30 November 2018

Short Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 30 November 2018

Source: The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. There is a lot of extremely positive activity behind the scenes, but none of that can be revealed publicly, as there needs to be absolute radio silence about current operations of the Light forces. Let me just say when there will be results, everybody will be able to experience them.

On the other hand, the Cabal is realizing more and more that they will lose, and they do not take defeat lightly. They have recently used Directed Energy Weapons in California to burn masses of people alive:



Their occult purpose behind this mass murder was to create a fire sacrifice to create a negative anomaly vortex to attract more of the cosmic primary anomaly to planet Earth to prolong their control of the planet.

The truth is that there is very little primary anomaly left outside of our planet, and dark forces find it increasingly more difficult to replenish their resources of anomalous plasma and negative entities entering planet Earth through tunnels of Set. There is a huge information war regarding intel about the plasma and anomaly status around our planet, and it is very difficult to get reliable information. It now appears that most of the remaining anomaly is coming to Earth from the Taurus dark cloud:


Extragalactic Light Forces are now rapidly clearing all remaining anomaly from our Galaxy. Most of extragalactic assistance is coming from Virgo Supercluster:


And especially from M 87 galaxy, which is increasingly being directly involved in liberation of our planet annd removal of last vestiges of darkness from our universe:

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Wayshowing: Addendum

Just seconds after I published the post about my dream (Wayshowing), I sensed that it was not quite complete. I don't like this feeling, because it invariably means that particular energy will be floating around in my head when all I wish to do is to keep clearing what I need to do and move on.

Well, here I am again. And this time, may I be fully done with it :) 

Since that post, I have received a few interpretations about the dream from others. The general impression is that the dream has to do with timelines ~ the 3D/4D timeline where the entrance proved difficult and challenging, and the 5D and higher timeline where the entrance is easy. I love this interpretation!! Thank you to everyone who wrote in ๐Ÿ’œ

I also have to address that not-yet-done feeling in my mind. Since I posted that dream, something else has come up about the interpretation and I'll now continue with what I've written previously.

Those green doors. Why green? Our Heart Chakra is generally seen as green.

Doors. The entrance. The easy way.

So, our wayshowing can also mean we show others the simple, direct and true way "Home". By opening their Heart Chakra and operating from there. Just as operating from our activated and open Heart Chakras has taken us to our authentic paths, so too must those who are not yet awake or just awakening. This is the easy, direct way "Home".

We can feed them intel, information about the control system, disclosure etc. But we must also now get them to go through their Hearts.

Heart Heart Heart....that's what I've been getting for several days now, and I know I have to address that too in another post.

I didn't see that at first when I wrote about the dream, that's why I felt it was incomplete. I had to see the Heart-connection.

Of course, it's entirely possible that there are many more interpretations to this dream, like the timeline one, and that's totally fine.

Ok, done. I hope I don't have to come back to this :)

Namaste and Blessings!


Jane Lee Logan
You are needed....
Even if your halo is a little crooked

If we wish to see our New Earth made manifest ~ like today, NOW, please! ~ then there is no doubt in my mind that we must first BE the Conscious Beings that live in such a reality.

As much as possible, our every thought, word and deed must vibrationally match and align with the energetic frequency of New Earth. As co-creator Beings (albeit still in training, but hey, we can start taking the training wheels off every now and then to flex our fledging creator muscles, yes?) this is what we will need to do if we wish to hasten this manifestation.

We need to become our Higher Being version. We do this by being and living, as much as possible, as a Higher Consciousness Being. A 5D Being. Connected and merged with our Divine Self.

Every thought, word and deed.

We can no longer afford to slip into a lower vibrational mentality and operate from that frequency. Not even for a moment. (Well, ok we are not saints, but we need to try as much as possible.)

Believe me, being in lower vibrational more will no longer work for us, and more often than not, can only serve to hinder our own progress personally and hamper the manifestation of the world we have been wishing, dreaming, visualising, meditating and intending for since forever.

Slipping into that fast-crumbling realm means we'll have to re-purge the muck from our auric fields all over again, again, again.

Even if we have to will it through gritted teeth or crawl our next step in a higher vibrational mode, we will do so, because we must. However, there is no need to martyr ourselves, because we always have the option to say NO to impossible situations and walk away. Being in higher vibrational mode does not equate being a doormat or accepting abuse in any form.

I know ~ I'm preaching to the choir ๐Ÿ˜Š   but I need to clear my head (somewhat) by writing this post so that some mental nagging can stop.

Light Family, time to grab that halo and place it firmly on our crown. Yep, even if it's a little crooked....

Namaste and Blessings ๐Ÿ’–

29.11.2018 = 11:11:11

Source: Solara Anani

Meg Benedicte has this to say:
We are experiencing another pass-through of 11:11:11 Activations today, November 29th. 

The cosmic stargate of 11:11:11 is providing additional attunements to the highest divine frequencies of Christed Light that your mind can attain. 

With focused intention you can align your holographic mind with the celestial dimensions of Mastery. 

As you ascend into higher and higher frequency, the mind can enter realms unimaginable before.

Next Round

Space Observing System
This could represent, among other things, the new energy wave that Aluna Ash mentioned.

29.11.2018 = 11:11:11

29 November 2018

SR Reading

Inborn & Starborn: The New Human Prototypes ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 27 November 2018

Lauren C Gorgo's website is thinkwithyourheart.love    Whoa....

Source: Think WIth Your Heart

This month of triple 11 gateways marks the completion of a major cycle that began last year between the 12/21/17 solstice and 1/1/18…a mega-intensive portal opening which welcomed a deluge of diamond codes that rained down on Earth all year long fortifying us to become rock solid in our resilience for the years that will follow…years that will bring bigger change to the world around us.

All summer (winter in the south) long we’ve been working toward this completion point and the November energies have been helping us each day to arrive at our personal full circle moment…to step out of the space that we’ve been inhabiting (for eons) and cross over to the new trajectory that presented thru the 11/11 gateway.

After years (lifetimes) of growing toward the light, we are now in the process of rooting that energy in preparation to bloom with the unique beauty of our soul’s Truth…our authentic spiritual essence.  And since this is a universal 4 month, there has also been a substantial focus on bringing mastery to those important structures in our lives that require an overhaul so that we can successfully ground our new creations in 2019.

This may have meant rearranging some foundational elements of life (or thinking) in order to arrive at the next step/level of embodiment, which the Elohim have revealed to me as our merger with planetary consciousness…the opening of inner-stargate portals to align our personal life force→ with planetary life Force→ with Universal Life Force.

As November draws to a welcome close and we continue the necessary (and challenging) integration of these reality-shifting energies…which btw, is why these reports usually come at the end of the month→ so I/you/we can first embody & experience the energies before I report on my receivings…we are also beginning to open to the liberation of the new Creation energies as we simultaneously bring to an end one of the most challenging years/cycles of initiation ever for first embodiers.  It’s as if every year/initiation of expansion (since 1999) re-presented itself ALL in the same year for some kind of twisted grand finale finish.  Not cool.

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The Heart Chakra Race ~ Aluna Ash ~ 29 November 2018

Please listen to this update from Aluna Ash here.

Additional text provided follows, and very sketchy notes at the bottom:
๐Ÿ•ณCorrection: Livestream Group Meditation Thursday 9pm EST USA, if youre unable to make it Thursday on the livestream, you can watch after- group meditation is still just as powerful.

Sorry if audio is muffled- my microphone on my device. I only deal w audio interference when i use this device ive noticed & trying to get it taken care of today if Im able so wont have the issue during livestream & my reading recording! Doing my best

They are blocking the sun due to our connection through the earth to the sun. It helps build our new aethetic template and natutal grid.

The most important thing that we all can do is focus on our individual spiritual growth so we're able to be of service to others.

We have to starve the darkforces by not letting them trigger you or get a reaction.. theyre focused on YOU because they cant focus on themselves or create themselves.. we have a lot of clones/ organic portals that are scrambling right now because they control and manipulate through the emotional body through the astral plane.

When the unconscious patterns become conscious there's no longer feeding those beings or thought forms and they can no longer manipulate to create.

The soul is detoxing the emotional body through the physical body.

Detachment but staying in the heart is key. We all have a specific role individually then a universal role.. those that are trying to create division or duality are plsying their part in the 3D role.. and some will remain in their 3D role. It depends on the individual.

Some very brief notes:
  • Solar Plexus chakra is clearing ground for lower chakras
  • Emotional body connected to Solar Plexus
  • We starve the dark when we stop feeding our emotions
  • Heart Chakra is 5D, this is where we are heading ~ we are becoming the Heart Chakra Race
  • When Soul takes over astral, etheric and emotional bodies in order to integrate them into the physical, becoming the Higher Self ~ this is when Heart Chakra activation occurs and we are guided by HS
  • Heart Chakra is Unconditional & Pure Love, we are all One
  • What we feed the emotional body will result in the physical ~ illness, fatigue, physical symptoms (eg cancer)
  • If we're not waking up and doing the work, then we're going to be stuck in 3D timeline
  • Endocrine system manifested in physical body through etheric body, so this system is controlling emotions/reactions/responses.

Gatekeeper Journal: November 2018 ~ Sandra Walter ~ 28 November 2018

Synchronistically, Sandra Walter includes the article that I just posted this morning, about 6 hours ago.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Our collective trajectory shift is settling in – or rather, settling up. Sensations of the higher timeline and its accompanying opportunities and synchronicities are palpable. After a some wild energetic fluctuations last week, we enter the anticipated high-vibe support passage for the acceleration of our embodiment.

Unfoldments from this shift will present; pay attention to the renewal sensations and higher timelines available to all. This is fertile soil; plant your positive, highest intentions well – and often.

Create the miraculous through Divine Neutrality. Get clear, intend, pray, meditate and watch what presents as the New trajectory anchors in. This is an initiation into the sacred passage of December – January. Be in your Mastery of the Heart; Set your highest intent, then open as a conduit of Divine Love and let Source show you the new Self. Intend and create.
The more we release and create the New, the faster and easier the old fades out of our realities. Run with the positive energy of this trajectory shift. Take note of what areas of your lifestream are presenting Divine opportunities to change, rise, express, and create.
Primary Christed Timelines provide support for your heart-aligned choices right here, right now. Encourage your fellow Lightworkers to release the waiting game and jump to these higher timelines of co-creation in the Now.
The consistent rise of the Light quotient on Gaia allows for collective trajectory shifts. Our collective unification is co-creating these shifts with external cosmic factors, activating these accelerations of the Ascension itself. It also accelerates disclosure, global system dismantling, and energetic and elemental shifts within and upon Gaia. This is reflected on a personal level (collapse of the old template of Self.)

Please read on....

Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why ~ Maya Wei-Haas ~ 28 November 2018

An aerial view of Mayotte's South Island.
** Update: I normally post and then move on to the next thing, but this time, I glanced at the time this post was published.... 11:11am my local time!! I solemnly promise I don't plan these things :)

The 11:11 Portal energies picked up by scientific instruments and making it to mainstream media! 

I remember coming across a video that also talked about "missing time" during this energy portal, apologies I cannot remember what it's called now. I didn't watch it.

This is what National Geographic has to say about the "strange waves" that occurred during the monumental 11:11 Portal:
Instruments picked up the seismic waves more than 10,000 miles away—but bizarrely, nobody felt them. 
On the morning of November 11, just before 9:30 UT, a mysterious rumble rolled around the world. 
The seismic waves began roughly 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte, a French island sandwiched between Africa and the northern tip of Madagascar. The waves buzzed across Africa, ringing sensors in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They traversed vast oceans, humming across Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away.
Please read the whole article here.

28 November 2018

The I Am Pillar of Light Transmission: Clear, Seal & Protect Your Energy Space ~ Steve Nobel ~ 24 October 2018

A heavy-duty and powerful energy transmission from Steve Nobel.

Please visit his website, The Soul Matrix to access this. You can listen to the transmission via yt or download the audio from the same link.

Here's the description provided:

The I AM Presence” is also known as Divine Presence, the Monad, the Oversoul, the Christ Self, the God or Goddess Self, the Buddha within, and Krishna-Consciousness to name just a few. It is the part of us that exists in the realms of Spirit, the part that is closest to the Divine. In terms of clearing and protection the I Am Presence is level of consciousness that contains no interference from lower forces. The I Am Presence is beyond all illusion and deception. The I Am Presence is essentially the next level up beyond the Higher Self. We could also perhaps think of the I Am Presence as the guiding force of our Higher Self.

In this transmission we call upon the angelic forces working in this dimension to help create a forcefield of light around us. Archangel Michael works on sealing our etheric field, repairing any rips and tears. Metatron seals the outer layers of our auric field with Golden-White light from the Christ Grid that emanates from the Central Sun. (This is our own Central Sun – Alcyone, in the Pleiadian Star System). When this preparation work has been done we can upon our beloved I Am Presence to create a pillar of crystalline white light some 12 feet in diameter to seal and protect us. In this light we ask the I Am Presence to close any portals/openings to any lower dimensions.

This is a good transmission to begin your day. It can also be used before you enter the dream-state. The Pillar of Light will stay with you for a certain period of time. The more you repeat this transmission the more stable the pillar of light becomes in your reality.


It's been quite a while since I last shared a dream. Not because I didn't wish to, but because none seemed relevant enough to share. Here's one now. There were several parts to it, and it got quite convoluted but I'll just describe the bit that I feel may be applicable.

I had just reached my parents' home and made my way to the entrance. In order to access their home, I had to climb up a flight of stone stairs that were narrow and had no railings at either side. It wasn't lit, so the atmosphere was dark. Thankfully I could somehow see where I was going.

As I ascended towards what was meant to be the actual entrance, I noted that the top of the stairs ended not at the entrance itself, but a few feet below. That meant that I had to somehow scale this last part like a rock-climber, holding on to small supports on the wall with my hands.

I heaved myself up to a ledge at the entrance. This ledge had some potted plants lined up on it, which obviously compounded my difficulty in actually getting inside the home. I had to call out to someone to come and remove the pots so I could get in.

Someone came to remove a couple of pots and helped me clamber inside. All the while as I was making my way to the entrance, I wondered bewilderedly to myself how my parents managed this totally illogical and utterly ridiculous entrance access, especially at their age.

The next scene saw me being outside their building, across the road. As I stood there looking at the impossible building, I spotted a double-door at the side of the building on the ground floor. It was a deep shade of green but had a very bright look about it. The doors weren't very obvious, but they weren't completely hidden either.

I crossed the road and went to the doors, opened them slowly, and saw that it led directly to my parents' home! I was speechless with amazement. Here was the proper entrance to the home, and I had to use the alternate way? What was going on?!

I saw someone whom I knew was a Lightworker across the road and went over again to speak with her/him (I can't be sure, it wasn't clear to me in the dream). I asked this person why everyone was using the stairs, risking life and limb, when there was a perfectly sane and proper entrance through the doors? (I "knew" in the dream that all the houses were built the same and everyone else was going into their respective homes through the stairs.)

The LW replied that no one could see the doors ~ they were invisible to the people who live there.

At this point, this part of my dream ended and moved on to something else.

My interpretation of the dream is simple ~ we have to help others see their way "Home". We need to show them the doors so that they can access their homes easily and quickly instead of the long and challenging way that involves a lot of unnecessary effort and struggling.

In short, I feel that we now need to also assume the role of Wayshowers and actually help others ~ especially family and friends ~ to find their path Home using the direct and authentic way, which would bypass the struggles they are currently facing as many now grapple with huge issues in their lives during this phase.

I guess basically, it means that we now have to step into a more direct and active role ~ to incorporate Wayshowing in our Light work.

As always, my interpretation and my opinion only :)

Namaste and Blessings!

** UPDATE 30 November 2018

I had to add more to this post, here it is:

Just seconds after I published the post about my dream (Wayshowing), I sensed that it was not quite complete. I don't like this feeling, because it invariably means that particular energy will be floating around in my head when all I wish to do is to keep clearing what I need to do and move on.

Well, here I am again. And this time, may I be fully done with it :)

Since that post, I have received a few interpretations about the dream from others. The general impression is that the dream has to do with timelines ~ the 3D/4D timeline where the entrance proved difficult and challenging, and the 5D and higher timeline where the entrance is easy. I love this interpretation!! Thank you to everyone who wrote in ๐Ÿ’œ

I also have to address that not-yet-done feeling in my mind. Since I posted that dream, something else has come up about the interpretation and I'll now continue with what I've written previously.

Those green doors. Why green? Our Heart Chakra is generally seen as green.

Doors. The entrance. The easy way.

So, our wayshowing can also mean we show others the simple, direct and true way "Home". By opening their Heart Chakra and operating from there. Just as operating from our activated and open Heart Chakras has taken us to our authentic paths, so too must those who are not yet awake or just awakening. This is the easy, direct way "Home".

We can feed them intel, information about the control system, disclosure etc. But we must also now get them to go through their Hearts.

Heart Heart Heart....that's what I've been getting for several days now, and I know I have to address that too in another post.

I didn't see that at first when I wrote about the dream, that's why I felt it was incomplete. I had to see the Heart-connection.

Of course, it's entirely possible that there are many more interpretations to this dream, like the timeline one, and that's totally fine.

Ok, done. I hope I don't have to come back to this :)

The Sacral Chakra (and 11/11 Portal) ~ Tim Whild ~ 13 November 2018

On to the next in the 5D 12-Chakra System series from Tim Whild, this time concentrating on our Sacral Chakra.

Tim also tells us what happened during the 11:11 Portal, and it gave me Soul-bumps. I do remember others validating this same thing, that massive amounts of dense energies were released or transmuted during this phase.

I also believe that this huge release has added to the chaotic flux that followed the 11:11, as it led to much reactionary consequence and energetic "shock" as the old equilibrium was greatly upset and had to find a new homeostatic level, this time, tending towards more Light. This happens each time we get to a new level of Light.

This is a very nice energy work to go through, facilitated by Archangel Gabriel. Please watch here.

New study reveals electromagnetic properties of the Great Pyramid of Giza ~ Resonance Science Foundation

Good to see "Science" slowly cottoning on Truths. Thanks to RSF for explaining in plain English the Physics behind the studies.

Source: Resonance Science Foundation

There has been a number of recent scientific discoveries about the Great Pyramids of Giza using technologically advanced methods. For instance, a methodology that utilizes measurements in the variation of flux from cosmic muons (heavy cousins of the electron)—called archeaological muography—detected  evidence for a possible second entrance and hidden corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza (the largest of the Pyramids of Giza).

As well, thermal imaging have revealed perplexing thermal anomalies in the Great Pyramid. Several explanations were put forward to explain the cause of the anomalies, but one particularly suggestive explanation was that it is due to increased air circulation caused by a hidden corridor or chamber -- corroborating similar findings using muonic radiographic analysis.

In a recent study it has been reported in the Journal of Applied Physics that the Great Pyramids are able to focus electromagnetic energy, particularly electromagnetic waves of the radio frequency range.

Researchers discovered resonant features associated with the Pyramid’s electromagnetic dipole and quadrupole moments. Specifically, mathematical analysis indicated that the structure's inner spaces and foundation resonate when hit by external radio waves with a wavelength of 200 to 600 meters, and can control the propagation, scattering, and concentration of this electromagnetic energy.

Under these resonant conditions electromagnetic field distributions inside the Pyramid are found to be channeled and concentrated into the Pyramid’s chambers.

Please read on....

Just Breathe... ~ Mark Nepo

In view of the past days' energies (and effects), this seems to be a great reminder to just breathe and reset our own energies.

Source: Stillness Speaks

Breathe like a fallen leaf and think of nothing. Just breathe and let your heart and mind be carried, however briefly, by the spirit you can't quite see

~ Mark Nepo
More at #Stillness Speaks:http://bit.ly/still-speaks

#Mindfulness #Awareness

What Is Happening? ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi

Apathy is NOT the reason you come here.
You incarnate for the most part as an angel, that you are, less your certain holographic inserts and implants that remain dormant until the situation calls for them to activate (right no in this age of pre-Ascension). 

What is missing is proper educational forums (government, religion, role models, beacons of light, etc) to guide and inspire, and encourage people to adhere to their divine essence rather than being used as farm animals feeding the energetic vampires who are our captors, who have made people enchained in a filthy matrix, void of proper consciousness, who exasperate an already calamitous situation by adding more of the same in the form of new holographic inserts to further subjugate Humanity to a bondage of unconsciousness.

I don't think I remember Mohsen being quite so specific about the control system....

Energy Update & Next Wave: The Remembering ~ Aluna Ash ~ 26 November 2018

Here's the link to this update.

Additional text from Aluna:
Some both of you are already feeling this next energy wave others will be feeling it within the next few days or so. Nov 30th-12/3 it depends on your location, your timeline, vibration and what you are tuning into for energy at this time.

Ive been seeing a split of realities or realms I am having the issue with hearing electronics lately everything is just heightened with the frequencies.. even the energy in the environment has changed so this shift has definitely been happening.

This wave that they're calling Dark Matter was a reactivation of the rainbow mist or purple Mist wave that came in in March of 2018 that was triggered by the February solar eclipse in this was the true trigger point for the pole shift to manifest in the physical now it's manifesting in the collective timelines from March of 2018 up until now we've manifested this as a collective into the physical collective timeline.

November 11th- 11 11 11 celestial body Mars hit the same degree, 27, of the solar eclipse that brought in the wave in February where Mars was at 11° at 11pm and this was a trigger point to reactivate this energy. I mentioned this in past videos that there would be a wave that would move through timelines triggered by November 11th.

In this would manifest in different timelines of the collective / 3 to 4 weeks from 11-11-18(11) We are remembering aspects of us that we've been cut off from due to clearing Collective programming and infringement on free will due to timeline looping through collective conscious constructs.

There is activations that are taking place the next activation at a collective level will be felt around March of 2019. These activations are giving us a speckled back of ourselves that we lost.

I remove viewed 2022 and 2025 and the energy is completely different m, the way I look is different, the way other people are experiencing the reality is different so this shift is really happening๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

The rest of the collective will begin to go through what many of you already have-- so Now's the Time to feel really grateful that we've already gone through a lot of our purging and clearing and complete transformations... or Dark Night of the Soul.

Feel free to fast w me the week if you feel guided to

New Earth Shift ~ Aluna Ash ~ 27 November 2018

Aluna Ash explains, among other things, how we create by default in 3D through nconsciousness. In 5D, we create consciously. (As creator beings, we are in effect sustaining and  maintaining 3D for the dark through our belief systems and daily thoughts/decisions/actions. As Aluna says, it's a spiritual war ~ for control over our consciousness.) Aluna stresses that this is our responsibility, to create our New Earth with consciousness.

Additional text from Aluna:
Alot a physical purging for many can bring up a lot of symptoms some of you are feeling flu like symptoms, I was on and off over last couple weeks. Drink plenty, rest plenty, stay focused on your spirit.

May feel waves of energy move through body.. may feel like anxiety at times. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time feeling like circumstances are completely out of their control, just know that this is part of the clearing unconscious imprints that's taking place there- is an uprooting of karmic frequencies individually and collectively. This is clearing the realms & timelimes to move into higher ones

We are all going through upheavels, changes, purges at some level.. be kind & gentle to yourself and others right now.

Staying out of duality, division and judgment about another's path or where another person is at at this moment in time, is SOOO helpful in raising the collective consciousness, there is no right or wrong there is only perception and experience that we are playing out due to the laws of cause and consequence.

I've definitely felt the physical symptoms due to imprints of diff things coming from past lives and childhood that i didnt even know about or remember. Theres definitely a remembering and Awakening of the unconscious mind and all imprints within the different Realms of our psyche that were playing out energetically/astrally in the diff planes within the physical

I almost let projections get the best of me and came very close to deleting my channel!๐Ÿ˜‚ thinking back now its ridiculous lol.. dont allow anyone to project negativity on to you to the point it messes with your mind, *return to sender* in love.

Its a spiritual war.

I love you guys & im very grateful for your support

27 November 2018

Gabriel's Overview of 2019 ~ Archangel Gabriel & Ron Baker

Source: Ron Baker

2019 - A Year of Reckoning

Archangel Gabriel, channeled by Ron Baker

As a follow-up of 2018, “A Year of Shakeup’s” that also birthed the Divine Plan in a new and powerful way. In order to create a balance of the scales in our world, what is out of balance must be revealed, nurtured and resolved. With that in mind, here is Gabriel’s Overview of 2019.

“Dearly beloved children of light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

We have come at this time to share with you about 2019, a year we are calling “A Year of Reckoning.” It will be a year when you must take responsibility for your choices in a way that you have never been asked to do. The immediacy of this time will be profound in your lives.

You will be impacted by the collective, but your individual energies are what make up the collective. So please know that your choices as an individual impact the grid, the good of the whole, in ways that you have barely begun to imagine.

You are a part of the resonance of the whole. This is something that more of you need to consider. So often in your wounding you have felt as if you truly don’t matter and as if your choices truly don’t matter.

For those of you who have not been doing the inner work to build a solid sense of self-value, you will have felt rather insignificant to face the bigger pictures and the larger events that take place on your planet. Keep in mind that these larger events are also being impacted, chosen and set into motion by individuals…

Some individuals are not more powerful than other individuals. It is just that some individuals are more practiced at showing up, more willing to impose, express, release their preferences into the collective.

So we suggest that you get in touch with what is most important to you, and that you begin to make choices that align with your vision of what is truly important to you. Make choices that align with those visions. This gives you a clear resonance to impact. The more you practice, the better you will become at doing such a thing… the more powerful you will become as an energy in the world.

You are not all here to impact life on a planetary level. But this is a tricky statement, because you actually do impact life on a planetary level with your individual choices. Each of your choices becomes a part of the resonance of love, meaning, value and purpose in the collective or become a part of the resonance of fear, shame and judgment.

Your energy is a distinct unit in the whole. If you align yourself with your vision, moving toward the things that matter to you, you will align with meaning, value and purpose. When you do this, you begin to align yourself with other individuals who are doing a similar thing. In this wya, you become much more powerful.

You need each other for inspiration. Because the world is at a time when there will be great revelations continuing to occur. One side of those revelations equals discovering all that is out of balance on your planet. It is so easy to become sucked into the overwhelm over how much has been out of balance.

You have been a planet at a certain level or resonance or awareness, consciousness and integration. The learning curve at this particular level of learning has involved a great deal of wounding… fear, shame and judgment.

If you are working to heal, nurture and resolve your personal levels of fear, shame and judgment, you will be a resonance of empowerment and clarity. You will tap a greater potential to move into more fulfilling alternatives. However, if you have not been building a nurturing resolution in your own life, facing the challenges of your individual soul set up, you will be pulled much more fully by the acceleration of these revelations… all that is not working, that is out of balance, that needs to become clear as a distinct challenge for you all to face.

Please read on....

The Fifth Dimensional Base Chakra ~ Tim Whild ~ 26 October 2018

Catching on this Tim Whild series of our 5D Chakra System. For those who haven't yet seen this, please follow here.

I Am My Higher Self
I Am My Higher Self
I Am My Higher Self

Skywatching from Gina Maria Colvin Hill

The above image is from Gina Maria Colvin Hill while the two images below were provided by Chet Hawkins in the comments section of Gina's fb page.

The bottom one looks like one of the "classic" images that were captured some time ago. I'm unable to determine if it's the same incident.

The Road to Resilience ~ Lisa Renee ~ 19 November 2018

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear ES Family,

Over the last decade, with the steady amplification of polarities, the rising intensity of external energies and forces, the challenges that we may have to face that test our character, test our mettle, seem to have been greatly magnified. We have often spoken about the planetary Dark Night of the Soul, and by observing the outer world, its clear that its in full swing. Over the past year, I have prayed countless times for guidance on what is the best process for helping people that are enduring extreme challenges, and painful transitions, when they have not been educated with strong coping skills or given proper support towards knowing the absolute necessity of cultivating resilience. We live in a culture of mind control to shape weak characters, and habits that weaken our mind, body and energy field, so that we are easily overwhelmed by dominating forces and challenges. Life on earth is not easy, it is a tough school of knocks in which we can learn a tremendous amount, especially now.

To survive these challenges, we have to look at life on earth as lessons and learning, looking at painful or negative events as an opportunity to see something that we did not see before, or to change how we perceive the world around us. As we learn from our life experiences and we can observe more clearly, we gain more emotional intelligence and the ability to explore our true purpose. Why did you come to earth now? All of us have things to accomplish on earth during the ascension cycle, and these experiences are deeply personal, intimate and unique to who we are. No other person can define the spiritual purpose for another, this is our responsibility to find out. To gain an accurate assessment of the reality we find ourselves, we will need to know ourselves very deeply. We may need to take off the rose colored glasses of denial in order to to see the accurate truth inside things, or we may need to find the light that does exist in the darkness while it sleeps, finding faith, love and acceptance in the spirit of humanity. At the rate of change and transformation we are enduring resilience is an important skill to cultivate for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Stability, Resilience and Tough Times

People may have gathered many delusions in their belief system about what it means to be happy and to feel pleasure, which is instant gratification that is portrayed by the mainstream media and consumptive modeling to make us believe in such fantasies and crafted advertisements as if they are real stories. Instant gratification teaches us little, we cannot learn about ourselves and the world we live in, if we believe instant gratification and selfish desires are the meaning of life. This is a luciferian and satanic narrative to keep us weakened and trapped in material delusions and Service to Self ego games.

Learning how to deal with difficulty, being willing to really see the truth of the matter, is much more productive than clinging to an illusion. To feel content and connected, it is required that you learn how to be strong and self reliant, that you pick yourself up after a fall, and that you know how to refocus your mind away from emotional sadness when you don’t succeed or get your needs met. One of the most important skills we need today, is to live in peace with unmet desires and needs. Attachments make us suffer greatly, and as such we should have preferences and not attachment to the outcome. This does not mean you give up, it means you never give up and look at life as lessons that build character and strength, you keep moving forward the best way you know how to in the moment.
How can you find the inspiration to persist instead of getting depressed or angry when things go awry, and to accept that they often will. Much of the time, life on planet earth is about conflict resolution and learning how to synthesize energies in the world of extremes, to neutralize polarity and return to peace.

How do people deal with difficult events that completely transform and change their lives? The death of a loved one, loss of a job, serious illness, criminal attacks and other traumatic events. These are all examples of very challenging life experiences. Many people react to such difficult circumstances with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty and fear, bringing on mental paralysis or anxiety.

What enables people to generally adapt well over time to life-changing situations and stressful conditions? Navigating life's challenges requires life skills. To develop life skills, you have to live through your life, gaining experience, gaining wisdom from hard earned lessons. This process involves resilience, it is an ongoing process that requires time and effort and engages people in taking a number of steps. Developing resilience is a personal journey towards maturity whereby each person will have to choose different approaches in order to build personal resilience. Resilience is an important energy building tool, being resilient also helps to keep healthy boundaries that build a stronger energy field, or aura.
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SR Reading

Gentle Gorgeous Giant Beings....

This short clip of these Beautiful Beings is....heart-warming ๐Ÿ’œ

I can't find this same video on yt, so I can only provide the fb link.

Please enjoy watching these magnificent Beings here.

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 26 November 2018

Wise words.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Just cause a person is incredibly talented or intelligent, doesn't mean they are safe to know or that they have total integrity and higher wisdom.

Just cause someone claims to be psychic, it doesn't mean they are truly Spiritual or that they can see the errors of their own ways or are truly seeing anything clearly at all.

Just cause someone has achieved a great deal of success, doesn't mean it is always going to be there.

It is so important to appreciate one another, including our gifts and abilities -- but to me the greatest talent any of us can have is the capacity to see the Truth and be willing to step into higher virtues, without allowing our achievements to replace the motivation to develop ourselves further.

Part of our self development is knowing where we need boundaries.

Humility keeps it real. No matter who we are, no matter where we come from, no matter what we are capable of -- we need to check ourselves.

We all are talented and have gifts, those who have forgotten that need a gentle reminder, and I mean the ones who feel worthless and like they have nothing going for them in this life ~ Truth is you absolutely do.

To the ones who feel they are the greatest gift to humanity, well, accept that every human has unbelievable potential too. We are all a divine blessing.

Gentleness ~ Gigi Young ~ 26 November 2018

Source: Gigi Young

Gentleness allows spirit to flow through us in new ways. When we surrender, and open, we activate our inner child and through that center we call in higher awareness.

It is in this place that we affirm, without thought or struggle, but with the very movement of our very being, that we are safe, aligned and ready to evolve.

It is ease and peace that align us with our spirit. We must create a healthy environment within ourselves so that it can begin impacting our material world.

Instagram: @gigi_young

26 November 2018

Lightworkers: Transforming Darkness ~ Muses From A Mystic

Muses From A Mystic
Lightworkers aren't here to avoid the darkness....
They are here to transform the darkness through the illuminating power of Love.

Divine Intolerance and Energy Wizardry ~ Morag ~ 25 November 2018

"Divine Intolerance"....utterly and divinely necessary at this time of getting real. Authentic compassion ≠ enabling. And yes, totally agree with the Energy Wizardry. Co-creator Beings, time to get our Wands out :)   So, Wand in one hand, Light Sabre in the other.....

Source: Awakening 5D Healing

We are experiencing tremors filtering through the energetic landscape. Quantum calling cards heralding the coming great shift, the release of many, many souls from dark to light. The process has begun. The game has changed. We are no longer operating in the third dimension, the material plane has transitioned to the fourth realm. We are in training. We learn the rules of engagement in the matrix and astral plane within the babseudtg of fourth realm frequencies. We have been upgraded, lightbodies activated. 4d skillset downloaded and ready to be embedded. We are here as warriors of light, healers, missionaries of light, starseed, volunteers. Phase 3 is the preparation stage, accelerated learning curves, systems rebooted. The Shift is well underway.

Its getting intense beautiful people. Karmic release has hit new depths. More layers come off. We face deep wounds, hurt threatens to erupt from our beings. Let it. Cry. Reach out. Hug yourself. ‘Better out than in’ as my granny always said. It’s time to close some timelines down. Lock them out of our futurescape. Break destructive behaviour patterns. Divorce matrix demons. Retrain our brain to positive algorithms. Release the fear of loss, vacancies get filled. Solitude heals. Older ancestral karma is being released across the population. The demons attached to our ancestral lineage, haunting us, draining us, holding us back are disturbed by the river of light flowing through the fourth realm. They seek the exit. Many lightworkers will resonate, ancestral ties are being cleared. Walk the path of divine intolerance. Stay true to your self, do not bow to others will, if your self care, mental health or energetic equilibrium is threatened, give nothing but the bare minimum. Limit exchanges, interaction and eye contact. Pull back emotionally, protect in sacred circle of light and adopt light warrior stance. Dimensional turbulence is navigated with meditation, mantras and mindfulness.

What will it look like? We will see the old rules of engagement change. Instead of conformity to restricted social rules being the agenda, we will see compassion quietly thread her way through the fabric of our communities. Matrix programmes will glitch, short circuit, crash. The others will, over time, move out of our frequency range. Humans will look for spiritual healing, released from constraints in this changing landscape. Those who see the matrix will see the solidification of it in the fourth realm. It will become more apparent, more sinister, more restrictive. The police state will reveal itself more authentically. We use our votes, our influence, our intellect and our hearts when engaging with the matrix. Just as the dark manipulates perceived reality, casts spells on the material plane, so to can we perform energy wizardry. We can change the algorithms, we can transmute dark to light on multiple dimensions. In cyber space we can embed our words, images, comments in light. Like a virus we infect the world wide web with love.

We can spread light in our world through kindness, compassion, healing and gratitude. In the fourth realm some of us are being called to adopt warrior stance. We will be active in the rescue and release of many souls. Straddling multiple dimensions, we are the torch bearers, the light warriors, the way show-ers and the truth seekers. We get to know the dark web. We learn more about the enemy within. We hone our third eye skills, reading energy not the information our brain interprets. Get used to the motion sickness, find ways to deal with nausea, dizziness. We are acclimatising to transdimensional existence.
We are learning to move between states of reality. To affect consciously the spaces we find ourselves, active in dream state, not passive. We are in Jedi training for phase 4.

Light sabre at the ready, those who resonate with these words, tune into your higher self, there are messages, downloads to be embedded.

Are you ready to ‘know king fu’ light warriors?

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11:11 Mass Awakening ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 25 November 2018

Source: New Earth Central

We are entering the final week of 11:11 and another pass-through of 11:11:11 Activations on November 29th. Not only was 2018 a Mastership year, but also a year of powerful 11:11 Mass Awakening triggers to many souls on the planet. 11:11 signifies the bio-circuitry of electrical current impacting the magnetic fields that comprise the human energy field. It is a force field of magnificent proportions. Although we can only see the 3 dimensions of physical form, our consciousness can access the higher dimensions of the non-physical universe.

As the veils of density dissolve, the mind becomes aware of higher dimensional existence. One of the first observations the mind uncovers is the presence of a global simulation or artificial reality all humans are born into. As this global simulation of entrapment dissolves, the minds of millions, if not billions, are set free. We are witnessing a massive awakening.

As the artificial matrix simulation unwinds from the mind, you are free to roam the higher dimensions of possible future outcomes. You exist in a holographic universe of infinite possibilities. The human mind operates like a movie projector – displaying your chosen range of frequency into the visual world you experience. The mind has attuned to your selected chosen holographic reality.

The global simulation operated like an overlay grid circuit that intercepted the individual capacity to choose reality. The simulation creators usurped human free will and installed an artificial reality into the planetary field. In 2012 the matrix simulation unlocked and ‘free will’ reinstated on planet earth. Once the mind is freed, there is a reorientation period, as you learn to attune to your original Soul’s frequency. When you skip this step, called spiritual bypassing, you can find yourself maneuvered into more entrapment simulations.

Without this attunement step, the mind can become lost in parallel realities. Just scan the internet to see how diverse and astonishing many people’s realities are unfolding.

Reality is a code, a specific geometric language forming in tetrahedral crystalline structures. You can plug into very dense, fear-based, paranoid holographic realities or you can attune through the ‘heart-brain’ to harmonious simulations. Whatever mind simulation you attune to equals your selected timeline. Due to free will, you can change simulations and/or jump timelines in a nanosecond.

An alignment has been developing since 2012.  Out of chaos two very distinct world realities are being demonstrated – one mind centered, one heart centered. In metaphysical vernacular they are called 3D and 5D. Based on your chosen holographic simulation, you will be magnetized towards one or the other global timelines. Those who gravitate towards the 5D hologram are creating a New Earth reality that is very different than the world they were born into. It is non-polarized, harmonious and peaceful. The 5D New Earth hologram is accessible through the LOVE vibration in the heart.

The cosmic stargates occurring on 11:11, 12:12 and 12:21 are providing additional attunements to the highest divine frequencies of Christed Light that your mind can attain. With focused intention you can align your holographic mind with the celestial dimensions of Mastery. As you ascend into higher and higher frequency, the mind can enter realms unimaginable before. This cosmic opening to higher realms is moving many souls into different timelines. We will witness the global realities starting to pull apart in 2020.

All eventually returns to zero, the multi-dimensional presence of Now. As you ascend into higher band-widths, you are merging with the standing wave pulse of infinite co-creation. Observe what no longer resonates and shed it, release it, let it go. Keep ascending higher, getting lighter.

Every time you activate the Quantum Vortex, you open the gateway to the infinite holographic universe. Join our New Earth podcast this Wednesday, November 28th at 5pm PT as we step into the Quantum Vortex and transform our reality. We will focus on integrating all the magical 11:11 upgrades and activations, plus assist with clearing outdated and destructive timeline loops, including the Atlantean Armageddon timeline.

We will take questions from the listeners via email. Join other Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and receive Christ Consciousness into our being.

The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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Mt Shasta

Shared by Sherri Bilbro.


Because we reaaally need a laugh :)

Shared in a closed group.

Presents of the Light Presence are Presented to All ~ Gaia Portal ~ 26 November 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Presents of the Light Presence are presented to all.
Abundance protocols have established.
Flamboyants are exposed and dissolved from the tomes.
Messengers of the Galactics are heard.

November 2018 Energy Shifts ~ Joanna Fay ~ 25 November 2018

Four ships (Ashtar Command) form a straight line around a faint star (Capella, in the middle between them) in an ’11-11 greeting’ on the night of November 11th 2018, symbolizing a successful aligning of higher light to/around the Earth through that energetic Gateway. Love & gratitude to everyone ‘above’ and on Earth who focused with aligning and anchoring the Light in, on and around the planet during the 11-11-11, and in any moment :)
Several breath-taking photos of our Galactic Family carrying out their missions. Heartfelt Gratitude to all Light Beings tirelessly performing their tasks, including Joanna&Ashura, &Tanabor ๐Ÿ’œ
"We are the Unifying Ray of Peace, deep and eternal, radiating the lightest touch, the simplicity of Infinite Love, serenely weaving through our beings, every atom, molecule and cell, through every vibration within the collective consciousness and energy field of beloved Gaia and beyond, with Love for All.  And So BE It."
Source: Heart Star

Dear All,
As with every energetic Gateway this year, high light frequencies have continued pouring through the New Earth grid since the 11-11-11 alignment, toward a course adjustment of the overall planetary Shift that came into alignment during November 22nd, into the Full Moon energies of the 23rd, still flowing deeply in confluence with (and vibrationally connected to) shifts happening within the Solar System and wider galactic context.

From the local to galactic level, star family have been/are engaged in multiple focuses that can be seen and felt (see the photos below) as distinct, precise energetic stabilizations, clearings, catalysts, uplifts and refinements, but which are all interwoven in terms of multidimensional reverberation, frequency flows and template co-creations within the overall galactic ascension…at this moment involving the Earth and Moon, Mars and Orion, Sirius, Venus and the Pleiades, Canopus and Achernar, and many more. We’ll focus here with the Moon, Mars and the adjustments at Orion, and return to the Venusian-Pleiadian light flows very soon….as it’s all concurrent and wholly connected. Whatever might be going on for you right now, dear universal beings embodied on Earth, breathe deeply, stay in your heart, and trust the rebirthing energies flowing through all dimensions of life.  ๐Ÿ’“

The sequence of lightship alignments and orbs shared below came through November 11-18th as a representation of an immense week of shifts, clearings and re(newed)-alignments. Following the straight line of ships around the star Capella (alpha star of the Auriga constellation, The Charioteer) pictured at the top of this post, many orbs appeared around Mars, lighting and preparing energies for the next major transformation of that planet’s lower astral grid through to resurrection of its original Light.

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25 November 2018


Buddha Doodles
Just a couple of things....

What an experience the past few days have been, energy-wise. Specifically, since 22 November.

With this recent off-the-charts energies, I find that more than the usual amount of grounding is required to keep me on an even keel. I hope that you all got through this intense period relatively unscathed. I can only imagine what these energies are doing at our cellular level. Yay!!! but at the same time, ouch.

Sandra Walter, Aluna Ash, Solara Anani ~ these are the sources that I can remember off the top of my head who gave us the heads-up for this recent wave. These energies are coming in with shorter and shorter periods of time in between. Which is a good thing, if we believe that a massive shift will take place once every moment becomes an energy wave ~ zero point.

The other things I wanted to bring up is something that I'm just, well, bringing up. Please don't read anything more into it than just me making an attempt to connect a couple of things together, which may not even be remotely related in any way :)

Lucia Rene wrote about the Divine Feminine and Game-Point.
Aluna Ash speaks about the Galactic Cycle of the Divine Feminine
Cobra's latest has this ~ IS:IS approved at ECL2.

As always, Blessings & Namaste!