31 March 2018

Magic Carpet Ride ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 30 March 2018

Source: New Earth Central

As we move through the galactic waves of plasma bursts, it may feel like we’ve entered an expanded state of consciousness – a cosmic magic carpet ride. And what a wild ride 2018 has been so far! Many Lightworkers experienced years of incoming photonic light into their biofield, but the magnetic shifts are a different breed altogether. The more crystalline light in the body, the less impact from electric surges. Now we get to learn how to adjust and assimilate the magnetic waves into our human energy field.

Since the Equinox Stargate a heavily dense magnetic layer unlocked from earth, releasing deeply stored trauma and cellular memory into the ether. During meditation focus on increasing your spin momentum and direct the purging density away from earth and into Source Light. Clear the brain fog. Lift the dead weight our of your field. Set yourself free!

The magic carpet ride propels us into Saturday’s Full Moon at 10ยบ Libra – a Blue Moon and second full moon in March. On April 17th the asteroid Chiron enters Aries, the sign of ‘I AM’ and personal identity. Chiron the wounded healer shines a spotlight on unresolved issues needing attention.

During the Ascension Age humanity is evolving from ego obsession to embracing true soul essence – the authentic self or Higher Self. Chiron in Aries will peel away the false delusions and fantasy-identities so prevalent in the world today. During Chiron’s eight year transit we will see more motivation to live in integrity (5D consciousness) and explore the depths of the hidden, unconscious patterns of dysfunction.

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