27 October 2018

Let's Unify ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 26 October 2018

Short and very much-needed message from Laura Eisenhower. May sanity return to our Awakened but troubled community.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I feel love for everyone in the Disclosure movement, I don’t care to choose sides or smear, I feel a respect for everyone’s position, mistakes and good decisions and contributions.

Those that have slipped into a low form of expression or attack, may they see a better way to share perspectives and those who are on the receiving end of the attacks, keep speaking your truth and keep helping us understand and let’s unify and if we aren’t fully in agreement to that, may those things that aren’t in agreement, fall away or transform.


  1. Well thats a nice one, on another side well I will represent those of "low form":


    1. Hi Sword, I will have to do a write-up in response. Give me a day or two.