "delays" or "mistakes" are simply rerouting opportunities to get us into a state of enhanced right timing and right action. They are happening to help us, rather than hinder us.

We are feeling the need to adjust our lives to a more natural rhythm which allows us time to listen to our intuition and attune deeper with nature. This New Rhythm is caused by our shift of timelines. It is aligning us more closely with the Timeless True Worlds which are an essential component of the New Reality.

Until we move into the New Rhythm, many elements of our lives may feel expired and lifeless. These are elements which are not aligned with the New Rhythm. We may discover that we cannot handle much stress anymore. Parts of our beings may simply refuse to rush around. When we push ourselves to force things to happen, the desired outcome may not occur. When we try to go fast, we may instead be flattened by the energy and slowed down.

We may have thought that we had already opened all our Sealed Orders. Yet, some new ones have unexpectedly appeared and are now opening. These Sealed Orders contain the long awaited information about our True Direction.

When these Sealed Orders open, there's an unquestionable certainty about what is being shown to us. The information feels totally right and resonates deeply with our own Heart's Knowingness. Once we've received this new information about our True Direction, we just have to go for it, with everything we've got. There's no more time for hesitation, procrastination or doubts.

Whenever a doorway opens in front of us, we have to go through it right away. Usually, there's an element of right timing involved that means it won't always be open. November is full of Green Lights, but they're not steady Green Lights that are always on. So whenever there's a Green Light, drop everything else and zoom through it, as quickly as possible.

When our new Sealed Orders burst open, a homing device is activated. There will be a sense of obviousness, of deep comfort and clarity as we draw ever closer to our True Direction. Suddenly, we are ready to quit our old jobs that we hated. We are ready to live with our True Family. This will trigger another round of migration as many finally settle into our True Homes, if we are not already there. Or we if we are already in our True Home, we will now recalibrate it to align deeper with the New Reality of AN.

November is a month in which we feel more centered again. There is a rising excitement for what is coming. The seeding of the Earth with the Timeless True Worlds has begun. Everything is in motion now; the changeover from duality to Oneness is accelerating and expanding greatly.

We, as True Ones, must now live our Trueness with honesty and integrity. Let's radiate Love and Compassion whenever possible. Let's be fully conscious of our responsibility to everyone on this planet, including the Earth herself, because this is why we are here. The only way not to be swept away by the events caused by the dissolution of duality is to be fully aligned and anchored in our One True Being. Let's embody the way we wish everyone to be in the future.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete NOVEMBER 2017 SURF REPORT. The Full November Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of October 2017, The Pregnant Emptiness, The New Rhythm of the Timeless True Worlds, Aligning with our True Direction, and the NOVEMBER 2017 Overview.

Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German, Russian and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado: NVISIBLE MERCADO.
We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
All material copyrighted 1989 -2017 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.

Our Divine Blueprint ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 28 November 2017

I'm posting this for the important information Aluna Joy has to share.

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The codes of nature are changing, and there is much to learn. We will soon learn about and assimilate these new vibrations and frequencies, both physically and spiritually. These will work on us on a deep DNA level. They can heal and restore us to our original Celestial and Authentic Selves as well as help us bring about balance to this sacred Earth. This time together will lovingly increase our mystical and alchemical gifts and upgrade our original human space suit. We intend that our group's collective activities will aid in healing the great separation of the current times . . . the illusion of separateness and the death of empathy. The Holy Grail within us has always been with us. Now it is time to remember and put into practice this great inner wisdom that is humanity's God given birth right.

This merging of the mind (wisdom) and heart (creative power) creates a new, human collective, unified geometry and sacred Earth. With the merging of the Mind and Heart, there returns an alchemy needed to create from the Mind/Heart simultaneously. This work has been mirrored in the past through numerous Master Teachers and sacred lineage lines that hold the Divine Blueprint. This enables new codes to emanate through us and resurrect our Christ Body and restore our ORIGINAL, COLLECTIVE, DIVINE BLUEPRINT.

We will draw from our ancient lineages, that are alive in our DNA, which have been brought forth from the ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Maya, Inca, Druid, Pre-Celtic Orders, Star Elders, other Celestial Sources, and many more holy lineages. These holy strands of DNA are alive in us and have only been held back from us by the illusion of linear time. These will manifest as a natural and intuitive alchemical process. These frequencies and greatly protected and can only be activated and accessed through the sacred heart. Our sacred hearts are connected to collective consciousness. What we do together as ONE will send strong healing and realignment frequencies to heal the heart of humanity.

It is time for the healing of humanity's Heart and the restoration of global empathy. These are the final pieces to our living mastery and ascension. This humble and loving quest is the focus for this pilgrimage. We hope that you will join us.

The only prerequisite to joining us on this pilgrimage is to arrive with an open humble heart. If you are feeling the heart call to join us, then you have been divinely invited.

We will also spend a great deal of time on England’s powerful ley lines. What are Ley Lines?

Earth's Ley lines were called 'Dragon Lines' by the Chinese centuries ago. Now they are more popularly known as Rainbow Serpent lines. When several 'Dragon Lines' cross each other at a given point (node), their energy creates a massive vortex of energy. When ley lines are worked, loved and honored in a conscious way, not only does the Earth's sacred balance come further into harmony, but also the pilgrims working the ley lines become more balanced as well. The sacred traveler is healed as well as the Earth's life giving grid. It is a powerful symbiotic relationship between the Earth and humankind. On this pilgrimage, we will work with many such ley lines and nodes in England on the Michael and Mary ley lines. The Mary ley line undulates and crosses over the Archangel Michel ley line many times over in the England landscape making the Michael-Mary ley lines the most powerful ley lines on Earth. The Michael and Mary Line is part of the Rainbow Serpent that travels throughout England linking many sacred sites . . . from Carn-Les_Boel at the south-western tip of Cornwall, up through St Michael's Mount; Glastonbury, Avebury and many other sacred sites; From there, onwards up to Bury St. Edmunds, and finally to Hopton-on-Sea where it goes into the North Sea.

The major center crossing point of dozens of major ley lines, including the Michael/Mary ley line, is in Glastonbury, England. Glastonbury represents the HEART CHAKRA but also the THIRD EYE.

An overwhelming amount of ley lines converge in Glastonbury, and you can feel it. Thus we can see (third eye chakra) from our heart (heart chakra) on this major ley line grid. In Glastonbury, the Michael and Mary lines pass through Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well, the Tor, Wearyall Hill, St. John the Baptist Church, etc... before moving on to the Avebury stone circle complex, and further over the English landscape. Earth's energy system is remarkably similar to our own human form. Our connection to the Earth is far more powerful than we realize, especially when our heart beat and third eye is not only held in the landscape but in our consciousness as a spiritual pilgrim. A list of sites that are on powerful ley lines are posted on our web site.

We are beginning to book up Sacred Avalon 2018 - Piercing the Veil of Time. Go to our web site to discover more. AND .... as our gift to you.... if you sign up before midnight on new years eve 2017, we will gift you an entire set of Avalon Sacred Site Essences!

Urgent – Black Alert Meditation – Your Help is Needed! ~ Ada Shaw, Prepare For Change ~ 28 November 2017

Checking The Portal showed that the situation is at "red", unless Cobra has yet to update the status. At any rate, whatever the alert level, there is no denying that many of us can feel the intense urgency in the energies over the past week.

Understandably, it's not possible to be meditating every four hours, so please just do whatever you can. Even just taking a moment to send energies to the Light Forces is appreciated.

Source: Prepare For Change

Since the situation is still very critical, Cobra has asked ALL the Lightworkers to perform the Alert meditation at four hour intervals, in order to help the Light Forces resolve this urgent situation.

Here’s the link to the Facebook Event for this meditation :


It will be held at the following times:

•    12 AM GMT

(4PM California, 7PM New York, 1AM Berlin, 2AM Cairo, 3AM Istanbul, 5:30AM Mumbai, 8AM Taipei, 9AM Tokyo, 11AM Sydney, 1PM Auckland)

•    4 AM GMT

(8PM California, 11PM New York, 5AM Berlin, 6AM Cairo, 7AM Istanbul, 9:30AM Mumbai, 12PM Taipei, 1PM Tokyo, 3Pm Sydney, 5PM Auckland)

•    8 AM GMT

(12AM California, 3AM New York, 9AM Berlin, 10AM Cairo, 11AM Istanbul, 1:30PM Mumbai, 4PM Taipei, 5PM Tokyo, 7PM Sydney, 9PM Auckland)

•    12 PM GMT

(4AM California, 7AM New York, 1PM Berlin, 2PM Cairo, 3PM Istanbul, 5:30PM Mumbai, 8PM Taipei, 9PM Tokyo, 11PM Sydney, 1AM Auckland)

•    4 PM GMT

(8AM California, 11AM New York, 5PM Berlin, 6PM Cairo, 7PM Istanbul, 9:30PM Mumbai, 12AM Taipei, 1AM Tokyo, 3AM Sydney, 5AM Auckland)

•    8 PM GMT

(12PM California, 3PM New York, 9PM Berlin, 10PM Cairo, 11PM Istanbul, 1:30AM Mumbai, 4AM Taipei, 5AM Tokyo, 7AM Sydney, 9AM Auckland)

You can convert GMT time zone into your local time using this link:

Guided audios for the Black Alert Meditation can be found here: 

***Note: This is the same meditation we did at the solar eclipse in August – you just need to change the line “through the eclipsed sun” to “through the sun”.]

You can provide energetic support to the Light Forces by doing the meditation at any time you feel so guided!

Please continue with the meditation details here.

Making Their Presence Known....

Cloudships galore!

Thank you for this montage, 海明

NASA & the Solar System’s Climate Change ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep1

** 9 December 20117 ~ Updated with notes **

David Wilcock has been busy cranking out these episodes, and I'm really way behind.

He's just come out with the first episode of Season 28, which thankfully someone has gifted because I only have two more free shares left for November to cover the remaining episodes of Season 27.

Thank you to Ronnie Harrison for this free view, which you can access at the following:

If memory serves, David has covered this topic before some time ago, perhaps this has more details are updated information.

Here's the given description:
As an introduction to this season, David Wilcock outlines the NASA data we will be exploring which reveals the detailed changes that each of the planets in our solar system is undergoing. We may finally have the scientific proof of a coming cosmic shift with the ultimate effect of a solar flash leading to a spontaneous ascension event for humanity....

  • Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend's Hamlet's Mill quotes 35 different ancient spiritual traditions that centre around the 25,000-year Precessional Cycle and the Golden Age that occurs at the end, with some of them suggesting a Solar Flash type of event
  • Tangible physical evidence of the impending shift can be seen in the Interplanetary climate changes in the Solar System, as documented by Dr Aleksey Dmitriev
  • Dr Dmitriev propsed that plasma balls from the Sun are transforming matter, energy and consciousness as they stream into the Solar System, potentially leading into a dimensional shift
  • His conclusions: 
  • Law Of One also links the ethical and spiritual development of the people in a given area to the climate
  • Similarly, ancient Asian cultures also link the strength of their leaders and ethical quality of the people to climate; they also blame bad weather on their own collective illness
  • Russian science also shows that pyramids also affect weather, able to harness and enhance the natural consciousness energies coming in that are activating our DNA
  • where "physical vacuum" refers to ether
  • Dr William Tifft and Dr Harold Aspden showed that red shifts are microwave frequencies, and that a galaxy is more like an onion with layers. This implies that the Sun goes through (discrete) dimensional shifts (from one "layer" to the next)
  • David also talks about Winn Free's book "Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce" and how he wasn't aware that his interview with the Winn would result in a book; David also talked about interplanetary climate change during this interview
  • David's article on these climate changes was stolen just before 911, edited with references and live links removed, and makes no mention of David. It was considerably shortened and made to look like it was about Russian scientists. This went viral, assumed to be read by tens of millions of people in the form of an email chain letter. "Channelers" even put their names on this article, claiming it as theirs
  • (Interestingly enough, this data theft ~ can't be called anything else ~ was a recent topic of "conversation" I had with someone. I've seen my things appearing on major sites without credit, and one image even had my blog name at the bottom cropped out)
  • One of the very many sites where David's stolen article appears, and people use this data to promote the hypothesis that Planet X is responsible
  • The Sun 99.86% of total mass in the Solar System; one planet will not do anything
  • Art Bell and Whitley Strieber's "The Coming Global Superstorm" tells of massive climate changes in the Northern Hemisphere due to collapse of thermo-cycling in Atlantic, resulting in a cold spell; this concept was used for "Day After Tomorrow" ~ "fear porn at its finest" by the Cabal ~ without any credit to these two authors
  • David saw this as an opportunity to reintroduce Dmitriev's data, using Art Bell's massive network but was asked to support it with Nasa's data, which David set out to find
  • This was the result:
  • David's research was published as his first major book, "Source Field Investigations" 2011, a NY Times bestseller
  • Nasa finally admitted in 2009 that we're entering a highly magnetic and hot cloud

  • In October 2015, Nasa announced that the gas was hotter than originally thought
  • Dr Merav Opher had calculated it to be about 6000 degrees C, and space is "supposed" to be cold
  • Scientists also believe the cloud is more magnetic than previously assumed
  • New model of our Heliosphere, which has a new "boundary" and an asymmetrical bend

  • David believes that perhaps the Heliosphere wasn't bent before because it wasn't getting so much force as it is right now
  • New model of Heliosphere:
  • Interestingly, the inner part looks like a sphere with smoke coming out of the top and bottom. David reminds us that Corey informed us that the Blue Avians placed a sphere of energy around the Solar System in 2012, same year that these new models were published
  • In 3D: