23 March 2018

All Earths to Ascend.... ~ Celia Fenn ~ 22 March 2018

Something to ponder over....not too long ago a dear friend was discussing about how true healing can occur when all versions of our Selves are healed.

Source: Celia Fenn

Last night I watched a movie called "The Cloverfield Paradox" which was basically about the nature of the Multiverse where there are many versions of Earth and many versions of Self all playing out a Story.

I realized that in order for "our" Earth to ascend, all versions of Earth need to ascend, or we will be forever swinging and see-sawing between dimensions.

As Lightworkers and Light Warriors, we are an Ascension "team" that moves between different versions of Earth to ensure that ALL versions ascend into the New Earth Reality.
How this is effected is that our Oversoul will send a certain percentage of the Soul Vitality where it is needed. So if you are living a happy life where all is flowing, then you probably are using about 20 percent of your Soul Vitality there. But in a version where there is chaos and struggle, then your Soul Vitality would be up to about 80 percent because this is where you are most needed.

As we jump timelines, we can feel this. You may have been through a period of activity and productivity, and suddenly you have no energy and nothing is moving. You have landed on a new timeline, and you are gathering reserves and resources to continue with the Ascension process.

This is where I feel I am now, newly arrived on a version of Earth that is dire, but in need of our work to raise the frequency and realign the vibrations with the Galactic Central Sun so that all versions of Earth many become New Earth and that New Earth may be firmly anchored in the New Reality of Multi-dimensional life.

I miss the Earth versions where Earth is green and I have a garden and lots of water, because in this version I live in an overdeveloped semi desert where nature is dying. All the more motivation to do the work to ensure that this Earth ascends as well!

And to do this means working with the Light and Water Codes of the Diamond Consciousness to clarify and cleanse and raise frequency!


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