30 April 2018

Solara's Surf Report for April 2018

At the time of writing this, Solara's free "fragment" of the Surf Report for April hasn't yet been posted on her website. I do not know if there won't be one posted (although I notice that the full report ~ for subscribers ~ for April is up) or she has forgotten.

Celia Fenn Updates ~ 30 April 2018

 Source: Celia Fenn

Blessings to our Star Families that were so present last night at the Full Moon transmission.

Always there to assist and support as we take this HUGE step forward towards the 5/5 and the accelerated New Earth timeline.

If you are ready....its time to take the fast track.....

So much is now being released and repatterned and rewired so that we can take this opportunity to fully align with New Earth and be New Earth!

It starts with us!


Full Moon in Scorpio and shifting your "Base Wave Pattern" as you enter New Earth frequency:

To day we experience this powerful Full Moon in Scorpio energy, and I don't know about you but today has seemed softer and kinder than at any time in the last month.

Archangel Michael tells me that this Full Moon is a good time to complete the process of shifting the "base wave pattern" and aligning with the New Earth base wave.

What does that means. Well, when we incarnate onto the Earth grid we make an "energetic connection" through the base chakra. If we are traumatized by the birth process and we suffer childhood trauma, this imprints in the connection energies and is played back like a feedback loop whenever we are stressed. It is recorded in the body and along the nervous system and in the cells.

The Earth does not like this any more than we do, as it prevents a clear and open flow of love and abundance between you and the Earth.

So....the recent waves of Gamma Plasma energy from deep space and the resulting fandango in the Schumann resonance waves on Earth have been shaking loose the "base wave pattern" and allowing for a new pattern to be laid down that better expresses your connection with New Earth.

It hasn't felt very good to those doing the process as this rewiring has affected the nervous system. New surges of Earth power pulsations surging along the nervous system have created a situation of over stimulation which has been felt as anxiety and has required some getting used to. The best remedy is to get out in nature and "ground" with those bare feet on the earth so that you can get used to the new energy flows from Nova Terra, the New Earth mother. Also, spending lots of quiet time alone so that your nervous system can settle and get used to the new flows without the disruption of old energy drama and noise.

Archangel Michael suggests that this gorgeous Full Moon is just the time we need to dive deep into our psyche and come up with a whole new connection to the Earth and our life on Earth.

Release fear and anxiety and old patterns of abandonment, and lay down new patterns of love, support, nurturing and abundant flow. The Earth truly wants to love and care for you!

Love and Blessings to all of you on this Full Moon.


Ether: The Fifth Element ~ The Life of Apollonius of Tyana, Philostratus

I think this has been posted before, but never mind :)

Source: Art of the Initiate

“And they allowed Apollonius to ask questions; and he asked them of what they thought the cosmos was composed; but they replied; “Of elements.” “Are there then four?” he asked. “Not four,”said Larchas, “but five.” “And how can there be a fifth,” said Apollonius, “alongside of water and air and earth and fire?” “There is the ether,” replied the other, “which we must regard as the stuff of which gods are made; for just as all mortal creatures inhale the air, so do immortal and divine natures inhale the ether.” “Am I,” said Appollonius, “to regard the universe as a living creature?” “Yes,” said the other.

– The Life of Apollonius of Tyana, Philostratus, 220AD

Diagram by Robert Fludd (1574 -1637)

Matter ~ Tielhard de Chardin (As demonstrated by golf ball hitting metal plate)

This is astounding....and mesmerising!

A short clip shared by Nassim Haramein that shows what happens to a golf ball when it hits the metal plate, in slow-motion.
A ball hitting a metal plate at high velocity (in slow-motion)...A ball hitting a metal plate at high velocity (in slow-motion)....

“Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.” ― Tielhard de chardin

The Resonance ProjectThe Resonance Project - Traduction FrançaiseThe connected universeSpirit ScienceCollective EvolutionCosmometryThriveElevate • (post by Jamie Janover)
For those without fb, here's the yt version.

28 April 2018

Cosmic Collectives Fully Engage the Process ~ Gaia Portal ~ 28 April 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Cosmic collectives fully engage the process.
Final steps are prepared.
Grandest of the grand Illuminations brought to bear.
Common High grounds are achieved.

Meditation Update ~ We Love Mass Meditation ~ 26 April 2018

Source: We Love Mass Meditation

Here is an update on these topics:

  • Astara Meditation at 8 PM UTC
  • Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing on April 29th and 30th
  • Changes in meditation time of Meditation for Removal of Directed Energy Weapons and Triangle group of Light Meditation 
  • Planetary grid clearing visualization
  • Situation of Rohingya refugees in southern Bangladesh 
  • Helping Lightworkers in need
  • WLMM on MeWe
Astara Meditation at 8 PM UTC

Smaly7 has proposed to do a new meditation called Astara Meditation at 8 PM UTC. This is a meditation aiming to provide healing to Lightworkers around the world.

More information about this meditation can be found in this post below:


For lightworkers in Asia, please feel free to do it at 1 PM UTC, or any other time at your convenience.

Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing on April 29th and 30th

On the 14th and 15th of every lunar month, International Golden Age Group and Prepare For Change Japan will provide remote healing with Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays to help people around the world heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift to everyone and is free of charge.

There will be two remote healing sessions on April 29th (Sunday) and 30th (Monday) at the time listed below:

First Day:April 29th Sunday from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Second Day:April 30th Monday from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Please feel free to attend any or both of these sessions.
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May Ascension Energies – Peaceful Heart ~ Jamye Price ~ 26 April 2018

Source: Jamye Price (includes video)

April Review

April had quite a bit of odd Ascension symptoms, like quick jolts of energy. As Areon spoke about the energy of Creative Action, they emphasized relaxing into creation. It’s not the first time they’ve covered this, it is a core aspect of Ascension because you are more consciously utilizing the subtle realm, the 99% invisible engine that creates life.
As you use your subtle bridge of communication (your thoughts, emotions and intuitive senses), you are “speaking” directly with the malleable subtle realm. When you relax into that, you don’t just apply the rules of the physical realm into the subtle realm (ie controlling thoughts or emotions), you open when you relax. Therefore, you are more open to new solution and receiving support. Receiving is a big one for many.

Peaceful Heart

The energies of May are Peaceful Heart. In this Year of Amplification, utilizing your most powerful electromagnetic engine is imperative. The theme of heart/mind unification is big this year. The mind is your perfect mechanism of linearizing the physical realm. It requires that you build your sovereignty and heal your subconscious patterning to develop your mind to a fuller potential.
The heart is your instrument of connection.
It is infinite and timeless, as it speaks in broad strokes of emotions that are vast libraries of information. Peaceful Heart is another way of saying:
Relax into your infinite nature.

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Time of Spiraling: The Call to Sacred Contractual Work ~ Essence Katha'ras ~ 26 April 2017

Source: Shamnahalla New Earth

The Call to Sacred Contractual Work
NOW, under this Scorpio Full Moon, is the time to send forth “The Call” to reunite with Group Collective Conscious Minds in which you are under Sacred Contract with to Work in Service for the ONE.

In October of 2013 I received a Message from A Universal Elder of this NOW: An Emissary from the Field of Consciousness of the Infinite Potentiality, meant to be shared with the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. You can read that message using this link.

On Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 I received another message meant to be shared with the Collective. It is as follows…
 “Worlds are ending
Realties are melting away
This is how it should be
This is movement upon the New Firma Matter, (Sacred Cosmic Terra Matter), spoken of by the (A) Universal Elder “Of things to Come”; those (things) whose seeds were planted so long ago at the time of the “First Gathering” of (by) those who have Dedicated a portion of their Eternal Existence to the Manifesting of Collective Realities and the Worlds Created within them.
NOW is simply the “Time of the Spiraling of the Changing of the Guardians of Eternity”.
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27 April 2018

Andrew Bartzis: Origins of War Pt2 - Oak Island, Tianjin China 2015 Explosion, Consciousness Strike ~ 24 March 2018

Please listen/view here.

Several topics are covered, with Andrew Bartzis offering details from the perspective of Galactic Historian. This is a mix of excerpts from various interviews over the years with Chris Hale, Lance White, Veronica Keen, Natalie and Debbie (I'm not sure about this last one).

Some highlights:
  • Andrew gives a brief account of the Galactic Historian history in the Universe
  • Lemurians and the role they play in resolving paradoxes and attaining Unity Consciousmess
  • Andrew points out that we can't lovelight the dark into Light, we need to take action. We can't just wave our pompoms at them, cheerleaders don't win the game, players do
  • Oak Island's connection with Hollow Earth; also the location which involved Earth's previous lifetimes, having been used and abused several times
  • Irish DNA is widespread ~ China, Japan, Ancient Australians
  • Hill of Tara ~ leads to master tunnels in Agartha; tunnels are self-generating, thanks to Earth's sentience
  • One-child policy ~ to prevent Sould from incarnating into Soul family
  •  Tiangjin is China's 911, initiated by Israel, the same thing that created 911.

Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now ~ David Wilcock ~ 27 April 2018

David Wilcock has just published, as usual, a lengthy update on his Divine Cosmos. Although I have only finished reading the first part ~ it comes in two parts ~ there is already much there to go through, including more details about the insidious attacks on Emery Smith and Pete Peterson.

I'm posting this now before I resume with Part 2.

Please access David's update here.

Ep. 845 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Laura Eisenhower : Get Your Power Back ~ 26 April 2018

Here's the link to the above show:

Planetary Evolution ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

Thanks to the Shift Network for posting this.

Whatever we are going through is part of the planetary struggle to evolve.
Quote via Barbara Marx Hubbard


North Korea’s Kim Jong-un makes history by crossing into South Korea ~ Korea Joongang Daily

Assuming this is truly an event that bodes well and is going in the right direction (because most times nothing is as it seems), this is truly historic indeed.

The part where Kim Jong-un takes Moon Jae-in's hand and leads him just a few steps into North Korea....

Watch this short clip here.

26 April 2018

The Risen Christess: Rite of the Sepulcher ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 24 April 2018

Source: Think With Your Heart

For several weeks in a row we have been bombarded with with cosmic, celestial & solar activation after activation incurring such rapid acceleration that it often felt like we didn’t have enuf time to come up for air before getting slammed with the next course of codes. The results of these tremendous light downloads have incurred so much inner-change that certain aspects of ourselves that we entered March with are no longer recognizable in April.  In fact, each of the first four months of this year felt like an entire lifetime unto itself.

From the eclipses to the equinox we have been moving thru a period of extraordinary deepening and expansion, an intensive preparation for the consecration of the Mystical Marriage.  From the equinox to Easter those prepared activated the resurrection codes for the Risen Christess thru our divine consummation, the sacred merger of our higher & lower self/feminine & masculine polarities. From Easter to the (Aries) new moon we have been integrating the activated ascension/resurrection codes in our DNA as we begin to assimilate to the new level consciousness and absorb the magnitude of what we’ve all just been thru.

Somewhere in the middle of all that we were also stymied by a very necessary neurological remapping process during Mercury’s retrograde journey…we came completely unplugged which gave each of us the ability to thoroughly disconnect and disentangle all the many cords and wires that still linked us to the old mental matrix.

The result of that massive undertaking is still unfolding, however it ultimately served to free us from all false power structures leaving us with a viable option to hook into our true Source of power…to reroute our personal life force in preparation to go wireless. 📡

So yea, 2018 has been kicking the crap out of us so far…but it’s because 1) we are ready for it and 2) to reach the frequency needed to actualize our divine blueprint (as an intricate part of THE Divine Blueprint) we have to be capable to absorb an enormous amount of light.  In this, we are rewriting the script for all of humanity, one that includes the Truth of our origins and full biological potential. ⇊

Please read on....

Illuminating the Darkness ~ Lisa Renee ~ 22 April 2018

This message from Lisa Renee was referenced in Denise Le Fay's recent article, which I just posted before this.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

Perhaps the topic of this week’s blog is for my own catharsis, in bearing witness to the destructive behaviors and hate filled emotions of unstable people that I’ve witnessed in the environment that have escalated into the incredible depths of fragmented psychosis, from what appears to be an incredible amount of unhealed inner pain, fear, trauma and confusion. Over the years, I’ve been open and transparent about how being a public person with an online presence known for disseminating a range of unapproved topics related to planetary ascension, sets one up to be targeted and harassed by both humans and nonhumans. The masterful methods used by the negative ego and dark forces to manipulate and gaslight people through divide and conquer strategies, to purposely confuse, defame and intimidate, really cannot be overstated, especially during these tumultuous times. These dark attack methods are generally used to get someone like me to shut up, because something that has been disseminated for the public has touched a nerve and that piece of larger truth ripples out into the collective consciousness field. And they don’t like it.

As a result of the truth spirit frequency rippling out into the field, the NAA entity tracks it back to me or the community field and then starts on its tantrum based rampage to launch its attack. It appears the recent April newsletter hit a nerve or trigger event in the collective consciousness field, and this set off an assortment of dark forces into a rageful tantrum, who in turn start to contact and agitate those traumatized humans they can use as a dark portal, because they have primed them up for this very reason. Similar to Manchurian candidates, the NAA have their group of sleepers that they use for dark harassment, especially those people they want targeted to shut up or to derail their mission. The majority of these sleeper people have been tortured by some type of direct Satanic Ritual Abuse event, in which that person was infiltrated or invaded during the time they dissociated and manifested a schism between their physical body and their energetic body. The satanic entity gains access to a human body in this way, by intentionally using the hole in the aura created from the deep, painful trauma event. This is called a dark portal, it is a person whose aura has severe holes in it, so severe it disconnected the layers between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Disconnection between these layers of the consciousness bodies is also called fragmentation. When a person is fragmented, their consciousness body is effectively in pieces, and these holes allow dark forces to easily pop in and out of the body. This is a partial possession, when an entity cannot sustain itself entirely in its host, but comes in and out when the person is being emotionally triggered into destructive emotions or behaviors. In partial possession, one will experience a person “grow a head”, all of the sudden the personality changes and they blurt out something emotionally charged or hostile.

The intent to fragment people through trauma is done on purpose, so that the offending parasite can latch on and get access to the persons consciousness body and carry out its machinations for a variety of reasons. One reason is to get the dark portal person to attack and intimidate any other person that reveals information to the public about the NAA, SRA, Pedophilia or the multidimensional nature of reality. This is self-enforced enslavement, people that are enslaved by entities are used to enslave others through fear, intimidation and threats or conversely, through swallowing the bliss pill or complacency implant.

The NAA use implants, SRA and blood covenants to claim signature of ownership upon individuals, many in early childhood. Those same people grow into adults that are the most psychologically and emotionally traumatized, are then are easily manipulated by their pain in such ways that they are effectively being tortured even more by these entities directly. But the complex gaslighting manipulations continue, in so the person cannot source where his or her pain is actually coming from. They are so confused and disconnected from reality, they cannot discern what is accurate and what is deception, especially because in the astral plane where this happens it’s all mirrors of delusion. During the vulnerability of experiencing deep emotional pain, the imposter entity points a finger at another and whispers in their ear, “Your pain is that person’s fault”. The standard dark manipulation mind control is something like, “That person over there is the source of evil and all the tortuous pain you have endured at their hands. Go take them down, they are evil incarnate”. And the traumatized person that is being spiritually tortured by these entities, is unable to discern who is who and what is what. They become a mind control puppet that is chained to this dark entity’s whims, through the incredible pain and devastation they feel from whatever happened to them in the past. Possession and entity attachment make us feel miserable, it’s an energy parasite sucking off your body and doing everything it can to manipulate so it can stay there feasting away at your expense. Channeled entities and possessions will tell you anything to make you forget they are there sucking on your energy field, and direct the person to something external in order to keep them fixated and away from the source of the problem, which is the entity attachment itself.

I’ve often remarked that I did not know that I would be required to master mind control, and the events of psychological and emotional warfare on multiple planes, with humans and nonhumans, in order to speak about the Ascension process. I’ve been able to track trauma based mind control software programs and their Archontic deception strategies, such as SRA, through reverse engineering in the planetary fields. Once you see it in the field, and know how it works, it becomes as clear as day what they have done to enslave the minds of people on the earth. However, over the years I had to toughen my skin and evolve into a spiritual warrior for truth. It is the requirement for serving the One unconditionally loving and kind God that promotes World Humanism for all people. The practices of the Law of One are synonymous with Christ Consciousness, it is to live in the Law of Love and Loving. It is embodied harmlessness. The people of this earth deserve to know the truth of who they are and that we are enduring a war over humanity’s potential for ascending consciousness. The Imposter forces want earth inhabitants to remain traumatized by consciousness states of terror, fear, ignorance, poverty and separation thus, easily divided and conquered. Hence there is very little high quality information about the planetary ascension event.

Let’s come back to the methods of dark attack and how they use mind control and holographic inserts to confuse and scare people, people that can’t discern energy correctly, or are unable to tell who is who on the earth plane. Many of these people have no clue what is happening in the fields and don’t understand the terrain on earth presently. The top two psychological and emotional warfare methods that are used most frequently are:

Please read on....

"I Have the Right to End this Anti-Christ Game" ~ Denise Le Far ~ 25 April 2018

Source: High Heart Life

In my opinion it’s incredibly important and deeply helpful when a public Ascension Teacher shares some of their personal experiences with what I call Team Dark (TD), even though they’re highly negative and unpleasant and most people don’t want to know these things have existed. 

My article published only yesterday, April 24, 2018, Multiple Layers, Varied Elevations & Different Directions, contained a few of my personal experiences with being attacked in different ways and through different living humans over the decades because I AM the I AM that I AM. I’ve shared these negative dark issues online over the years, as has Lisa Renee, and her April 2018 blog article quoted below, is invaluable on many levels because it covers some common retaliation tactics TD—or one of Lisa Renee’s terms for them, ‘NAA’, Negative Alien Agenda—use on people for sharing higher information, aka Light. 

Sometimes the negative blow-back, retaliations, attacks, intimidation and discrediting tactics by the negative unseen alien beings & Co. is carried out in the physical by what I’ve called Portal People—living humans that are easily used by nonhuman, nonphysical beings to directly attack teachers/writers/people of the Light for revealing things they do not want revealed. Online these Portal People attacks typically come through private emails and public blog Comments, and I’m speaking here about my personal experiences with this ongoing problem since 2003.

The two images I’ve included above speak for themselves. Organic energy lines (Earth’s axial tilt) that were long ago deliberately knocked and distorted out of alignment by Team Dark to more easily insert and transmit their agenda distortions and control humanity and Earth are currently being deliberately shifted back into organic vertical alignment by Team Light. Does that mean Team Light is out in space in UFOs and big Light Ships Working the Earth’s axial tilt back into vertical alignment? Not hardly.

Please read on....

25 April 2018

The Big Shift ~ Mona Delfino ~ 23 April 2018

Source: Mahala's Astrology

Guest article by Mona Delfino of SacredReconnections

We are not victims of illness, we are creators of health!  Mona Delfino

The Big Shift

Hello Everyone!

Recently I have been observing so many of us on the planet (and working with their internal shifting) that I thought I’d share with you the current experiences, mainly because we are in Unity Consciousness more today than I have ever seen! As a healer, it pleases me to bring people together, realizing none of us are ever alone! To hear what others experience might give you a better understanding that you too might be feeling a certain way, or even get an idea of a better way to respond to your situation.

If you haven’t noticed lately, people are shifting inside on their perspectives, beliefs, emotions, and learning new identities through opening their minds to current events, as well as getting stronger within. Many people have had anger issues for a long time, or have been holding grudges from past experiences that hadn’t given them clarity… sometimes needing to forgive the past instead of being angry and holding on. So rather than telling you all the details that I’ve witnessed, I felt it was more important to share the “bottom line” simply by seeing the results on a daily basis!

For people to truly shift gears and start living a 5D life by not holding on to anger, disappointment, and all of those emotions that hold us back, we have to want to change. That’s the first step. This will change your body’s functioning. When you are used to old patterns, the body reacts. Therefore, the adrenal glands (fight or flight) have been taxed, and unfortunately, used to it… which is why so many are coming down with auto immune dysfunctions.

By making conscious decisions to surrender, that means we must let go of ideas that holding on to the past emotions is for our protection or safety. Actually, it’s just the opposite. Protection is a form of conditioning based in an idea that you are avoiding harm. However, it is a survival instinct that bears no encouragement for your future endeavors. It puts a wall up and refuses to accept signs to relieve you from the stronghold. That also keeps the flight or fight active, and rest is obsolete. The body needs calm to heal itself.

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Soul of Water ~ Masaru Emoto

“The memory of life arrived on this earth carried by the soul of water. From this memory, life awoke, the human being emerged...” 
― Masaru Emoto

It's nice to see this. Dr Emoto's ground-breaking work needs to be more widely known and appreciated.

Thanks to Jain 108 Mathemagics for this.

Free Wisdom Teachings Episodes ~ David Wilcock

Three free episodes (not new ones) of Wisdom Teachings....
  • Ra and the Law of One
  • The History of the Law of One
  • Harvest in the Law of One

Sacred Journey of the Heart

And once again, it's Ke El to thank....

Please view here:

A spiritual teacher begins making a film about how others transform in sacred sites but ends up revealing her own heart-healing journey from buried secrets. Led by scientists, authors and indigenous elders, this film takes you to where the action is: the heart.

Legacy of the Knights Templar and the Kingdom of Consciousness Part 2 with Freddy Silva Open Minds S11:Ep1

It's thanks to Ke El once more!

Please watch here:

Why was the Templar’s vision of Christianity was threatening to the established church? Our conversation with Freddy Silva continues, revealing many of the Templar’s esoteric secrets.

Introduction to the Ubuntu Movement Hidden Origins S2:Ep1

From Ke El, thank you!

Please watch here:

Michael Tellinger sets the stage for implementing an entirely new economic system. He explains that the way forward is not about fighting the global elite. Rather we are to create a way to bypass the current economic system and liberate us from the global tyranny of money.

Legacy of the Knights Templar and the Kingdom of Consciousness Part 1 with Freddy Silva Open Minds S10:Ep17

This will be the first of a number of Gaia TV episodes that have been gifted by Ke El....THANK YOU so much for all of them!

I haven't watched any of them, so no idea what the contents are. I just wanted to post the links here, in case there are interested parties.

Please watch here:

Does the Legacy of the Knights Templar still live on, today? Despite recorded history the Templars were not in pursuit of material wealth, rather they sought to establish an enduring kingdom of consciousness.

Interview w/ Classified Scientist Emery Smith - Deep Underground Bases & Examining ET Bodies ~ Destroying the Illusion ~ 22 April 2018

For those interested in following Emery Smith's disclosure efforts, here's a 35-minute video of a recent interview with Jonathan Sather.

I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know if what Emery discussed has already been covered in Cosmic Disclosure episodes.

Please watch the interview here at Destroying The Illusion.

Rick Jewers Update ~ 24 April 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

You are being prepared for a series of New 5D Timelines that begin on April 29th. To take certain positions on these New Timelines, each SOUL has been given many tests of late and the opportunities to Master the fears and negativities. Once You accept that fear and negativities only exist around You because You give Your consent to that, then You are also endowed with the Knowledge that You may WITHDRAW Your consent from all such experiences, change the polarity and Master them.

When One ALLOWS for negative and fear based things to bother, control them, then they become DISEMPOWERED. Use Your Knowledge and abilities to reverse this and Master it. Nothing negative matters to Your future, address it in this Now from a fearless state.

You are presently being supplied with a grateful amount of Light to assist You in these Timely important Masteries, stand strong and put the finishing touches upon Your Divinity. Once there is only virtue in Your Heart, with the absence of fear, of which fear includes the feel for the need to protect, irritation, impatience, frustration etc, You begin to Create outward experiences for Yourself that are foundational in purity and absent of the contaminants of fear. Once accomplishing this, negativity nor fear cannot happen in Your immediate surroundings NOR be perpetrated upon You. Stand as the Beacon You are beside the Leagues of Heaven, You are more than You were lead to believe as a Human, let those worn out beliefs no longer restrict.

Love and Light

New Lemuria ~ Celia Fenn ~ 24 April 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

I am sure that you can feel the very gentle and beautiful Pleiadean energy slipping through and being received by the Earth.

In the North...the energy of Spring is expressing itself in warmth and renewal. In the South it is the rich abundance of autumn and the coming of gentle and much needed rains.

The Earth rejoices in this beautiful and abundant energy that comes through the Taurus Star Gate. It is here that we feel the attraction of our energy and our focus, and the deep desire to create harmony and beauty and peace. We feel a rising need to celebrate Nature and the beauty and diversity of our Planetary home.

We may feel the need to dance or paint....or engage is some form of creative expression.

The Earth needs this from us. She does not need more conflict, fear and anxiety.

Many thousands of years ago when the Babylonians took over the Sacred year, they changed it to suit their military ambitions. They changed the first house of the year from the male as farmer to the male as warrior. And then they inflated that energy so that it took over the Taurus gate energy and distracted people from the celebration of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine, and so soon she was forgotten and the Warriors and their wars became central to society.

It is time to reclaim the Sacred Year and the place of the Divine Feminine and the gift of the Pleiadean transmissions that are gifted to the Earth at this time.

By aligning with beautiful Lemurian energies we can help to create a New Earth that will also be a New Lemuria...... a Paradise Garden.

I keep humming these words to myself the last few days....

"We are starlight, we are golden...and we have to get ourselves back to the garden......"
See you in the garden , Starlights!


Those prolonged bursts were really powerful. Did the energies knock out the equipment (the black line) or did it malfunction for a while?

I was emotionally all over the place ~ melancholy, happy, optimistic, concerned, tired, peppy....phew!

But....all the while feeling so very disengaged from the whirlpool around me, and feeling the ever-increasing sense of how vulnerable the outer world is, as if it could just go *poof* with just a snap of the fingers and disappear. And I'm sure I'm feeling "new" emotions that I can't quite describe....

Multiple Layers, Varied Elevations & Different Directions ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 24 April 2018

Source: High Heart Life

As is always the case, the image above is as close a visual representation as I could find to what I’ve been Seeing for months. Pan back further, expand out much more, be acutely aware of the varied elevations between each line and you have a better visual of what I’ve been Seeing concerning this phase of our evolutionary Ascension Process. But, what all does that visual image represent?

It’s tempting to call these different lines “timelines” but that’s not what they are. They’re different lines of development, frequency, elevation and trajectory vibrating from different focal points, consciousness and realities within the evolutionary Ascension Process. A term I’m going to borrow here is from Tom Kenyon’s channeled Hathors and is ‘Nodes’ and/or ‘Chaotic Nodes’. According to the Hathors, ‘Nodes’ are areas where two or more of these different lines of development, worlds and trajectories intersect which cause energetic and physical reverberations through all involved. [See Tom Kenyon’s website under Hathors for more information about Nodes if interested.]

If you’re familiar with Astrology and aspects between planets, then you’re aware of the energy lines between two or more planets that make energetic aspects and connections with each other, producing squares, trines, sextiles, oppositions and so on. That is somewhat similar to this but on a cosmic evolutionary Ascension Process level with multiple worlds and realities instead of single planets. And of course this is much more complex and far reaching.

When I look down through these many different lines of development and trajectory pathways of Ascending worlds and realities from above, the lines farthest away from my viewing elevation are literally disintegrating into nothingness. The further and higher we evolve within the higher elevations of these lines of development and trajectory, the more quickly the lower ones disappear and are no more. We’re literally evolving beyond them, so with every ongoing energy Stair-step progression we create, visualize and make within the Ascension and Embodiment Process (AP and EP), the more the lower realities (lines) vanish. A certain higher frequency range and elevation must be reached to remain within the overall Ascension Process now. Highest and higher ones grow stronger and larger while lowest and lower ones disintegrate out of consciousness and external manifest realities.

Now in 2018, many of these different lines of development, elevation and world trajectories etc. are intersecting each other, producing a sense of growing global chaos, confusion, fears, anger and a general feeling of being highly unsafe and unstable in the worlds energetically involved. This is normal for where we’re at within the evolutionary Ascension Process, but that knowing doesn’t always make our lives more comfortable necessarily while they seemingly fall into growing chaos due to compressed evolution.

What I want to focus on about this however has to do with more and more Forerunners/Embodiers/Pathpavers etc. increasingly becoming consciously aware that they have been and are living with ever-increasing conscious multidimensional awareness, linear and non-linear or quantum awareness, physical and energetic existence within multiple levels of world realities, multiple dimensions, and all from their current ascending physical bodies, lives and expanding consciousness. Said simply, more Forerunners/Embodiers/Pathpavers etc. are increasingly becoming conscious of their multidimensional Selves and others and have been and increasingly are functioning in and from multiple different levels and dimensions simultaneously and are becoming increasingly conscious of this fact.

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24 April 2018

Controlling the Human Mind with Nick Begich & George Noory ~ Beyond Belief ~ S6:Ep38

Here's another share from Ke El, thank you!

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New advances in technology will make the connection between the internet and our minds seamless. One day this will open the way for enhanced consciousness, and as Nick Begich explains, could leave our minds vulnerable to external control.

Syria: Galactic History Perspective ~ Andrew Bartzis & Sean Stone

Again, for those who wish to understand more about Syria from the Galactic History perspective, here's Andrew Bartzis with Sean Stone.

Some notes here.

Hungary Ascension Conference: Preliminary Notes (Not Yet Approved by Cobra) in Mandarin

** Update: Since I'll be doing the language conversion, I thought I might as well copy the translated text here, which you will see below **

This is great for those who can read Mandarin, which I can't, unfortunately, so that means I will be spending time with Google Translate.

Please head over to PFC China for the report.

These notes haven't yet been approved by Cobra. Many thanks to the individual for this heads-up, I'm unable to locate the link now, apologies.

Google Translation ("Kebora", "Kobola" or variations thereof means "Cobra":

Category:Kebora Conference

[Editor's note] Kebora's first Ascending Conference in 2018 took place in Budapest, Hungary on 4/14 - 4/15. During the meeting, Kebora encouraged the participants to actively share the recorded notes with more people. Based on this spirit, the preparation for the change will collate the notes of the participants, and will be published one after another for everyone to know in time. The latest information - "Events," ascends and new realities, and takes positive action to follow the inner guidance and find your own mission. The friendly reminder that the formal official full record of the Ascending Conference will be announced on the conference website after Kobola has confirmed it, and at that time we will also translate and publish it on the platform.

I. Agenda for the Ascending Meeting in Budapest, Hungary (April 14 - April 15, 2018) The first day of April 14 1. Ascension plan - Galaxy Calibration and Galaxy Super Wave New Atlantis and Earth Energy Grid Contact Antennas and Alliances 
2. Ascension agreement Destroy the main soul contract Triangulation technology to remove implants Photovoltaic activation ATVOR The next day April 15 
3. The manifestation ceremony The law of manifestation Show/rich agreement De-emphasis filtration 4. Energy Wave of Galaxy Love The goddess returns Soul family "Event" and New Society

II. The first part of the minutes of the meeting on April 14 Meditation before Ascension Meeting (short skip) Kobola: This timeline will bring a lot of surprises. This requires more direct participation from you. This participation is not planned before. We come from different social environments and come from different social structures and belief systems. Since Thursday, April 12, 2018, an entire Pleiades fleet has gathered over Budapest. They are actively working with us to create breakthroughs. My beloved soul mate, Isis Astara, passed away a few months ago and now lives with angels and works in higher dimensions. We would like to use this video to dedicate this section to her and commemorate her. 

Golden Whirlpool - Achilles

VIDEO (please view in original page at PFC China)

We will continue until the final light of victory. This is our natural mission. So whatever you do in life, remember that every moment is important. 

The first level of programming: So far, we have all suffered from the various programming we accepted when we were reincarnated in the first world. We do not originate from this planet. We all come from various galaxies to help. When we entered the isolation of the earth, we yielded. Our thoughts and energy fields are programmed in some way, and reality is distorted.

The second level of matrix/programming: several rounds of recurring trauma. We have even experienced terrible events that could break the soul. If consciousness fails to deal with this, part of the soul will lose consciousness. This is the part you don't know. This part of you will be subject to intensive programming, especially in the final period. 

Third level programming: from our parents, especially mothers. When we were born as a child, we felt emotion from our mother.

Fourth level programming: It is from school. 

The fifth level of programming: is from the media, television, radio, the Internet and advertising. 

The sixth level of programming: from the scalar technology surrounding the earth. 

We are essentially from six levels. In order to be able to ascend, we must remove programming. Ascension means to be one with your higher self. Ascension is the sacred union between personality and soul. This will not happen unless old programming is deleted. So some things will challenge your belief system. You are responsible for your own belief system. This will unlock part of the programming. The mission that I was given by Pleiadians was to release a lot of information.

We will experience intensive transformations that will lead us closer to the ascension process and thereby assist the earth's ascending process. You need to use your own brain. You must use your own mind to think, compare, feel, and discern. If you want to do anything in your life, using your own mind is the most important thing. There are many nonsense on the Internet. Since January 27 this year, the forces of light have cut off information. They have stopped releasing anything. You will not find any information on this planet (Note: refers to the news published by the forces of light). It does not exist. It is not time to wait for news updates on the galactic alliance operation to take place. It is time to prepare for your changes. Before the transition takes place, it is time to grow as quickly as possible in spirituality and personality, because this is the highest goal you have been actively participating in. "Events" will be broadcast on television. But you will also play an active role in this process. You will be contacted in different ways. But to be contacted, you need to be trained. Training takes place in your heart. You need to find out what you are doing instead of asking me what to do. You need to go inside to discover your own mission.

The first task is to find out why you were born in this world. There is a reason for this. This reason is not the work of nine or five, nor the possession of a beautiful house and a dog, although it is a life experience. You have more. You need to find out your own priorities. You need to find out now, not tomorrow, but now. Don't waste your time. There was only a limited time before things happened. Every day is very important. About vision. We have five major senses that everyone can use. We have been programmed. What we see is all. When you look at the stars at night, you can see how many thousands of stars are so clear. All the stars are in this yellow circle. This is part of our galaxy. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies. In hundreds of billions of galaxies, you can only see a small circle. What you see is only a small part of reality. A very small part. All your perceptions are based on this reality. It is time to start expanding your horizons to include more realities. This is one of the reasons why you come here. 

(Image of Kebora outside the curtain)

This is how I expanded consciousness on Russian planes a few years ago. It was during this expansion of consciousness that the Chimera community was discovered. Earth is not flat. I saw it with my own eyes. Related: February 3, 2014 Message "Kopola High School Travel - Crossing the Curtain" The Milky Way Central Sun is the source of light in the Milky Way. It emits very powerful energy. One of the forms of energy is superluminal particles. Superlight particles are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. It is the highest vibration that may exist. Usually the source of matter does not interact with matter. Superlight particles cannot be destroyed. They will not be misused purposefully. They change major anomalies and bring harmony and light to all situations. The Pleiadians gave me technical guidance to build the super-light particle cabin. Fourteen years ago they were built on the instructions of the Pleiadians. Since then, we have been making them and getting stronger each and every day. We are working with some space agencies to develop products through a number of projects that can bring superluminal energy to Earth. The curtain absorbs light and superluminal particles that reach the earth.

Ascension plan 
You are part of the sacred plan of creation. Ascension takes place collectively and individually throughout the solar system. The ascending process begins with gradual progress. It is now starting to accelerate and will be faster and faster until the final breakthrough. 

Individual Life Mission
All your personal life missions are part of the Ascension Plan. If you remember all your past lives, you will understand. Use your talent to use the skills you've been preparing for something. In fact, you have been preparing for this life before you reincarnated in this life. You and your guru are working together. You have developed a strategic plan and how to do it in this reincarnation. This plan is not static. It is not fixed. This is a dynamic plan. Because many things are unknown, how will it happen or happen. This plan is still active somewhere deep inside you. You can use it in a simple way. The first step is to be completely honest with yourself. Treat honestly what you really want in your life. Will you follow your inner voice or follow the community? This is the basic problem. If you have been following your inner voice, most of your life is following the ascension plan, which of course is part of a bigger plan. If you have been following social rules, you have not followed your ascension plan.

Every moment you have the option to follow your own ascension plan or society. You are making this choice every moment. So at one moment, you can follow your own internal guidelines, and the next one you do not have. Every moment is a chance and a test at the same time, just like a video game. You can choose left or right. Based on this choice, the next game is open to you. If you always choose the simplest choice, you will stay at the first level of the game. You don't even know there are more games to play. Some people try other members of this game. You find blue dragons, white dragons, layers of conspiracies, and more. You will begin to understand that the world is a stage. The situation has been designed, and you can discover your own free will and the power of free will. You can start to discover that your own free will will begin to change. Human history is not written by the masses. It is written by a small group of people who make the right choice at the right moment.

There are about a few hundred people in this room. If you each use your free will in your future choices, only this group will change the course of the future without the need for others. People in this room can change the future of the world, but only if you follow the inner voice if you dare to go deeper into the game. This is your personal choice. What you use for it depends on your own. We are experiencing some experience in this reincarnation now.

1) Galaxy Calibration - Galactic Equator - Zodiac We are in an unusual period. Something is happening on the earth. Scientists even discovered something unusual. This is not an era of silence and nothing happened. But the problem is that they are happening behind the scenes. You can feel that something is happening. You can feel deep in the body. When you look at the mass media, it looks as if nothing has happened. This is their job because they want to give you the impression that nothing will change. There are five families that control the mass media. They are afraid of change. They are aware of the changes that will occur and delay them as much as possible. Some cosmic forces are much stronger than any descent. We call it galactic calibration - this is based on facts. This is a fact that has been scientifically proven. There is a specific cycle - process cycle.

The period of the Earth's axis wobble, due to the calibration of certain objects, requires a period of approximately 25,000 years. The sun solstice every 25,000 years. The last time it happened was 13,000 years ago. That was the last mass extinction on the planet. Many kinds of animals have been eliminated. We are now in this process cycle. In this window, humans can do a great job. In 2000, the possibility of a global nuclear war was real and it was very fierce in the first year of this century. However, due to the intervention of the galaxy on the planetary surface, this has been prevented. Thousands of people in this room (note: Ke's meaning should refer to the existence of this room, both material and non-material) prevented the war. In 1999 those who participated in meditation had stopped the war. Because of this person, we were able to sit in this room instead of becoming dust. This is one aspect. On the other hand, I said that you agree to perform certain missions. The original timeline was 1995. In 1995, there was a group of souls to complete the manifestation. But 80% of those souls refuse to awaken and complete their mission. For this reason, the timeline for this "event" in 1995 has already disappeared.

In 1996 there was an invasion of the Archon. This is a small group of about 20 people. I looked at it in frustration, just as I am now dismayed to see how Lightworkers attack each other instead of fulfilling their mission. People need reason. They are playing with the fate of the earth.

Galactic Calibration
We are in this time window, many things are possible. You can see in this picture that between 1975 and 2025, this is a 50-year window of planetary transformation, and it is full of huge breakthroughs. The same time window is also full of danger when we sail in it. In 1975, the sun began to approach the equator, which was measured in 1980. In 1998, it was the peak of conversion. Then in 2016, the sun began to evacuate. During that time many changes occurred. Don't wait for resistance, Pleiadian, Blue Bird. They will do their best. If there is no contribution from the core group, this will not happen. They are the connection between the surface and space. There needs to be a cooperative vision and mission. The "resistance movement" required me to open a blog in 2012. At that time, everything was certain that the transition would definitely happen. After the collapse of 1995 (Note: timeline), the next one is 2012. Mass arrests in 2002 were equal to 2012.

They told me in the summer. They were talking about mass arrests. 2012 began. No one talks about mass arrests. I am very worried. Drake DRAC in 2012 to discuss this matter. So the resistance movement told me about Drake and did not mention his name. They told me to start blogging. We are going through this process. There have been some mistakes. At the last minute, the plan was cancelled. The resistance movement realized that it was so divided and deeply programmed that they could not take this risk. The risk is too high. They discovered Chimera groups, top quark bombs and others.

Two aspects: The task of the resistance movement is to remove the top quark bomb. At the same time, they need the core groups on this planet to be reliable, rather than fighting each other, and understanding what the mission means. They need the core group to understand their own personality. When actual action occurs, people must be reliable. You must be able to do what you should do. Without a certain amount of people remaining aware, the earth’s transformation is impossible. 

Galaxy Super Wave
The focus is on the Milky Way Central Sun. The Galaxy Center is responsible for higher energy. Every 25,000 years, 26,000 years is like a wave, heartbeat. Every half cycle, a small wave. When the Galaxy Super Wave comes, it will activate our super sun. This is why some people will say that the sun will sneeze. The sun flare is not an isolated incident. This is not just the strange performance of the Sun. This is the response of the sun to the super-wave of the Milky Way. When the sun becomes active, this will certainly affect our own planet. It's like the waves from the sun in the middle of the Milky Way go through the Milky Way, faster than the speed of light. Ultra-light particle waves, we have not yet discovered other brighter waves. These particles affect ordinary things and life on this planet. This is not just a physical process. It contains a lot of spiritual energy to activate us and it is the energy that activates our ascension process. From January 27 this year, in the past few months, Pleiadians have been very active in this process. They have been instructing me to activate my soul family and give personal instructions, but at this moment it is still confidential, but as the situation develops it will be revealed. The Pleiadians are just one of many civilizations in the galactic civilization. They are creating galactic life groups.

By a certain galactic central race, some call it guardian races, observers, weak linkers, bluebirds, and many different names of the same consciousness, highly civilized races, and they created signs to prove the existence of the entire galaxy. Smart life. Astronomers have discovered that there are pulsars at the golden ratio of the Milky Way. These pulsars radiate. Transfer the code in the galaxy. Every civilization has coded information. When a certain civilization has reached a certain degree of spirituality, it gets its own (note: code). Spiritual maturity is not measured. But on average, it is measured by the state of consciousness of the most advanced civilization. After this group was contacted, contact people began to be dispersed throughout the society. One of my tasks is to prepare for this group's first contact. This is one of the reasons we are here. When the energy of the sun in the center of the Milky Way changes, our body radiates plasma. The plasma is a third dimension of the torus. Some area between the edge of the torus and space is called a heliospheric pulse. There is a large mothership team over Budapest, belonging to an advanced race. The purpose of the mothership group is to direct energy into our earth, to guide the spiritual awakening of human beings, and to guide the optimal classification of wave energy.

There is a very important factor in this. They need conductors of high-frequency energy flow on the surface of the planet. This means that people who are reincarnated on the Earth's surface can use these people to regulate the energy of the universe. In the past 2-3 years, we have been working on Ruyi Baozhu. This is a very successful project that will continue. Ruyi Orb Grid is not enough. It will stabilize the "event" to a large extent, but it is not enough. A group of people needs to pass energy to their own groups. When the "incident" occurs and others are scared, they need to remain stable. I can give you a small example. On Monday last week, the Light Forces have begun some actions to clear a plasma grid. The dark forces completely collapsed. It triggered the Syrian conflict. As a direct response to the forces of the galaxy, there are some basic reactions to the situation. The first reaction: Don't worry. Bright forces will take care of it. The second reaction: fear The third reaction: What can we do? What is our role here? How can we change? This is the meditation group.

So there is no fear, no indifference, but focused actions. Focused actions have changed past results and will also change course of action this weekend and Monday, April 16, 2018. Just a small example, not the most important one in progress at the moment. The purpose is to create a group that can transmit this energy. There are many levels and aspects. I will do my best to release more news because it is a sensitive topic.

Torus: A sacred geographical structure that explains the structure of reality. This is basically the third dimension of the high-dimensional torus. The torus is a breath of life from the super-dimensions, breathed out through a super-channel in the low dimension. Each of you has a torus for the energy field. Our planet also has torus on its energy field. Every life is ring. The soul family is a torus. Our planet has toric energy. It's like this (Iridian ring). The pole is not physical (the star gate of the dimension, the entrance/exit point of the torus). The energy in the annulus is always rotating/changing. This is not what it looks like. It is what the Earth's energy field looks like before or after the "event." The earth now needs healing.

Many aspects of the nonmaterial level need to be removed before this. The geopolitical situation is only an external reflection of events that occur in the energy grid. Syria is not an upgrade between Trump/Putin. This is the battle of the goddess whirlpool. When the bright forces began to clear up, the Archon Grid suppressed the energy of thousands of years, the border between Syria/Iraq, the so-called Hassuna Samarra whirlpool, (link: http://tc.wangchao.net .cn/baike/detail_109387.html), one of the most important swirls on Earth. The consuls are doing their best to contain the energy in the area. This is why the United States is so focused on maintaining the war in the region. They are doing their best. When peace arrives in that area, it is a great victory for light.

[Editor's note] The first part of the first day of the Ascension Conference, including the opening content and the notes extracts of the Ascension Plan section, are here. In the second part, the Ascension Plan, the New Atlantis and the Energy Grid will be rolled out in succession. Please continue to pay attention to your family.

Translation: Prepare to transform the translation group

The REAL Occult Reason Behind The April 2018 Syria Missile Attacks ~ Nova Biscotti ~ 14 April 2018

Cobra referenced this article in his latest update ~ I thought it would be good to post it on its own. It's nice to feature Nova Biscotti once again here on my blog.

Source: Prepare For Change

(Author’s Note – the most urgent need RIGHT NOW is to spread awareness of the meditation coming at the instant of the New Moon on April 15th-16th. Here is the link to that post – and it can also be found on Prepare For Change as well:

The rest of the text below can be read next week. NOTHING is more important presently than the meditation itself.)

Many people – especially Trump apologists or rabid followers of “QAnon” are doing mental gymnastics trying to explain the rationale for the missile attacks which occurred during the pre-dawn hours of April 14, 2018 on Syrian targets.

While there are many layers of maneuvers and deceptions occurring, if one views the lens of this attack via the eyes of a ‘non-human parasitic intelligence’ (NHPI) which is hell-bent on maintaining the psychological & energetic prison of humanity – then the motives become crystal clear.

But are people actually willing to consider this explanation? Few will do so, I fear. I expect to be ridiculed by those who are far more expert than I in the following the news of the alternative media.

Most alternative media websites gain popularity based upon fear. Fear is the ‘primary food source’ of the NHPI – also known as “archons” for those who are familiar with Gnosticism. The true non-physical control structure is far too complex to be easily summarized here, but there is one negative faction whose primary goal since the Council of Nicea is to keep humanity in a state of fear and ignorance:

The Society of Jesus – aka “The Jesuits”

Although the Jesuit faction did not ‘officially’ exist prior to the 16th century, the ideals and concepts were in use throughout the Dark Ages. Only once the human renaissance was threatening to liberate the consciousness of the West did a specific task force get created by the Farnese Black Nobility family to maintain the control over the minds of those in Christendom.

In modern days, they rely heavily on cutouts to do their dirty work so the ultimate agenda is never able to be fully understood. But higher level operatives who are NOT cutouts exists within the Knights of Malta (SMoM) and 33rd degree Freemasons. These are also dangerous negative beings part of the Jesuit faction.

They specialize in fear, deception, and maintaining the control matrix via whatever means possible. This means compartmentalization of key Intel and creating confusion via cognitive dissonance.

On our plane of existence, confusion is easy to convert into fear – especially for those who understand the relationship between human consciousness and the Earth’s energy grid.

Syria has 5 major energy vortices:

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