09 October 2018


This is really strange. There might be a simple, straightforward explanation for this, but I don't know it at the moment. All I know is that it's....strange.

At this point, let me caution that this may mean nothing to some, so only read if you wish to, and bear with me. 

I just posted Cobra's update on an fb page where I'm a (most reluctant, and possibly redundant) administrator. I couldn't believe what I saw. See the image above? See the words at the bottom?
"Hello, planetary liberation. End of suffering, our fellow humans...."
I didn't put them there. I did some checking and found that they actually came from a comment left on Cobra's blog, here:

Why would it be attached to Cobra's post?

And the whole comment is:
Hello, planetary liberation. End of suffering, our fellow humans starving,removal of cabal. Are you focused? I don't get it?
But the "edited" version that appeared as shown in the above image gives a different "message" altogether, don't you think?

I checked a couple of fb page to see if anyone had posted Cobra's update, and sure enough, there were two that I could find. NONE of them had these words attached (see image below)

So I went back to the page where I'm one of the admins, and tried to post Cobra's update again, to see if the words appear. They did. So, it's not a fluke or one-time thing. 



  1. They're here. Changes are very much in motion.

    1. And they are so very needed!! Blessings

  2. Wow, amazing!! This sounds like an important message to me! All the best to you❤️ from Vienna/Austria

    1. Thank you, Katharina, sending Love and Blessings to you :)