15 May 2018

Taipei Ascension Conference: 12 & 13 May 2018 ~ Personal Notes ~ Part 1 of 3

These are my personal notes and are not the official version. Part 2 is here.   Part 3 is here.

These notes are not comprehensive ~ they are sketchy at best. I will attempt to provide the gist of what's relevant with the intention that you can find something beneficial for yourself. My own comments are in ochre, so please feel free to skip those.

About 350 participants thronged the venue of the Taipei Ascension Conference over the 12th and 13th May 2018.  I had not intended to take notes as I was already feeling very depleted and drained from family concerns over the past weeks, and all I wanted to do was to just absorb what was said. However, it got very clear very quickly that I had to take notes and make the effort to share what was imparted by Cobra during the Conference, because the more of us that know about it, the better our understanding of the Planetary situation.

The intensely high energy level throughout the Conference was palpable, aided and abetted by several factors which I will elaborate in the notes. Much of the time I felt like a Van de Graaff generator ~ my head was tingling and felt electrified. Today ~ the second day after the Conference ended ~ I found myself following my inner prompting to speak in Light Language, accompanied by rapid hand gestures. Well, at least that's what I think it is, because I'm sure it sounded like gibberish. Just to clarify, Cobra didn't speak Light Language during the Conference.

Some of what Cobra discussed during the Conference have already been covered in his updates, but we were able to hear him expand more on the topics.


At the very start, it was clear that the group had a lot of high-vibe energy, but going off in all directions. Cobra led us in a meditation that very quickly harmonised all the energies into a coherent and amplified field. It made me feel that we became a massive sacred "Energy Mandala" with each of us being a fractal of the whole.

Galactic Intervention: Earth Now a Galactic Domain

Cobra reiterated that Earth is now a Galactic Domain of the Light Forces. The Draconians had believed that they had the right to lay claim over the Planet because they were here first and proceeded to install their royalty, nobility and military. Now, with Earth coming under the domain of the Light Forces, the Galactic Confederation will use their military force to dismantle all darkness unconditionally, regardless of local laws. Galactic intervention had to be initiated because Humanity wasn't using their free will to liberate themselves. This is the last phase of Star Wars ~ it wasn't really a movie, it was a documentary.

Layers of Programming 

We've been subjected to layers of programming since the time of Atlantis. They have been running for thousands and thousands of years, and are now very much ingrained in each individual.
  • Separation from Source and Higher Self ~ This is the first layer of programming
  • Forgetting our previous lifetimes
  • Programming from parents, who teach based on their own programming
  • Programming from schools
  • Programming from media

Contact Dish

This acts like a radio signal for Contact. Thousands are already being prepared for this. If you are going through intense clearing in the past few months, you're involved.


Taiwan is the centre of "population gravity". With 2000 Cintamani stones planted in the island, it is the epicentre of Ascension. The underground base in Northern Taiwan is almost ready, and can accommodate up to 2.5 billion people.

New Timeline

This ties in with the Galactic Intervention and placing Earth under the domain of Light Forces.
  • We're on a new timeline now since the murder of Isis Astara
  • There's a battle going on now for Planet Earth
  • Most of the gold on the Planet is now purified (they had contaminated energies prior).

Ascension Protocols

  • Humanity is still not ready for Ascension, in addition the Chimera still pose a dangerous threat.
  • Many of us were "caught" in this reincarnation trap when we were exploring the Cosmos. Before entering, we had to sign a contract with the dark forces. This is the Primary Contract which carried an implant that split us from Source and made us believe we were separate.
  • Cobra read out the Spiritual Contract Revocation which we repeated after him (a version plus lengthy caveat was posted here)
  • This revocation cancels entry points for energy attacks
  • After the Compression Breakthrough, all media will be under the Light Forces so there will be no manipulation of information
  • Plasma grid will re-insert implants as long as it isn't completely cleared
  • Implant is a rotating black hole that attracts anomaly from the surrounding
  • Clearing implants helps to clear Planetary grids
  • The Event is the initial flash of Tachyon waves


  • There are two Primary implants at the frontal lobe of brain. These block the decision process and connection with Source
  • Implanted in Atlantis and continuing over the several lifetimes, these receive a strong electric pulse that make us believe that we are not god
  • There are also physical biochips, connected with the optical nerve, receiving signals from eyes and ears, an audio-visual feedback. These are transmitted to Chimera, live
  • It's possible to insert a virus to disrupt this audio-visual feedback
  • Plasma implants create etheric blockages that make us feel separate from Source, and at the same time, creates a separate identity
  • When we crack open this implant, we can experience Samadhi/enlightenment and remember who we truly are. This will start to dissolve the implant and we will be free to shape our own reality
  • Secondary implants are above the navel. This is the separation between male and female, where we receive 2 opposing sets of programming
  • These implants control emotions and kundalini energies
  • These implants have hampered the liberation process. Planet X took about 3 weeks to liberate themselves because they were not strongly implanted. SSP personnel are also not strongly implanted
  • These implants give rise to the "Sex is love (for females) / sex is not love (for males)" program.
Here, Cobra broke off to announce that several Motherships are present in Taipei, supporting the Conference. In previous instances, Pleaidian ships would appear, but for the first time, several Motherships from other Star Races were present ~ Sirian, Andromedan and others. This has never happened before! Attendees cheered, waved and gave the Light Beings a loud collective Hello. It seemed as if we were given an energetic response, because the energies felt more amplified.

Cobra explained that there are two parts to the future, the "fixed" and "not fixed".  The "fixed" part of the future can be seen by the Light Forces, and it shows the Victory of the Light.

The Plasma plane is the key to Liberation as it feeds the implants. Light Forces now employing new technology to clear this.

Crystal Implant Removal Technique
**Updated 21 May 2018: Cobra had shown this technique before in a previous conference, so he asked if anyone who attended that conference would like to explain the technique to the current attendees. Someone did offer to explain the technique, which is what I wrote below. However, this person has written to clarify that he should have said 17 instead of 14 points, to include the 3 main implants. I personally feel this isn't a big deal, because we would want to dissolve as many implants as possible with this technique, and not just the main ones. You can read what he wrote in the comment section below. I had added this to the instructions, marked with **.

Removal of implants creates cracks in the Matrix.
  • Visualise placing your body in a hexagonal crystal, the shape of which is shown above.
  • The top of the crystal would be where your Soul Star Chakra is, while the bottom point is the Earth Chakra.
  • The top horizontal "line" aligns at the Heart level, while the bottom horizontal "line" aligns with at the Sacral level.
  • Visualise each crystal point as electric blue lights, these 14 points are portals. They create a vector equilibrium. **You could also visualise the 3 main implants as points of electric blue lights**
  • Keep this visualisation for about 10 - 15 minutes.

Light Body Activation

  • If you decide to manifest a physical body after Ascension, it will be a hologram
  • The rotating Torus is a basic sacred geometry of Creation, and this is also our body's energetic structure, with the mid-torus at the Shushumna
  • The Shushumna is a path of Light (runs up spinal cord and through each Chakra). This is akin to the ATVOR (Pillars of Light) technology.

ATVOR Invocation
I call upon the Pillar of pure White Light to descend upon me and to form around me.
I call upon the Presence of the I AM That I AM.
I ask the Presence of of the I AM That I AM to join and merge with me.


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  3. please, I saw here in another report, that he made you write "I am god, I am not god" to remove the implants. should we just write it, or if we say it in his head it's the same thing?
    and also when you talk about "Contact Dish
    This acts like a radio signal for Contact .... "Could you explain in more detail, please?
    A few months ago I received clear instructions while I slept. I just heard a few words or a sentence when waking up, at one point it was very fast as an accelerated download. and another time it spoke a language I do not know. I had the impression of being in a kind of apprenticeship, or school ... does that seem to correspond to what you are talking about?

    1. Hello Nathalie, you can say it but better for you to write it down.

      Contact Dish ~ please read this post from Cobra, it has all the details:

      I am not able to comment on your experience, although I would agree that that you could perhaps be going through some training for your mission. And it would seem to me that you were speaking in Light Language.

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  5. Thank you Grace, for sharing these notes

  6. nice of you to post these notes. i have a few clarifications from my notes: Our primary implants were part of our agreement that happened at the very first time we incarnated on this planet. The secondary implant also has to do with blocking our emotions and kundalini energy which is the same as our sexual energy. This happens to be one reason our planet has not been liberated. Males primarily receive one program that says it is ok to have sex without love (sex is love) Females receive the program that "I can only have sex with my soul mate (or twin soul)"(sex is not love) These programs have greatly inhibited the relating and communing between sexes. The other clarification i want to make is my fault. When i presented the crystal implant removal technique to everyone, i forgot to mention that we visualize and feel 17 point of electric blue light to include the 14 points of the hexahedron crystal shape and the 3 points of the primary and secondary implants. Thankyou.

    1. I will make the amendment about the crystal implant removal technique. I wouldn't be too concerned, though, because Cobra didn't correct you. This technique also removes other implants, so I suppose it's not really necessary to focus on the main 3.


    2. thanks Grace for publishing my comment. Although Cobra may have not corrected me then, visualizing all 17 points is the way he presented it originally at his conference in March 2017. It is important to visualize, sense (or imagine) ALL 17 points. Also i am not sure if this meditation removes other implants. These 3 are the main ones that affect us now. Also it has been said by Cobra that this technique may or may not "remove" the implant, but has the affect of reducing it's affect upon our being.

    3. Got it! :) And apologies for not publishing your comment until now. For some reason, Blogger did not send me any comments from readers and I just realised it today, and decided to check.


  7. thanks a lot for all the hard works grace of your note taking.....heres some lightforces ships that decloaked for us at taoyuan international airport on may.16/2018.....it has been a cosmic pleasure to attend the conference in taipei with such beautiful members of the family of light.....namaste.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZQ7giKB6yk

    1. Namaste to you, Randy! Apologies for late response but for some reason Blogger did not automatically submit comments for me to publish and I only realised today.

      Yes, beautiful video! I've already posted it. I really enjoyed the conference, too!


  8. What do you think that signs of success in removing or dissolving the implants look like? I have done all of the exercises, the crystal one the most.

    1. My opinion only ~ there may be an initial discomfort or confusion as it starts to clear. Then more and more clarity. I also think that we begin to gravitate more towards what aligns with our specific "frequency" and not worry too much about who's the flavour of the month, or who is right or wrong :)

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