31 January 2018

Minutes Away! Super Full Blue Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse Meditation * Soul Contract Revocation * Galactic Codex Decree

Helping (Without Being a Martyr) ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 30 january 2018

For those of you who’ve come from different galaxies and expressions to help humanity, what are the fine print and entry agreements on your soul mission and waking up?

It all depends on what galaxy you come from. If you come from a war galaxy you're here to resolve war, whether it's through the process of remedy and resolve or being a patriot to the end so that you can be the other end of that lesson. If you're in those beings of light in harmony and sovereignty, it'll come through a new area of expression, where the seven layers of expression, one for each color, red, orange, yellow, indigo, blue, green, and violet, so on and so forth, all those seven colors make up the spectrum and that spectrum represents all different experiences that the DNA can have.

Some galaxies have three rays. Some galaxies have all seven rays. Some planets in a galaxy that have two rays can have five rays. It all depends on the type of reality that you set up. Here on Earth we are a full seven rays, seven experiences, and nine experiential bodies and seven colors of expression. So no matter what universe you come from your experience can be achieved here. It's a matter of what you can manifest from the dream world, how you link to the mental mind of Earth, so that you can manifest matter in this dream world, whether it's food, whether it's a job, whether it's science, technology, whatever your experience is defined as.

As for helping humanity, contract revocations are the beginning so that you can say to the facade system that is running our planet "No, I do not consent to energy harvesting," and you can begin and co-create from there. I recommend that you use the spiritual court of equity. It brings all of your ancestors in. It makes everyone witness it. It makes everyone a part of your sovereign agreement. Why? Because this is the time where we claim our sovereignty, where we allow our true free will to be at a whole new layer of super expression, where we can do the things that are super human. Whether it's a fruit vendor in Tunisia who sets himself on fire or a blogger who gets 10 million views in a week. You don't need to be a martyr to do it. Okay? That's the new lesson here.
​​​​​​​As for ascending star seeds, galactic star seeds, again, it's the planet. If you're Pleiadian, Arcturian, there's different types of color technologies are more effective to you. The Pleiadian and Arcturians are very big on the blue ray technology and the Syrians and the Orions are very good on the red ray and the yellow ray technologies. And what are those? Those are things that affect your various energy centers during creation, inspiration, retrospection processes, so that your mind, which is using your programmed water, or crystallized waters which are in your brain, or pericardium, to filter the entire perception of the experience out, whether it's the couch that's over here or the blade of grass and the flies outside or my relations with people and email. Each is a separate layer of reality, just like I know where in my house to go get forks out of a drawer. They don't just manifest, they exist there. Information just manifests, or does it always exist and we simply open the door to it?

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Just Hours Till Leo Lunar Eclipse ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 30 January 2018

Source: Meg Benedicte

We are now entering the pre-phase of the Leo Lunar Eclipse that occurs early Wednesday morning, Jan. 31st before sunrise on the west coast. This is also a Supermoon, being closer to earth, it will appear larger and feel more amplified. Lunar eclipses affect the emotional body, stimulating deeper healing and transformation.

Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse aligns with the North Node, which represents our karma and life lessons. Leo North Node emphasizes the development of individual power and self-love. This eclipse is stirring up any wounded aspect of dis-empowerment or fear of personal power. Is there any karmic history of misusing power? Were you overpowered by others? The cosmic energies are providing absolution for past mishandling of power.

The Leo Full Moon conjunct Ceres applies nurturing healing from Divine Mother, Goddess of unconditional love. Offer your fears and wounds to Mother for transmutation. This Eclipse is more internal, plunging the depths of pain and suffering, so we can feel empowered again. In our Global Activations tomorrow we will apply the healing balm of Mother to hidden fears and disconnection.

It is impossible to live in love and blame at the same time. We must be healthy of mind, body, spirit to master power in our lives. It is imperative the Lightworkers embrace their Soul power in service to the Light.

Join other Starseeds and Lightworkers on Wednesday, January 31st for our Leo Lunar Eclipse Global Activations at 12pm Pacific. The webcast/telecast will include timely energetic activations and empowered intentions to accelerate personal and planetary ascension. Let’s create 2018 as the ‘Break Free’ year of accelerated transfiguration! Register to attend here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=120945

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

NOTE: We've been working on a glitch in our event plugin, which may have caused difficulty registering for the Global Activation. Last night the glitch crashed the website. Thank god/dess my web designer was still awake past midnight and started fixing the site. Everything is up and working now. I apologize for any inconveniences.

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Lunar Eclipse Peace Meditation ~ Joanna Fay ~ 30 January 2018

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

In the lead-in to 2018’s first eclipse on January 31st, we’d like to share a meditation connecting this alignment of total eclipse of a Super Blue Moon (called a supermoon while at the closest point to Earth in its orbit, a blue moon as it’s the second full moon in a calendar month, and also a ‘Blood Moon’ as the total eclipse will give it a reddish hue). In this local cosmic dance, eclipses always align in pairs, and January’s lunar eclipse will be followed by a partial solar eclipse on February 15th, a day before the celebration of Chinese New Year.

At a higher level, the vibrational ‘stream’ of lunar to solar, white to gold, during this passage, will open another level of this year’s ’11’ Gateway energy…and as the Earth is poised between the ‘light pillars’ of Sun and Moon in these eclipse moments, the triune (three-in-one)/trinity vibration activates highly. Feel this as a potent moment of activation for the 3-strand DNA we spoke about in a previous post (which creates the ‘landing template’ for realization of 12 subtle light strand activation in 3×4 bundles). Total eclipses vibrate high potential for release of the old grid of limiting beliefs, structures and stored memories that weigh down personal and collective energy fields around the planet, and with an energetic theme through this year of deep release and transmutation of the war and associated trauma vibrations layered into the collective consciousness for millenia, this eclipse of a Super Blue ‘Blood Moon’ is a highly charged activator for aligning the flow of rebirth with Gaia, through the Earth Grid and planetary flow lines.

Many loving light beings around and within the Earth are assisting and amplifying this alignment, and leading into the eclipse I’ve been seeing lightships of gold, peach, red and white light, with many orbs appearing in photos in the light peachy-gold to cherry red spectrum…as the focus converges into transmuting misused ‘red life force’ energy converted to anger and violence through the peachy-golden radiance of the Sacred Heart vibration and the deep pure life energy of the Ruby Ray. Feel the transformative vibrations emanating through these orbs, from soul groups who radiate transmutation of misaligned red energy into divine peace and ascension.

Please read on....

2018: The Mystery of Life Force ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 29 January 2018

Source: Think With Your Heart

So here we are. Another year, another turn around the ascension…or karmic…wheel, depending on where you are in your depolarization process. For those who have been at this for a minute or many (lifetimes) 2018 holds the extraordinary potential (activation codes) to birth the embodiment of our inner masculine-feminine union.

As we find this necessary m-f balance within, so too will we will learn to master life in union with The Force of life itSelf.

This month we are already finding that mastering the mystery requires a solid, steady & practical approach to our Sourcery. Discerning the delicate balance between allowing what IS to BE (feminine) & participating with that BEingness (masculine) is the higher/deeper level skill that this 11 year (2+0+1+8=11) asks of those unifying in divine (m-f) partnership (2+0+1+8=1+1= 2).

To wax and wane with the undulating tides of Creation is to discover the sweet spot of Sourcery.

Currently we are still integrating the impressive flood of cosmic energies bringing in the new year and because this extraordinarily & celestially powerful month has been so transitional, it’s not been easy to navigate.  We are vacillating between the blank-slate-state (VOID), and embracing our creatorship…seemingly by the hour.  This will balance out as we get a handle on our new abilities and employ them in conjunction with the potent energies we have to work with this year.

Please read on....

30 January 2018

26th, 28th....

Intense Structural Changes ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 29 January 2018

Source: High Heart Life

I’m sure many of you felt the energies increase and expand to a higher level, not only from our entrance into 2018 (11 energies), but through a second intense sudden shift mid January that instantly redirected and further altered many of us in a number of ways. More of our personal attitudes and focus with certain things, situations and people etc. instantly changed deep within us around mid month, propelling many into greater NEW inner changes individually. Some of these ongoing Embodiment Processes (EP) are instantaneous, from our perspectives, while others are months long and physically painful, oftentimes in very NEW-to-us ways.

With our entrance into January 2018, the inner ear ringing has not only gotten louder for me, but is now a higher frequency tone as well. And for most of January I’ve not been able to tolerate most physical noises. I feared my washing machine running two weeks ago would break my spirit, and listening to anything on the TV was intolerable due to the amplified irritation and pains it caused. I went through periods of this during the early years of the physical level, biological AP over a decade ago. It got so bad back then that I often wore ear plugs when shopping because the typical physical noises, people chattering constantly coupled with endless noises and music coming from store speakers were way too much for me during intense energetic upgrades phases. My central nervous system would quickly start to overload, so to help reduce some of these invasive human sounds I’d wear ear plugs to block out the constant and pain inducing physical noises and voices. What I didn’t expect was that I’d experience this same symptom again over a decade later at much higher levels but that’s exactly what I’ve dealt with—among other things—during this first month of 2018 with its wide range redistribution-like energies

Another side effect of having moved into higher frequency energies this month is needing to sleep much more day and night when able. During the more intense phases (which is basically constant now) when we’re experiencing further energetic ascending and Embodiment, including casting off deeper layers of the old, much more can and is accomplished while we’re physically still and quiet but awake and/or while we’re asleep day and night. Even more time spent in physical silence and stillness has been needed while all this has been going on.

Please read on....

Isis Astara: Goddess Call ~ Untwine ~ 29 January 2018

Just to clarify because there seems to still be some confusion. Isis Astara, who just passed, is Cobra's  partner.

Source: Recreating Balance

I want to say a few words about the passing of Isis Astara to the other side.

I am forever grateful for her anchoring divine feminine energies on this planet, during times where it is so needed. She was not so well known in public, but her work and influence had vast and vital effects on the planet. What I remember most of her is how dedicated she was (and surely still is, on the other side) to anchoring the Goddess energies on this planet. For her it was not just something different to try on sunday afternoon, or something to get personal power over others or recognition and approval. It was her divine purpose, to bring the balance back, for the liberation of this planet and all sentient beings. She has inspired me and countless others, she was working so much to keep anchoring the Goddess energies into the planetary grid and help stabilize and harmonize situations.

So I want to put out this call, this reminder, to all of us, and especially other women and priestesses, we need to keep the Divine Feminine flame alive during these critical times on Earth that we are in. A huge cosmic cycle is ending, and a new one starting. Profound changes will come no matter what. The closer we get to the Breakthrough, the more everything will be compressed, pressurized, intense, and volatile. Goddess energy is and will be absolutely critical to help keep situations stable.

We need to stop criticizing, stop projecting tension and negative perceptions, on others and ourselves. We need to be gentle with others and ourselves. Have Grace. Connect with our Soul, our I Am Presence, I Am power. Know that I Am always all the Goddess energy that I require. Know that I Am always the Divine Love that I require. Support each other. Radiate and visualize it everywhere, the pink Light ray of Cosmic Love. Connect and call the Goddesses, Isis, Tara, Durga, Quan Yin, etc.

Please read on....

29 January 2018

Urgent Request: Time Sensitive ~ Cobra

Sadly, Cobra's beloved partner Isis Astara has passed. If you feel the call, please help in the transition phase, and perhaps also send healing Light to Cobra for his loss.

This is Cobra's request:
Isis Astara has left the physical plane. Please visualize immediately her safe passage through plasma plane into the Light to higher etheric and astral planes by surrounding her in white and pink Light and Love and protection. Visualize her being safely guided to contact with her spiritual guides.

* Super Full Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Meditation on January 31st at 1:11 PM UTC * Contract Revocation * Galactic Codex Declaration *

There are three "parts" to this, so I will amalgamate them into one. This call is from We Love Mass Meditations. Let's do this!

Part 1. The Meditation (please refer to full details here)

The meditation will take place at 1:11pm UTC (check local time here).

Guided audio in English here; for a list of other languages please check here.

Fb page is here.

Part 2. The Contract Revocation (please refer to full details here)

At 1:29 pm UTC. (That's 18 minutes after the start of the meditation).

"In the name of I AM that I AM, in the name of divine soul presence that I am, in the name of all ascended beings of light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation, in the name of the Galactic center, I decree and command to cancel and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of my being and the dark forces. All these contracts and agreement and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality. I am now free, all the karma of my whole being is now erased as well.

I am a free sovereign being of light, from now until eternity.

So be it, and so it is. In Light

*Sign with your name here* "

Part 3.  Galactic Codex Declaration

“In the name of my I AM presence
I declare my inalienable right for the Galactic Codex
to be fully implemented on planet Earth."

196 Alba Weinman ~ The Ascension ~ 24 January 2018

I'm currently very pre-occupied with urgent family matters, so won't know when I'll get to this QHHT session.

Please view here.

From the description given:
In this Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness hypnosis session, the client connects with her Higher Self and receives information about the Ascension. 

We also de-activate implants that kept her from living her highest potential and the beings that have been assisting her. This session reminds us that we must be centered in the heart in order to ascend. 

Alba Weinman is a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening and calls her own hypnosis technique, the Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness . 

She is certified by the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and began her career with Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). She also practices Regressive Hypnotherapy by Aurelio Mejia from Medellin, Colombia. 

For more information or if you would like to schedule a hypnosis session in English or Spanish with Alba Weinman in Miami, Florida, visit albaweinman.com.

"Sibyl" Activation ~ Rick Jewers ~ 28 January 2018

Source: Rick Jewers


There is an upcoming Activation associated with the "Sibyl" aspect, although there are indeed many "Sibyls" among You Now, this will Create even more, and is also in alignment with individual evolvement and enhancement of Gifts/abilities.

An upcoming Activation involves a certain mountain in the Italy area that had been suppressed intentionally in relation to the "Sibyl". We wish to open this gate once again and allow for the Knowledge attached to Oracles to be exercised and flowed forth into the New Timeline. This is the Feminine aspect that has been suppressed and ignored for too long.


This is the mountain to be activated, most will be interested in reading this link to gain further Knowledge on the importance of this upcoming Activation.

Leo Eclipse Stargate Inferno - Meg Benedicte - 29 January 2018

Source: New Earth Central

When an Ascension Gate opens and the solar wave surges in, it can feel disorienting, the shift perceivable. We become aware of ‘new energy’ present in the field. Some are more subtle and some feel like ‘WHAM’! So what can we expect from the upcoming eclipse stargates on Jan 31st and Feb 15th?

We are in the midst of a powerful eclipse series occurring on the Leo/Aquarius axis into 2019. There is nothing subtle about Leo eclipses! Just look back at the Great American Leo Eclipse last August…it was HUGE! The galactic plasma light rippled through our entire lives and the global power infrastructure. It has already made significant impact on how we view power and use it in our lives. The corrupted male power institutions are falling like dominos.

Leo is the masculine sign of the Sun. It will join the feminine luna aspect in Wednesday’s Leo Lunar Eclipse. We see masculine power supporting the realm of the moon goddess, restoring the Divine Feminine to her sovereign place in the world. The Leo solar power illuminates the creative, fertile depths of new consciousness in our heart and mind

Please read on....

Not Unexpected

Space Observing System
Somehow, I believe that we were actually expecting this....

28 January 2018

Celia Fenn Update ~ 27 January 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

Coming up for a very powerful week.

First we have the Full Moon/Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 31st.

Lots of powerful Divine Feminine energy flowing and urging us to dive deep and discover the sources of our own personal power. As with any depth process, this may not be easy, and you may find yourself having to confront things that trigger you or make you uncomfortable in some way.

Don't despair, keep going deeper until you hit that bedrock of raw creative power that is in each one of us.

New Light Codes that will be activated at the Eclipse "reboot" will make it easier for us to stay connected to this Lion Power within.

Then on the 2nd of February we go through the Aquarius Gate on the Leo/Aquarius Axis. This is one of the four major Star Gates of the Sacred Year, and involves all sorts of fun Time Line jumping and merging and shifting as we line up for the energies of the 26 000 year Age of Aquarius cycle.

Yes. We are moving....moving.... going....
So much potential and possibility.......

Let's navigate this Star Gate with elegance and intention!

A Small Fragment of Solara's January 2018 Surf Report

Full reports are available at The NVisible Mercado.

Source: The NVisible

Ice-Skating on a Blank Canvas

January started with a strong Full Moon and ends with another potent Full Moon which is also a Blue Moon. These Full Moons serve as bookends for the entire month and bring powerful energy of change. They form energetic Portals on both sides of the month through which we must pass with openness, honesty and Trueness. And on the far side of these portals, the True Year of 2018 begins....

From the very beginning, January definitely feels different. There's the sense of arriving at the shore of a new land with a sense of wonder that we made it this far. At the beginning of a New Year, we are always presented with a blank canvas. This is when it's better to carefully feel things out, rather than rush into action. We are sensing where we are now, while still in the midst of a somewhat messy mixture containing the residue of our old, duality-based ways of being mixed with Who We Really Are ~ our emerging Authentic Self.

A deep shift is taking place within the planetary platelets. It's similar to the movement of ice shelves that break free of their old positions and move to a new position. While this is happening, there are many things that we cannot yet see. This is why we have to wait for more elements to move into their True Positions. Only then, will we be able to see our New Landscape clearly enough so we can move deeper into it..

This January is like ice skating on a blank canvas. We are gliding along with grace and confidence and then suddenly hit a patch of rough ice and lose our balance. We never know when we'll slip or slide or crash hard onto the ice. Balance is more important than ever. Or we may unexpectedly encounter a section of very smooth ice and zoom forward when we least expect it.

Underneath the ice we can sense that there are patterns in brilliant colors. We can almost see them, but even though they're not quite visible, we know that they are there. They will start appearing around the middle of January and this will bring us a new clarity as to where we are going and what we need to do next. As these colorful new patterns emerge, the True parts of us will become ever more visible.

While we are traveling through the two Full Moon Portals of January, it would be the perfect time to release our attachment to the feeling that we need continual healing. Healing can be surprisingly addictive. It's like the constant quest for more educational degrees, more new clothes, more money, more credentials, more workshops. Only now, we continually seek out more healing as we feel that we have never received enough. We need more plant medicine sessions, more healing ceremonies, more Reiki, more massages, more Tantra, more shamanism and more healing modalities. This is when "healing" can become a self indulgent distraction.

When do we declare ourselves healed? If these forms of healing are so effective, then why are we still needing more? Why aren't we already healed? When does our healing process end and when can we turn our attention to something much larger and more important?

Yes, we have all experienced broken hearts, deep wounds and disappointments. We have all been shattered and broken. But when do we realize that all of this only happened to a small fragment of Who We Are Now? When will we turn our attention from our small selves to our Vaster True Being and start serving the planet? When we do, we might find that serving with our mastery is exactly what heals us.

I'm not talking about TRUE HEALING which is much needed at this time. TRUE HEALING is far different from the endless search to constantly heal ourselves through numerous techniques. TRUE HEALING takes place when we live True Lives as a True One. This is what brings TRUE HEALING to the entire planet and is so greatly needed.

The energies around us right now are like giant waves. These huge waves travel great distances. They travel beyond Time and Space. They fold themselves around us and embrace us. And they bring to us many new elements which we have long awaited.

During January some lost components of our beings are being folded back into us. We don't need to go looking for them, for they will naturally come to us. Some of these lost components come from people and places that we have deep connections to, while others originate in the Beyond the Beyond. The huge waves are also bringing to us people from our past, as well as people from our future. Embedded in these waves is New information which will enable us to align more deeply with our True Direction.

January is the time to commit ourselves in every way possible to Living our Mastery in the New Reality. The Sacred Pause gives us the space to release our internal hindrances, let go of our ties to limiting beliefs and excuses and to stop trying to cross the raging current with our feet in two different boats! We need to plant both feet on the ground, taking full responsibility to change the paradigm.

Let's get ready for a momentous year!

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete JANUARY 2018 SURF REPORT.
The Full JANUARY Surf Report contains lengthy sections on:
Review of December 2017, Ice Skating on a Blank Canvas, Inside the Pressure Cooker, When the "healing" ends, the True Healing begins!, The Final Call of the Fire Rooster, Folding Waves upon Waves, and the JANUARY 2018 Overview.

Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German, Russian and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado: NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

All material copyrighted 1989 -2018 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.

News Flash January 2018 ~ Mahala Gayle ~ 25 January 2018

Source: Mahala's Astrology

We are at the beginning of a new world even though it might not seem that way right now with all of the chaos that is happening in our world. They say it is always darkest before the dawn and I believe that we are moving through that darkness and will soon come out into the light. There are huge cosmic waves of electrical energy that are hitting Earth right now. These waves have been coming in for a long time and have now reached the point where they are very large.

Uranus is the planet that rules electricity and since Uranus moved into Aries (fire) in January of 2011 we have been experiencing electrical charges from that planet. Eris, the dwarf Goddess sun causes chaos and when it became conjunct Uranus a couple of years ago (and it is still conjunct that planet) the cosmic waves of energy became larger and we experienced much more chaos. Soon Uranus will move out of the sign of Aries, where it has been for the past seven years, and will move into Taurus. This means to me that the next few months will be very dramatic as Uranus completes its time in Aries.  Check out the prophecy of fire by Peter Deunov. Here is the link http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/peterr/ProphecyOfPeterDeunov.html.

We are in the time of fire as prophesied long ago by Peter Deunov. He was a holy man who made a prophecy called “The Divine Fire” right before he died in 1944. In this prophecy he talks about how the earth will be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of cosmic electricity that will change everything. This has been happening for the past few years. Peter says that the force of which I speak will rejuvenate, purify, and reconstruct everything. Your heart will be liberated from anguish, trouble, and you will become luminous. Negativity will be consumed and destroyed. Sin (stuck in negativity) will be gone.

We are in the time of fire right now and will soon be finishing up that energy. Look at all the fires there were this past summer and fall and that energy is still in effect. The Bible says in 2 Peter, chapter 3 verse 11 that the day of the Lord will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire and the elements will melt in the heat. After that we will see a New Heaven and a New Earth. This fire could happen when the Earth moves out of the cloud in space that it has been going through for several years. The elements could catch fire in the heavens. If this does happen then the sky will light up with burning meteors.

After this a new culture will see the light of day. It will rest on three principles. The first is the elevation of women, the second is the meek and humble will inherit the earth (that means the people of love), and the third is that the rights of the people will be protected. The 6th race is love and the children of love will reign. We are almost there. Remember that when Uranus goes into Taurus (an Earth sign) in May we will start to be ruled by love and the planet Venus, which is the Goddess.

Please read on....

The Storms of Saturn ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep9

Please view here:

Description given:
Unprecedented planetwide disturbances around Saturn are so dramatic that they could redefine everything that we thought we knew about the solar system.

David Wilcock highlights some of the most massive changes on Saturn, proving that it is the most mysterious of all the planets in our solar system. From gigantic storms to strange dust voids, we are seeing the effects of hyperdimensional energy being redirected as physical phenomena and massive energy releases.

This presentation with David Wilcock was originally webcast January 22, 2018.

Rick Jewers Update ~ 26 January 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

Your recent upgrades are being more confirmed to You. Parts of these upgrades allowed for You to see/peer into, more than one reality at once. So Now, You may visually see the "other worlds" for longer than just a glimpse. Before, most of You could not physically see this, and required this ability as a more tangible thing to reach for.

Current densities felt by some may be stronger than ever before, as the Dark is very compressed and proceeding toward their demise. You have grown stronger, therefore, You may feel it stronger. If required, cleanse Your energetic fields several times a day, to assure Your vibration remains highest.

The activity from the Sun will pick up shortly, leading into Jan 31st, an important date. Mid Feb and Mid March also bring some scheduled highLights. THE CIRCULAR MOTION IS AN UPWARD SPIRAL, and more and more of You continue to advance. You Know Your inner Truths and they will continue to strengthen as You reveal more to Yourself.

More are Awakening, and Ones Awakened, are advancing further, this continues. The planetary vibration constantly rises, fruits of Your labor, more easily seen Now. Light that reverted to comfort zones will once again come out of those depths, bringing others with them. Immortal is Your strength. Leaps empower You.

There are little amounts of spurs left on this transitory timeline, meaning that One will not and cannot be distracted off course for long, without being pulled back to the main transitory timeline, the gap has greatly increased between 4D and 5D.

More Sibyls are being created among You, due to enhancements of those Gifts. More of the Feminine are accurately prophecizing. Virtue empowers, positivity empowers.

Rainbows abound. ;)

Love and Light

Urgent Request & On-Going Meditations

** sticky for now **
Cobra has urgently requested that we send our prayers and Light to Isis Astara:
Isis Astara is in hospital in critical condition.
Please pray for her in your heart and send her love, light and support.

There is also a mass meditation for Isis (here) for those who are guided to assist.

We're back to Black Alert again. I don't know if this is related, but I felt a change in the energies two nights ago. From what I personally know, several Lightworkers are going through very difficult times, facing a lot of unnecessary pressure, energetically and situation-wise, including me. Please do take care, everyone.

For on-going meditations, including today's Weekly Ascension Meditation, please check at We Love Mass Meditations.

27 January 2018

Gaia Faeries Return in Fullness to the Planetary Surface - Gaia Portal - 27 January 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Gaia Faeries return in fullness to the planetary surface.

Caretakers are called and respond on all dimensional levels.

Placids rise and soothe the uncomforts.

Green Lights bathe and regenerate.

Starseed Reminder 2

You didn't come here to make the choice,
You've already made it.
You're here to remember why you made it.

Thank you to Bridgette Diane for posting this.

I don't plan the order of these posts, truly....

Starseeds Reminder ~ Cobra

"Resurrection" by Gilbert Williams
Thanks to Patrick Schulte for this reminder.

A very beautiful excerpt from an old Cobra interview:

"Rob: OK. Do you have advice for star seeds at this time.

COBRA: Yes, I have. I would just remind all the star seeds that they have come from higher dimensions from greater reality and to connect with that greater reality as much as possible, to connect with their home, to connect with the stars and bring as much as possible that reality here. Because this reality here needs that higher vibration and to connect with other star seeds and other star people in a positive way. "


The Eclipse Transformations: Timelines, the Logos, Change and the Heart ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 January 2018

My heart is not diminished by external behavior, or even my own.
My ability to forgive, and express gratitude are not diminished by the external, or internal world. There is an instantaneous perception of truth, love, goodness. These qualities are obvious, brighter, revealed. 
Lesser creations and distortions are also obvious, however they have no charge, no influence on my consciousness.
Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We continue to receive this strong Light code bombardment flowing through the cosmic stargate floodgates. The current influxes are harmonic-based, although they appear as vibrant light in our fields and visions. These incoming frequencies are delivered via plasma pulses, which is the flashing activity we see when we meditate or connect with the SUN. The frequencies are activating crystalline templates in the New Earth Grid system, and Gaia responds by releasing corresponding fire letters, geometries and light codes.

Since entering this dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting hot zone, the incoming and outflowing codes have steadily increased. Remember to ground (Earthing) with bare feet and hands on Gaia to receive, balance and integrate these emanations. If you can do this in the SUNlight, you may experience the cosmic flow of incoming light and Gaia code release. It feels quite transcendent and blissy, and stimulates the 5D DNA strands. I feel high from these activations and frequencies most of my days. It is stimulating to the energy fields and body meridians, however the transcendent state overrides the temporary discomfort. It also affects the way we experience time, which is addressed in this article.

The Trinity Stargate alignment began with last August’s Solar eclipse. Transition to higher trajectory collective timelines occurred with the Solstice. The Starseed mission of activating, aligning and attuning these intergalactic, interuniversal gateways (stargates) completed in mid-December.

Gatekeepers may now view the alignment from the intergalactic perspective, and track the activity of these influxes and frequency-triggering pulses. Last weekend I was shown the interdimensional phase-lock of these cosmic stargates with our galaxy, SUN and Gaia. All is aligned for ongoing, expansive energetic events this year.

2018 provides consistent flow through the Gateways. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers may phase-lock with these plasma fields any time Our unification opportunities are amplified (SUNday Unity meditations, eclipses, Solstice, Equinox, etc.) however with the timeline fluctuations and divisions, there are no Gateway dates as in years past. The consistent influxes will be ever-increasing, so we attune to being in the moment as these openings and anchorings present.

Some Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are becoming constant conduits of the cosmic flow as part of their embodiment process. This flow experience is complimented by the collapse of geomagnetic fields which held linear time dynamics in place. We are familiar with the function of phase-locking DNA with geomagnetic fields because that is how we unlock Gateways and clear Gaia.

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Second Interview with META ~ 25 January 2018

Please listen here.

This is the description provided:

Second interview with META, SSP insider who worked for the Dark Fleet for almost 20 years. 

The first 30 seconds of the interview were lost in this video, but a transcript and an audio with the whole thing will be uploaded shortly to the blog. 

The first question was "What is the history of the SSP"? 

You can watch the first interview in YouTube, or listen to the audio and read the transcript in the blog: https://goo.gl/7GDW8z

Hitch-Hiking Wizard....

Charlotte Christine
I normally don't pick up hitchhikers,
but this guy is an exception.

Thanks to Meg Benedicte for sharing this.

Creative Soul Fire: Lightworker ~ Lee Harris ~ 26 January 2018

Source: Lee Harris


There are none that are universal.

You are best to find guidelines that serve you from outside sources - teachings, mentors, those relationships that teach you - and equally from what you yourself interpret and test from those teachings and interactions.

Meaning, when you try on advice for size, do you pay attention to whether the advice worked or not?

Or do you just blindly try on the advice for size and then go into despair when it didn't work.

You need to start tracking what you are taking in and how resonant it is or isn't for you. For this world is very diverse in what it will offer you.


26 January 2018

February Ascension Energies: Looking Back ~ Jamye Price ~ 25 January 2018

Source: Jamye Price (including video with Light Language)

The Year of Amplification (according to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time) is flowing along. This lunar eclipse on 1/31 is a powerhouse. It seems the eclipse energies have been impacting us early! I have felt the intensity of it since about mid-January.

January’s energy of Heart Amplification stirred up a lot of healing. 2017 had the effect of much collective movement, which had the effect of personal change. The two are always inter-related. 2018 will call you more to your inner realm to use your power more directly in your life.

Follow Your Heart
Boundaries, personal will and creative focus, relaxing and nurturing yourself in healthy ways—these themes may come up repeatedly in 2018 depending on what applies to you. It is a year where there is less collective focus, more personal focus. This is, of course, what creates the collective experience.

In essence, it is a year where you enact the new desires and focuses the collective movement of 2017 stirred within you.

January asked you, what does your heart want? 2018 asks you to live it.

The universe—our living, responsive universe—is shaping you and you are shaping it. January’s intensity, whether it has felt wonderful or challenging to you, is a reminder to focus on your heart. You are worth the effort of healing, you are worth the joy of dreaming a new you. A new Earth. This brings us to February Energies…

This was a curious topic for the Monthly Energies. Wallowing in the past doesn’t seem helpful. What about the power of the present moment? Being in the Now? Focusing on the positive? Areon is nothing if not consistent—still it is about our empowerment!

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From The Field ~ Maureen Moss ~ January 2018

Maureen Moss' website is here.

Dearest Hearts,

2018! In Like A Lion surrounded by chaotic nodes… higher and lower coherency passing through chaotic events… along with a pot of final reckonings, identity reconfiguration particles, radical honesty with Self and others, quantum no-need-to-know molecules and minute-to-minute reality checks boiling. Welcome to the Super Level of Mastery, Mystery and Embodiment.

As this is written we are in the midst of a fairly intense back and forth period between widely separated regions of space and time (deep space and earth,) and entering a small though significant window of opportunity to dissolve the drama of Ascension and alter the trajectory of our evolutionary path as we come upon this month's Total Lunar Eclipse Blue Moon.

Helping us along, we are in a rare (first in 18 years,) celestial gathering of deeply feminine planets, escalating an upleveling of Diamond consciousness, feminine value and worth, capitalization of purpose (without manipulation or force,) and heightened opportunity for freedom.

Those born under the sign of Taurus (me) according to Lorna Brevan (Hare in the Moon Astrology), have enormous leverage and the great opportunity to make the leap to where the magic always happens-in uncharted territory… though we have to stop dead in the familiar ruts of our comfort zone. 

Undeniably that is true for us all to varying degrees though clearly I was deposited in a first-hand field of experiencing everything occurring, I have written. This report comes from the field. 

From the Field

From December 11, 2017 thru January 11, 2018 I found myself being flipped back and forth like a coin between multi-dimensional fields of experience before landing in a field of emptiness and freedom.

It began on the magical side.

On my way for a brief trip to Arizona, I called in by name my travel team of guides. Unwittingly I included Archangel Gabriel (whom I don’t often travel with.) On my way to the airport there was a sign posted alongside the freeway that read Future Church of Archangel Gabriel. Not once in 15 years have I seen that sign.

Quickly Gabriel’s presence was palpable, though much lighter in nature than usual. The magic began.

First, in the form of being upgraded to First Class, next having my mid-level rental car upgraded to a Mercedes, having my Casita upgraded to a Casita Suite, and finally being upgraded to First Class on my way home. My joy and gratitude for the playful and fun was clearly communicated to Gabriel who had become my traveling companion.

It flipped to the side of mayhem. 

Within 24 hours of returning home the magic turned to mayhem… a sudden halting and turning inside out of everything I was engaged in, including new creations and those connected to it.

Not understanding how or why this could possibly happen, Archangel Gabriel, still present, said to me there are two sides to grace. I was advised to stop, watch, allow and align with the flipped coin. 

As the shock, disorientation and sadness subsided, I began aligning with the radically swift shift. My senses and intuition were greatly enhanced as this side of the coin remained heads up.

Certainties, beliefs and people perfectly placed became fast catalysts for higher perception. My identity as it was, stopped. At one point feeling sensations of death that turned into floating amongst waves of emptiness, I wondered if I could Master this space though still be creative.

Through deep meditations, Cosmic downloads, soul sister uploads and physical sensations I have no words for… the remains of my ancient path and programming were carved out of me and an entirely new state of expanded being was set into motion. It was undeniable. It is undeniable.

I don’t think the same, desire the same, feel the same or believe the same. When I attempt to scratch the itch from the now amputated illusions I know it is a phantom itch requiring in-the-moment adjustment.

At the completion of those 30 days I was directly informed by Source your karma is complete, your missions are complete, the way you have served is complete and your agreements met. 

Long knowing my agreements were hefty and long knowing the imperative to evolve was not only for myself though for the very fabric of Creation and the very nature of Heaven…as it is for all of us... never have I gone beyond the knowing and felt freedom and the intrinsic nature of Mastery in my body.

This is the next phase of embodiment.

The Reasons For This Sharing From The Field

First, decades ago Source informed me wisdom and knowledge based on first-hand experience is of most benefit to humanity. It is relatable and does not place the illumined mind above all else.

All of humanity is going through a radical re-defining and deep re-alignment unlike what we have up to this point. The end of vacillating between realities has come to a close. (Think unsupported and consequential.) It's not difficult to feel that in our heart, or have deep feelings of acting on behalf of our well-being.

One either goes forward now or will be halted for a period of time. (Being informed of that was one of the biggest prompters of letting my evolution just rip.) No one is exempt from the precision of this radical evolutionary time… its expansion, consequences, grace or potential.

Note: With so much written and spoken about what is possible (and it is true), be mindful to stay away from the giddiness of potential. Potential comes from internal mastery.

The depths and heights of what is possible for each one can only occur when the movement of the mind has been grounded in profound surrender and stillness. From that stabilized point one is able to honestly redefine their relationship to Self, to Love, Life, Creation, value, thought, choice, and to potential. That is freedom. That is Mastery.

Right now in this boiling pot of everything, we are being given the catalysts, influencers and opportunities to embody our greater...if not only… true evolutionary purpose and potential.

As one of my long-time guides Abraham has said, the jig is up…the very reason many are going through crisis of identity, purpose, value and of worth.

No one is capable of experiencing freedom while in fragmentation and imbalance. And no one has to. Though freedom has had no history amongst humans…the potential exists to change history, now.

Meet your catalysts heads up without personalization. Each will bless you and shatter all the illusions about enlightenment and liberation and how they occur.

The second reason I shared what I did has to do with my radio show At The Table With Maureen, with Private Sessions and plans for a new website. Each have changed greatly in the past now 45 days along with the rest of me.

Regarding Each

Having spent the past 35+ years of life in the public eye whether corporate or spiritual and having a particular identity, theme, or format I am choosing to embark in both life and all creative adventures without a particular way of its being and without a regular schedule.

At The Table With Maureen will be a mix of what feels right, relevant and in alignment with my heart in the moment. At times it will be an interview, other times a conversation, sometimes a round-table with colleagues and friends, Master teachers I previously spoke on air with, or a teaching for the time from me.​

At The Table launches in February. Next week we will send you the particulars and you will receive notifications of each happening. Also there will be a calendar on my site to see what’s upcoming.

Masterful Living Sessions are explained fully on its new page on my current website. I look forward to working with you in a new way that harmonizes and maximizes your greatest potentials and creative natures in a highly accelerated New World.

My Website. I had planned for a launch of a new site in January. That was stopped. As the days of my New Reality unfold so to will the website. In the meantime, there are updates to the current site and more to come in the week ahead.

In the weeks ahead remember Grace has two sides… embrace your catalysts and Go For Your Freedom!

Know you are loved.

Email: Maureen@maureenmoss.com
Maureen Moss, © 2018.
Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the website maureenmoss.com intact.

Preparing to Leap Into a Parallel Universe ~ The Creation Mother, King Arthur, Merlin, Archangel Michael and the Star Elders through Aluna Joy ~ January 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

King Arthur's Tintagel, Cornwall, England
Received on 9/11/16 - called to release message in January 2018

(More frequent energy reports and comments are posted only on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin)

Just inside the front gate of the site, Aluna begins to share what she is seeing . . .

Merlin popped in while I was in the shower this morning, and I told him to go away. But he didn't because he was excited for us today. He was explaining what a big deal it is regarding what is happening on the planet right now. There are some huge re-alignments in action now. So for our group to be out on the land, it will make it easier for us to assimilate the energies. There was also a lot of honoring for us and humanity because they know that we are weary. But Merlin knows that we came here to finish a part of a divine purpose that is way beyond our understanding at this time.

As we walked into Tintagel just now, the sea has the same magical energy it did in 2012. In 2012, there was a certain tangible magic here. We have gone through a void, and it is now coming back here in the sea. The sea is the physical manifestation of the great creation force. This is a good sign that new things are a foot. Also, the land is quiet, much like the lightning before the thunder.

In 2012, while we were here in Tintagel, we were awakened to the extremely ancient memory of a laying down and anchoring into the sea . . . the original ley lines in this place. The Michael and the Mary lines came after this anchoring. Very ancient. These original ley lines were put in place by a divine, creative presence. This divine, creative, "feminine" presence also created Heaven and Earth, universes and beyond. The spirit aspect of this creation goddess is here with us today. She says that we are creating something new (This means you who are reading this as well!). These lines were placed here by, if you were watching Ancient Aliens, they would say "the Gods". But they are actually our ancestors, our kin, our family; it is where we came from. It is why we are here now. It is why this group (and you reading this) was chosen specifically for this experience.

(Those reading this, please ask to be allowed inside this memory, to be on the land with us in timelessness, between the two celestial events of the solar and the lunar eclipse.)

I am seeing and feeling Merlin. I am feeling a very small energy of Arthur who has never spoken much to me, and this huge, huge Mother Goddess, Mother Creator God, that is bigger and beyond what we can conceive of right now. Jeshua and Archangel Michael are always with us, and the Star Elders. They are giving me feelings, not words, and there are some other beings here that are not speaking English. It sounds sort of Gaelic-like. Our guide Marcus said - "Ancient Cornish? Yeah. It is really old, and I can't speak it so . . . but they are very busy connecting with us."

I can see what they are doing. I just can't understand what they are saying. They are very actively working with us. They want to connect because we are kin. We are family. This place is anchored with some very magical energy that is like a seed. They are calling it a dragon's egg, because they are showing me a dragon and an egg. They are finding a way to talk to me by just showing me symbolism, because they know that I can't understand their language. It is not really a dragon, and it is not really an egg, but that is what they are calling it. That is the best way that they can describe it. It is a creation seed that, once it hatches, Nirvana, Shambhala, Eden, and Heaven on Earth wakes up. It starts right here. There are quite a few places around the Earth that will hatch this energy soon, and this is one of them. This goes way back to the seeding of the Earth, the very beginning.

We are being watched, and they know who we are and why we are here. They know what our hearts want to create; even the deep secrets that you have inside of yourself that you have never let out, or told to anybody; these deep secrets of who you know you really are and what you really CAN create! These are things that you are almost afraid to speak out loud, because if you did, it might contaminate the vision. So you don't speak it, and you keep it sacred. But today we are walking together, and we are all holding this magic, this divine energy. They are very happy that we are here (and you reading this now). They are connecting with each one of us. If you allow them to, they will offer you a gift that is a part of this seed that has always been yours alone. I can see them clearly now. They look very ethereal and human like.

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Rick Jewers Update - 24 January 2018

After I posted "Something", I received confirmation from a few others who felt "something" as well. There were also a couple of suggestions that what I felt was related to the Alaskan earthquake (was it really an earthquake, or something else....), which occurred shortly thereafter.

Rick Jewers has associated the Alaskan earthquake with yet another Shift.

Source: Rick Jewers


A Shift occurred about a day ago for You, actually indicated by the Alaskan area quake. On Your Timeline, things turned out well with this quake, on the ~2 year 4D Timeline, it did not, but that does not concern You in this Now and going forward. However, it is indeed significant to recognize this as a shifting moment in relation to the separating timelines of 4 and 5D.

Again, You are Your own Masters, the Ones to continue forward Creating Your realities, detached from what was accepted in Your lives before. You no longer have to play the game by the restrictive rules of the sub 5D, You Now have a much more enhanced overall ability to steer, change and rectify the transition to accommodate the New Timelines, absent of the preposterous. As Your common sense becomes more acute, it enables You to more readily and easily separate from the deep deceit of societal structures and ride above them. This may appear vague for some, while others see it exactly for what it is, and also as a sign, to once again move forward. Stagnation does NOT beget You.

We have purposely placed, among the Dark regime, many Lightworkers, in preparation for this time. The Lights disguise is ingenious, whereas the Dark, blinded by greed, fully embraced these disguised Light Ones millennia ago, again, in preparation for this time. There is NO Dark system that our Light has not infiltrated, the clever Light strategy is over successful in this mission. All is being revealed to You, and others, let us say, marginally and in accordance with the timeline they will reside upon in the near futures. Some will not Know what You Know, and will play out their experiences here, oblivious to the Higher TRUTHS, for if they really knew all, the game may become quite boring for them, and they would just want to leave, however, the game continues for them. For You, a different Higher Game, that carries excitement and anticipation, in the least.

Your DNA upgrades and downloads recently have been all-encompassing for You, with yet again, New Gifts and further perspective. You may stand in an area Now, where You clearly see the "insanity" of the old and its participants, You may factually think, why are they so blind?, but remember what You have been granted, the immortality, and with that, You do not judge what they wish to experience, rather observe and accept what they have chosen, is RIGHT for them. You only intervene when One is placed before You, You do NOT waste precious energy on imposing Your belief upon another, it is actually absurd to see some of You try. Although YOUR INTENT IS GENUINE, PLEASE allow the respect for their Souls decision to NOT participate in this leg of the Ascension.

......continued from post 1

Your primary focus at this time, should BE ON YOU. Empowering Yourself so that You will become the great Creator of TRUTH, that each of You are. No One on this planet tells You what to do, You Know what to do, and You follow what resonates within You and the Source You are receiving it from. Do NOT give away Your consent, it will disempower You if You do, and You will slide back down a notch in vibration, stay in Your Light and Truth. We want You as strong as You may be and connected most directly to Source and Source derivatives, that are, off the planet.

Many of You have collected some of Your essences from All Time., which include Your other incarnations as Sirians, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Atlanteans, Lemurian, etc. Many of the ships You are seeing, are Your own, FROM other Times that You have brought into this Now. Interact with them, for they are aspects of You, and this grows back into Your complete RECONNECTION. You are not taken out of this game by Your ships by what You would think is a freewill request, it does not work that way. You are in a subcreator form that has the near term futures blocked from Your everyday consciousness, and although it may seem very rough down here at times, Your Soul, that Knows ALL, dictates when You leave. There are NO mishaps that take You out of the game prematurely, the Time You leave is ordained and imprinted within Your Akashic. Everyone of You at this time are to Know, that You write Your Soul contract daily, within Your experience here, but the leave time is ordained by Higher Soul method, which You do NOT change while in Human form upon Gaia.

There are almost 3 million Souls on Gaia at this time, that this message resonates fully with. Continue to observe the "show" and interject where guided to do so in regards to Your individual missions. The Dark has two choices before You, kneel and submit, or run.

Love and Light

25 January 2018

Synchronicity: The Vision of Jose Arguelles ~ Stephanie South ~ 24 January 2018

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift

Resonant Moon 15, Kin 246 (January 24, 2018) marks the 79th birthday of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.  His original Vision stands true today and his work deserves to be well studied. Here is an excerpt from Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: the Visionary Life and Work of Jose Arguelles in honor of his solar return.

Awakening to the Synchronic Order
Virtual reality shows that we are starved for release into a parallel world, an imaginal realm that is not just a rejection of our worst nightmares, but of our highest most sublime aspirations.
—JosĂ© ArgĂĽelles

There will come a time when the birds will fall from the trees, the rivers will be poisoned and the wolves will die in the forests. But then the warriors of the rainbow will appear and save the world.
—Prophecy of the Cree Indians
One time is ending, but another is just beginning, an entirely new era in the history of the Earth: the noosphere. This is the message of José Argüelles. We are leaving the world of pure sensory matter, and entering a world of mind and telepathy. In this new world of the noosphere, time is not what a clock measures, but a factor of synchronicity, and the synchronization of our minds into ever expanding consciousness.

C.G. Jung first introduced the idea of synchronicity to the modern mind in 1952, with his famous exposition, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. This was the same year as the discovery of the tomb of the great Pacal in Chiapas, Mexico.

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Blue Moon Eclipse Mania ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 24 January 2018

Source: New Earth Central

We are in for a special treat next Wednesday, as Blue Moon Eclipse mania spreads through the spiritual community! A rare Blue Moon is the second of two full moons to fall within a single calendar month. Although called a Blue Moon, it will actually turn deep red during a total lunar eclipse on January 31st.

January’s eclipse is an extension of the Great American solar eclipse that occurred last August. We are in the midst of a powerful eclipse series in the Leo/Aquarius axis continuing into 2019. Leo rules the 5th house of creative expression and passions of the heart. You may feel these eclipse energies amplify in the heart center, initiating heart healing and expansion.

Leo the Lion represents Strength in tarot and the power structure. The August Leo solar eclipse targeted the collapsing patriarchy, while this month’s Leo Lunar Eclipse emphasizes the shift in power and the rights of women in society. We see evidence of this shift in the #metoo and #timesup movement and the Women’s March for justice.

Since the powerful ‘11 Mastership’ year began, energy is flowing more easily, with additional support and synchronicities appearing in infinite ways now. Allow the heart opening to expand and fill with more Love and Joy! With the collapse of the Time Matrix, we can now access higher realms of loving kindness, abundance and support.

The original Ascension Plan was intended to shift the entire planet into the 5th Dimension thru a massive galactic solar wave. There were many New Age channeled books and speakers proclaiming the cosmic blast would alter the entire world in 3 days of darkness during 2012. Obviously, the cosmic plan has been altered significantly since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. It is responding to the crystalline light quotient – according to the radiant output emanating from Gaia.

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This is in reference to Cobra's recent coded message, where "wipeout" was used for the second time:

L4 clear, wipeout L3

This makes me think, once again, of the scene at Minas Tirith in LOTR, where the Army of the Dead systematically "scrubbed" clean the city, like green soapsuds.