31 May 2018

Series of Cosmic Stargate Initiations ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 30 May 2018

Source: New Earth Central

2018 is the first 11 year of ‘Spiritual Mastery’ since the end of the 26,000 year cycle on December 21, 2012. Since that momentous occasion we have experienced deepening healing, toxic purging, higher consciousness and quickening frequencies. Most of the transformation has been internal in solitary meditation. All the while the world continues to spin out of control, with more chaos and extreme polarity.

For those working the ascension path, the development of two distinct worlds is becoming crystal clear. One vibrates at the lower frequency of ego and ‘service to self’, while the other vibrates at the frequency of Love, harmony and compassion. For reference, we call the two world realities 3D and 5D.

It takes intended focus and discipline to rise out of the 3D mind-set. The ego is invested in maintaining control of the physical life to satisfy its cravings. Without regular meditation its an uphill battle to quiet the mind and calm the emotions. For centuries only the monastic calling achieved spiritual enlightenment.

But all that has changed in the Universal 11 Year of 2018. For those still entrapped and controlled by the ego mind, the wake-up call has arrived. The cosmos has planned a powerful series of initiations that will shake us to the core. On April 17th Chiron moved into Aries to help heal humanity’s self-identity wound. On May 24th Uranus, the ‘Great Awakener’ entered the earth sign of Taurus. During this 8-year transit we will witness a cosmic initiation of global awakening.

The Solstice Stargate on June 21st will initiate a cosmic remembering of your divine destiny.  Sacred key codes will receive solar light infusion while the stargate portals are open. This summer we are blessed with a series of stargate initiations that act like dimensional doorways leading to new realities. In July there are two stargate portals occurring: first Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th and second Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th. Both stargates are creating a vacuum for all our hopes, dreams and desires to fill and flower.

The series of cosmic initiations continue in August with the 8-8 Lionsgate on August 8th and the third Eclipse stargate in Leo on August 11th. As plasma/diamond/gamma waves stream into the planetary field, we are experiencing successive attunements of higher light frequencies. As you pass through each gate, envision rising into higher and higher frequency bandwidths, as you up-level into higher realms of conscious living.

As Lightworkers on this planet, we have the power to influence the direction of change. When we form a ‘group mind’ with heart-felt intentions, we plant the seeds in the collective consciousness for a new earth paradigm. We are the co-creators of our bountiful future. Join other Lightworkers during these stargate initiations as we contribute to the great awakening.

I will join Manette on Saturday, June 9th in our New Earth Central show to prepare for the powerful stargate initiations into 5D living. During the show we will explore the rapidly changing nature of relationships and how new interactions can evolve energetically into 5D coherence, harmony and collaboration.

If you cannot attend the ‘live’ broadcast, the replay will be available at the event link. The recording is accessible within minutes upon completion of the show broadcast. 

Register to attend here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=122507

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2018 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

30 May 2018

The Great Invocation ~ Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey

This is the third time I'm posting this ~ Judy Satori recited it during her recent interview on the You Wealth Revolution show so I felt inspired to repost.

Feel free to substitute "God" with Creator, Source, All That Is etc; "men" with Humanity; "Christ" with Christ Consciousness.

(The Restoration Plan for Earth is the reason I call this blog The Earth Plan.)

The Great Invocation
From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
Restore the Plan on Earth.

Judy Satori on You Wealth Revolution ~ Q&A: An Ancient Legacy Revealed: Secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids ~ 29 May 2018

Judy Satori is back with another session, centering around the 11 days she spent (2 hours each day) in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, comprising the Pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Dragon and Love.

If you would like to listen to the replay but didn't sign up for it, here's a hint. Search using the keywords "you wealth revolution replay" and you'll be able to access Judy's interview. I can't post the link here for obvious reasons :)

Apart from Light Language transmissions, Judy also reveals some information pertaining to the Pyramids:
'5' stands for transformation. These 5 pyramids are precisely aligned to create a cohesive balance for all the energies coming through the area. The 28 kH ultrasound beam (going up through the Pyramid of the Sun) is creating an oscillation that bounces of the motherlode Crystal that was placed in the centre of the pyramid by the creators about 30,000 years ago, during the Winter of the Autumn cycle of the Great Ages. (We are now leaving the Winter of the Winter cycle ~ the darkest of the dark ~ and entering the Golden Age.) 
We have been going through a Descension which began 26,000 years ago, and now we are in the Ascension Cycle. This complex was built to help the Planet and Humanity energetically during this time of Ascension. This Ascension Cycle is .unique ~ it is the reclamation of the Planet to her state when she was Tara (in a higher dimension, in Harmonic Universe 2, 4D-6D). 
This day ~ the World Invocation Day ~ marks the true nature of the Bosnian Pyramids. The Pyramid of the Sun is like the Divine Generator of energies, while the Pyramid of the Moon is the Receiver (Feminine aspect). The Pyramid of the Dragon is the synthesizer, creating the balance. These energies will impact the Planet and all of Humanity.

Arms are Now Upstretched to the Light ~ Gaia Portal ~ 30 May 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Arms are now upstretched to the Light.
Galactic connections have completed the task.
Hue-manity is nearing the Unity completion.
Celebrations begin anew.

The New Earth Now Experience: Online Retreat Replay ~ Sandra Walter ~ 28 May 2018

Source: Creative Evolution (includes video)

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The New Earth Now Experience has been presented live and online. It was done live in Austin, Texas at the Conscious Media Festival, twice in Sedona, Arizona at the Light Tribe Gathering and Cosmic Awakening Conference, and online as a Healing Retreat with Lauren Galey. It is different each time and continues to evolve.

The field of Ascended New Earth is held around each event, and the heart activation is quite strong. In live events the space is in an open Gateway; that vibration is also held in the online event. The video is light-encoded to assist the sensation of unifying with the 144 who were present. Let it be your Now! The expansion is palpable, the vibration is quite high as your heart center expands.

The energies and Primary timelines continue to intensify our Ascension process. Part of our empowerment is unveiling the natural abilities of the HUman as Creator-in-Carnate. Directing our Creator State of consciousness and activated heart centers toward positive co-creation is our birthright. This also ends the waiting game programs and delay tactics of the lower timelines. As the wise ones say; To know and not do is to not know at all. We move forward as One.

As we migrate realities to the Christed timelines, the New Earth Now Experience removes our self-imposed limitations. It activates our greatest strength: Our unified heart-centered intention to be of Divine Service to all. The SUNday Unity Meditation demonstrates the palpable effects of connecting our hearts and intentions. When we experience a co-created level of freedom, operating as we do in the higher realms, we bring the vibration of Crystalline/Christ/Unity consciousness into the denser realities in order to transform them. We apply our mulitidimensional awareness in the Now, and traverse the veils/barriers of dimensional layers. This exercise also teaches us how to feel the highest energy of an idea; the energy signature of a creation.

Please read on....

Coming Unbound: Liberation & the New Earth ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 28 May 2018

Source: Think With Your Heart

Now that the feminine principle of Life is finding Her liberated physical expression, it is time to bring the masculine principal into balance to begin co-creating with brand new potentials. To do this effectively is to unleash the raw expression of our primordial power while also honoring the sacred Force of Life in all things.

With the highly anticipated Uranus ingress into Taurus (on 5/15)…what my Sources call “a pivotal turning point for the planet”…we have a real chance at finding this balance as all of life on Earth heads for some necessary, r-evolutionary changes. Liberation is the name of this new game and we are feeling every inch of it.

One by one we are breaking the chains that bind us, learning to give way to the spontaneousness of spirit within as our higher Self guides and prompts us in every now moment to shift our values to something greater, something more aligned, something much more fulfilling. Our newfound freedom from (mental) slavery is opening brand new doors, forbidding fear to keep us locked into any unwanted situation while the realization of our True Self liberates us from all the expired, self-imposed restrictions. We are finally willing to see thru the illusion at all costs.

Our willingness to see the full Truth opens us up to the second of two distinct stages of Self realization…the first one ends once we liberate ourselves, the second stage begins as we turn our focus outward, (re)connecting with the social world to carry out our Creative purpose in life, our higher/planetary level Service.

This is where many currently are…pivoting from bondage to emancipation which aligns us with our inherent Creatorship capacity, our ability to mold life thru divine manifestation. It’s true that we are (no) longer bound by burden, conditioning, expectations, hardships or suffering, but to open to new potentials and more importantly, to anchor them into our daily lives we have to enact them…we have to move into life to test our learning, to prove our abilities to ourself thru our relationships with others and the world around us. This will become even more important the second half of 2018.
Inhabiting the New World is synonymous with embodying our True nature.
Suddenly…well after decades, lifetimes even 🤔 …we are no longer phase-locked in any reality program which means every place, every moment we hold ourselves back from our limitless nature (fall back into habitual, lower mind responses) we come up against incredible tension forcing us to choose again, to choose higher.

Please read on....

Disrupting Disclosure Strategies ~ Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Emery Smith ~ S11:Ep2

Thanks to Ke El for this!

Please view here.

The roundtable continues as the discussion delves even deeper into the partial disclosure strategy keeping the public away from the truth. Corey Goode and Emery Smith discuss the technologies used to keep the public asleep and distracted.

29 May 2018

Planetary Clearing Report: It Ain’t Your Fault … You’re Not Alone. Gaia’s “Original Descent Into Hell” Trauma, Comes Up For Clearing ~ Jim Tourtsakis ~ 29 May 2018

I'm wondering if what was reported here about the discovery of five layers in the plasma infrastructure is related to Cobra's recent update, which said, "JLS grid detected" (here).

Source: Return To Your Truth

There was massive interference for the audio version of this report on yesterday's (downloadable) episode of Ground Crew Command, that took a few minutes to clear. So that's usually an indicator (some say confirmation) that this report was 'right on the money'.

As promised, here's the text version … And leave your input in the comments section below, in case you saw & experienced more, that can add to this report & or is related to this 22nd of May period.

If you’ve been feeling like curling up into a ball (these past 2-4 days in particular) …

… or feeling like “I definitely can’t go any further … “

… or experienced major ‘off-gassing’ (release symptoms) as of this Tue afternoon/night, 22nd May – US time (so Wednesday for most outside the Americas)

… or tranquilized & made numb, with either “positivity” or anger

… then this Planetary Clearing report may explain it.

Back in Atlantis, at around the period of the 1st Archon invasion … the battle for control of the over-all energies of all planes of existence on Gaia was raging.

This was a crucial pivot-point for the planet. Either Goddess energies were to remain – as the predominant (and therefore ruling) energy, that will decide ‘how things go’ …

… or darkness energy was to gain control, through reaching its critical mass amount on all planes, to be able to increase its virulence & ‘wonkiness’ … to make things go ITS way.

One of the central & senior figures in all this, was Astara ( … derived from her Sirian name; Asta A’Ra). A very old divine feminine soul, in the form of a Sirian woman … And of course, a well recognized, legendary historical figure in the awake-aware/esoteric world.

She was the senior figure in organizing everything from energetic actions for maintaining Goddess vortexes & grids on all planes … to assigning military leaders to take on darkness of various forms, to stop them from wrecking or infecting the physical/non-physical planes with vortex reversal … dark portal opening … laying of negative grid-systems, etc, etc.

Over a 2 to 4 thousand year period, the results were mixed. Asta A’Ra achieved successes, but also failures. Part of the issue was that darkness had gained a foot-hold on the physical plane, which allowed them extra power to influence the non-physical planes.

But when the 1st Archon invasion took place 26,000 ago, which was about 2/3rds of the way into this period of time … it resulted in a classic case of overwhelm. Where the dark forces were able to gain enough presence on all the lower (non-physical) sub-planes … which allowed them to build-out the non-physical infra-structure needed to erect the proverbial Veil.

From then on … Asta A’Ra suffered mostly losses, which also resulted in herself being trapped into the incarnational cycle controlled by the Archons. And that’s when the real ‘descent into hell’ started for her … humanity … the Light Warriors she commanded … and her network of Goddesses & Goddess Temples that were working hard to maintain The Goddess … as the predominant energy that ruled Earth & Atlantis.

 She LOST …
 Gaia LOST …

All Divine Feminine & her Extensions (mostly in woman’s bodies) LOST …

The Divine Masculine & its extensions (mostly in men’s bodies) was Emasculated Because it Couldn’t Prevent This … So It LOST.

This TRAUMA/Event, was what has just been retrieved (in the soul-fragment sense) … shut-down … and healed …
… because, BOY; did we ever ‘bash into’ this wounding as a collective!

It ‘came up’ either during or just after the Cobra Taipei conference. Rest assured … we felt it, :-)

It explains why women (not men) were all of a sudden having heart problems, all at the same time … based on several reports from our network.

Why did such a symptom for many (Lightworker) women, come up now??

Why was it that the mother of one of my clients… and Melania Trump ended up in the hospital with kidney problems?

Yeah … that’s right, the Melania that ‘appears’ unconscious … but was wearing the ‘White Hat’ when standing next to French President Macron doing his Lucifarian hand signals.

Kidneys are where pain & fear (and some say anger) is stored.

Last week … a lot of work was done on clearing the remaining (primarily) plasma grid infra-structure. Five separate layers of grids were detected.

As the Light penetrated deeper into the plasma & physical planes … it inevitably STUNG the darkness around (and working from) the planetary trauma/event described above.


The resulting upheaval knocked all of us around.

Here’s some details on what was cleared:
  • the event itself (trauma of the Goddess energies & Goddess Archetype being soundly defeated)
  • the resulting downstream effects & ramifications on Gaia & the collective
  • the resulting wounding/trauma on the divine masculine (archetypal & collective level)
  • the time/space event of the 1st Archon invasion (transmuted them coming through the portal they came through at that point in linear time & location in space) … Tracked back through the portal/wormhole, and transmuted their entire physical & non-physical realms at their home planet in Orion, and briefly on other occupied planets.
(Sidenote: again I have to stress, and I always repeat this through my healing work & radio show, we really do have this kind of power when you & I work with Macro Levels of Light [WAY above the Multi-Verse] … our I AM Presence  … from the place of Omnipresence [simpler than you think] … with unrestrained ‘imagination’/beliefs/consciousness … projected FROM the physical plane – WITHIN our physical bodies!)
  • … and the soul fragment retrieval (back to Source) of all those once great Angels, now known as Archons
  • … this then unleashed huge clearings, re-connections & progress with Gaia’s various grids & chakras (leylines, magnetic grids, Hartman grids, etc) on all her bodies (planes), which also required some consciousness to be focused upon … to bring in far more light.

To be frank … by the time I got to the 3rd paragraph of this report, my computer started overheating, the fan was going crazy like it never did before (so I had to stop & clear my computer) … and I got 2 number synchronicities, (5:55 & 222, then right as I finished 1202 – which always represented a variation of 2012, the actual year for the closure of the ‘hell-cycle' 

… and of the commencement of mass cleansing & ascension).

Of course … to remain grounded & pragmatic about this, we’ll have to wait and see about further corroboration of all this from reliable intel sources like Sandra Walters … James Gilliland....Cobra … and your personal favorites you’ve found reliable in the past.

As always … the irony is that this might (depending on where you’re at with your internal state & level of consciousness/programing) … this may STING anything ‘that’s not truly YOU’ … far more, and will force it up for sure.

So if you’re not using robust enough resources/non-physical help in clearing them, or for many of you … to make that mindset shift into knowing & TRUSTING that all will be well … you’re going to be ok … that it’s all in Higher-Self/Divine right order – planning – and timing … and remaining in a state of resistance to this MASS detoxing (which btw; includes your current spiritual paradigm/programs) … then it will only get worse, until it gets better.

So please connect with your Higher-Self & I AM Presence for guidance.

Be prepared for some unexpected answers (often in the form of ‘fleeting’, or consistent thoughts/images) … that may upset the programmed egoic consciousness … and some major heart chakra opening at a whole new level.

….more later this week....

The Unknown Lightwarrior


The host of Ground Crew Command Radio & organizer of the 144,000 Activation Campaign is The Unknown Lightwarrior: a member of a powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light; natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasma planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to the Event. To learn about the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project, and/or the Activation of the 144,000 Campaign, or to access powerful healing (down to soul level) ... clearing ... energy surgery ... DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings to return to your power ... go to: https://www.returntoyourtruth.com

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Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 28 May 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

It’s amazing to witness such a profound healing between the sexes and accountability finally happening. It’s at the very early stages though. It will take a bit to manage it all, so that it’s truly fair and the other side has a chance to defend themselves.

I connect with this more than politics cause it’s the root of our issues as a humanity.

Women have served jail time for fake accusations in the past, proven cases that it was a set up - most cases have multiple claims though which means it’s much more likely to have occurred, also having obvious proof or confessions. Women are also hardly accused of harassment when they come on to a man who isn’t interested and they can get away with more — they also aren’t feared or intimidating cause they aren’t built as physically strong for the most part. 

I am Libra / Scorpio- I gravitate to this kind of stuff since it’s all about love, balance and intimacy. My whole mission is about this healing of M and F that is underway. It’s all our Soul calling cause we need this - we aren’t healthy otherwise. 

It sure seems like this massive warning to this kind of behavior is very loud and clear! I think it’s all unfolding just fine , I just can see some fine tuning so that it doesn’t create more damage. When we figure it out as a humanity, how to drop victim/ predator, no Negative Alien agenda will stand a chance. This is the work that is required as uncomfortable as it may get!


When we have physical wounds, people see them and they are extra sensitive and kind -- like, hey I see your arm is in a cast, can I carry that for you? Hey let me sign your cast, I am also happy to drive for you... just take it easy! 

Emotional, mental or Spiritual wounds just show in that look on ones face or something you can sense in the Aura and sometimes people aren't so loving and kind, its more like -- whats wrong with you??? It may come off as negative energy, or being scattered -- it may seem a person has lost their light or sense of enlightenment and people may slowly walk away. 

It is rough too when you are an empath and feel all that is happening in others and on the planet and people don't understand it. So, only those who truly love you or can see you, will hold that more sensitive and caring disposition and be compassionate and understanding. 

If you have been blown to pieces by targeting technologies and you are expected to hold a position of strength for others and be somehow immune to attack and abuse -- others may feel let down that you aren't super human or perhaps more protected. There is still much protection, but weapons are weapons and villains are everywhere, dark agendas and mind-control programs -- humans may come in the form of friends or partners and become weaponized and manipulated to target too. 

This is not an era about appearances and facades -- we are walking out of this muck together, arm in arm, learning what Unity and being a global family really means. This builds more of a force field of protection we all need. What else could be more Oneness than that! 

It is not sameness or losing ourselves to each other, its mutual love and respect and diversity in harmony, with some good transparency, so that we can be our authentic self.

The Flower Moon ~ Celia Fenn ~ 28 May 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

As we move into the energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon, we can feel the fiery and creative and passionate nature of a Fire Moon in Gemini...the Twins. 
This is also the "Flower Moon" of early Summer and we feel too the energies of beauty and new growth side by side with the passionate sacred union of the Inner Twin Flame energies at the doorway to the New Earth. 
What a marvelous and magical time it is, with power and energy and "birthing the new" as the themes for this Full Moon. It is a good time to indulge in a little "Moon Madness" and create a Fire Ceremony to release what is past and call in all your dreams and desires for the New Earth. 
And don't forget to dance around the Fire with the fairies and the elementals and an odd dragon or unicorn or two! Make this a Multi-dimensional and magical Moon to remember!

28 May 2018

Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing (Online Remote Healing) ~ 28 & 29 May 2018 ~ Taipei 10pm (UTC + 8)

I just found out about this, it's too late now for the first day but we can join in tomorrow, 29 May at 10pm Taipei time (UTC + 8).

Please go to Golden Ages for more details.

To listen in and participate:

10:00p.m. of CST in Taipei (UTC+8)
7:00 am PDT in Los Angeles
9:00 am CDT in Chicago
10:00 am EDT in New York
3:00 pm BST in London
4:00 pm CET in Paris
4:00 pm EET in Cairo
11:00 pm in Japan.

Budapest Ascension Conference ~ Hanneke van Ginkel and Jacqueline van Rijswijk

Here is another set of notes for the Budapest Ascension Conference. I have only read the first part, there are four parts in total.

This is like a transcript, as the authors say, so the notes are very comprehensive.

Please go to Connect2Life to access the notes.

Ascension Conference Budapest part 1

Ascension Conference Budapest part 2

Ascension Conference Budapest part 3

Ascension Conference Budapest part 4

I Am My Soul ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 May 2018

Source: Lee Harris

You are not the relationships you are in, you are not the actions you are taking in the world. You are divine essence, a soul on earth, experiencing yourself through all of those aspects.

They all come with you and as you interact with each relationship, each action, each time you travel, your soul becomes changed, influenced. So you are not separate from those relationships. But you are not those relationships.

First and foremost you are a soul experiencing those relationships. Feel the power of this as you remember that the light inside your body and all around you is yours. It is the very fabric of your universe, the energy that anchors you in the human body, anchors you in this physical form, anchors you to the earth.

From Activate Your Soul (now 50% off in the store)

Why A Utopian Future is Possible ~ Miriam Delicado ~ 28 May 2018

Such a long time since I last listened to Miriam Delicado. In this short clip, she says that people have accused her of believing in a utopian future. She points out that 150 years ago, people would not have thought it possible to communicate with each other across the world instantaneously.

This short clip (from fb) is an excerpt from the full interview (from 2012), at Collective Evolution here. I haven't watched it, you'll need to sign up to access it, for those interested.

Speaking Reality into Being ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S29:Ep9

It's Ke El once again, thank you!

Please view here.

The power of thought meets the power of vibration to manifest reality. David Wilcock explores even deeper into the vibrational science of sacred geometric sounds which affect all of life, at the quantum level.

I'm Still Standing....

Space Observing System
Powerful and forceful, but somehow so smooth when integrated. Thank you, beautiful Cosmic Energies....yes, even the ones that knock us out!

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 27 May 2018

Insights from Laura Eisenhower.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The past we learn from in order to evolve -- how we used to do something, is not how we need to approach it now.

The negative games being played amongst each other is maturing in the World, most especially between the sexes and misuses of power. Everyone moves at the speed of their own Soul development and our way isn't better nor is theirs.

We can inspire and encourage one another though, as we are all on a healing journey, working through very similar things, whether that be difficult child-hoods, feeling victimized, misunderstood, perhaps it is something physical or something related to loss and grief. We are not each others rulers and controllers and the ones that have tried that with us, can't stop the transformations that are occurring.

We are each others allies and friends, here to have each others backs. It is worth taking the time to smooth things out or clarify when things get confusing or when we get triggered. I have been inbetween Worlds all day long!


When we let go of carrying the burden of other peoples mistakes, attacks, ignorance or projections, in regards to how they treat us -- we make more room for ourselves to be present and grounded ~

The lesson they might need to learn is sent back, as you send the energy home to where it originated -- but because it is mixed with your strength, it might come with a valuable message for them, that Nature will help them to receive.

Maybe they won't be able to hear it, and that is okay. We also become all the wiser and closer to our own internal Truth. When our Truth is not fully seen in us, we feel it and know it, it reinforces it as well ~ so why be on the hurting end then?

If we hold on to the burden and we take it too personally, we feel off, hurt and out of wack, while they walk away with a piece of you. You send their negative energy or distortion back, you get YOU back from them in return.

We need to do the same thing with global energies. Just say it out loud -- Return to Sender.

Return of Divine Femnine & Decree of Self-Empowerment ~ Tim Whild ~ 27 May 2018

I acknowledge that this is a different perspective from the one I have regarding karma and Source, but that doesn't diminish the intention the message or the power of the decree.

Source: Tim Whild

When the continent of Atlantis sank it was due to a prominent string of events that played out under the guidance of the Intergalactic Council. For 1500 years in the Golden Era the Atlanteans lived a life of peace, love and unity. They walked amongst each other with honour and integrity, they loved the land, the animals, the trees and most importantly they loved themselves. The energy that presided over this society was a perfect balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Atlantis (and all humanity) was deliberately handed over to ego. Source wished to document the reaction of third-dimensional humans when they were disconnected from their hearts (love) and began living from a place of limitation. Their twelve chakras were reduced to seven and the ten-thousand year period of disconnection began.

During this time the role of the Divine Feminine became subservient. Women globally were forced to bow down in all aspects of society, fearing the very act of speaking out due to the retribution of the third-dimensional ‘warrior’ energy that was prevalent everywhere. This energy has formed societies, structural roles and inadvertently programmed sacral chakras globally for hundreds of generations.

In order for the ascension process to move forward men need to forgive themselves and they need to be forgiven. Every soul that participated in these lifetimes agreed to the circumstances in which they lived, and we learn from every experience we encounter here on Earth. No-one is to ‘blame’ and Earth is one of the most challenging schools in the Universe to make spiritual progress.

Since the Cosmic Moment in 2012 our planet has been deluged with Divine Feminine energy to balance the scales. The ego energy is being replaced with heart-based love and a mass awakening is taking place which has forced all of the stored energies, emotions and blueprints to the surface. These all need to be acknowledged, balanced and released.

This decree is for anyone who feels and honours the balance of energy that is returning to pave the way for the Golden Age. No more standing in the shadows, no more guilt for past events, no more victims of ‘chastising’ for hurts that exist in another dimension. Together we rise is unity.

Decree – spoken out loud and with authority!

‘’ In the name of Source and under The Law of Grace -
I (name) stand tall in the Light and forgive myself for past events.
I am a Divine soul with eternal power, light and a mission to change the world.
I swear to use my power for the betterment of Humankind and for the evolution of planet Earth.
I promise to honour all life on Earth.
I will love myself and all those around me.
I swear to defend those that cannot defend themselves.
I now release the chains placed upon me by the confines of the third dimension.
I AM a Warrior of the Light.’’

(Repeat 3 times)

‘’As Within So Without
As Above So Below.’’

27 May 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 26 May 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

We can focus in on our mental energies and intellect, our emotional energies and psychic abilities, our sexual energies and the things we need to be disciplened about and live a whole lifetime dedicated to one of these fragments and then find we fall into imbalance and disconnection from the wholeness of it all.

Different ET races hold one stronger than the others too, but this is part of us. There is differentiation and that’s great. How bout we be all of it!

The conquer and divide and imbalance is cause we create an identity with a fragment and we create beliefs about it and separation from others, judgements and war.

Realize we are all of it and then choose which one you would most desire to take the helm - I choose my higher self and my coping and growing humanness. I may be in this form, but I can feel into and telepath with the rest.

Gender Polarity Integration ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 26 May 2018

Achieving gender polarity integration or balance is to reach the state of Unity Consciousness.
Unity consciousness is innately integrated with, and is, the first exercise of the Law of One, which is the self-governing Law of God.

Source: Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi

Crop Circle: Buckland Down, Nr Cerne Abbas, Dorset ~ 26 May 2018

This is the second one reported so far. Please head over to Crop Circle Connector for more images.

Secrets of the Apollo Missions ~ Cosmic Disclosure with William Tompkins ~ S7:Ep14

Thanks to Ke El for sharing a continuous supply of free viewing!

Please note that this is an old episode, and we get to hear from the late Williams Tompkins.

Please view here.

William Tompkins returns to deliver more stunning testimony concerning his work developing the secret space program and extraterrestrial lineages on Earth. He held a unique perspective on the secret side of the famous Apollo missions and the foundation of the ICC.

Celia Fenn Update ~ 26 May 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

So as we enter the first few days of Gemini, I have to say I am feeling better than I have in a long while. The energy waves are still rolling through, but the intensity has leveled out for me, although today was another one of those technicolor HD days where everything seems brighter and bigger and almost overwhelming. Now I just tell myself this is 5D and that its all ok. 

I think in the next few weeks as we move towards Solstice we will continue to ride these waves of "adjustment". The "Big Wave" for 2018 will start picking up energy around the 26th and 27th of July as we move into the Lion's Gate. This will be accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo. And yes, it will be a special one. Apparently it will be the longest Lunar eclipse of the century at 1 hour and 43 minutes. I feel pretty sure that this will allow for an absolute tsunami of Diamond Light to start the Planetary New Year and open the Lion's Gate Portal. Oh yes......things are about to get really interesting in this shift. 

Remember to breather deeply and enjoy the ride! This is the New Earth coming in and it promises to bring us a New Life and a New Dream. Release the old and old expectations and be open to embracing the New in all its forms and in all its blessings!

On-Going Meditations

Please refer to We Love Mass Meditations for details.

Today is also the Weekly Ascension Meditation (also here at The Portal) at 4pm UTC.

What are Your Symptoms of the Shift? ~ Open ~ 26 May 2018

I'm well aware that lists like this are already passe for many of you, and although they are important in their own right and serve a beneficial purpose (for our own assurance if nothing else), I feel that focussing on symptoms will ultimately hamper our inner work, which is increasingly becoming more crucial even if at times we are facing very challenging moments.

With that said, here are some symptoms as listed by Open. For the full article, please visit Open Hand.

  1. Expansiveness, timelessness and peace: as you surrender and let go of attachment to the 3D world, then consciousness naturally begins to expand into higher dimensions, especially 4D and 5D. So you'll be having periods of time where you feel a deep sense of peace and expansion. There'll be periods where it feels as if time has stopped or somehow just slipped by.
  2. Interconnectivity, love for sentient life: you'll have times where you feel interconnected with other sentient life - other creatures and nature in general. The heart will regularly fill with love in appreciation.
  3. Signs and synchronicity: especially as you expand into 5D consciousness, and you're paying attention to the sense of flow through the moment, then you'll manifest, and pick up, more signs and synchronicity, attuning beingness, guiding the way and affirming you're on an aligned path.
  4. Density, karma and challenge: as you connect more into the mainstream of the soul, the flow within is going to pull on buried fragments of soul that are still stuck in karmic density and interconnected with the old paradigm. So you might feel light one moment, but then suddenly dredge up karma to be worked through.
  5. Pulled in two different directions: we're right in the middle of the "Inflexion Point" between the Old Paradigm and the New. Many around you will be stuck in the old densities and you may have threads of consciousness still holding into fixed relationships, yet the soul is wanting to realign them. Hence feeling pulled in different directions.
  6. Death of the Ego: you may well feel at times like you're dying, but this is usually as the ego begins to confront its immanent demise - the false self is being unravelled.

An Ancient Legacy Revealed: Secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids ~ Judy Satori

Judy Satori has "liberated" this interview, now there's no need to jump through hoops to get to it. Here's what she says:

Dear Friends,

If you missed my call, An Ancient Legacy Revealed: Secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids last Tuesday (US time) on You Wealth Revolution with host Darius Barazandeh, you missed a GREAT call!

This weekend they are including my call among other great speakers for extended replays.

These replays will ONLY be available through the weekend (FREE) so take advantage now. This link will expire on Sunday at midnight (US time).



Love and blessings,

Seeing White

25 May 2018

Readings Today....

Space Observing System
It's been a high-Schumann year so far....

One C-class flare on the 23rd, but none since then, although the chart is still showing small ripples.

New Earth Grid Update ~ Joanna Fay ~ 25 May 2018

Joanna Fay has wonderful news and a beautiful message for us! And of course, fabulous photos,as always.

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

Through the loosening and clearing of the lower astral (4D)  and deeper aligning of the planetary high vibrational Shift flowing through this extraordinary year, we’re glad to be able to share here about a widespread defusing of lower 4D energies and devices during a high-aligned gateway of the weekend of May 19-20th, still continuing, in the context of the current stage of steadying and strengthening the New Earth Grid.

The New Earth Grid imprints the higher light codings of the fully realized ascended Earth, radiating from the planetary core ~ Light-Heart of Gaia in the fifth-sixth dimensions and higher ~ in a fluid, pliable interweaving of light strands of the Unity Consciousness Grid, Crystalline Heart Grid and the meridian network (chi/life energy channels) flowing through the planet’s etheric layer…which is gradually aligning to the unified loving energy being rebirthed through Gaia’s divine planetary template, lifting frequencies, and purifying energy channels (see this post if light grids are new to you).

During 2018, two ancient interconnecting light grids have been blessed with increasing activation, with a lot more to come; the Mu grid (ancient Lemuria) and the Avalon grid (carrying the wisdom and joy of the Golden Age of Atlantis, before its vibration fell). Hawaii, capital of what was once the Mu continent, is currently in a high activation phase, translating through to the 3D physical layer as floods followed by heightened activity of the volcano Kilauea on the Big Island, as adjustments and higher aligning of the subtle light templates reflect into physical and reverberate energetically into and through the planetary meridian channels, clearing, flushing and raising the overall vibration another notch.

As the higher light frequencies continue to flow and shift everything back into alignment with Universal Love, resistances in the density of 3D polarity are obvious, whether in orchestrated distractions or personal mental/emotional looping. Prioritizing staying peacefully open in our hearts to the ascending vibrations allows increasing inner clarity and innate attunement to the beautiful loving support all around us multi-dimensionally, and joyful awareness of the shifts occurring in various dimensional layers around this planet and Solar System.

Please read on....

Selections of the Candidates is Complete ~ Gaia Portal ~ 25 May 2018

This sounds like it's connected with Cobra's "Firing the Grid" posts....

Source: Gaia Portal

Selections of the candidates is complete.
Profiteers are dissolved in the Light.
Essentials are complete.
Fasten the belts.

The Ascension Process & the Embodiment Process Clarified ~ Dense Le Fay ~ 24 May 2018

Source: High Heart Life

“…would you touch on the distinction between the AP and EP?” — Kara
“I am not feeling any communication like I used to have with higher self or guides or having any ” magical” experiences. In fact I feel more grounded and 3D capable then ever. In fact I recently went back to work for the first time in 12 years and am doing great. Anyone else experiencing that?” — Debbie 
These two questions may sound like they’re not related but they most certainly are. First, Kara’s question.

I have intentionally been writing these two terms — the Ascension Process (AP) and the Embodiment Process (EP) — in this way because not everyone is or will be living the Embodiment Process in their current incarnations. For that matter, not everyone is or will be living the Ascension Process in these current incarnations because some people are hell-bent on continuing and/or perpetuating the only thing they know and enjoy which is the old negative patriarchy and all that it was. But those people are not the focus of this article so I won’t spend anymore time on that subject.

The AP is natural compressed evolution and everyone alive on Earth now is feeling the constant bombardment of higher frequency Light energies to quickly evolve from within the physical bodies they incarnated into in this life. The only way to not evolve now is to die and exit your physical body and reincarnate in the future or near future with a NEW higher frequency body that’s a vibrational and energetic match to the NEW Earth and baseline global 5D HighHeart consciousness. Some people now incarnate are too old, too sick, too weak or just do not want to remain in their current physical body and go through the tremendous Work that the AP requires. These people are and will continue to die and exit their current bodies and reincarnate down the evolutionary road a bit with physical bodies built to match such profoundly higher energies and existence in 5D both internally and externally. Those people who stay in their current physical bodies and go through the AP to evolve them in every way imaginable, and many that are not, are living the natural Alchemical Ascension Process in-body.

These people are the “normal” masses of humanity who are not consciously aware of the evolutionary Ascension Process but are subject to it because they are alive and in physical bodies on Earth now. Just so there’s no confusion over this aspect, understand that there’s a HUGE difference between the unaware people currently living the AP on Earth now, and those individuals that are known as Volunteers, First Everything-ers, Forerunners, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Starseeds, Pathpavers, Wayshowers, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors etc. of which I am one.

The Forerunners and other names listed above, have been consciously aware that they are not only living the Alchemical AP as First Everything-ers, but that they are the ways and means by which the NEW higher frequency Light energies (and more) are seeded, inserted and permanently anchored into and on ascending physical Earth via their physical and energetic bodies and higher Heart consciousness. I’ve said in other articles that Divine Source throws out the balls so there’s got to be a small Group of individuals voluntarily inserted in the physical third dimension (3D) in physical bodies to literally “catch those energy balls” and anchor them into their own bodies and into Earth and reality on Earth.

The First Everything-ers have consciously been involved with the AP from the very beginning and have been transmuting and clearing old residual 3D patriarchal negativity—human and non-human created—across time on Earth from the first moment too. As they transmuted and cleared out unimaginable amounts of old negativity and darkness across time on Earth and in the fourth dimensional lower Astral too, they were simultaneously and constantly embodying (notice I used a lower case “e” here to represent something different from when I use a capital “E” in this same word) more and more of the NEW higher frequency evolutionary Light energies into their physical bodies, consciousness, CNS (central nervous system), heart and Rewiring their two separated brain hemispheres back into One whole unified brain and much more. To even be able to “catch the balls” coming in from Divine Source, the First Everything-ers HAD to live the AP first in and through their own physical bodies. Someone always has to go first and Pathpave and Consciously Create for the rest of the people who will be evolving behind them at a later date.

Please read on....

Solar Gateway Influx: Coherence Effects ~ Sandra Walter ~ 24 May 2018

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Deep gratitude to all who are holding focus during this Gateway by calling in and forth these highly refined frequencies. Integration requires much rest, calm, time in nature and meditation.

Remember the message *Some of these energies can only be integrated in dream state.* The sleepiness is palpable, like a drug. Embodiers will feel this more than others, as the HUman conduit function is affecting the entire HUman heart grid. Our Lightbodies are changing to compliment the activated crystalline structures within. This is unfolding rapidly with the band of light we are traversing at the moment. Honor it with extra sleep, rest, yoga/flowing movement and meditation.

We are moving into a more coherent state of Global Unity Consciousness as the Primary Timelines raise the trajectory for all. Allow stillness with the Higher Self. Let the Light change you.

Solar flaring continues, increases as *Sunspots appear out of nowhere,* a side-effect of the Stargate opening last weekend. Notice how different the flaring feels right now; these pure photonic plasma fields are laden with consciousness-shifting, veil-dissolving codes which affect physical realities. This is the flashing activity that many of us experience in the subtler realms, physicalized as a hearts-up for all concerned

Please read on....

24 May 2018

An Affirmation ~ Debbie Dixon ~ 24 May 2018

Thanks to Hilda van der Laan for sharing this.

Source: Debbie Dixon

We have a treat for the First Wavers on this certain Day as We are sensing much anxiety among you..peace and calm is vital for the Receiving of the final Increment of energy and walking in 2 worlds has its stressful times We know therefore We are merciful in our understanding of life..please accept our sacred expression in affirmation form..this will ensure a safe Entry into the Higher Dimensions and Beyond..This is for the First Wavers though all hungry, thirsty Souls will Benefit for their Future Entry into the Higher Dimensions..say out loud and with emotion..


Now Walk Forward Dear Hearts and trust that your sacred Soul will be delivered into the Light of Love, Source Love and All that Love brings into your heart and mind on this certain Day..Magic is Profound and the Magic of Source will deliver all that is necessary for a smooth Transition..Independent and Free is the mindset for all men/women who desire to be sacred Instruments for Source..The Spiritual Revolution Will Begin..walk quietly Dear Hearts but know that your Footsteps are loud indeed..You are the providers of Love and Peace and your Energy is really making a difference in the atmosphere..do not allow outside influences to put you off your personal desires for this planet..Mastering Ones Emotions will continue, you will Handle Yourselves with Ease..remember the Power of Prayer..all Solutions will be presented to those who sincerely ask for guidance..

The Master walks among You..let this fact inspire You to BE WHO YOU ARE.."listen to your heart" will indeed have your heart and mind ready for His "big reveal"His Word Will Strengthen your Belief Systems..A Powerful Voice of Truth He Will Be..beautiful energy is Infused with our words on this certain Day..it is Time to Claim Ones Inheritance Dear Hearts..We are Linking You all to The Great Central Sun..peace and love Be with You All..Love and Light  

Channeled by Debbie Dixon Artist Thanked 

The Goal ~ Galactic Historian

The goal is expansion of consciousness

Source: Galactic Historian

Diamond Rainbow 2222 Codes ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 23 May 2018

Diamond Rainbow Cosmic LightBody Blast 2222 Code and more. Powerful upgrades all day....
Embrace Embrace Embrace!

From Lisa, above.

From me, on 21 May 2018:
Also, Judy Satori has reminded us that the dimensions of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 220 metres. She has also told us that there are 22 Galaxies making up the diamond-shaped cluster of our Super Galaxy (where the Great Central Sun is increasingly beaming Cosmic Reset energies to our Galactic Central Sun, which in turn is busy transmitting them to our Sun, and thus, our Solar System).

I just discovered that the location of the pyramid complex, Visoko, is 22 miles from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia!

Then, there's this, as discovered by Dr Sam:
Shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun form the parallel “pyramid” next to the Bosnian pyramid of the Moon on a day of summer solstice (June 22), extremely important day for the ancient people.
Finally, sources such as Alex Collier have told us about the 22 Star Races that have been involved in Human history, we are the sum total of these 22 Races.