19 May 2018

Taipei Ascension Conference: 12 & 13 May 2018 ~ Personal Notes ~ Part 2 of 3

This is neither the official version nor one that's verified by Cobra. I understand that there will be a transcript available in due course. Comments in ochre are my own. Part 1 is here.   Part 3 is here.

The Galactic Prophecy foretold that Light will prevail. This was expected to occur in 2012, but unfortunately the Light Forces were too naive about the actual situation, and found that conditions were a lot more complicated than they had anticipated.

Manifestation Process

  • Whenever an individual reclaims his or her Free Will, this helps the Planetary situation. This reclamation will also enable us to manifest our true reality
  • The physical realm is a consequence of the energy planes, it is not fixed or solid. If what we desire to manifest is supported by Light, it becomes easier. Every thought creates a ripple in Space-Time Continuum.

1. Clear Decision
  • Starts with clear decision which is a reflection of Free Will or I AM Presence. We must have clarity about what we want, and all aspects of our selves must be united in that decision (our mental, emotional and physical aspects must align with that decision) 
  • We've been programmed to believe that we want certain things. For example: Artist wants to paint, but father wants him to be a doctor.
  • This is connected with the ego, which is just a complication/drama of the mind that wants to conform to soceity. Therefore, there really is no such thing as an "ego" ~ it is just the mind in drama
  • Honesty about what we really want are a reflection of our Higher Self 
  • Wishes, aspirations, desires ~ these are “guidelines” from our HS and an indication of our higher purpose.
2. Invocation
  • Use emotional energy to magnetically draw manifestation into our Life 
  • Apply all of our emotions, passion, desire. This creates a strong vortex in energy field and attracts manifestation 
  • Call upon Light Forces to support ~ prayer / invocation / meditation.
3. Physical Action
This is NOT the same as hard work. It is dedicated physical activity to support the decision. This should be a flowing and easy process.

*Keep repeating these 3 steps.    

**** NEVER GIVE UP!! ****
The main problem is that people give up too soon. The manifestation process takes time because of the solidity of our physical realm.

The main blockage that is being faced right now in the Lightworker community is the issue of conflict. This is hampering the creation of post-Event societies.

When strong groups of LWs are able to manifest a higher reality, other people's free will will adapt to this higher version.

Using our free will and with the power of our Light, we can just say NO to outside interference that prevents us from manifesting

St Germain's project is to teach Humanity manifestation; we can invoke his presence in our manifestion process.
The double torus structure is the basic sacred geometry of Creation.

Cobra gave an example of how to manifest abundance (wealth):
  • Be in possession of a gold coin; if you don't have one, a silver one will suffice.
  • Keep this coin in your pocket, look at it often and visualise the coin multiplying, or your wealth growing
  • Do this with emotional energy as mentioned in step 2 of the Manifestion Process above. Sustain this practice for as long as it takes
  • We can call in St Germain to assist in this process.
Cobra also took us through a practical session where we were asked to draw the Life we desired on a piece of A4 (or big enough) paper. This is our Vortex Support Field or “The Map”. We can put up our map on the wall and look at it often, and at the same time visualise the Life as already manifested.

Our map will rearrange our reality.

This is the process that does not allow or accept certain manifestation in our Life anymore, regardless of consequences.

Humanity, collectively, has already started the demanifestation process to remove the Cabal. Yet, it took only about 30,000 people to make this decision and initiated the demanifestation process. (Imagine what can happen if we reach 144,000!!)

With manifestation we say YES
With demanifestation we say NO.


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