31 October 2018

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GCI002 has joined GCI006 in being offline. Or whatever it is that's happening.

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Deep breath in, integrate. But please....I need more sleep at night!!

Collective Energy ~ Aluna Ash ~ 31 October 2018

For those interested in this update from Aluna Ash, please listen here. I haven't yet gotten to it.

Venus 0 degrees Uranus 0 degrees north node 0 degrees south node 0 degrees

this is a collective karmic reset/shift..reaching zero point. I have spoken in past videos the connection between Uranus and Venus with the collective the shift..the nodes are important in the evolutionary growth of the collective. Nodes with Venus and Uranus at zero point is a new cycle.

The Mother energy and Gaia's original template memory structure/conscious web/grid is fully activated. This will be speeding up your vibration every day- spikes throughout the day. This is plugging you into the original system of the cosmic/galactic timing frequency through your unconscious mind and through synchronicity in the form of number patterns and unplugging you from the Vatican/Satanic created False timing frequency and artificial grid system made of collective crystallized thought created by manipulation of perception (time is money)


anyone dealing w a loved one w cancer or health issues right now, it can be a difficult week for them...physically & emotionally (My mom was diagnosed w cancer not too long ago and has been doing pretty well but had a very difficult week..today was tough) but know that everything will be OK, they are going through what is needed for them at a higher level that we may not be able to perceive in this physical realm, be there, show compassion, empathy, support and love but stay in your FAITH.

Increase in activity after or around Nov 7th, triggering phsyical changes with pole shift...water displacement. NEW EARTH.

I was seeing a huge split/earthquake in late 2019 and how everything looks after...2022 is beautiful. I saw myself and my monad group. BUT yes, the collective will play out the rest of the collective karmic experiences while purging the 3d mind.

Systems will change in order to evolve, and this is a POSITIVE THING..no fear. Surrender.

recording readings to send out.

Peace: The Real Miracle ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

People say walking on water is a miracle, but to me walking peacefully on Earth is the real miracle.

Shared by Meg Benedicte, thank you.

Make Peace ~ Marco Lopor ~ 30 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

You have to make peace with your human aspect, forgiving yourself for your reactions of the past, mostly created by expectations not meet.

It takes courage to face your demons and recognize your weak spots from where Darkness was manipulating your Consciousness.

It takes courage, after the healing, to speak your Truth even when your voice shakes and you are still afraid of what others can think about you, but when you follow your Heart without hesitation, then you are surrounded by an energy that supports you along the path.

Sometimes you need to experience pain in order to takes this courage, so that your voice could be heard and your need to be listened could be amplified.

At the end of the process everything comes into alignment.

You are resurrected, every aspect of your multidimensional Self finds Harmony.

Your fears are gone, your anxiety is dissolved, your DNA starts the Evolution process.

Healing Ourselves to Heal Humanity ~ Marco Lopor ~ 30 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

You were expecting too much from people around you that could not understand your level of empathic sensitivity and this was creating your suffering, because you struggled thinking that everyone was like you.

~ How they cannot feel what I feel ?
~ How they cannot see what I see ?
~ How they can co-exist with such corruption of the Mind ?

These were the main recurring thoughts during your lonely moments.

But now look at the process from an higher perspective, discover how perfect it is.

You have to lower your vibration so much in order to understand how Darkness works.
You have to fully go Deep into the distorted human aspect in order to reverse the pentagram with the 5th point on top rather than falling into the abyss of ignorance and Ego Control, that is the symbol of human slavery.

Only rising from the lowest human aspect to the highest you can accomplish, in only one lifetime, what usually was done in many lifetimes, a Shift towards your multidimensional aspect that affects the vibration of the Earth and of many and many worlds.

When you heal yourself in such a way that your healing becomes available for the Collective Consciousness, from the lowest to the highest aspect of your humanity and multidimensional essence, this creates the real change on the timelines of the New Earth.

30 October 2018

What Was Just Recorded Above Mexico ~ SecureTeam

Forthright Appearances are Valued by the hu-being ~ Gaia Portal ~ 30 October 2018

Interesting, Cobra's update today mentions the activation of the Goddess Abundantia archetype, and we we have: 
"Standards of living are raised for all."

Source: Gaia Portal

Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being.
Blindness is healed.
Inner realms are viewed by many, for the first time.
Standards of living are raised for all.
The Light is pleased.

That Topic and its Related Question Again....

This post is the result of some private communication with a few people in recent weeks, as well as a response to a comment on my blog. As events (and I really should avoid using this word) unfold chaotically around us and the energies coming in get more serious (as in "let's get serious"), our information-overload community is seeing even more messages popping out everywhere we look, talking about The Event. I know we are all on the same page here, where the term "The Event" means The Big One, as I like to call it.

There is a lot of angst and anxiety right now, even more than ever before as our emotions run high in tandem with the frequencies of the energies coming in. I would like to say something about the ever-present and almost-rhetoric question, "When?" As always, it's my opinion that I'm offering, not answers, not advice.
Some background is necessary, so that it paints the landscape upon which I will voice my opinions because it shows from where I'm coming, and why I have the perception I currently hold.

In the months leading up to 2012 December Solstice, the Lightworker community was inundated with information on how to prepare for The Shift into the Golden Age. We were told, repeatedly, that Life on Earth would change tremendously for the better. Many left their Soul-sapping 3D jobs because remaining in those situations would undoubtedly lower their vibrations, which in turn would render it difficult to go through The Shift. Some sold their houses, drastically down-sized and went off-grid to prepare. Some sources even encouraged the community to stop paying taxes and cease their loan repayments. A couple of sources even laid out the guidelines on what to do on the fateful day of The Shift, 21 December 2012 ~ that included just lying down in meditation and waiting for the transformation.

In a webinar a few months before the Solstice, a participant asked Sheldan Nidle's advice about the former's intention to give away his pension funds, since money is redundant after The Shift. To his credit, Sheldan told him to hold on to his money.

When the Solstice came and went without an apparent Shift, the community was stunned senseless into a shocked silence as it desperately scrambled for answers to address what had not taken place. As the screaming realisation began to quickly dawn, there was a frantic surge of activity as sources tried to explain the situation and the beleaguered community tried to recover. Many had to face the consequences of the "preparations" they had undertaken prior to the Solstice. A good number, deeply disgusted and totally bereft of faith, left the LW community and re-joined the 3D world. Tragically, I also knew about a couple of Lightworkers who took their own lives as the thought of plodding on in a Prison Planet environment was just too much to bear.

I went through all of that unfolding, pre- and post-Solstice. I had allowed myself to believe that indeed, The Shift was going to take place on the Solstice. Thankfully, at the same time, I was also open to information that suggested nothing spectacular would occur, at least on our physical plane. That meant I wasn't totally invested in the Solstice expectation. Invested enough to go along with the "flow", but thankfully not completely, which enabled me to bounce back pretty quickly and afforded me a perspective that has been serving me well since.

(At this point, I would like to clarify that the 2012 December Solstice WAS a significant marker in Mother Gaia's and our history ~ she made it to the "other side" and initiated a positive Ascension Timeline, and officially came under Cosmic protection, planet-wise.)
Today, every time I come across a date, or some claim that something is going to happen in a week, two weeks, next Friday or on the 31st, I can take it in without over-investment in the information. I can choose to dismiss it, follow up on it, conduct more research, or just accept it and place it at the back burner without hanging on to every detail. If I had followed the information with interest and the date comes and goes without anything happening, I don't get triggered, I don't wring my hands, I don't confront, I don't blame.

Am I being righteous? Not at all. I'm being protective, I'm being self-preserving. Preserving my sanity, protecting myself from falling into the trap of low vibrational frequencies.

Equally as important is the reminder I have for myself ~ that I had chosen to believe in the information. It wasn't forced upon me, the source didn't harass me to listen/read, no one pressured me to follow. If I had misplaced my trust or faith on some source that didn't deliver authentic information, the responsibility lies solely with me.

I'm not able to determine when The Event would take place, but I am able to choose how I react to information. How I respond is up to me, because after all, it's my choice, it's my Life.

Ultimately, it's up to me how I choose to live this Lifetime I'm having right now. Dark control mechanisms and programs and strong undercurrents aside, I can still walk my own path as much as possible.

I'd like to believe that I'm not here by accident. I'd like to believe that I have a role to play, some capacity to serve, and some purpose to fulfill, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem compared to the public Lightworker world stage. I am by no means perfect, or even anywhere decently near perfect, but I try to do my best as often as possible. I may not be able to make an impact anyone or anything, but for sure I can make an impact upon myself.

If I permit myself to be ensnared by blame, despair, divide and conquer, loss of hope, and stalling in my own spiritual evolution, I would be allowing the dark to win. I will do my utter best to refuse to let that happen. I try to remind myself that I'm here to help, and not hinder the Ascension process by indirectly assisting the dark.

Humanity is stirring from its eons-old deep slumber ~ I can see that clearly for myself even as I simultaneously acknowledge that there are pockets that are getting darker. If I call myself a Lightworker, then I'd jolly well better do Light work! And that certainly includes raising my own vibes and shining my Light as often as possible. Hey, I'm no saint ~ there are times I just "forget" and get really annoyed, calling some senseless driver "TWIT!!" when I'm driving, but then spend the next minute trying to work myself up the vibes scale again.

Worst-case scenario? No such thing as The Event but instead, an agonisingly slow Ascension crawl that may take generations. What then?

Well, I still owe it to my Self/Soul to ensure that I continue my spiritual evolution as best as I can, for the rest of my Life here on Earth. And then, when I cross over, I make darn sure I keep both my hands firmly locked at my side when they ask for "Volunteers".....

Bottom line: It's my Life, and I get to choose how I respond to what's around me.

Namaste and Blessings!

Strong Run

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Sleepy and tired during the day, but struggling to fall asleep at night. Sigh.....

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 29 October 2018

There's lots of good stuff from Aluna Ash here in the video. Although I've included screenshots and the description that she provided (and it's long!), Aluna still has lots to say in the video.

I know I don't really need to emphasise this, but I will anyway because I still get questions about it. Please know that some Wayshowers use the term The Event to encompass a broader process. They include the entire "package", which means that each significant energy wave (and they are increasing by number exponentially, with shorter in-between periods) is considered part of The Event. Therefore, Aluna calls the significant wave we had in March, "The Event Rainbow Wave".

There could be another YT crash or something similar temporarily. May not be worldwide or as big.

Lots of False ๐Ÿšฉ(still.. same message as before except now they will be playing out collectively, its like a play. All scripted. They need to keep the vibration in a dualistic state because of the waves that are coming in that's the only way they keep the third dimension going and feeding the demons)

Something with JFK in November who was killed 11/22. And something w Assad and Israel president or Israel.

Gaia will be breathing. A release of energy. Volcanic eruption from earthquake and there's also water that I was seeing w this. All of it is very close together & is potentials based off collective timeline

Stay strong family... we just had a really strong wave come through over the weekend and it's still lingering a bit for the next couple of days. The experiences w these waves can be different individually and change w each one. Any emotions that come up, just allow it to come out, surrender & don't feel like you're taking a step backwards or like you are stuck or like you're doing anything wrong. Whatever you're going through, there IS a reason for it a soul/spirit level & it IS worth it in the end. You are never alone. Your higherself is your guardian angel and your direct connection to communicate with the Divine/Source/God.

The wave we just had and is still continuing was pretty strong not only was it a spike with the vibration of the planet from below the surface but we also had a wave that came in at the same time.. there's a lot taking place astrally in the fourth dimension and this is where the spiritual war is taking place, so your physical body is going to sleep but your soul and spirit is continuously battling and clearing time lines and parallel realities and collapsing things into one and also setting up other realities for yourself to merge into.

The physical body is integrating so much information right now to be able to merge with the higher aspect of yourself and then project into the reality from the perception of the 5th dimensional self- which is how we cocreate New Earth and deliberately manifest. The best thing we all can do is have empathy, compassion and forgiveness. Show others that energy by living it. Thats how we break the cycle of dualism and division and shift vibrationally.

The next energy spike will be in about 6 days.. then we have the rainbow wave reactivation triggered the 11th. Everyone will experience this energy but how you experience it is based off of the individual perception, consciousness, vibration, timeline, etc.. even those that are fully awake do not see the energy waves physically or visually as color or see auras or Spirits or entities so whether or not you see these energy waves does not determine your spiritual evolution. We are different individually in how we experience our reality, our perception. And that's something that does change and evolve over time and it's something that we have chosen prior to our incarnation individually.

The Clairvoyance is just the third eye, it's just seeing with the third eye- which we all have. Just whether or not you have chosen to access that part of yourself in this lifetime

Dealing with a lot of interference and censorship with YouTube and social media with getting certain messages out.. so I'm going to be putting them in a different video and maybe ill be speaking them metaphorically or symbolically lol

I send out readings & email very late at night because I only record at certain times (Im a mom)



Trust, Unity and Love ~ Alexandrian Kosmos & Brenda Garcia ~ 29 October 2018

Aaron J. Groen
"The essential essence of Ascending from the Universe’s Learning Dimensions of Experience (the First to Fourth Dimensions) to the Application Dimensions of Experience (the Fifth through the Eighth) is transitioning from learning that Love creates ALL THINGS to applying Love to Create ALL THINGS!"
Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

Humanity’s evolution upon Mother Earth is largely the result of humanity’s adaptation to not only the planetary conditions produced by Mother Earth Herself, but also by the forces produced by her entire Solar System.

Humanity’s entire evolution on Earth is not what humanity may dictate or command – but is a process of adapting and acclimating to whatever conditions Mother Earth presents. Currently, Mother Earth and her Solar System are transitioning to adapt and acclimate into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension.

By default, humanity is intertwined within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional Transition. Humanity’s only choice is to transition with Mother Earth into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension and adapt and acclimate with her!

The Calling has been present for humanity since December 1, 2017. The Calling will conclude on December 14, 2018.

Humanity’s choice – in choosing to transition with Mother Earth and her Solar System into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension – will serve as an embrace of mankind’s capability to increase and expand our own consciousness, so that we may adapt and acclimate with Mother Earth.

The only possible way of increasing and expanding one’s consciousness, Dear Ones, is to increase and expand one’s own individual vibration and frequency in alignment with Mother Earth’s adaption into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. The difficulty will not be in the hope or wish that one may do so, but in achieving what many cannot yet see, hear, touch, taste, or smell!

The elements of vibration and frequency manifest subtly – even stealthily – through, with, around and within everything and everyone in the Universe. Manifestation is largely increased and expanded through conscious application of the Universe’s Light, Love and Harmony!

If we were not operating at the same vibration and frequency as Mother Earth, we would not be Earthly inhabitants, but a visiting alien species.

We have done this before. Humanity has transitioned in the past to align and adjust to Mother Earth’s biosphere and whatever environmental conditions She may have produced. And so once again, humanity is on the verge of another period of adapting and acclimating and aligning with Mother Earth.

What will be the difference now from previous stages of evolution and our experiences with Her in the other Dimensions of the Universe? The biggest difference now is that every inhabitant of Mother Earth will be transitioning from the Universe’s Learning Dimensions of Experience to the Application Dimensions of Experience.

What could go wrong with that? Everything that the Collective Consciousness of humanity’s learned states of comparison, competition, judgment and fear could collectively imagine!

The essential essence of Ascending from the Universe’s Learning Dimensions of Experience (the First to Fourth Dimensions) to the Application Dimensions of Experience (the Fifth through the Eighth) is transitioning from learning that Love creates ALL THINGS to applying Love to Create ALL THINGS!

Please read on....

Short Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 29 October 2018

"For the first time since Archon invasion of 1996, angelic beings are returning en masse to the astral and etheric areas close to the surface of the planet. It would support the positive energy grid of the New Atlantis a lot if you would connect with those incoming angels in your meditations."
 Source: The Portal

Increased activity of the Galactic Center continues. Removal of the quantum Dyson sphere around our Solar system has accelerated Ascension energies coming to our planet.

These energies are bringing the energetic blueprint for the coming Golden Age:


For the first time since Archon invasion of 1996, angelic beings are returning en masse to the astral and etheric areas close to the surface of the planet. It would support the positive energy grid of the New Atlantis a lot if you would connect with those incoming angels in your meditations. The other meditation that can assist the New Atlantis energy grid is the Buddhic Column meditation. You can place Buddhic columns above any place or situation on the planet that needs healing:



These new Galactic energies also bring the activation of many Goddess archetypes. The first archetype that is activated is the archetype of Astraea. This energy will bring the New Renaissance and the renewal of high culture:


The second Goddess archetype that is being activated is the archetype of Abundantia. This energy will bring spiritual and physical abundance to the surface population:


Please read on....

29 October 2018

Spiritual Protection in Our New Golden Age ~ Tim Whild ~ 16 July 2017

Tim Whild explains that it's now time for us to manage our own energies using the spiritual tools that we know. This is a sort of follow-up for his Gold Star Seal of Atlantis video that I posted earlier.

Shine bright always and keep our vibes high!

Here to see what Tim has to say.

Doctor Who: Arachnids in the UK

The latest Doctor Who episode is called "Arachnids in the UK"....creepy, crawly giant arachnids invading the city of Sheffield and cocooning humans for their feed.

Towards the end, the Arachnologist realised that the massive spiders would grow too big for their own good, literally suffocating under their own weight and size.

Hmmmm..... did executive producer/writer Chris Chibnall intend for this storyline to be more than just "entertainment"?

The Gold Star Seal of Atlantis ~ Tim Whild ~ 25 June 2017

In a recent podcast with Steve Nobel (here), Tim Whild spoke about the Blue Star Seal of Atlantis and how this was invoked to maintain a higher vibrational level of energy. Some poking around led me to this article from Tim Whild, which speaks about this spiritual tool getting an update for these transformational times that we are in.

This in turn led me to this video, in which Tim takes us through the process of invocation.

The Wholly Human Energies ~ Brenda Williams and Leslie Fox

Being True ~ Gina Maria Colvill Hill ~ 28 October 2018

Wisdom. A couple of nuggets from Gina.

Source: Gina Maria Colvill Hill

This thought has entered my mind while sitting in front of the fire, so I am sharing it.

It is not our place to tell others what is best for them based on our perceptions.

If we lived our lives according to what others perceived about us in order to be accepted by them, this would not be living. This would be dying. Dying to who we truly are, in order to gain the approval of others...

If you have to do this in order to be accepted by others, it is not worth it.

You should be true to yourself by standing up for yourself. If you cannot do this, you will have a very hard time moving forward in life. You will have a very hard time accepting who you are, because you will always be in denial. You will not be living. You will be contributing to the very death of the spirit which lives inside of you... 

We should ask ourselves this question when faced with this choice...”Is it worth it?”... I know what my answer would be. 

How about you, my friends? You have a right to be who you were made to be, and that is “YOU”.


The day that I look down on my fellow man, is the day I forget that I am also human.

It is the day that I forget how to love another unconditionally.

It is the day that I lose a part of me that once made me who I am. A part of me that caused my heart to beat even when it didn't feel like beating.

It is a day that I do not want to come.

It is a day that I will not allow to come.

Mastery & Enlightenment ~ Diana Cooper & Tim Whild

Source: Diana Cooper

Enlightenment is about seeing everything from a higher and wider perspective. When we learn to do this, we know that there is only love, for all else is illusion. This deep knowing transforms our entire way of being and all our relationships.

Mastery means taking responsibility for everything that happens to us. It is goodbye to guilt, blame, hurt and anger, and as we draw back all the energy we have invested in those emotions, we reclaim our power. A master stands strong and tall and acts from their inner wisdom.

In the time of Golden Atlantis, all the inhabitants were fifth-dimensional. They were enlightened masters – wise, gifted beings. But for the last 10,000 years, since Atlantis degenerated, people on Earth have been third-dimensional and have not felt accountable for either their actions or their emotions.

We are now experiencing a 20-year window of opportunity, as a new Golden Age is being set up on Earth and the frequency of the planet is rising rapidly to the level it was in Atlantis. We are living in extraordinary times, for those who are ready are being offered unprecedented spiritual promotion.

From The Archangel guide To Enlightenment and Mastery by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild - Practical Ascension

Within ~ Marco Lopor ~ 29 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

You should not be afraid to walk alone your path for the sanity of your Soul, for the health of your Mind, for the pureness of your Heart.

When there is too much noise around you and everyone is just focusing outside to get the energy because they live in scarcity, if you go inward you will find an inexhaustible source.

Within is a dimension, never forget that.

If you start, in every triggering situation, to go deep inside yourself, then you will learn how to master fears and reactions.

Everything becomes simple and effortless. You are a Divine Sparkle from Source, just flow as life flows without forcing anything.

Acceptance comes from this state of consciousness, where you see the bigger picture and understand that the divine design is absolutely perfect.

Light Body Process ~ Marco Lopor ~ 27 October 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Hips calibration is almost done, from the right one the purging process moved to the left one, like in a simmetrical operation, but with softer discomfort comparing to before.

I strongly believe that the activation of the Light Body follows a precise scheme related to the Tree of Life applied to the Human Body.

In my personal experience, the surging comes after the purging starting from Upper Left Shoulder, then right one, then right lower back and consecutively left lower back.

You Can literally feel through these steps how the etherical is taking home in the physical.

On the Consciousness Level all these changes refer to the growing balance between femmine and masculine energies, finding Unity where there was a split between Heart and Mind.

Compassion and taking care of others are now combined with Strenght and Will Power, nothing can stop a Light Warrior with a Poet's soul.

This is indeed what you become after the process, the new "Homo Spiritualis", with a Crown chakra now being powerfully vitalized to provide access to the wisdom of the Soul and to the Collective wisdom.

Eric Raines Update ~ 28 October 2018


We are moving into a point where discernment, emotional intelligence and unconditional love is key.

"If you are not on the path of love, you are not on the path of ascension."
My personal observation and opinion: it means NOTHING, except perhaps manipulation ~ whether intentional or otherwise ~ when a public source comes out and tells the followers to be united and not get drawn into polarity, but ends up choosing one side and condemning the other. And my personal appeal to these Wayshowers: PLEASE....enough already! 

Source: Eric Raines

Hey truthers...conspiracy theorists. Starseeds, energy workers....

When you subscribe to theories that came from people, always do your own experimentation. Always critically think. Always keep an open mind.

If someone comes into your view and points out some very simple experiments you can do in order to see the truth laid out for you, do them!!

Learn! Experience! Grow your understanding!

When you blindly hold onto theories that are easily proven false, you make everyone who comes into contact with you who has no experience with the truth of the world violently pull away from it.

When you blindly attack over information that you cannot possibly know for sure, you are exposing incredibly cultish behavior.

The bottom line is that until we can experiment and feel the outcome with our own consciousness, we CANNOT know for sure, meaning you are subscribing to someone else's idea and losing your own individuality.

As the truther community grows and more psyops are injected to keep people away from true reality, this needs to be recognized.

Any belief you accept that segregates you from your fellow man is suspect. Anything that evokes emotions of fear and anger instead of love and confidence is suspect.

Stop with the word programs. The language of Light cannot speak spoken word, go directly to the fruits (the emotion/feeling), then figure out if it is of truth or falsehood.

Inside of this understanding, we can walk through the darkest of energies, cleansing them as we move through...not covering up with love and light, but transmuting the heart of darkness into unconditional love.

"By their fruits thee shall know them."

We are moving into a point where discernment, emotional intelligence and unconditional love is key.

"If you are not on the path of love, you are not on the path of ascension."

The Inner Witness is the Presence of the Soul: Vipassana ~ Untwine ~ 28 October 2018

Source: Recreating Balance

An essential practice of most spiritual traditions has been to create a place of inner observation, leading to silence and stillness. This is the basic foundation of meditation, which is often called Vipassana, meaning witnessing.

The basis of it, is to look within, and see that there is an inner presence, who is not the body, who can observe the body. We can also see that this same presence is not the emotions and feelings : even when we feel overwhelmed by intense emotions, there is always an inner presence who is watching the process, who is not the emotions. And in the same way, this inner presence is also not the thoughts : the thoughts may go on rambling in all directions, this inner presence is still there watching the process.

This inner presence, inner observer, is a higher consciousness than the physical, energetic (etheric), emotional and mental parts of us, it is the presence of the Soul.
This inner presence of the Soul is one with all of life, it is the presence of the One/Source/Cosmic Ocean living within us, it moves all of us, it moves all life, it is all life.

This One/Cosmic Ocean, takes many shapes, in the form of many living beings and many spaces and times, but it is always the same One, simply shape-shifting.

So the physical emotional and mental are also the One, who has taken these particular shapes for the moment. They are temporary shapes, they are like the waves and currents of the ocean, they are not the ocean itself, the ocean always remains the same water, regardless of the currents and waves.

There has been a widespread habit on this planet, that when physical and energetic sensations, and emotions feelings and thoughts come, to become attached, invested, and identified in them. So something happens within, and people are trying to push away the sensation or emotion or thought, or trying to pull and cling to the sensation, emotion or thought.

This habit of inner pushing and pulling, creates an identification with the sensations and emotions and thoughts, which prevents them from flowing, and which also creates a forgetting of the inner presence of the Soul, and this is source of pains and unconsciousness.

Ironically the pushing and pulling does exactly the opposite of what it intends to do. The more we try to push away a thought, the more it clings to us, and the more we try to grab on to a feeling, the less we can feel it.

Please read on....

Accelerated Incoming Higher Energies ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 28 October 2018

"Accelerated"....that seems to be what many are saying currently. Well, more accelerated than ever before, because things have increasingly sped up post-2012. There is no sliver of doubt whatsoever that Time has once again ratchet up several gears and the (Cosmic) sense of urgency has increased.

The sense of weariness has also amplified in tandem with this Great Speeding Up of Everything. There are times when I think I'll just lie down for 5 minutes and next thing I know, I'm waking up from a deep slumber 15 or 20 minutes later. Denise Le Fay also addresses this in her update. In short:
"The Divine Ascension and Embodiment Process doesn’t give a hoot about my little earthly plans and chores...."
A great update from Denise to prep us for the November energies!

Source: High Heart Life

We’ve Worked, watched and waited a very long time to finally be where we are now experiencing completely NEW energies and codes entering and overriding everything from the previous Evolutionary Cycle. I’ve expected to be out of my mind crazy happy about our reaching this point finally after the darkness and brutality of getting here, but I guess I’m too frazzled at the moment to give this the appropriate fanfare it deserves. Please ignore my current monotone state about this cosmic spiritual energetic milestone we’ve reached and do all the celebrating you want. At the moment I feel like an ancient god whose weary from the Great Work, ancient battles, chaos and endless personal transformations I’ve had to go through to get to this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Processes both personally and collectively. 

Since June of 2018, it’s been mega intense and shockingly positive and progressive, and of course there’s more coming.

There was a Full Moon on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 that was part of a Grand Fixed Square I was just informed. Whatever all has been unfolding this week, intensely so since the day of the Full Moon, it’s been profound and has caused further physical body energy changes every day. Wednesday morning I’d planned to go grocery shopping but after getting ready I suddenly got hit energetically and knew I wasn’t going anywhere that day other than to sleep almost immediately! I felt that familiar sensation pushing me to go to sleep (this was around 10:00 AM) quickly and get out of my physical body because more evolutionary upgrades were about to begin again. So I put my comfy grubby cloths back on and promptly passed out that morning with zero effort.

This sudden mandatory late morning get out-of-body nap was the most comfortable, nurturing, uplifted, silent, high frequency suspended state I’ve ever felt while napping during the daytime. It was blissful in its quietude, elevated isolation, peace and restful soul-deep comfort. It was energetically delicious and could not have been more opposite from what I usually feel, see, hear and experience during those sleep times when I’m suddenly energetically pushed out of my physical body during the late morning hours.
For many years this has been about suddenly being shoved out-of-body, primarily in the morning(s) but not always, energetically because more Embodying is about to begin. I’ve learned the hard way to not fight this process when I’ve made plans to do other things like go grocery shopping, mop the kitchen floor, blow the leaves out of my yard and so on. The Divine Ascension and Embodiment Process doesn’t give a hoot about my little earthly plans and chores; when it’s time to Embody something like more NEW DNA or more Crystalline/Christ frequency into your HighHeart, you are laid out flat in seconds to do so. End of story, end of puny human plans. More Embodiment, or get the car washed? Guess what wins every time and isn’t it good that it does.

Full Moon Wednesday, October 24th  I’m suddenly feeling this coming on again and head for my recliner chair to pass out and do some more Embodying. For many years this has gotten increasingly intense, audibly louder and almost violent at times while being lucid when asleep and witnessing my Light body and Physical body inch closer and closer energetically to full alignment and merge. The closer this Process has brought me to this alignment, the more loud and intense the inner body vibrations and sometimes violent shaking has grown while I was out-of-body and could experience and perceive it from that vantage point. From our lower Selves perspective this lengthy alignment Process inching its way to full merge has looked, felt and sounded like we’re in the center of a raging tornado. From a higher Self perspective it’s more like lining up two radically different energy frequencies close enough so that eventually they fully align, merge and unify in the physical body.

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Spiritual Humbleness ~ Cosmic Gnostic

Be careful not to wear Spirituality as a badge to decorate your ego

Source: MDT

SR Today

27 October 2018

Let's Unify ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 26 October 2018

Short and very much-needed message from Laura Eisenhower. May sanity return to our Awakened but troubled community.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I feel love for everyone in the Disclosure movement, I don’t care to choose sides or smear, I feel a respect for everyone’s position, mistakes and good decisions and contributions.

Those that have slipped into a low form of expression or attack, may they see a better way to share perspectives and those who are on the receiving end of the attacks, keep speaking your truth and keep helping us understand and let’s unify and if we aren’t fully in agreement to that, may those things that aren’t in agreement, fall away or transform.

The New Human Soul ~ Lee Harris ~ 26 October 2018

Source: Lee Harris

Your role as human is to be human and to let the spirit and the light come through you as much as you possibly can.

And yet this also means you let the core of humanity and all of its collective ideals, failures, tragedies, joys, areas of greatness and areas of weakness, run through your system because you are a product of ancient history.

But you are also the future - and to those 200 years from now, you will be part of their ancient history. So it is a continuum.

From The New Human Soul - Timelines, Creation and Action now 50% off in the store.

Synchronicities ~ Daniel Pinchbeck

In Shamanic cultures, Synchronicities are recognised as signs that you are on the right path.
Daniel Pinchbeck

Thanks to Empaths, Old Souls & Introverts for this.

New Earth ๐Ÿ’œ End Of The 3rd Density Matrix ~ Aluna Ash ~ 26 October 2018

Here for the video message from Aluna Ash.

They already lost.. they are only playing out their pleasures as long as theyre able to..

Keeping collective in dual state keeps the physical vibration at a 3rd density and keeps the matrix in place. Without the dramas on the world stage, the system falls apart.

They are being removed from the 4th dimension and will no longer have control... vampiric consciousness.

They have been trying to take control of 5D. The window to end the time loop through timeline interestion *intersection* point is now.

This is a re-do of 13,000+ yrs ago. Atlantis.

All physical experiences shown plublically through media, politics, news are to re-enforce the physical 3d plane. They have taken control over all planets and chakras except the heart.

Gaia is the heart.. they want to link this planet up to all the other prison planets. Earth is key. Its the heart. The last planet taken over was Mars during Free Will experiment transfer and you were ALL there. Its all connected.

YOU have to start speaking. We have activations through our voice which activity others DNA blueprints triggering them to wake up. Share info.

Keep Planting Seeds

Thanks to Todd Schulberg for this!

Life is Sacred ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

“The crisis you all face on this plane right now is entirely based on the diminishment of human life.

You have all decided that one life if worth more than another and those who believe certain things have a right to do this or that while those who believe otherwise may deserve what they get. In order to do this, what you have to do is actually sacrifice the sanctity of the human being, and a life is only sacred if you can believe there is something that makes it so."

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

Pressurised Adaptation ~ Lisa Renee ~ 24 September 2018

You can tell I'm catching up on Lisa Renee's updates....

You already know the information that Lisa is presenting in this update, I'm well aware of this. However, I'm still going ahead to post this because, well, it's a very good update :) 
As we transition from one root race to another, these species factors, such as the physiological functions of the human body, are rapidly responding to the massive alterations that are occurring in the earth body. This means that the collective human blueprint and human bodies are responding to the impending biological evolution that is required as a result of the planet’s structural shift.
Source: Energetic Synthesis

The planet has just completed its Magnetic Peak cycle, which discharged a massive amount of magnetic force into the earth. The subatomic particles of elemental matter are rearranging to support the planetary body shift into the next harmonic universe. All communication systems connected to these levels of planetary architecture are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and potentially re-building interstellar links that reconnect earth portals to realign into multiple star systems and celestial bodies. This massive shift at the quantum scale is changing the laws of structure in the architecture that governs function over our matter body, as well as our consciousness bodies.

For many multidimensional people on the path of Ascension, how we connect into many levels of the consciousness structure has radically changed, our lightbody is radically changing, and our physical body is undergoing a series of Adaptations in order to meet the new energy requirements. Our previous ways of consciousness connection and communication are in fluctuation, while our lightbody is being reconfigured to accommodate the changing planetary architecture, solar architecture and beyond.

Essentially, we are the last generation of people that were born into consciousness slavery on the third dimensional earth. We will have known consciousness slavery, and will have put an end to it in this lifetime, while in this physical body. Ascending humans are evolving into developing new abilities that change the characteristics of what it means to be human, from Dreamwalking, to Transfiguration, Translocation and Transmigration. These are revealing more of the Diamond Sun templates function as a consciousness transport between time fields, and what true freedom is. This month's newsletter will attempt to bring awareness to these multi-dimensional changes, and the opportunity we have to consciously participate as the living expression of the changing laws of structure.

Spiritual Ascension is the progression of human consciousness, governed by complex quantum mechanics as it moves throughout time and space, which is essentially about moving our consciousness intelligence from one station of reality to another. The human body is a holographic light projector for transmitting the intelligent energies of the Soul-Spirit, and is capable of shifting that Soul-Spirit body into another station of reality, into one that exists in a higher dimension of time. Descending our Soul-Spirit from the higher realms to inhabit in our cells, while shifting our consciousness into another station of reality, is happening at this time. This shift into another station of reality is made possible while we are inhabiting our current physical body and have the same birth name identity.

In previous cycles, to shift the consciousness of the Soul-Spirit in this same way, we would require another identity and body to incarnate into another timeline that existed in another station of reality. This process we have done many times before and it is described as reincarnation. During the Ascension Cycle, we have the unique ability to change the current location of our consciousness bodies, as we undergo a succession of spiritual initiations, while we have the same physical body. The accumulated memories of our Soul-Spirit intelligence streams that we have transformed within many other previous lifetimes, are being shifted out from their former location in time, as the state of our current identity and consciousness shifts.

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Solar Body Consciousness ~ Lisa Renee ~ 8 October 2018

I will need to read through this article from Lisa Renee again to adequately comprehend its contents. Notwithstanding my insufficient understanding, a couple of things in Lisa's update did make me think of related information from Aluna Ash, such as Uranus being an integral Ascension "partner" with Earth as well as the presence of Dragons showing up for her. This type of update from Lisa Renee is also reminiscent of the the ones reported by Joanna Fay ~ there is so much being undertaken by the various Cosmic Teams/Light Forces. It is extremely busy "out there". It is truly a Cosmic orchestration of incredible magnitude.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

The main Solar Body that is our visible Sun, is undergoing an evolution in that its magnetic pole is reversing, which further alters the solar ray transmissions to the Earth and to other planets in our Solar System. Planet Earth’s local Sun is a star called Sol. Our Sun is a Stargate and it is possible for certain craft to be used to go in and out of the portal to reach the outer rings of the Solar System. Recently, many neighbors in our Solar System became aware of the changes happening with our Sun, as a result of the rebirthing of the Solar Logos in the 10-11-12th dimensional layers. The 4th dimensional Solar Stargate on the earth is located in Giza, Egypt and this is the main opening into the Astral Plane which also opens further into the other Solar Gates. This stargate access is where the trajectory between the Sun, Earth and Moon are interconnected through geometric fields of instruction sets that are based on the grouping of light codes. These may appear as platonic solids, and are the building blocks of matter that arrange the blueprint layers that form into the timelines in the Universal Time Matrix. The Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics had taken control of this area of the planet over 22,000 years ago, in order to gain control over the Sun and Solar Gates. As a result of recent grid wars they have lost control over the Solar Gate through the rebirthing of the Solar Logos for Earth, Tara and Gaia. The Sun is related to activating the human DNA template for spiritual ascension potentials. Each Sun and Star in the Universe are interconnected through the instruction sets of the morphogenetic fields, or plasma filaments that create the webbing that interconnects all of the stars and stellar bodies together.

This shift in the Solar body principle in our time matrix appears to alter the functions of the Ursa Major or Great Bear constellation, in which its seven main stars are sequentially merging forces with their counterparts, the seven sister stars located in the Pleiades. The resulting alchemical merge of these constellations of stars is manifesting new expressions of gender creation principle in the higher cosmic planes that change light reflection as it is broadcast into the lower densities. This merging of Solar bodies into the Galactic Core and further into the Andromedan Core, is also referred to as the Seven Sacred Suns in the One. Each of the Seven Sacred Suns have a cosmic solar principle that broadcasts a spectrum of plasma frequency waves through its ray body which is currently emanating new light codes into the planetary body.

This is vastly significant as it marks the astrological resolution of levels of the fallen angelic miasma contained in many of the karmic imprints that were in the planetary core manifestation template. This was the result of the historical timelines that are in the stellar and cellular memory record that directly relate to the NAA invasion and the moon chain entities impact upon the earth. This is similar to say that there is a clearing of the magnetic field imprints in the planetary akashic record that relates to some of the Galactic Wars that resulted in karmic cause and effect throughout the timelines, and that some of these events were carried out with the cooperation of the human race for resolving the polarity experiment. This is a cosmic convergence between the spiritual source of Solar bodies that exist within the 360 Universes, along with the local stellar bodies that interconnect with the matter world, as all of creation undergoes a new embodiment cycle, referred to as morphogenesis. Karmic patterns of what may be called cosmic evil and cosmic rage stemming from multiple planetary histories that connect to the lunar forces, moon chain entities, and black hole entities are surfacing in order to come into final resolution within the past timelines of artificial control and technological abuse.

This phase unites the Seven Sacred Suns and the Omniversal Paliadorian Solar Consciousness to reunite again through the neutron window that opens into the 360 Universes, as one interconnected Solar Consciousness body to transmit the Cosmic Spiritual Sun plasma waves of the Solar King. The Solar King, or Cosmic Christ Consciousness has rebuilt the complete triadic identity of the Solar Logos, which is the original light source field that builds the eternal Christos-Sophia Diamond Sun body or Krystallah. The Omniversal Paliadorian Solar Consciousness are also referred to as the progenitors of the many Krystic Dragon races, which are eternal light Solar bodies that shapeshift and transmigrate anywhere, and source somewhere in the God worlds that are one of the 360 Universes. Currently, most of the Dragon races from the Paliadorian Solar Consciousness that are entering our Universal system to support the Christos reclamation and Guardian Host mission, are from the Andromedan God worlds.  

Additionally, a cosmic triad of energy has formed with our Sun, Pleiades and the planet Uranus to ignite the unity consciousness blueprint for the planetary logos. Uranus, as per its recent alignment to its astrological influence, is the major planetary body which transmits the qualities of the 7D Violet Ray to the Earth. When astrological alignments occur through major conjunctions between planetary and stellar bodies there are forces of alchemy that blend together, which alter frequency current and manifest new potential creations. The cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture of how the Sun transmits the violet ray current throughout our Solar System. The violet ray is the 7D current which creates the ultraviolet magnetosphere and holds the magnetic instruction set for the planetary brain, otherwise called the planetary logos. Clearly, this is significant to the embodiment evolution directly related to expanding our personal spiritual centers, the crown chakra, third eye and pineal, heart, physical brain and the quality of our vibrational thought forms.

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26 October 2018

Timelines for Transcendence ~ Lisa Renee ~ 23 October 2018

I almost fell off my chair when I read this. Lisa Renee mentions a Timeline Shift that took place (I don't know exactly when, but her update is dated 23 October 2018), "many subtle force reconfigurations occurring" and "frequency shift". I would like to think that this validates my post (Timeline Thing).

Additionally, Lisa also talks about the rehabilitation of our Sun, something that Cobra told us recently (Situation Update):
As a result of this, our Sun has joined the Galactic network of Light as the last star to be joined in that network, and is now a fully functional Light portal.
This is just a short update from Lisa Renee, but it's so profoundly powerful. "Wow...." is truly an understatement.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

As a result of the rebirth of the triadic identity of Solar Consciousness forming into a rehabilitated and functioning Solar Logos for our Universal Time Matrix, grid conflicts have ensued as attempts are made to regain control over timelines, while placing an increasing iron grip over access to ascension related information. The newly rehabilitated Solar Logos triadic identity has met with completion and connected into the Earth body through a variety of Stargates and interdimensional portal systems. This provides the means to heal Soul fracturing and perform mass Soul retrievals for the Earth and humanity. This event provides amazing support and spiritual strength to all on the Christos Mission, as well as trinity wave energetic support for the planetary grid network. This event is perceived as a direct survival threat to the NAA.

There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world. This has shifted the way the original human race blueprint relays its intelligent information into the collective consciousness fields of earth. When the collective fields shift in this way, it means there has been a frequency shift in the collective agreement that impacts the overall consciousness evolution on the planet, therefore, the Timelines Shift.

As current Timelines Shift, this also shifts the coordinate location and energetic contents of the past and future timelines existing on the earth plane, all at the same time. There are powerful infusions of plasmic light and new time codes that are filtering onto the earth.  As the Sun transmits new cosmic intelligence, the transmission of the Solar principle greatly influences the earth body, and therefore influences the behavior in the collective consciousness of humanity. Currently, the pressures are high to synthesize the pairs of opposite that exist in the world of forces, to evolve beyond the lower density black substance that has been buried in the collective consciousness fields of the earth. A lot of that black substance has been manifested into timelines from embedded alien architecture, which imitate the Mother’s creation principle, and is what the dark entities tend to hijack. The building up of pressure in between these opposing forces and groups is reaching its peak, which is bifurcating or splitting apart timelines

The new timelines are to transcend the previous histories of alien hybridization and the destructive victimizer programming that has been installed in the lower collective consciousness. These new timelines are similar to an airplane runway that is designed to help bridge the current reality of the earth (that is the result of the accumulated energies of the past destructive histories with NAA), to connect with the higher reality potentials of the divine human on the future earth. We are on the runway that leads to our higher reality potentials in the future timeline now. Not everyone is on the same timeline. Try to remember this fact to help bring greater comfort, when experiencing intense, sudden and spontaneous life altering changes that are more likely to occur during this time.

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