09 October 2018

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 8 October 2018

Please listen here.

Posted a little late..lost my voice part of the day/night yesterday ALOT of diff downloads right now..

**We create individually based off the NOW which is your "new" or highest timeline.

Everything is a projection. If you feel guided to share your work or info, PLEASE START or share as much as you can ❤❤❤

We are experiencing multiple lives at once, some are experiencing other lives in conscious state or dream state or a trigger. We stay in alignment in a higher vibration through our passion, creative expression, etc.. that is your higher self, 5D This below is 3D, timelines that can be changed through us uniting as a collective in the moment by our individual vibration & intent

I was seeing (again) a larger earthquake 7.5-8.0 then another not long after. They are mirroring one another- almost perfectly. The dismantlement of the Vatican will become public.

"Darkness at 11"...? Dont know what it means. Darkness during day. And was seeing 2 suns rotating one another with this.

There will be different false flags. 🕳 Even a false flag light trying to fake "the Event" and trying to Manifest this through programming the collective unconscious And the roll out of technology- Nov. One false flag im getting strongly is mid November. 11th.

But there is several within collective timelines following this one whether the collective experiences them physically or not is dependent on "now" or what we call "now"

A mass Collective Event March/April 2019 originally was not supposed to manifest until 2020-2021.

Dont get a microchip or feed into the cloning agenda they will be pushing even more towards the children collective consciousness in order to create a false construct of crystallized thought or collective timeline where these synthetics can still have control and power without empathy and unity for others- they are in survival mode and absolutely have no ability to connect through the heart.

Bloodline Wars taking place- more astrally and psychologically, manipulation of perception and Free Will My guidance: "Right now is preparation for the unfolding of everything"

Upgrades with the 3D avatar/ physical body through the endocrine system altering all organ systems and all functions of the body to adjust to shift in density and access to Gaias original template "The Mother" energy and the 13th Gate.

Cause & effect will speed up, what you put out through your intention will come back.

Make sure you are not infringing on another person's Free Will by projecting any energy or rituals or intentions or group meditations, etc.. at them without their consent.

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