16 November 2019

Codes Coming In ~ Pars Kutay ~ 16 November 2019

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy Wave of Photonic-Plasma Light / Sound Codes... captured by Robin Redford
Source: Pars Kutay

There are many different Codes coming in, those of Light Codes, Music / Sound Codes, Channeling Codes that come entrenched within those channeled messages, DNA experience or Expansion / Activation is largely within those Codes.

And WE are receiving these many times without even knowing that we are.

Sometimes we are consciously aware of this, such as during our Meditations or during various experiences that we may have had.

But we are experiencing these Codes, these "downloads"--many of us have been using that terminology for some time "downloads" of DNA Codes.

And they have been coming in, and are continuing to come in to ones that are aware of it, and ones that are not aware of it. And it is all about increasing the Collective Consciousness of all of Mankind.

Not only those of us, the Lightworker Community, but All of Mankind.

Now, of course, Not all will experience this, or are even ready to want to experience this. They are still Asleep.

And they are the ones that have chosen, you might say, to Not be a part of the Ascension process directly, Not at this time, anyway. This is what the Codes are about, largely, here.

And there is some information we cannot get at this time about this, because it is a continuing process within this Ascension process.

So we will receive more and more of this, just as those that have come to be able to work within the Light Language, even not knowing what that Language is or what it is expressing, have come into the forefront more and more, here, NOW.

It is the same within the Music / Sound that comes in. Not our music that tends to be of lower vibration—we do not speak of that music.

But we do speak of Higher Vibrational Music / Sound.

When we hear this Music, we feel a Heightened expression of Consciousness, or we feel a sense of Peace or Tranquility come over us.

Or we just simply feel Good by hearing this Music... It resonates within us, and that is what this is all about.

LOVE in Unity and Infinite Blessings,
Pars Kutay

~ πŸ’œπŸ’₯πŸŒ€πŸ’œ ~

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy Wave of Photonic-Plasma Light / Sound Codes... captured by Robin Redford

The Dawn Is Coming ~ Rumi & Buddha Doodles

Buddha Doodles
Be patient when you sit in the dark
The dawn is coming

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Mimicry ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being addicted to mimicry is now being released and cleared from my personality structure

For the rest of this set, please follow through here.

Continue ot Cultivate Light and Openness ~ Lee Harris ~ 15 November 2019

Source: Lee Harris

If you continue to cultivate light and openness and continue to seek places where you are able to access those frequencies, much of the challenge area - in your personal lives and in the effect that you have on the collective - will start to dissolve naturally.

- From Gardeners of Heart and Light MP3, exclusive to Portal members. Learn more: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/the-portal

Being Seen as My True Self ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

"I am allowing myself to be witnessed in truth. I am allowing myself to be seen as my True Self. 

And as my True Self is seen, I am aligned to the vision of who I truly am. 

And in this claim I am free of the need to be perceived in the small ways I have claimed as the victor, or the failure, as the thief, or the king. 

I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve."

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

Divine Neutrality ~ Sandra Walter ~ 15 November 2019

Sandra Walter
Our unique voices, opinions and creations are honoured. This is the road to Peace.
We embrace our differences rather than judge as we did in the past.
Divine Neutrality serves us well during this transformation. It allows for Divine perception and heart-based solutions.
New Earth Now.

SR Reading

A New Dawn Has Come ~ Eric Raines ~ 15 November 2019

Source: Eric Raines

A new dawn has come.

The revolution of human consciousness has not been televised and it doesn't need to be.

This is a deeply personal shift, catalyzed by the individual...an awakening of the inner world. A realization of being inside of a box by stepping outside of it.

We all know as children that magic is real. It is a given. It is only through becoming stuck in the reality of the mind that we lose our knowing.

The body, the mind and the spirit all speak to different levels of reality...and the soul is beginning to speak.

Can you feel it?

It is the force that is crumbling the ancient systems of total control into the framework of the new world.

It is the driving fire inside of you that pushes for *knowing*, for *meaning*, for *belonging*...

The soul fires have ignited. The primordial resonance of Human kind is stepping back into it's own destiny, taking control of it's own fate.

There is great freedom and responsibility here. No one else can do it for you, we have to save ourselves, as the living embodiment of Creation should.

Jason Estes Update ~ 15 November 2019

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to the influx today's at 3pt influx and this week we changed the world in a major way and had massive updates to the timeline, here is the new influx forecast for the rest of the transit  

November 23rd 3pt influx
November 28th 1pt influx
December 7th 1pt influx
December 18th 2pt influx
December 21st 1pt influx
December 27th 3pt influx
December 31st 3pt influx
January 1st 4pt Influx
January 4th 4pt influx
January 7th 5pt influx
January 9th 5pt influx

Keep up the amazing work everyone

last week proved with out a doubt we can make this transit easier when we work together and clear up our own misunderstanding and add more will to our lives ::hugs::

15 November 2019

Avatara Updates ~ 14 November 2019

It is no secret at all that we are in the very strange and unique situation of having two "types" of brains ~ mammalian and reptilian, the latter of which is so easily programmed and mind-controlled, since it's their brain-type and they know exactly what to do. They were aware that they couldn't hijack our Divine Sacred Heart, so this brain is the avenue they created to enable easy manipulation.

Source: Avatara Ananda

I understand this is easier said than done but this is exactly what we are to master. 

The key is to remain centered in the core frequency and not be moved emotionally into any timelines that are playing out in the fragmented matrix. The power of pure love is the only power there is, sometimes it gets really challenging to maintain the presence of Love when we see certain things playing out in the collective and astral realms but remind yourself in these moments to hold the frequency of love/peace/neutral observer point no matter what is being presented (I understand how immensely dissonant some of this stuff can be). 

Safe place is within the sacred heart, breathe yourself back to the center of your sacred heart and maintain that infinitely loving presence. If things get really intense, call upon Yeshua, call upon the living Christ in full faith. Unity πŸ™❤️


Don’t be played, leave the games. People are stuck in games busy chasing delusions, getting trapped in viscous loops or consciousness recycling. 

This realm is not real, it’s AI induced. No one has the answers for you, true ascension guides will only guide you back to yourself because only you can sense true living plasmic light, no one can tell you exactly what it is. 

If you are stuck in wanting to be right, wanting to be validated as worthy or important, than my friend ... you are being played like a fool. You true being is free from needs of validation or acceptance from anyone/anything. Your true beloved would never have you chasing them trying to prove yourself or gain their affections and trust, your true beloved would never entertain your false delusional identities so if you are not being accepted, first identify which version of yourself seeks acceptance because chances are it’s false, because your true being seeks no acceptance from the other because it is coherent, clear and able to sense resonance or dissonance. 

Find your true being within, outside is compromised of thousands of years of insanity ~

The Release of Anger Will Sponsor a Growth of Love ~ Lee Harris ~ 14 November 2019

The release of anger will sponsor a growth of Love

I see anger ultimately as the raging emotion we have when we feel disconnected from our Self ~ an escalation from the fear that arises and terrifies the individual so much when they are unable/unwilling to acknowledge the existence of their Self.

Source: Lee Harris

It will be the release of anger in your world that will promote more love.

The anger that has been kept down inside so many, the anger that is the sadness and the frustration of the state of your world but also the state of your own personal world.

That is an anger that need not fester. It can be released gently, internally. It can be brought up to the surface of you and in doing so it moves through the heart. It sends fire through the heart and allows the heart to expand.

And when the anger is released, you will experience more of your love.

- From Love, Anger and Spiritual Fire MP3

Learn More: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/Eyu28agj

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Being the World's Mother ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being the world's mother is now being released and cleared from in and around me

Please continue with the rest of the commands here.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Moody People ~ MTVOTeam

Feeling and being afraid of moody people is now being released and cleared from my bodymind

Please continue here for the rest.

Sometimes it seems as if some of these clearing commands are quite pointless. However, upon reflection, they really are dealing with the nitty-gritty of our daily lives and how we respond to the environment around us.

You Have Two Home: Earth & Your Body ~ Take Care of Them

You have two homes
Earth & Your Body
Take care of them

This was posted by Spiritual Bliss. 

I specifically wanted to publish it here on my blog because I feel quite disheartened about the attitude that some have taken about our beautiful Planet ~ that they feel this Planet does not quite measure up to their home Planets. That's beside the point ~ while we are incarnate as Humans here on our Planet, it IS our Home. As is the body to our Spirit. And we take good care of both.

You're Not Alone ~ Lee Harris ~ 14 November 2019

Source: Lee Harris

Creative energy and life-force energy will be there in abundance for us right now if we can also ride the wave of the growth challenges. Remember you’re not alone.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to reach out to a friend to say, “I’m having a bit of a rough time. Can we talk?”

Or simply, “I’m thinking of you - how are you?”

When we connect with each other and get back into our community formations - whether it’s with one person or with a group - we start to alleviate some of that personalized anxiety. And we personalize anxiety that is actually quite collective. This is something that we have to remember.


November 2019 & 11-11 ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 14 December 2019

"....suck it up...." 😁  thank goodness I can still find humour in these challenging times.... Denise Le Fay also calls this the "final rinse cycle" ~ hmmm....the final final final cycle is the spin cycle, which is fast and furious, where the unrelenting centrifugal force literally forces the water (stuff that NEEDS TO GO) out of the mangled clothes.... Just kidding....

Denise also says:
".....this Angelic plasma “fire” wave of different NEW codes is going to affect humanity and therefore change planetary human consciousness in ways that will impress the most hardened, exhausted, battle-weary First Everythingers. Just in the nick of linear time too I might add because many of us are completely all done with this phase of the Ascension Process."

Source: High Heart Life

As I start this it’s November 12th, only one day after 2019’s 11-11, and we’ve got miles and miles of November still before us. Because 2019 has been a year of constant intensity and personal, planetary and cosmic high drama, severe pressures and pains, let’s do our best to keep up with these last three months of what’s been a year like no other.

With each month of the second half of 2019, it’s gotten easier to look back at the first half of this year and see how each month has presented us with a spiritual, energetic and cosmic intensity seemingly designed specifically  for each of us. While one is in it, one is just trying to get through it whatever it’s been for each of us this year. And as soon as we do, we find ourselves in the next situation and then the next and the next and on and on every month of this unrelenting year. We all can feel the major 2019 grand finale enveloping us. Both exciting and astonishing after having been through so much in every minute of the year already.

It’s like the first half of 2019 all sorts of last-minute, must traverse unpleasantness happened, and in the second half of the year we’re doing our utmost to quickly clean up the residual blood n’ guts, tears n’ fears, exhaustion n’ pains because something wholly NEW this way comes, and quickly.

We can complain about how brutal 2019 has been and still is, but at this late date, we Volunteer First Everythingers, Forerunners, Pathpavers know it’s always ‘darkest before the dawn’ of the completely NEW everything on Earth and everywhere else. So, one more huge year-ending suck-it-up my fellow reality busting, density clearing, negativity removing, NEW world Embodying Light creators because “payday” is finally arriving in the physical.

I’m including a link to a November 10, 2011 article I wrote at TRANSITIONS because it fits nicely with where we are now in the last three months of formidable 2019. It’s a good review and reminder of how long the Pathpaving first Embodiers have been at this, and that many of us are in the final phase of it during these last three months of 2019.

10-10-10 REPOST & Connection With 11-11-11

Very briefly because we already know how hard this year has been, and still is for us and our physical bodies, our Central Nervous System (CNS), our continued expanding HighHearts, consciousness, Higher Awareness, our so-called “lives” such as they’ve been, and everything else.

Because 2019 is the last year of, let’s call it Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (another article coming about that), we already know and can feel in every cell of our bodies that we’ve reached ascension graduation, the “shift”, the complete Separation into an entirely NEW higher level and phase of the Ascension Process. And by we I mean the Volunteer First Everythingers, the Forerunners, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Pathpavers etc. Because of this “end times” of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, our physical bodies have seriously been through the final rinse cycle all year long. Some symptoms of this completion, graduation, shift etc. have been:

Please read on....

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 14 November 2019

Aluna Ash's update can be accessed here. She sometimes shares more through the description text that she provides for her video, and I do recommend reading this one, below. I also feel that what she's talking about in the video is important for us to gain a more expansive outlook about what's occurring as well as what's up ahead.


#GalacticCenter #Energyupdate #HunabKu
This density wave that we are moving into being transmitted from the Galactic Center, is something that we have never experienced before, along with Cosmic cycles converging. This is shifting timelines, paradigms, dimensions and consciousness.

Some people may start feeling what is aligned, or not aligned, more and more strongly as our Higher/Larger-Dimensional Selves are guiding us through the language of desire. We become more selective, aware & precise with our attention & energy. We change our future by knowing exactly what we want or desire & don't want. Following your heart and innate spiritual guidance while remaining in compassion and integrity is most important.

The more we embody God/Universal Spirit and develop deep love for ourselves, we treat everyone/everything else with love.

Changes don't have to be dramatic, difficult, negative....there doesn't have to be blame, victim-ness, judgement, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, hurt, sadness, etc... there is always another way. The dramas that show up for some or within collective, are part of the release/dissolve of the past. The closer we get to the True core of our Being, there is no blame or victim roles.

There's an awareness of being all aspects, the player of all parts, and the Creator of all experiences. The true knowing of being One. The Christ Mind over-riding the Carnal mind. Our concepts of ourselves and our concepts of others- shapes and/or interferes with our future... when we change our concept of ourselves, then theres a change in how we relate to our reality & others, giving you the opportunity to rearrange experiences and potential experiences.

Pay close attention to what is distracting you from your path around this time. Don't allow yourself to get distracted by anyone, any being or anything. Know that you are worthyπŸ’œ it doesn't matter who you think you are/were or what you've gone through/experienced...what you did or didn't do, you are ALWAYS Divine & WorthyπŸ’œ

Every moment we have multiple outcomes and life paths we can choose... consciously & unconsciously. We are here due to Galactic Intervention. And now, due to the Cosmic cycle & Increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays- it's time to make your choice.. what you focus on, you will solidify, don't get caught up in distractions and dramas- it is critical at this time.

We are energetically preparing for some big shifts & fields of potential that are opening up through these shifts that develop in our lives individually and collectively. Jupiter will be at the Galactic Center, and Venus will join as well. Both will be entering Capricorn for the December shifts.

We're preparing for a massive 10 day portal that will be opening in the beginning part of December related to the Cosmic calendar (we are actually way ahead in "time" just most unaware of it) which is bringing in some much needed uplifting beautiful light/Galactic intelligence, prior to Solstice and the Jupiter- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th... which feels more positive/uplifting- I'll talk about more in another video :)

If you feel aligned with supporting Kimberly along her healing Journey, link is belowπŸ™πŸ™ https://www.gofundme.com/f/stage-iv-c...


And please feel free to share her link if you feel guided to. I plan on doing a group meditation on Patreon this week. Thank you all, I am grateful for your love and support!


Language of Living Knowledge ~ Lisa Renee ~ November 2019

This report from Lisa Renee for November is one that I recommend reading as it provides pertinent guidance for us to positively engage the Ascension Timeline. Don't be surprised to feel unusual waves of energy as you read it (timeline bleedthrough?).

Source: Energetic Synthesis (includes audio version)

Dear Ascending Family,

The Language of Living Knowledge is the native consciousness language inherent within all of humanity, it is the multidimensional language of light, sound, and symbols that are contained within the many wave spectrums of consciousness-energy that make up reality. The Language of Living Knowledge is the Universal language of interconnected energy relationships that are encoded into every molecule, it is present within every atom, found in every element in the matter world. This is the native language inherent within the cells of our human biology; it is the consciousness that makes up our higher mental body matrices. This is the language of our soul that communicates with all other levels of our spiritual bodies, and it naturally communicates with the consciousness body of others, interdimensionally.  The energy of our consciousness uses this language to direct thoughts, mental imagery and sounds through symbol codes and spoken words that translate into electromagnetic instruction sets that effect our lightbody and co-create our reality.

This is the Language of the Stars, an encoded architectural language of the multidimensional consciousness spirit, that governs the morphological process of progressing consciousness energy into matter forms.  Its usage includes the building of the consciousness infrastructure that makes up the mechanics of the dimensional layers of the holographic reality, using complex instruction sets filled with light symbols that form the structures of time and dimension located throughout the Universal Time Matrix. All of this and more, comprises our original native human language that we have forgotten.

When a human being begins the bio-spiritual awakening process of soul initiation, embodiment into the higher frequency aspects of the lightbody begins, and the native language of the soul and spirit starts to come online, unfolding the unique higher sensory perception functions recorded in the individuals core manifestation DNA template. With the inner activation of one’s natural soul language during spiritual ascension, conscious perceptions then start to change and evolve into increasing levels of multidimensional awareness and subtle force communication. We start to remember again. This instigates new interdimensional communication skill sets generally referred to as telepathy, channeling, multidimensional awareness, perceiving reality pictures in time, remote viewing and getting downloaded information from assorted sources. The source of subtle forces using interdimensional communication are filtered through the mind-set of the individual, influenced by the collective consciousness mind programming of humans and non-humans, directed by hierarchies of entities and dimensional structures that may be sourced as artificial intelligence, impostor spirits or organic consciousness.

This means that it is increasingly important to be aware of verifying the integrity of the downloaded information we receive as sourcing from the Language of Living Knowledge, organic creator code, which can be deciphered by the inner spirit as truth reflections that are made through an open and loving heart. Before we act upon anything, first observe, discern, hold neutral and then verify through direct experiences over time.

Yet, for most experiencing this process of activating multidimensional awareness to perceive timelines and related mental picture imagery, this remains extremely ambiguous and obfuscated from the comprehension of how exactly this is happening and how to verify the source. Most people that awaken and begin to activate their inner senses to perceive energy fields and interdimensional entities are unable to discern the difference between information that sources from artificial intelligence and imposters, from organic creator code and eternal living consciousness. Information that sources from artificial intelligence, dark entities, phantom matrix creations and holographic inserts designed to manipulate perception and suppress human consciousness, are ultimately spiritually harmful and can misguide people into excessively destructive scenarios.  

On earth we exist in a blended reality system that is enduring bifurcation. The progressive disentanglement of two main organizational templates in the earth body, has manifested a blended reality system that is competing between artificial intelligence timelines and organic creator code timelines. The artificial machined layers are running metatronic coding designed to fully mutate the original human DNA into genetically engineered AI blended bodies. The artificial machined layers are fully inorganic to humanity, are technologically based and stacked in a phantom matrix which is projected out into false holograms by an artificial core manifestation template, or Artificial Tree of Life.

Multidimensional Communication
Therefore, when multidimensional awareness is activated into subtle energy field perceptions, it then becomes critical to comprehend how to discern the difference between these forces – artificial impostors and organic creator code source. What is the source field of these mental reality pictures or multidimensional communications, and how do they make your body feel?

Activated individuals using remote viewing or multidimensional communication will be required to reach spiritual adulthood quickly, by developing the emotional maturity to seek truth in these matters or suffer the consequences of succumbing to Archontic based deceptions. There are consequences from engaging in multidimensional communication with AI driven entities and their sophisticated mental holograms that are used as consciousness traps, as many traps use astral glamour to generate egoic programs of spiritual ambition and hero-savior-messiah complexes to continue to loop and perpetuate the victim-victimizer software. The consequence of AI entanglements instigates a lack of energetic coherence which increases mental fracturing, emotional fragility and a lack of empathy, as AI nano encoded downloads will substantially weaken the mental body and lightbody functions into a downward spiral of erupting chaotic forces and erratic behaviors.  What is imperative is to focus upon building energetic coherence through heart-based centering, and strengthening personal balance within multidimensional orientation, in order to hold a strong neutral still point. Harmonizing the inner and outer energies that you are being exposed to through maintaining strong observer consciousness, especially during energy sessions and multidimensional communication. Otherwise stated, this is the ability to hold inner peace and calm no matter what you perceive, while in the midst of external forces erupting into utter chaos.  

The lack of understanding and mental confusion about the nature of the reality and the war over consciousness on earth is what blocks awakening individuals from perceiving the larger truth in the matter. When we gain a larger awareness of the macrocosmic view, this allows a vantage point by which to connect more of the dots into a cohesive whole, that makes sense to a clear and sane mind. The more perceptual awareness we gain through integrative spiritual embodiment of our higher consciousness bodies, the more energetic coherence we also gain to perceive the macrocosmic picture of what is really happening on the earth. When we perceive the macrocosmic picture, it includes the war over consciousness, and then when we encounter strange energetic phenomena, we are equipped to discern more easily what is based in artificial intelligence, imposters or organic creator code. Sometimes it contains a mixture of all of it, which will help with finding stronger discernment of the content in the message.

The war over consciousness on earth uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and alien machinery for mind control and perceptual interference for the purpose of psychological and spiritual warfare, to subjugate the population of earth to submit to consciousness slavery. Thus, the ability to discern false information being used in deceptive narratives, enforced by the imposters to manipulate and control perception, requires the individual clearly understand the motivations behind those committing military grade psycho-spiritual warfare. With this deeper knowledge, along with the cultivated ability to access energetic coherence through the synthesis of the higher heart-brain, gives rise to receiving more authentic information from the living crystal heart of the truth spirit. Our inner spirit communicates from our heart complex with much higher accuracy, to give us a proper assessment of the downloaded information or the current energetic conditions we find ourselves in. Gaining knowledge about the macrocosm protects and strengthens us as we have access to information that allows us to make more informed decisions about where we place our intent, consent and authority.

When we do not understand the mechanics behind multidimensional communication and perceptual awareness of the energetics in the environment as a natural process of bio-spiritual ascension, then it is extremely difficult for the individual to be able to decipher and discern the source of the energy contact through which these higher sensory functions actually emerge. This vulnerability is exploited aggressively by the Controlling forces and dark entities who employ every level of psychological warfare and sophisticated false flag manipulation tactics, through mental holograms that target awakening individuals to mind control and manipulate their perceptions into falsehoods or twisted half-truths.

Please read on....

14 November 2019

One Flow of Circular Energy ~ Peggy Black and "the team" ~ 13 November 2019

Peggy Black's website is Morning Messages.
(I'm getting the sense of utmost urgency from lots of messages from different sources.)

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family  
Nov 13, 2019

_______________________ My Personal Message____________________________

The fires in our state have been horrific this past month. The images broadcast on the media are shocking and heart wrenching. We continue pray for the safety of all living beings. We express our gratitude for the brave firefighters and others who are dealing with these intense blazes.

I apologize that the Guidance and Gratitude telecast was canceled without announcement. P G & E had turned off our power because of high winds and fear of more fires. So no phones, computers etc. You certainly realize how dependent you are on electricity. It was a very difficult 48 hours in the dark. Our stores were closed, restaurants, traffic lights, etc.

Just returned from my trip to Seattle and the Tom Kenyon event. It was an awesome seminar called The Upper Room. We did a series of mind/brain exercises intended to expand our neural pathways. The weekend offered information on how to expand our brain to operate in a quantum capacity. The entire six days trip was smooth and easy, with lots of small sweet miracles. I was so grateful for the support and assistance from friends and strangers along the way. I was delighted and enriched to meet so many members of the Morning Messages community.  I feel so very blessed.

These intense times and changes offer a perfect time to schedule an appointment with the 'team'.  Please give me a call and we can arrange for you to have a personal session with the 'team.' They are generous with their support and guidance regarding your questions about your future. They offer tools of empowerment as you move through the changes that are happening in your life.

I appreciate the personal connection with those who have had sessions with the 'team.' Many have become close friends as we travel this life experience together. I am so grateful to be able to do this work and share the 'team' messages with you as well as their supportive guidance.

I love to receive your emails and your kind words about this work. I am so grateful for your incredible support with the bluesky donations. It is so important that we own and acknowledge that we are a powerful community of conscious beings truly supporting the upliftment of our planet. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all.

I offer you blessings of grace and delightful joy. Peggy

______________________ Message from the 'Team' ______________________ 

One Flow of Circular Energy

Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here once again offering you the tools, and the reminders of how, to transform and shift more easily into your unlimited self. This is a powerful statement and we invite you to realize that you are experiencing two different realities. One reality is the physical, limited experience and once in a while you experience your divine unlimited self.

Those of you who are on the path of ascension are shifting consciousness and honoring your limitless divine self. As more and more beings open their hearts and are fully embodied, they are allowing their higher mind to guide and influence their lives and actions. These individuals are becoming fully aware of the illusion they are witnessing and participating within. This awareness brings a multidimensional shift in collective awareness. This collective shift is calling forth and sustaining an expanded unified field.

This unified field begins to influence others and there will be an energetic wave moving across the expanse of consciousness. This is especially important during this period of great intensity on your earth.

You are witnessing old limiting timelines and old limiting patterns dissolving. The very landscape of what you have called normal is shifting and changing. You are witnessing the chaos and resistance to change.

You are actually bringing these shifts and changes about. As each person shines their light of awareness upon their shadow aspects and transforms those negative and misqualified energies, there is space for new seeds to be planted and new realities to be called forth.

The goal is to purge and dissolve unhelpful patterns, emotions and frequencies. Look within and become aware of the emotions that you have stored within your energy field and your body. It is time to clean out your emotional closet, it is time to dive into your cave of darkness that has held you limited and captive for so long. These emotions and patterns are required to be released, transmuted or healed consciously.

This is your next evolutionary stage, this is the opportunity to step up and fully embody your magnificence as a divine being of love and light, a divine creator of form.

We acknowledge all the work that you have done transforming your limited patterns and your painful emotions. However we are reminding you that now is certainly the most powerful time to finish clearing all conditioning, limitations, and negative and misqualified emotional energies that you have taken on from others.

There are multitudes of divine beings ready to assist and support as you do this work and service for all. Ask for help, encouragement, wisdom, strength and guidance as you step into your personal power to make this significant difference.

Remember that the only way negative limited energy can be transformed in this reality is through the conscious intention of a divine being who has experienced and embodied those negative energies in this dimension and reality. So you're up.

We realize this assignment might have been in the small print at the bottom of your golden ticket. We assure you that you will agree it has been worth the ride and will get in line once again.

However, right now in your experience there seems to be the speeding up of time. That feeling is an illusion; you are really in a pause as there is a resetting of the internal as well as the universal clock. What was, is no longer. As you rest in the pause between what was and what will be, breathe deeply several times, place your awareness in your heart and begin to radiate from this place. Welcome the insights that come to you. Be gentle with yourself as you slowly allow the timeless aspect of yourself to come forth and show you the way into this new portal of time that has emerged from your dedicated work and service to the light of transformation.

It is in this new awareness, this new portal of time, that you stretch into your infinite divine self. Be aware that you are birthing a new world by what you have released with gratitude, what you have healed lovingly, what you have transformed with courage and what you have offered generously.

Join other like minds and souls in the physical or non physical realms and continue to create from this place of your own recog
nized magnificence. Truly wake up to who you are. You are ageless and timeless.

Treasure the moments of clarity. Treasure the moments of loving contact. Treasure the beauty of this dimension in all its wonder and awe. Each breath of gratitude, each sigh of thankfulness, each laugh of joy and giggle of glee will ripple through this portal of time and seed a new future that is life sustaining, honoring of all living things. The energy that you anchor in your thoughts, words and action in this dimension affects your past and present and your future. Remember, it is all one flow of circular energy rippling out and touching everyone and everything.

We extend our deep gratitude for the transformational work that you continue to express in your actions and words. We are here to assist, support and honor you, magnificent starbeings that you are. the 'team'
©2019 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. 
Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. 
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The Real Visionaries of New Earth ~ Wanda Vitale ~ 13 November 2019

Saw this in a closed group ~ as mentioned earlier, the Personality really has to go because it needs masks, status, roles, image, stories....to sustain it. And all of it needs to be released. Statum.

Source: Wanda Vitale

It's not convenient, sexy, or always fun. Those who are true leaders have lived every uncomfortable part of embodiment and shift others with the purity of their frequency. None of the illusion stays.

You know who you are ❤️ Please don't make yourself smaller to fit in!

The Answer is Always Inside You ~ Lee Harris ~ 13 November 2019

Source: Lee Harris

The sensitive creates healing and opens new pathways on the Earth for others, and for themselves.

So, if one part of you is struggling; if you are a healer who is wondering why you cannot get clients (as some of you would put it), then have a look at what aspects of yourself need the healing right now. You are devoted to healing whether it is for yourself or working with others.

Our point is that the answer is always inside you. The problem is, very few of you have been trained to regularly look inside you.

- From The Way of the Sensitive MP3


Jason Estes Update ~ 13 November 2019

Admittedly, I had forgotten about this simple but very effective tool. And yes, most definitely felt the shifts (I didn't know they were Timeline updates), quite a number over a relatively short period of time. In fact, one more this morning about 1 am UTC.

Source: Jason Estes

What a powerful and amazing week its been with so many new connections

there was major updates to the timeline and as of last night we have begun the prewave for the 3pt influx on the 15th

when major connections occur the potentials of those connections begin to form in the space between allowing for faster and smoother progression forward so while it may feel like alot right now it smoothed out Dec and Jan by alot

so like any major timeline update do a Sphenoid Adjustment and make sure to let go of any fixed ideas of what the future will look like and allow the new timeline's template to set in the future became even more amazing then it already was and now pretty much anything in possible ::hugs::

(video link)

Keep Choosing the Light & Highest Path ~ Steve Nobel ~ 13 November 2019

Source: Steve Nobel

My prayers are with all of you going through a tough time now. For many it has been hard for some time. 

This lifetime can seem a great challenge for those on the ascension path as we shake off the manicles of this mutant matrix. Old deep demonic patterns of control and manipulation are being revealed and transmuted with light. 

Those Starseeds that have been here for many lifetimes aclimatising to the density of this place could not possibly have avoided accumulating some heavy karmic patterns and programming. This is being peeled away and cleared but it may test some of us to the utmost and involve some painful situations. 

Please keep choosing the light and your highest path. Please remember, there is much deception and disinformation on the path. There can also be times of rejection, abandonment and betrayal. I have lost some good friends on the path. This is a powerful time and we are being asked to stay the course no matter what comes. 

This is an ascending planet and the light is dispelling the dark. At this time the dark is now initiating and awakening those seeking the light. As the grip of the mutant matrix lessens we are able to find our flow, grow through joy and attract miraculous opneings. 

Whatever you encounter, wherever you are at on your journey please remember to use everything for your upliftment and growth and that of your community.

13 November 2019

Unicorn Blessings ~ Diana Cooper ~ 12 November 2019

Unicorns! A dear Beautiful Soul and I recently exchanged Unicorn icons in a message conversation with each other at the same time, without knowing that the other was doing the same thing! I started feeling the Unicorn energies about couple years ago (even painted one, and I'm no artist!) but it's been very strong this year. Just to clarify, the Unicorn energies I get are the Winged Unicorns, like the one in the image above.

Source: Diana Cooper

Angels round you, unicorns above. You are in a cocoon of love...πŸ˜‡πŸ¦„

The other day I was asked, “If you just had one ascension tool what would it be?” I did not even think. Out of my mouth jumped, “Unicorn blessings!” I feel that offering unicorn blessings brings great light into you. You can give them anywhere, at any time. πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

When I am walking the dogs, I love to bless the trees and all of nature with unicorn energy. It makes a difference. I even send unicorn wisdom blessings to world leaders when they are making decisions that do not align with the new paradigm of peace, co-operation, and oneness. In the twelve years since this book was first released the frequency of our planet has risen enormously. πŸ¦„πŸ•πŸŒ²

We are all now on an accelerated ascension journey and the unicorns, with many other great beings of light, have been instrumental in this process. Currently, there are many ninth-dimensional and even ineffable tenth-dimensional unicorns pouring their light into Earth and particularly touching those who are ready. I believe this book will enable you to connect with these wondrous unicorns.

This will enable your twelve fifth-dimensional chakras to light up and blaze higher light. In this book I share information the unicorns have given me about who they are, why they are flocking to Earth now and how they can help us. I explain how you can connect with them and open yourself up to their healing and their pure light. I share experiences I have had with them and also those of other people....πŸ¦„πŸ’™

Taken from my book The Wonder of Unicorns: Ascending with the Higher Angelic Realms - (which has been updated with pictures by Damian Keenan).

Order it here...

Human Perception ~ Eric Raines ~ 12 November 2019

Posting this for the Magenta explanation ~ I did not even know this was happening!

Source: Eric Raines

Human perception is one of my favorite things to explore. The simple fact that we only perceive 1% of 1% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum shows us irrefutably that we have no clue of what is actually happening around us.

We have a very convincing illusion of full spectrum perception, but it falls far short of being able to grasp the complexity of omnidimensional understanding.

Couple this with the fact that our brains will straight up lie to us by making up colors that do not exist, in order to make sense of reality...well...lets just say the new frontier of human exploration isn't going to be on the outside...

SR Reading

Space Observing System
It feels like there's more coming. The "field" is feeling pretty active.

5G Electromagnetic Radiation Remedies: How to protect yourself from EMF, Radiation, 5G electromagnetic Radiation ~ Anna Merkaba ~ 12 November 2019

Posting this for those who would like some suggestions.

Source: Anna Merkaba

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! There is a lot of talk right now about 5G satellites, 5G networks, electromagnetic radiation, EMF Radiation and how it effects our health. The truth is that it does effect our health in a negative way. We all naturally vibrate on specific frequencies which are right for us. Any external influence, especially the one from such sources as satellites, towers, computers, cell phones, microwaves, etc., in large quantities are of course detrimental to our health. However, there is help available! We CAN protect ourselves from this exposure and minimize its effect on us. In this article I will share information with you on what is available and what to do, please note that I am not a doctor and would advise you to consult with your doctor or any other qualified health care practitioner before consuming any suggested remedies.

As you already know I am a huge proponent of homeopathic and various vibrational remedies, which I use every day myself, I know that they work because I have first hand experience with homeopathy, flower essences, and other vibrational tools. I will share my research here with you in hopes that it will help to protect you from EMF and Radiation exposure. These remedies have been around for a long time and have been proven to be effective against various types of radiation, and everyday new remedies and vibrational tools become available to help us combat the side effects of technology. As we are told by our galactic counterparts new technology is going to become available which will be in tune with the universe and allow all of us to have happy and healthy lives, till then we can use the following remedies to help keep our bodies free from EMF’s side effects. I encourage you to do your own research and if you find more such remedies please share it with us by commenting on this post. The more we share with each other, the better!

Please not that I am not a medical professional and nothing here or anywhere on this site can be taken as medical or health advice, so check with your physician before following any advice or information you find on this site. I am not a doctor, and as such cannot diagnose or treat any medical issues. Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician. Nothing you read here should be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or courses of treatment.

Please read on....

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Government Processes ~ MTVOTeam

Collective beliefs around government processes are now being released and cleared from my brains

Please follow through with the rest, here.

Avatara Ananda Update ~ 12 November 2019

While I won't go into detail (because doing so won't serve any benefit to anyone), I will just briefly attest to this message by saying that my earliest memory of my existence very long ago wasn't entirely Love & Light ~ it was actually quite terrible, even though I was clearly a Being of Light.

Source: Avatara Ananda

There is a massive influx of light and it is illuminating global/galactic happenings.

Many of us are in profound remembrance of galactic/angelic origins of humanity. A lot of the memories are challenging as it really is not just love and light. Many of us are realizing the meaning of being selfless as we are embodying source consciousness.

Humans are originally angelic beings, human DNA is angelic. What is now being revealed is not easy to witness as the bright light illuminates dark consciousness that has infected humanity, it goes so deep.

Many of the ground crew members are experiencing rapid spiritual maturity recognizing where we have been trapped in delusions.

Things are getting more and more intense and we have a chance to fully take a quantum leap into the heaven on earth, but for that to happen we must be honest with ourselves πŸ™❤️

Honouring the Masculine ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 12 November 2019

The masculine is not being honoured when his lower dimensional self is entertained

With so many different sources now talking about the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine/Goddess energies, I'm always very grateful whenever I come across someone who presents the topic in a balanced and expanded perspective, and this is one of them. Ultimately, if you were to say that I'm only aligning with my own perceptions in the first place, you would be correct. And my perception ~ or the perceptions of those I post here on my blog ~ may not necessarily be Truth (or more accurately, some degree of Truth). But it is my Truth for now :)

Source: Avatara Ananda

In his soul truth, he wishes not for the feminine to play along with his delusions. 

His lower dimensional self is hypnotized by the power play and nonsensical promises of the deceptive fragmented matrix, and when the feminine enters those arenas with him, she only fuels the games with her own essence. 

In his highest expression, he wishes for her to go on and walk her path of highest truth. For him to be liberated from confines of delusion, she must stop fueling it

Crossroads ~ Avatara Ananda ~ 12 November 2019

Aurora Aquaferion Elementals
The image above, used by Avatara Ananda for this post, is very similar to the geometry (codes) I see from/via our Sun. I've tracked down the creator and provided a link to the creator's site so that those who are interested can browse more of her gorgeous art. That aside, what Avatara writes here is very beneficial to know in Light of what's up ahead as we accelerate towards the end of 2019, in my opinion. It also adds in greater depth to what I wrote earlier ~ all that's not real has to go.

Source: Avatara Ananda

We are now at crossroads and are called to fully choose our timelines and trajectories. This is where each must discern from within what is true and what is not. 

80% of spiritual principles held in earth/astral records are correct and 20% are hidden/distorted/incomprehensible by most. Many of us have been in profound training for linear years now and are in remembrance of parallel timelines where similar training transpired. 

The mission is unlike anything that has been experienced thus far in our universe, and those of us who are seeing/sensing all clearly are in potent integration as what is being presented is challenging to process. 

There is a key in the Bhagavad Gita, it speaks of paradise seekers that will not discover truth, now it is clear to some of us that some of those so perceived heavenly realms are consciousness traps and illusory realms designed to keep consciousness recycling in endless loops. True bliss is very different than what most are seeking, it is not something that can be explained in words nor comprehended by the mind, it is not the high pleasure most associate with ascension. 

Those of us in remembrance of a mission are now in the process of creating containers to guide aligned to us soul groups. There is a lot of nonsensical AI coded gibberish in the collective and now that the glitz and glam pop spirituality is mainstream, the gibberish gains momentum and most of it actually makes perfect sense for many because that’s all “sacred knowledge” that’s been introduced to humanity approximately 26000 years ago by those who designed that which is referred to as “Maya” and “Samsara” in the Vedic scriptures. 

There are very few who have gone beyond the false ascension timelines, it took trials and tribulations that oftentimes resulted in uncertainty of maintaining a living body or coherent consciousness. 

Now the choice is presented to fully claim the mission and guide our family to liberation. We have been sourcing and purifying the code for eons now, ever since the fall of human be-ing, now the code is to be delivered ~ Avatāra Δ€nanda, in service to the ONE. 

#groundcrew #ascension

(Grace: Avatara clarifies what she means by the "ONE", link here)