28 February 2018

Before, During and After The Event: QHHT Client Sessions ~ Allison Coe ~ 27 February 2018

**Updated with notes**

Allison Coe is back with more information about The Event culled from her clients' sessions. Timeframes are brought up, and Allison cautions viewers against investing too much in them, as "Time" isn't the linear construct that it is in 3D, in the higher realms.

I've only just gone through 10 minutes, and I felt I should post this first in case I take too long to get through the video, especially since I'm also taking notes.

Please view here.

I had to watch this in sections over a few hours. Throughout that duration, Synchronicity kept me company. One of the several cues was seeing "555". I checked the potential meaning of this here and here. Interesting!

Additionally, only couple of days ago I was asking around for recommendations for a QHHT practitioner for someone's healing.

In a reversal of events, it seems from this video that those who are not ready will be temporarily housed in ships, while those who are will stay on-Planet and be transformed.

Please view the video to get full details ~ these notes are just highlights of some of the content. Comments within brackets are mine.
  • Client sees massive miles-high rainbow smoke rolling in, affecting everything on the Planet and changing the client mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Solar Flash is pre-cursor into initial stage of 5D
  • Those who are unable to handle the frequencies will be housed temporarily in ships while they decide the next phase of their lives
  • Beings will be present to help re-educate because Humanity is so far behind, also to provide assistance to rehabilitate areas of Earth that we destroyed; in fact, they are ~ and have been ~ helping us all along to clean up our mess
  • Currency Reset occurs only after The Flash, which is the catalyst
  • When? "Soon" ~ between 3 to 6 months (session was conducted in December 2017)
  • Client recalls hearing the word "March" (Allison notes that more than 75% of her clients who talk about The Event mentions the timeframe "first quarter of 2018")
  • "3-6 months" also mentioned in another session conducted in February
  • Client reports seeing brightness and feeling love and energy
  • It's life-changing for everyone
  • What about people in precarious positions? Allison asked. "Everyone will be cared for." Client also wanted to say "suspended animation"
  • Client was told majority will "go" (ascend) within 3 years (after The Event)
  • "Wave of Light coming" that will affect everyone but not all will embrace it
  • Thousands and thousands are already connected to this energy and will just be with the frequency it when it happens
  • Freedom, peaceful, carefree, loving, more Light ~ some adjectives used to describe 5D Earth
  • Another wave of Light in 4-7 years (after The Event)
  • Client feels bored currently, not interested in anything (I know many are feeling this "void" and detachment, too) but after The Event, there will be a flurry of action (so this is like going through the calm before the storm, but in a very positive sense)
  • The Event is being greatly resisted by the people in power but there will not be any war
  • Client is told that The Event will occur in first quarter of 2018 and he will become the "next version of himself" ie. 5D
  • The more one's frequency is closer to that of The Event, the more peaceful and happy they would feel; those who do not resonate with will feel dazed
  • Client advised to ground into the New Earth instead of "current" one to help prepare; also connecting to Source when meditation but not grounding Root Chakra to "this Earth"
  • Focus on own energy to prepare, rather than too much focus on others' paths
  • Client told, "The Event is coming" in couple of months (session in Feb)
  • Bright Light, great joy, clients' children will know the mother wasn't crazy (lol)
  • Able to switch between dimensions
  • Client feeling "done", no interest. It's because 3D is "past", not real anymore
  • Another client was told that she attends meetings in ships to report on situations on Earth; she also checks to see if they are ready on the ship as people will be temporarily housed there
  • "Everything is ready on the ship, and on Earth"
  • Everyone will be given the choice to stay on Earth and be transformed or be taken to ships. They were expecting more to be ready for the transformation so they had to end up sending for more ships to house those not ready
  • "We thought more people would be ready (handle the energy), but the Light is coming anyway"
  • We are asked to focus on ourselves (inner work) so that we can be ready to hold and assimilate the Light when it hits
  • Estimated stay onboard ships is couple of days. When they are returned, some will remember and some won't
  • Gifts? Telepathy, removal of negativity
  • "Everything is changed....everything"
  • "Heaven on Earth, magnificent"
  • "Wave coming in March, just a few weeks away"
  • Some will die because it's time, or recycled because they can't handle the Light (referring to the dark ones)
  • Technology developing faster than Spirituality due to interference. This imbalance had to be corrected
  • The Wave comes from the Galactic Sun, through the Sun
  • Natural, cyclical event that occurs every 26,000 years
  • No need to store up food, water etc
  • People are going to be high for a while, massive bliss-out
  • Systems will change radically, they are so huge it's hard to describe
  • "First quarter of 2018"
  • Tidal waves of Light, pale yellow, rolling in like tendrils, changing everything in its wake
  • Client may lose consciousness for a while, and after she regains consciousness, she will notice how asleep she's been even though she's so spiritually advanced right now (this is most telling of how far behind we actually are in our spiritual development!)
  • Communications may be down, but people will be forced to use telepathy and be surprised at how well it works. Everyone can fend for themselves even though the basic systems have shut down. This is when people will discover their creator abilities and manifest what they need
  • Negativity is scrubbed out by the Light
  • Client had a dream about a purple cake with the date 2-20 on it (20th Feb?). Client was told this is the "beginning of the beginning" where something new will happen daily from that point on, and everyone who is open to it will experience this ~ Synchronicity, unusual event, Celestial events, vivid dreams
  • What will happen to people in precarious positions like surgeries, being on planes? Airplanes will be held in tractor beams, surgeries held in stasis with some being completed on ships or healed by the Light
  • We may see some Inner Earth people come out (yayy!!)
  • Healing component to the Light, so those who experience it will be able to heal others
  • Client advised to stay away from animal products, sugar and salt, she's "sugar-coating" her fears instead of dissipating them ~ she's addicted to sugar and salt, they are distractions ~ meditate without background music or chants, walk daily
  • The advice about sugar has been a common theme for Allison's clients. Sugar tethers people to their 3D bodies
  • Overcoming addictions is key lesson on Earth.

March Ascension Energies: Clear Compassion ~ Jamye Price ~ 24 February 2018

Source: Jamye Price

Looking Back at February

February’s energy of Looking Back was a time of powerful clearing, which always creates activation/initiation. I have noticed an increase in people clearing family karma on a deeper level since September.

Healing may occur in many ways, but it only truly requires your focus on your choices in the present moment. It doesn’t require interaction or other people complying. Those may occur, but you are the fulcrum of your healing.

Ascension symptoms have been amplified for many. We tend to think of ascension symptoms as challenges or resistance, but it’s important to frame them for what they really are—beneficial change.

Ringing in the ears may not seem so beneficial, but it is a readjustment to receiving and interpreting a broader range of frequencies. The details emerge in different ways and may not always be consciously connected (i.e. Wow! The ringing in my ears created this!), but you are changing in profound ways.

Clarity is Key

Areon is calling 2018 The Year of Amplification. When you amplify something, if it’s not clear then you are also amplifying static. So your clarity will be a consistent theme this year. Hence—yay all the clearing/activation that has and will continue to occur in different ways.

This amplification is creating clarity within you (and clairity—your enhanced subtle senses) that benefits your ability to create and flow empowered Love into your life and this world.

This is the meek inheriting the Earth—those that are so loving that their courage to Love is untethered and encompassing the fear that leads people to deception and domination to feel safe.

Please read on....

Activating Your Soul Connection ~ Maureen Moss ~ 27 February 2018

Maureen Moss' website is here. I have not edited any text in this update (except for formatting).


In case there was any doubt, we have just been through The Olympics of energy… a two month energy wave carrying unprecedented transformation and reformation dynamics replete with lifts, leaps, drops, spins, jangled nerves, and aching body parts. 

With no slow-down ahead, (though a big change in dynamics,) the latest mind-stunning, amplified display of unwavering catalysts opened a powerful inter-dimensional doorway for our Soul (the indwelling reality of the Life of God/Creator Source,) to descend deeper into our physical bodies far beyond any other time in human history…and far beyond imagination. This being where the change in dynamics comes in.

Having entered more deeply and using your Higher Codes of Light that only it carries, your Soul is on a mission now to strike an innovative relationship with your personality/ego to bring out the true created you… not the perception of the better you…the real you… and then, with your heart, to dance you through the rest of your Life. 

Regardless of all heightened Cosmic/Planetary activity, from this day forward we will be at the effects of the Presence of a far more expansive though subtle dimension of our beingness in-body deliberately awakening us in ways we have yet to experience.

Now comes the matter of understanding how your Soul works, bringing more of it into your body, arousing and accepting, adapting and integrating such an enlightened impetus in position to deliver you to its magical destiny...ITS magical destiny…not the one you thought was yours.

How would I know this? This writing comes from the field of experience which going forward will be the only field I report or teach from. 

Note: After a seismic December/January and into February that literally scraped out the tar of ancient and current mental and cellular inaccuracies, space was made for a larger part of my Soul to descend into my body. It was palpable and the recognition undeniable.
Throughout the weeks, with focused attention, constant adjustments, major discernment and integrations my Soul has become a magical, informative companion that has created a fundamental shift in my identity, a change of heart, value and worth… and walked me way out of my self-concepts.  

My soul now has become the origin point for everything I do or don’t do, not my thoughts, nor my personality…try as they might. 

Watching in amazement I witness my mind and personality yield to the magical process of the soul, the Illumined maker.

As this relationship is being finely tuned…not always gently… I have become aware that the soul brings the collection of everything already known to your life or mine, into the body for awareness, integration and to apply where necessary. Farewell diminished consciousness…hello Embodied Enlightenment.


  Why the Soul Hookup With The Personality 

Simply put (though stay with me,) the personality with its three elements of ego) is typically impulsed by an intangible thought (all thoughts being intangible until set in motion.) It then goes about grounding any number of the aspects of that thought into a tangible outer activity…doing so to suit our concept of self.

The personality is an aspect of the lower self, as is the mortal mind. It has no awareness if what it brings into reality (from the mortal mind,) is for your highest good, if it’s the most competent thing to do or if it’s part of your true destiny…which it can’t possibly know for it is form bound and bases its decisions on present lifetime only.

Its come from is, “oh that’s a good idea, it suits my nature, good timing… let’s make it happen.”

In Comes the Soul 

Long overdue, the personality requires a catalyst to end its historical dominance and entanglement with each one of our unnatural, self-conceptual lives.

In now descends the Soul… revolving in endless circles of God Consciousness with its multi-incarnational view, bringing you wisdom and Codes of Light from all your incarnations to bring out the true created you (and as mentioned earlier,) not the better you…the real you. 

Neither form-bound nor looking to overthrow the personality its deepest desire is to bring out the greater and deeper life that it holds…that is your life… and make it tangible. So, it’s either the personality that is going to make your life tangible or it is your Soul.


  Where We Come In 

We come in as joyful, fascinated Creators of a new human formation and experience on and of earth. We, using our inherent wisdom, keenly forming awareness and diligence come determined to recognize that our personalities (fun as they can be at times,) have far to often become a liability and realize (using great detector skills,) that it distorts our life even in the most minute ways

And, we come to help the Soul bring a halt and redirection to this amazing imposter, the personality that actually thinks it is the Soul. 


Ways to Begin Connecting

First, know without doubt your clear discerning mind.

Second, find your reasons for becoming determined to know your Soul…how it feels inside your body (it’s very distinct,) how it informs you, how it moves you and how it feeds you. 

Third, take notice of the deeper you that is far less concerned about your outcomes, what’s next, or opinions of others and calibrate to that frequency. 

Fourth, commit to whatever it takes to integrate your Soul. Find a way to keep yourself on track hourly. Pause, move inward and connect with the deeper part of you that you are coming to realize is your Soul. Stay there in stillness. You begin then to establish a true relationship with the most Enlightened Source of your nature.

Fifth, be gentle with yourself even when you step on tender spots. 

Sixth, make your Soul your Priority. Contained within it is ALL of you.

***I am over the moon that I have been given the blessing of sharing this and more with you. There are experiences of relationship, integration, calibration, activation, Love and magic with your Soul that will happen during Soul Connection: The Experiential Journey beginning March 15, 2018.

Know you are loved.  

Maureen Moss, © 2018

Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the website maureenmoss.com intact.


Beyond the Veil: The "Other Side" of Self ~ Laura C Gorgo ~ 27 February 2018

Source: Think With Your Heart

We are clearly in an unprecedented time. I know that, in the parlance of our times (hail to The Dude), that statement is largely overused but we are truly in such unchartered territory. And it feels it. There is so much change taking place beneath the surface that is begging to be born in the world of form and while that might feel very far away at the moment, the birth of our higher plan/purpose begins this year, this spring in fact.

Currently, while submerged deep in the Piscean seas, we don’t have much footing or traction but the floodgates to the intuitive realms have definitely opened and so much information/instruction is coming thru the veil highlighting the new direction changes spurred from our divine blueprints.

As this information presents it becomes strikingly clear where we need to redirect our focus, but it’s like turning a huge ocean liner around in the middle of the ocean…it takes time, diligence and effort, and so we need to be patient for a bit longer.   As challenging as it can be to make any real headway in Pisces, it can also be a very inwardly productive and creative time with access to far reaching potentials…like existentially far 😳.  Then, once we dry out our wings under the Aries sun we can take flight at the astrological new year and put our newly-born passions in action.

After 9 weeks of nonstop expansion, we are all ready to birth something brand new.  We have been stretched…and stretched…and stretched to move beyond the deepest and most familiar ruts of limitation, those that we have unconsciously created for ourselves in causality.  Now…beginning with the full moon (in Virgo) this week…we reach a significant culmination point that will serve to bring much of our personal eclipse journey to a head as well as to set in motion the new year curriculum.

This reads like a bit of a breakout moment that will free up a lot of life force that has been blocked in our bodies for weeks.  We’ve excavated so much discordant body memory since the year began in order to carve out more space for diamond light/Truth to enter…the process of which can bring up so much density and literally weigh us down with sluggishness and fatigue from all the heavy emocean we’ve been processing.

Please read on....

March Amplifications: Solar Flashes and the Ascended Lightbody ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 February 2018

The SUN is changing how it interprets information; visibly seen as the surreal dimmer-yet-more-intense look that SUNlight has right now.
Our Lightbodies are reflecting this.
Inner light intensifies, our heart centres flutter, and the physical feels mystical as it goes through deep transformation.
We are preparing for thw next level of embodiment.

There's that Solar-Heart thing again....(Nassim Haramein/Hafiz/Judy Satori as per yesterday's post). Sandra Walter also mentions March/April, which is the period that's currently a sizzling hot topic (no pun intended).

Such a Light-expanding update from Sandra, with wise suggestions regarding how we are reacting to the external circumstances around us.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
When we activate our Solar Heart Center, our connection to the Solar presence becomes stronger. We witness the increasing pulses and flashing activity coming from the SUN, which has been occurring over the last year.

You may see this flashing activity when meditating with a Solar heart focus. It is very vibrant, unmistakable, and you don’t have to be gazing at the SUN in order to see it. It does come directly from the Solar Beingness, when you intentionally connect with the SUN. Please do not confuse it with flashing activity in your personal fields. This is Solar-connection-specific, and the flickering flashes grow brighter, stronger and more activating.

I AM grateful this kind of Solar activity does not appear on the linear charts – yet. Your heart consciousness is the 5D charts! Remember the pulses/flashing is information; FEEL the Love Light intelligence. It feels exquisite.

We entered the Sacred geometry which holds pure photonic resonance, the consciousness shifting frequencies, during the August eclipse last year. This is why Gatekeepers had visions of the SUN exploding in 2017, and why we continually see the SUN flickering and flashing in a new way. We are in the Galactic Hot Zone; the geometric container for consciousness-shifting, dimensional-shifting light.
The prophecy of a Solar flash is not a moment to wait for, the precursor events are already in progress.
The Galactics remind us often; Global consciousness–shifting Ascension events are a multidimensional co-creation. As we collectively operate from higher choices, Primary Christed timelines provide the bridge for planetary-wide energetic and dimensional shifts.
It is beautiful to witness Lightworkers waking up from the waiting games and realizing empowerment can only happen in the Now.

Please read on....

27 February 2018

Holofractographic ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 26 February 2018

Source: Nassim Haramein

Holographic + Fractal + Geometry = Holofractographic

An Awake Heart and the Sun ~ Hafiz & Nassim Haramein

An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.
One of the things that Wayshowers like Judy Satori teach is the visualisation of our Heart becoming like the Sun.

Source: Nassim Haramein

Persian Mystical Poet Hafiz translated through the lens of unified physics:
"Both an awake heart and the Sun are black holes centered by singularity and emanating electromagnetic radiation."

Seeing It For What It Is ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting sick of their own bullshit.
Elizabeth Gilbert

Thanks to Art of the Initiate for sharing Tamara Younker's post.

Arcturian Blessing for Clearing the Physical Body ~ Judy Satori

Background Image: Arcturus ~ Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes
Posting this again, as an image.

Healing ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 26 February 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Healing doesn't mean you have to learn to acclimate to something or put up with anything that doesnt resonate and then just let go and get over it. 

Its not about coping in 3-D reality, learning to live beyond the agony it might trigger. True healing comes with a total Transformation and being taken to a more desirable place, internally and externally and truly saying good bye to settling for less than what inspires your Soul. 

Even if we still have to function in the matrix, we can penetrate it with our empowered self and disable the distortions and fully bust through the NET (frequency fences), cause you aren't submitting any part of your Consciousness to it, only the last legs of the physical part of it, which is the vehicle to bring in the higher dimensional energies. 

This moves us into other levels of embodiment and experience, which ripples out and activates others. 

This is how the paradigm shifts and it has been and will continue to!


Solar Storms Predicted

Let's keep both eyes out for this. I'm pretty sure many have already felt (and are still feeling) this. The sunspot is more than 3 times the diameter of Earth.

Excerpt from SpaceWeather.com:

A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on Feb. 27th as Earth enters a stream of solar wind flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the sun's atmosphere. NOAA forecasters say there is a chance this storm could intensify to category G2, in which case auroras could appear in northern-tier US states from Maine to Washington. Stay tuned for updates. Free: Aurora Alerts
This unnumbered sunspot is developing rapidly. At the beginning of Feb. 26th it was invisible. Now it stretches across more than 40,000 km of the sun's surface and contains multiple Moon-sized dark cores. Amateur astronomers with backyard solar telescopes should have no trouble seeing this active region. Monitoring is encouraged.

26 February 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 25 February 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

Photonic influx from the Sun due beginning in a few days and persisting at least, til Mar 11th. 3 CME,s possible during this time if required with accompanying solar flares.

Influx required to energize a Certain Light Quotient which enables Us to secure 5D anchors into this Now. Repositioning of many in the last few months is/was preparation for this important effect. Anchors will be attached to New Electro-magnetic Grid (New Ley Line Grid) at Nodule points. Many of You already placed upon or near enough the New Ley Lines to assure a proper anchorage.

Volcanic and related activity will be raised at this time as New rivers of energetics are constructed below Gaia's surface in conjunction with anchoring in the 5D Grid.

As always, keep individual vibration at utmost. Refrain from vibration lowering practices.

Reflections of change to be administered directly to present timelines.

More of the Masses Awakening with near prominent One's placed with/near teacher for rapid effects.

Repetitive numbers and number sequences to become prominent at this time, for they are the codes to distinguish Timeline and Dimensional atmospheres. As You fluctuate and enter 5D scenarios, these numbers lay near the thresholds as indicators. Follow ALL inner guidance in conjunction with God connection at these times, logic may be defied and must be.

Love and Light

Preview of Lee Harris Energy for March 2018

This is just a preview that I normally wouldn't post, but I'll go ahead for this one. For the time being, this preview is only available on fb.

Source: Lee Harris (includes clip)

The new Energy Update will come out this Thursday! In the meantime, here's a short clip from it that I wanted to share with you in advance. Come back to my page on Thursday to see the full version.

Thanks and Big Love x

Arcturian Blessing for Clearing the Physical Body ~ Judy Satori, Mary Well and Giles Lang ~ 26 March 2013

I used this beautiful prayer-blessing intensively a few years ago as I found it extremely beneficial. I'm re-posting it again today, because I feel that it may be of great comfort and assistance to some.

You can listen to it here.

Here are the wordings:
Please clear my energy fields of all imbalanced energies, thoughtforms and beliefs
that are not of God and not of love
Please clear all lower vibrational projected thought forms or sabotaging lower
vibrational energies
Please clear all harmful extraterrestrial implants
Please clear all interfering or sabotaging astral entities or elementals
Please clear my cellular memory of all trauma energy, sadness and fear
Please heal, repair and balance my chakras so that they spin in the perfect rhythm...
focus on chakras 1-12 in turn.
Please assist me to open my heart into total unconditional love and oneness with all
that is.
Please assist me to align with my path of service and with Divine Will.
Add in any personal requests.
Thank You.

Natural Cycles of Goddess and God ~ Untwine ~ 25 February 2018

The Yugas also have natural cycles, going from one age to another across the eons of time. It is said that we are now in the "Winter" phase of the Kali Yuga, the darkest of the cycles. The only way left to proceed is towards the Light as we move out of this darkness.

Source: Recreating Balance

The Universe is created from the start in a cyclic way. It is birthed from the Source, expands and multiplies, and then contracts and merges back wih the Source. This process is called the Great Breath.
Then naturally, all of creation follows this cyclic flow in a fractal pattern. We see it all around us and within us.
The basis of the cycle is that we have two distinguished realms, or entities, and the energy flows, is exchanged between the two. This cycle is what makes evolution progress, it is what time really is. In the first original cycle, the Great Breath, the energy flows between the Universe and Source, and then then as smaller fractals, reflections of this, the energy flows between lower planes and higher planes, matter and spirit, day and night, etc.
Feminine and masculine are the action and reception which makes the cycles move. 
Naturally we can see in such cycles that whenever there is an action there is automatically a reception, so masculine and feminine are two sides of the same coin, always meant to be One, just like electricity and magnetism always come together. Feminine and masculine only sometimes appear to us separate to some degree in these lower dense planes, because the frequency of the cycle is slowed down. It is very beneficial to keep thinking of them as a unit, as One, which helps to re-align with the Truth from higher realms.
In such cycles we have 4 major steps (see image above):
This picture shows examples of the 4 archetypal steps that we are all familiar with.
It is important to understand that this is not a cycle between Light and dark, between good and bad, what this really is is a breath, a constructive relationship, a flow of energy between polarities and areas of space. It is all Light, in various forms/densities/frequencies.
Feminine and masculine, Goddess and God, are both involved throughout the cycle in an exchange between each other.

Please read on....

Are You Doing the Timeline Wobble? - Inelia Benz - 22 February 2018

I think I can answer for all of us....YES!! And have been for quite a while, too ~ thankfully we know what's truly happening, and that we haven't gone bonkers.

Source: Inelia Benz

We are going through a big timeline wobble at the moment, so don’t worry about not knowing where you put your car keys! You probably don’t have a car harharhar

Don’t worry if you lose things, find yourself wearing different clothes to the ones you put on, having people’s phone numbers not exist for an hour or so then working again, or finding it harder than ever to count things.

What day is it? Do you have to think about it a lot when normally you don’t? Of course, if you are like me, you will never know what day it is until you look it up on your smartphone or computer screen. Same with the time of day 😀

But… if you are usually very aligned with the time, day and your schedule, and suddenly days go amiss, or get doubled up, if suddenly the time of day is a complete mystery… you are dancing the timeline wobble.

Also, people’s personalities around you might be changing from day to day.

If you watch mass media, many items will come and go, and come back again like they never left.

While you type on the computer, letters and words go missing, or they appear in the wrong order, don’t worry, you haven’t lost your typing skills… you are doing the timeline wobble.

My advice would be to relax into it, enjoy it and don’t worry about your mind or memory. It’s perfectly fine. You are not losing your mind, and it’s not “old age”.

Please read on....

25 February 2018

The Akashic Academy with Laura Eisenhower & Jessica Sutherland ~ 24 February 2018

A 32-minute discussion where Laura Eisenhower shares the current Ascension situation from her perspective. I'm only barely halfway through, though.

As far as I know, this video isn't available outside of fb. Please listen here.

Earth's Magnetic Field Ringing Like a Bell ~ SpaceWeather.com ~ 23 February 2018

Thank you, David 💜 I won't be surprised if these "Pulsation Continuous Waves" start to occur more frequently.

Source: SpaceWeather.com


Yesterday, a solar wind stream grazed Earth's magnetic field. Keyword: graze. The off-center impact of the solar wind caused something unusual to happen. Earth's polar magnetic field rang like a bell. Rob Stammes recorded the phenomenon from his magnetic observatory in Lofoton, Norway.

"On Feb. 22nd, the magnetic field around our observatory (as measured by ground currents) was swinging back an forth with a 100 second period," says Stammes. "This very stable oscillation went on for more than an hour."

Researchers call these pure ultra-low frequency oscillations "pulsations continuous" (Pc). Pc waves energize particles in Earth's inner magnetosphere because they resonate with the natural motion of particles around the geomagnetic field. This energy, in turn, can supercharge the aurora borealis.

Indeed, hours after the Pc waves were observed, auroras exploded over Arctic Scandinavia.

The effect of the solar wind stream may be likened to a person blowing across the top of a soda bottle, the glancing breath producing a nearly monochromatic waveform. "This is quite rare," says Stammes. "Pulsating continuous signals like these are visible only 2 or 3 times a year."

Signals, Timelines and Looping ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 24 February 2018

Net of Light
Source: Laura Eisenhower

There are certain states of mind that the body can't contain anymore without it creating symptoms. When the same thing keeps looping, you know you need to crack the code and say to yourself, this is an unwanted item -- its time to jump out of the plane and not question whether the parachute works! Just soar, let go and trust! You are surrendering and still given the ability to steer things, like a Skipper and boat on the Ocean!


At all times we have the option to connect with certain signals and which ones we integrate determines the Timeline that we are on.

There is AI (Artificial Intelligence) signals that surround us and Archons --- Mind control, toxicity, disempowerment, entity attachments, false light, externalization of self, negative Ego traps, emotional contamination, duality, false Ascension into digression --- and then there is Organic Ascension signals -- Sovereignty, authenticity, Unity, honesty, integrity, shadow work, awareness, higher Consiousness, accountability...

It takes sensitivity, a bit of vulnerability, self-reflection, transparency, guts and the willingness ~ to know the difference.

The Meaning of Incense Smoke ~ Tiffany Geneese

Southern Hemisphere Pagan
Now I know! Thanks to Kelly Lapseritis for sharing.

Directed Energy Weapons - Cobra - 24 February 2018

Let's give this wings and spread it far and wide!

Source: The Portal

Directed energy weapons are NOT plasma weapons, they are NOT scalar weapons. They are physical weapons emitting electromagnetic radiation:

They are used by the Cabal in their attacks towards the awakened part of human population:

By attacking civilian targets, the perpetrators are violating the fourth Geneva convention and this constitutes a war crime:

Perpetrators will be persecuted according to international civil and military law as soon as the planet is liberated.

You can find a detailed list of intel resources about directed energy weapons here:

Weapons most frequently used in attacks against civilians are sonic lasers:

Please read on....

On-Going Meditations

I'm adding links to a couple more meditations here as well, for those who feel called.

One is for the Heart Star ~ Love Light Meditation from Joanna Fay, and the other is Sandra Walter's Unity Meditation.

Then there is the usual list, compiled by We Love Mass Meditations. Being a Sunday, we also have the Weekly Ascension Meditation.

Blue Ray Ascension Shift Update ~ Shekina Rose ~ 24 February 2018

Source: Shekina Rose

The Integrating and settling of the Frequency Holders Transition to the New Earth
Timeline Shifts ~ Ringing Tone Frequencies in the Ears

Many of the New forerunners Frequency holders of the New Earth are still allowing the incoming sacred frequency to settle and anchor. You may be feeling and sensing new information, insights and pathways about your purpose, Galactic missions, origins and spiritual gifts.

There is a renewal of inspiration for a new direction for you to share and express your unique gifts of the Creator. You are being given signs, signals and affirmations that you are a part of something greater a higher divine plan. Where an enhanced support field for your reason for being here on the planet is increasing, a connection with your divine, inner power and spirit guides.

Timeline Shift A choice to make

Some maybe experiencing shifts in the time line. Where there is a sudden time lag, as if time stopped just for a half of a moment though in that space you expand out of time to inter dimensional space. This is where you sense an increased in your extra-dimensional awareness and expanded vibrational resonances. This gives you an energetic imprint marker on your journey of life and that you have a choice to make. What is being given is an upgrade expansion of your Divine Blue Print

You are learning how to consciously astral and time travel as time keepers of your own destiny. And maybe the reason why people have suddenly left or entered your life and or why there could be conflict with others.

333 The ringing tone frequencies in the ears
The New Earth frequencies of the ringing tone frequencies in the ears or hearing musical tones that comes and then goes away. It will usually be on only one of the ears. This can be that your frequency is shifting and expanding a recalibration to a higher frequency capacity.

This can also be a sign of contact from your guides/ the Universe, about your ascension and where you are receiving spiritual downloads.
{Always check with a health care provider" to rule out any medical or physical issues}.

Notice if you have emotions that come up that are intense this can be and energetic block allowing you to transform so you can progress and increasing your vibration frequency. Allow, breath, let go, release to love, and forgiveness all attachments, cords, control agenda, soul contacts that are not where you are now in your highest good of your sovereign self.

Honor the process of the anchoring of the alignment with your own unique personal frequency with the cycles of Gaia. As your body maybe shifting, integrating with clearing toxins, programs and emotions where you will need down time and resting. You will know for how long and when the Universe is calling you to act and remerge.

By doing so you are working with the sacred divine feminine and being natural Gatekeepers for the new Earth Grid by the flow and transformations that are happening through you. The sacred divine feminine healing of balance is remerging through the higher heart of the crystalline light body and grids of Gaia.


Shekina Rose, Blue Ray Peace Emissary & Channel, Light Language of Love Harmonic Vocalist in the 528 Hz Miracles, Love DNA Repair, Healer, Soul Reader and Galactic Ambassador of Unity


~The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process.

Are You From the Blue Ray http://www.shekinaspeaks.com/Blue_Ray.html

Soul Readings & Star Alignment Galactic Origins https://sellfy.com/2710414099667825

Pleaidain StarGate Pendants by Shekina Rose http://shekinarose333.wixsite.com/stargatelightportal/stargatependants
2018 Inner Earth/Pleiadian 333 New Earth Message Number Sequences Contact /Sedona AZ

Plasma Fire Alchemy ~ 24 February 2018

Source: New Earth Central

We are now in the integration stage since the past two eclipses, assimilating and adjusting to the solar light upgrades. The body is opening to higher light frequencies as well as clearing deeply embedded emotional trauma. In order to achieve soul-embodiment, we must prepare the vessel to live on light.

The amazing Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle is highlighting the theme of empowerment. Firing up the North-South Nodes, these eclipses are transforming power structures from patriarchal domination to balanced (masculine/feminine) soul-based empowerment. When we pass through a threshold point it acts as a catalyst for deep alchemical transformation.

Power issues are consuming the collective consciousness in a global awakening, led by student protests against a corrupt system. As a child in the 60’s, I remember the hippie revolution as flower children rejected the controlling establishment. We are now the Guardians of our awakened youth and stand by them as they usher in a new paradigm.

The galactic surge of plasma energy streaming into Earth’s field is altering the consciousness. Plasmas are strong electrical conductors, one of the fastest wavelengths of light which form in vortex energy. One of the platonic solids, the tetrahedron represents plasma fire. After the Solar Eclipse I began to ‘see’ an elaborate plasma network merge into my biofield. It transferred so much heat to my body I was burning in a fevered state for two days. It began to unlock and expel deeply embedded emotional trauma from my gut/solar plexus.

Healing with the refiner’s fire is purifying and dissolving. Integrating Plasma fire is regenerative and alchemical. You are moving into a new level of transformation, as your Soul prepares you to live as light. We will be covering the eclipse integration and upcoming Virgo Full Moon in our next New Earth Central show this Saturday, March 3rd at 12pm Pacific/ 3pm Eastern. The show will include your questions and ‘live’ Ascension Activations to assist your upgrade.

Register to attend here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=121509

Lovingly, Meg

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Ascension Council Update ~ Joanna Fay ~ 24 February 2018

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

Greetings! Today we’re focusing with a ‘planetary ascension overview’, the current energetic stage of the Earth’s shift-in-progress, with a request from the Ascension Council, the focus group of the Galactic Council with the role of overseeing higher vibrational shifts of planets and stars in this galaxy, which connects with the Earth Council beings of Love (who on Earth are often referred to as Ascended Masters & Lady Masters, Elders, Earth Guardians, the Light-keepers of Agartha, Shambhala and many sacred nodes ), Gaia’s close network through this process.

On February 15th, the first eclipse phase of 2018 completed with a partial solar eclipse that shaded Antarctica and transmuted several layers of ‘war trauma’ vibrations imprinted in the Earth’s energy field, as a ‘plug was pulled’ from the South Polar region in the etheric/astral bands of the fourth dimension. Many beautiful Lights moved around the planet at that moment, gathering and transforming those energies as they unhooked from the Earth grid. This is how the flurry of light beings and released energies projected overhead here, a couple of hours before the peak of the eclipse (about 4am here), while divine rays of Light were held through the eclipse alignment. Just glorious! 🙂

More images at Heart Star

We use the word ‘flurry’ in relation to the swirl of duality energies in 4D becoming more noticeable…which has appeared here with slippages of cloaking of control-oriented beings, and reflects in 3D as deeper recognition of control-based programmes and constructs at individual and collective levels. To stay in true alignment with the inflow of Ascension, the key is to anchor through our beings the constant overview of the Soul/Higher Self/Inner Divine, from the unity in universal love and peace that streams through the Fifth Dimension and higher.

To feel how duality expresses distinctly in the third and fourth dimensions, in 3D it’s easy to recognize as tensions between thought structures, social and ideological constructs. In 4D, duality expresses through the contrast of standing, seeing and feeling through the inner zero-point of pure Being, with feeling bounced around in the 4D space-time spiralling energy motion. This can feel chaotic until re-aligning to inner centre, the steady ‘still point in the storm’ while the 4D shakedown and shake loose of meshed dense energies is in progress.  The fluctuation of personal energies many feel at this time is a reflection of that shifting back and forth, in and out of centre. If this is how you’re feeling, breathe deeply, love and trust yourself to re-align, knowing you can, knowing the inner guiding light is always there and comes into focus when you’re able to settle in gentle kindness to yourself and others, to all beings.

Your inner guiding light is a concentrated beam shining from the unity in universal love and peace that is the primary vibration of the higher dimensions and realms of Light, where Divine Love flows unfiltered by limiting constructs. Seeing and sensing from this expansive overview is beautifully symbolized in the flight of eagles and hawks in the 3D world; when a storm approaches, rather than seeking shelter as most birds and animals do, they fly upward and over the top of the storm, into the serenity of the overview (hence our star brothers and sisters have been connected symbolically with eagles, and will reflect their energies through these birds when giving a message of holding the overview of universal love). This overview constantly guides us into and through centre, into the still point within that is uninfluenced by the storm, freely soaring on the ‘divine winds of change’.

Please read on....

Neptune & Triton's Transformation ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep11 ~ 5 February 2018

Please view here:

Astrologically, Neptune is a planet of spirituality, deep insight and transfiguration, and changes on this gas giant may be indications of such transformations happening to all conscious beings in our solar system.

David Wilcock defines a hyperdimesnional model of scalar waves intersecting to form the geometric patterns across Neptune and the surface of its moon. What we are seeing is sacred geometry building matter. This may be the proof we need to show us that the solar system is fulfilling ancient prophecies of a coming mass-ascension event for humanity.

This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast February 5, 2018.

Transcript: Third Interview with SSP Insider META: Connecting the Dots

The transcript for this third interview is now available at Adoninas.

Many topics of brought forth by Meta have also been covered by other SSP whistleblowers ~ Smart Suits, "pirate-type" attacks on other ships, regeneration and renewal in green goo tanks, to name just a few.

24 February 2018

Re-Unification with Mother Earth ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 23 February 2018

Jennifer Mourin
Source: Laura Eisenhower

When a Mother and child is separated against their will, it causes pain and suffering to both the Mother and child. When they get reunited, their hearts heal and they are able to thrive.

This is what is happens when we return to our Mother Earth and allow ourselves to be nurtured by her presence.

The controller forces and any enemy does not need to stand in the way anymore. It is a choice for us to embrace this connection and allow it to work wonders in our lives.

The Dark Mother reversal was in the planet for so many thousands of years and this is no longer the case. We have triumphed and we are finding our way home again.

The more we recognize this, the more the parasitic influences fall away.

Our Most Important Purpose ~ Jean Haner

The Shift Network
This is your most important purpose:
To fully move into the power of your Authentic Self and to discover how to put that power to work in the world. There's a reason why you are here and a special way to accomplish your role in the world.
Jean Haner


@Inked Mystic
How your guides be looking after they just sent you a feather, 11 synchronicities, 2 angel numbers and a chinchilla knocking at your window, and you still missed the message.

Another one posted by Teresa Fitzgerald.

Power of a Thought ~ Jay Parker

The only thing keeping the masters of humanity in power is a thought.
The only thing that's keeping them in power is people believing in them
....stop handing them your power.
Jay Parker

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness 
Chinese Proverb

I was just saying to someone yesterday, "The difference between being a victim and being empowered is just a thought away".

Thanks to Teresa Fitzgerald for posting this.


Space Observing System
The SR is still flaring.


We had a minor storm ~ that was around the time I just had to lie down or I would simply keel over.

And *pssst*.... we have this from Cobra:
VTXC sequence activated at 504

Let's hope that this means 504 is finally cleared for good.

23 February 2018

Shift in Timelines ~ Kamooh and Kelly Lapseritis ~ 22 February 2018

Source: Sasquatch People

“Many of your people are feeling this extreme shift in timelines. You may be more forgetful or notice how fast time is going by, or you even lose time that cannot be accounted for or end up in a situation that you cannot remember occurring.

That is because time is accelerating and space is contracting; a hallmark sign that Earth is moving into another density (level of consciousness awareness). This is also why things and facts seem to change.

Like the phenomenon your people refer to as the Mandela Effect, letters, words, and names change depending on your point of view in the hologram. Words and images that you perceive are dictated by the associated level or degree at that moment.

Humans also see this reflected in what you think is solid scientific fact. The truth is that nothing is solid, everything is created by the flow of consciousness and is subjective to change.

While some of your people may view this as problematic or unwanted experiences, it forces humans to live in the Moment of Now which is necessary for your ascension.”

- Sasquatch Elder Kamooh from The The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3, Chapter 5 by Kelly Lapseritis

Dr Royal Raymond Rife

Here's another post about Dr Royal Raymond Rife. Laura Eisenhower shared this short clip ~ thank you! Frequency, vibration, sound....all energy, like everything else.

I couldn't find it on yt, unfortunately this is on fb at the moment. Please view here.