31 January 2019

Love, Compassion & Forgiveness: Our Natural State ~ Brad Johnson ~ 29 January 2019

Source: Brad Johnson

"We ask many all the time... Why do humans feel so compelled to go through misery? 

Misery is not your natural state. It's an adopted state. A program you've bought into. 

Do you know how it came to be? It was adopted so you could build rapport with others who suffer. As others suffer, you felt you had to suffer with them so you could relate. 

But look at what happens when you live as a core being and love, compassion and forgiveness is your nature. You bring that person out of that state because you know the value of authenticity. Bring that to others because it takes no effort to love. It takes all the effort to be in misery. 

It all comes down to decision."

~ Adronis.

Through The Many Layers, Oftentimes Painfully ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 29 January 2019

Source: High Heart Life

I know that the Sun is currently spraying us with divinely directly evolutionary plasma energies (solar winds) and more, but yesterday—January 28, 2019—was nearly too much for me physically. Too much for me because I had to leave me house and go to Sears during this latest human and Earth plasma hosing. It was pain-filled to absolute overflowing for a variety of reasons for me, this early 2019 solar plasma hose-down being one of them, but I feel this entire business needs to be discussed a bit more. Yesterday was NOT the first time I’ve experienced what I’m going to share next because I’ve been dealing with it throughout these ascension years. It’s just that yesterday was crazy severe and painful on my physical body and I know many of you are feeling extreme physical pains now too. I’m hoping today is less severe, and it probably will be because I’m not leaving my house for days! I need to recuperate from yesterday.

Yesterday I had to go to Sears automotive to get the oil changed and new wiper blades installed on my car because California has more rain coming this week. Rain is always a big deal for drought-ridden California, especially SoCal and the drivers here decrease their normal driving speeds from 85+ MPH down to 80 MPH or thereabouts.  :-/  Also, I’ve found that rubber products from the past Piscean Age, and much else, don’t fair well in vastly higher frequency solar plasma energies and Photonic Light. They seem to deteriorate rubber products and pretty much everything else of that lower frequency range very rapidly.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sears, it was founded in 1893 in North America and was the first mail-order store. It sells almost everything and many years later added the automotive department. I’ve taken my cars there for a long time but rarely go into the Sears department store. I’ll shop online at Sears/K-Mart but I’ll do everything I can to not have to physically go into any store to shop at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Process.

A couple weeks ago I bought some pajama sets (pant and top) online from K-Mart (owned by Sears) for my mom and as has become almost normal over the past year, the items I order online are not what arrives at my physical front door. Sometimes it’s the wrong size item, wrong color, different brand, and in this latest case the pants to the pajama set weren’t included, only the top. My whole point in shopping online is to not have to go to the physical stores, but this latest screw up by Sears/K-Mart pissed me off so I decided to return the pajama top with no matching bottom while the Sears mechanic was changing the oil in my car. Now here where things get interesting for we Volunteer folks. How many of you have experienced this too over these ascension years?

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Super Intense Energies ~ Steve Nobel ~ 29 January 2019

Yes. Very intense.

Source: Steve Nobel

Please be aware that the energies are super intense right now. We are in a powerful phase of the ascension process. many are feeling intense ascension symptoms. 

Please ground in the crystalline grid of the earth by walking in nature. 

Take some space and stillness.

Take care of your physical body. 

Do less intense meditations if that feels right.

Resistance ~ Gigi Young ~ 29 January 2019

Source: Gigi Young

The resistance we feel is not the external world pushing against us, it’s not traffic, politics or even that really annoying co-worker. I know this is hard to hear, but these are all variables, moving parts. Your constant is your inner being- your soul.
The resistance that we feel, whether it be a rut, depression, anxiety, frustration or plain ol all encompassing fear (yaaaaaay!) is rooted in our relationship with our shadow. Particularly how often we are facing it.
The material world around us moves according to the subtle creative forces: spirit, mind and emotion; the quality of these subtle forces is greatly determined by how bravely we dance with our darkness- our shadow 💀.
When we avoid it, it begins to gain more influence over our lives, our life gets smaller and we feel restricted and eventually sad, powerless and angry.
The most practical thing to do is to take small risks each day, this keeps your shadow from layering into your mind like it is some kind of authority. Secondly, feel your emotions and validate them as a valuable message, take time to journey with them and use your intuition. Also Exercise to move stagnant energy and meditate to clear mind of unconscious patterns. These activities help keep our shadow shedding and your focus high and clear! ♥️

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29 January 2019

Children of the New Creation ~ Broder Bilal

This is beautiful....thank you, Brother Bilal!  💖

Source: Broder Bilal
Soaked in Bliss, so profoundly. The Moments of Timelessness sweeping silently The Daydreams of realities.

Dreaming the way back, our Way to whispering voices of Eternity. Forgiving The Sorrow Hearts of Ancient Past, heavy lessons where learned for embracing The Arrival of those Glorious days.

The Eternal Moment of Joy, Grace of The Divine that was long Prophesied. We are there. The feelings of Ecstasy warping up the Dimensions of Space, Expanding in Crescendos of Euphoria.

Stillness of those Moments to come, for all of Us. After Eons of times to finally rejoice in our True Shining Divinity. Those Bliss of thousandths moments captured in One Blink of an Eye.

Fellow Travelers from Long Distance, Gathered for Wonders. A Small Step to our New Beginning, our New World with our New Life inherited by Miraculous memories. The Beauty of that New Luminous Creation, The Star of Gaia, Shines for All of Us.

We Are The Children of The New Creation

Brother Bilal

Daily Energy Routine ~ Donna Eden

It is my recent experience, and therefore my new belief, that as long as we are inhabiting a biological physical body, we need to get it involved in our energy clearing and frequency raising. (Unless of course we have easy access to a Med Bed or Tachyon Chamber or something.)

One such method that is energy-based is Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine (DER), which is an Energy Medicine protocol. This practice works on several levels, including the subtle energies. It is an intuitive process ~ much like Yoga ~ infused with energy healing elements.

Here is Donna Eden demonstrating the DER. It is deceptively easy to do, children and the elderly would be able to manage it.

Although Donna demonstrates most of the movements standing up, please know that you can also do it sitting down or even lying down, if there are physical limitations.

Only takes 5 - 7 minutes each session. Once you become more familiar with the routine, 5 minutes is plenty.

  • There is an easier version of the Wayne Cook Posture for those who prefer it (here)
  • When doing the Zip Up, you can add affirmations.

Different Vibrations = Different Realities

When you are living in a different frequency and energetic vibration, a lot of times people can't hear and understand what you are saying. They can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. Don't drain your energy continually trying to explain yourself.

Source: Empaths, Old Souls & Introverts

Sadness, Aloneness, Creativity ~ Richard Rudd ~ 28 January 2019

Please listen here.

Richard Rudd reads an extract from his Venus book and contemplates the potential creativity that can arise from sadness.

He also explores the beauty of aloneness when embraced fully, through an immersion in our SQ - the measure of how much self-love we can bring to bear in life.

People Pleasing ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 January 2019

When you stop being a people-pleaser, you become very good at knowing who you will mould to and who you will not

Source: Lee Harris

The beauty of this time that you are in is that it is getting easier and easier for not just you but others on the planet to get in touch with their actual feelings - their centred feelings.

Now, this is messy at the moment and will be for some years to come for it is a process of people uncovering who they are inside and then learning how to effectively communicate - sometimes with words, yes - but also to communicate energetically.

When you stop being a people-pleaser, you become very good at knowing who you will mould to and who you will not. For the big secret about people-pleasers is that they are very skilled with people.

Big Love Lee x

From my MP3 - The End of People Pleasing: a guide to letting go

Arcturus Quantum Heart Activation Healing ~ Yantara Jiro ~ 7 March 2017

It was good to come across Yantara Jiro's work again, after "forgetting" about him for such a long time. For those who align and resonate with these Light Language frequencies:

Please also read the description given, which provides a guide on how to listen to this.

Arcturus Quantum Heart Activation Healing

Vocals: Yantara Jiro
Beautiful Background Music Credit
Artist: Yellow Brick Cinema
Track: Relaxing Meditation Music 407

This timeless activation with the Arcturians is to support the listeners on the heart chakra for releasing the old, balance what is needed and to transform what is ready. To clear up blockages on the vital body (energy body) and to assist in accessing the quantum infinite heart of the listener.

This aligns the listener to the infinite space of possibilities and the unity consciousness of One.

The Arcturians light languages through Yantara Jiro penetrates deeply into the core heart, solar plexus chakra and align with the Crown Chakra to access Supreme Consciousness for inner guidance and clarity; The 3rd Eye is being stimulated and worked on positively too.

Here we invite the Arcturians Healing Team to support us in this meditation to clear off any Karmic heart blockages, to replace with greater love and inner acceptance. To ground into self-nurture and love of self.

Sacred geometries through light language are also transmitted through this recording from the Arcturians, listeners may potentially experience deeper resonance with the Universe after several listenings and through entering deeper states of relaxation.

We recommend you to listen twice in one meditation session and daily for a full week for greater results.

Eh-Tete-Keya (And So be It)

Yantara Jiro

Upgrades, Karma and Manifesting Without Fear ~ Morag ~ 29 January 2019

If I can't find a way, I will make one
Got to make my own black belt....That aside, the world around us is getting triggered like never before. It's like a global arena minefield out there, and individuals as ticking walking time-bombs. Full on Light work required. We've really got to knuckle down, buckle up and dance our amped up Light Kung Fu.

Source: Awakening 5D Healing

2019 the world is going to be lit with warriors taking a stand. Holding their light high, a beacon of hope, peace and harmony. January’s blood moon eclipse gateway has unleashed intensive lightworker upgrades. We are being levelled up, ‘I know kung fu’…kinda thing. When uploads come a calling, the dark night can open up before us. Integration, recalibration, requires space, energetic, emotional space. We unpeel the sticky, bitter, stinging layers of the karmic onion. The more sources of negativity, trauma and pain we let go of, the more we align to higher vibratory fields of light.

Manifestation comes from authenticity, it is more than mantras and rituals. It is created by the baseline frequency of our being. Growth comes from self knowledge. We can let go of the positivity pedal, take our foot off lightbody activation, stop the uploads train and get off for a while. We can surrender to alternate timelines, we can experience their reality in deep contemplation, meditation. We can try on different paths. It won’t be a disaster. It won’t mess our timelines up, break our shields down or ruin our hopes of a better future. It’s real to see the negative. It’s grounded to understand the contraints. To know ourselves, what constitutes our motherboard. What nourishes our soul or drains our batteries? Don’t be afraid to surrender to shadow work. Stay lit in a sacred circle of light and let truths transform us.

The light we each hold in our heart, we can switch on at anytime. Gratitude turns the volume up. Love, laughter, joy, peace all flip that feel good switch. There’s only so long we will do shadow work before our natural curiosity, innate optimism, compassion, wildfire light bursts forth, realigning us once again to 5d goodness. Holistic selfcare assimilates completeness, connectivity, harmony of frequencies. We are birthing our futures, keep it real and infused with light. When all is stacked up around us, the world we thought we had is exposed as something else. It is up to us to take back our sovereignty, regain control, fire up our engines.

Please read on....

28 January 2019

2019 Astrology Forecast – The Silent Revolution: Healing Our Collective Karma ~ Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

"What we need is a silent revolution; a revolution that happens inside each and every one of us; a liberation from all that we think we have learned about this earthy journey; a liberation from the past and with that, a liberation from the dire future that we are facing — the future that is already happening. The revolution is taking place every time a mother does what is natural and puts her hungry baby to her breast, be it in a restaurant or the street, ignoring the judgements created by distorted laws and values. It is happening every time we connect with another human being in an emotionally accepting heart-centred way. It is taking place every time someone decides to believe in their inner guidance and follow their heart, not be limited by the beliefs of the mind.
It is easy to believe that we change the world by overthrowing the system or fighting for the things we believe should be different, but the biggest most significant changes actually happen in the individual, as we heal, as we find our connection to our inner guidance and follow that, as we stop allowing our minds to direct us, as we choose love over fear and build a meaningful life for ourselves, and as we learn to embrace our emotions and can be present for another in theirs."
 Source: Wake Up World

We are in a time of immense change. Our world is moving into a totally new way of being. We are integrating completely new layers of what it means to be human and embodying dimensions of ourselves which have never before been experienced in the evolution of mankind.

The year ahead will reveal many things to us about who we are and who we have been, as human beings. It will offer us opportunities to grow in ways we may not have imagined possible. But it will not be easy; as we wade into new territory we will be asked to trust the process, and allow ourselves the time it takes to grow into who we know we can be and align with a life that is authentic and meaningful.

In this article we will explore the transformative potential in the astrological energies of the year ahead.


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl

Pluto conjunct the South Node of the Moon

The year 2019 will unfold for us in a way that many of us have been wanting, working towards and sensing since 2012. To fully grasp the totality of what 2019 will bring us, we feel it is important to acknowledge some core critical experiences we have faced in the last 7 years that have lead us to want and essentially demand change in the world we currently inhabit.

During the period of 2012-2014, the planet Saturn moved through the sign of Scorpio. We also experienced a very powerful tension square alignment with the outer planets of Pluto and Uranus. What these symbols reflected to us were movements like Occupy Wall Street and Millions Against Monsanto, widespread ‘awakening’ experiences in which we became aware of deeper layers of controlling authorities, abuse and manipulation power within financial and political systems, and an overall sense of limitation people feel with in our lives due to the lack of transparency in media broadcasting.

What is important to note during this time of collective unrest was an understanding that we could no longer go forward without looking at the reality in front of us and asking ourselves the question: Is this true? From 2015 till the end of 2017, we entered a period in which social media became a powerful instrument in how we connected and communicated with each other. In 2016 the Standing Rock protests brought much awareness to how we relate to our natural world, showing us — along with other parallel events around the globe — that our regard for the earth and our place within its delicate ecosystems is in deep conflict. In the United States a huge divide in the opinions and priorities of Americans became apparent through the 2016 presidential elections, a process that made people the world over stop and reconsider what we have come to accept and what we have come to expect of government.

As we look forward to what 2019 brings, we arrive at a point of convergence: a point at which we know our past choices have led us to a deadend and we cannot move forward anymore in this direction. We could easily be filled with a sense of apathy and hopelessness. On the surface it may seem like we are on a sinking ship and won’t make it through the next phase. But as we enter 2019, the convergence point in our collective karma will come into play. We are changing direction completely. Pluto in Capricorn, which reflects our unconscious core emotional attachments to life, will challenge our current conscious security attachments as this convergence point brings to a head everything that we have felt up to this point — and we will be faced with the stark reality that we cannot continue to allow or support the old paradigm of consumption, destruction, division, separation, suppression and aggression any longer.

At an energetic level this convergence point is a powerful turning point. The events of recent years, leading up to this point, have created a such a momentum and a desire for change that widespread transformation is now inevitable, as people increasingly stand up for what is right and sane and sustainable and begin to build the future they want to live, not the one they may otherwise inherit.

Please read on....

Instant "Karma" ~ Diana Cooper ~ 27 January 2019

We can look at this from the perspective of the increasingly faster frequencies of energies that have been streaming in, and the corresponding short "turnover" rate of Law of Cause & Effect,  bearing in mind that karma isn't an organic element of Creation. In addition, we are also in the time where clearing needs to be accelerated, so that means accelerated balancing as well.

Someone termed this "Boomerang Karma". Regrettably, I forget the source.

Source: Diana Cooper

In September 2015 there was a huge influx of crystalline diamond energy, which means that all actions taken on this planet will now be reflected back as instant karma. This applies to everyone and is forcing people to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. Grace, intention, manifestation, instant karma, responsibility and finally unconditional love will be the building blocks for the new world.

At this huge tipping point, many more people started to wake up.

The return of instant karma is the start of tough love on the part of the universe. Because all those who are allowed to incarnate must have souls that are at least seventh-dimensional, it is time for these souls to remember who they are and act accordingly. All those working within the old paradigm will connect with their hearts and will see the impact of what they are doing reflected in their everyday lives. When this happens, they will wake up and want to change.
This will mean that structures will change from within to align with the heart frequencies. All others will gently dissolve to make way for higher economic ethics.

Taken from The Archangel guide To Enlightenment and Mastery by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild - Practical Ascension

The world needs you now more than ever before ❤️ … ~ Lee Harris ~ 27 January 2019

 "Now is the time for empaths, sensitives, healers to figure out their path here. 🌎💫"

Here for this clip.

It's an extract from Lee Harris' January 2019 Energy Update. Good reminder ~ in the midst of all this chaos as the lower realities are deconstructing, our empowered energies are needed more than ever before.

Super Quick Alignment Meditation ~ Steve Nobel ~ 27 January 2019

Here's the link to the video meditation.

In this meditation clear energies at the following levels: Cellular, Skeletal, Blood, Organs, Systems of the body including nervous, hormonal, digestive and reproductive.

Aligning all of these levels and aspects of your physical body with your Infinite Self, your true multidimensional nature.

Jan 28 through Feb 1 2019 ~ Gene Key 19: The Future Human Being ~ Richard Rudd

To move into a new dimension, we'll have to die to what we've been
Some may find the word "sacrifice" a little intimidating. I look at it not as a sacrifice, but as the death or release of the persona and the embodiment of more of Who We Truly Are.

Source: Gene Keys

“The path of frequency through the 19th Gift goes from co-dependence to independence and finally to interdependence. Interdependence represents a quantum leap beyond the other two, and its realisation is the future destiny of our species.

In many ways, it is the 19th Shadow of Co-dependence that contains the seed of the 19th Siddhi of Sacrifice. In a co-dependent relationship, both partners have sacrificed a part of their true selves to the relationship, and the resulting lack of synthesis they feel drives the negative patterns of the relationship. In a relationship that is truly interdependent, both partners also sacrifice their sense of individuality into a higher vision of their Divinity, holding nothing back for themselves at all.

The true meaning of interdependence is about entering into a state of union with all beings in the cosmos, which involves the death of the separate self.

This kind of sacrifice can only occur when you give your heart unconditionally to another. Instead of dying, you are actually reborn as a higher dimensional being.

In surrendering your smaller self, you attain realisation of your greater Self. Our awareness is like a series of Russian dolls — as we make each leap in awareness, we come to realise we are housed within a wider framework than we had previously understood.

– The 19th Gene Key, the Siddhi of Sacrifice

Being A Star ~ Lisa K Fox

Lisa K Fox
To be a Star, you must shine your own Light,
Follow your own path,
And don't worry about the darkness 
For that is when the Stars shine the brightest

27 January 2019


Space Observing System
It felt like "something" occurred just about 2 hours ago. I don't think it's a timeline thing, more of a frequency shift thing, or a sort of "deflection" thing. Sorry, I don't have words for it. Just my usual "something".

SR is active. I'm not sure if the reading is related.

Just to clarify, it isn't this, which was several hours ago:

Navigating the New Energy ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 26 January 2019

Source: Jenny Schiltz

Can you feel the difference in the air? It feels like spring, even though we had a blizzard on Tuesday, it still feels like spring. It is the time of rebirth, new growth, and hope.

I was in session the other day and the guides told my client to go for a walk on the beach and to feel the sand between her toes and to know that it is sand she has never felt before, as she has never been in this place before. They said that we should look at everything with new eyes, see it for the first time with wonderment, with the eyes of a child.

They are asking us to clear out the lens from which we view our world. Update our perception to match the new energies. The only way to do this is to see what belief systems we are carrying that lock us into the old.

I asked to be shown what this new place we are in looks like and was shown a 5 lane highway, running at high speeds. I had to laugh because that is how it feels as if it is not slowing down and this all will become our new normal. Think to when you first started driving and the first few times you had to go on a major Interstate. It was overwhelming, stressful, and exciting all at the same time. Eventually, though you become used to it and it just became another road to get where you are going. We will adjust to this space/pace as well too.

As we know, adjustment takes time. In some moments it feels so grounded and solid other times it is like walking on marshmallows. Many are reporting dizziness from all that is taking place. The advice from spirit was to get low, get your butt on the ground and breathe into the new space. Seeing a cranial-sacral person was recommended to me by my team and it absolutely assisted. The energy had completely whacked out my cranial bones and the cerebral fluid flow.

Staying on the Edge. 

When we look “out there”, it feels as if things have polarized even more. The allure of the drama, the story, the outrage is strong. There is a hypnotizing quality to it that can suck you right in. Spirit is asking us not to engage in what is collapsing but rather stay in our heart centers. Our best bet is to send love to it all, especially ourselves. When one truly understands energy they don’t hurl insults or hate at someone or something they don’t like. Instead, they send LOVE as that it is the only force that has the ability to change things for the better.

Quite a few have told me that they are seeing mirror numbers for instance 12:21 or 10:01 and upon looking them up as angel numbers it doesn’t hit home. I too have experienced seeing these numbers. When I consulted guidance they said to see it as two sides to a coin. Our job is to stay on the line in the middle. If you are seeing mirror numbers, look at where you are not being neutral, look at where you are “buying” into one narrative over another. One is good, one is bad. One is right, one is wrong, yet they are mirrors of one another. It was advised to stay on the edge of the coin and not get caught up in the narrative.

Please read on....

Fifth Dimensional Creation ~ Alexandrian Kosmos ~ 26 January 2019

“You are here Now.” ~ Marti Somers
Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

Through humanity’s Self Love, we leave behind our “childish” understandings around pure love - and gratitude and generosity and joy and Life. We grow and mature. We put away our old toys.

This is what Paul was saying in 1 Corinthians 13:11.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child. I understood as a child. I thought as a child. When I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Mother Earth and her Sun’s Solar System are expanding into the Universe’s 5th Dimension. Humanity’s responsibility now is to Re-Organize with Mother Earth for the Universe’s 5th Dimension. Can we do that with outdated thinking, antiquated systems and low vibrational mindsets? No, we cannot.

On January 30, 2019, our power to create will be greatly enhanced with Mother Earth’s 5th Dimensional Vibratory Frequency.
Please read on....

Ancient Energies, Higher Dimensions of Reality and Leadership ~ The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie ~ 26 January 2019

There are two articles here via Suzanne Lie, the first which I will excerpt below. The other one is about Leadership, which I will just provide the link. It has relevant points but may sound superfluous, you can read it here if you are interested.

Source: Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Dear Ascending ONES,

We the Arcturians are here within this NOW to assist you with the ever-expanding process of expanding your consciousness to be able to perceive the higher dimensional energies, as well as the higher dimensions of reality.

As you expand your consciousness, you begin to perceive, and hopefully embrace, the higher dimensions of your fourth dimensional states of consciousness, and sometimes, while in deep meditation, you may even perceive your fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

As your fifth dimensional consciousness becomes activated, you will likely be able to perceive more and more of the Ancient Energies. The perception of these Ancient Energies is not common because they flow into your reality through the process of transmutation.

Transformation means: To change or alter in form, appearance, frequency and/or nature. Transformation is when something, or some person, experiences an alteration, metamorphosis, and/or mutation into a different form of express. These forms of change can occur within your fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

On the other hand, TRANSMUTATION means that the person, place, situation or thing transforms into a HIGHER dimensional version of a person place, situation, thing and/or reality. Specifically, transmutation means to change the frequency of these persons, places, situations and/or things into the fifth dimension or beyond.

The fifth dimension has an entirely different operating system than that first through fourth dimensions, as the fifth dimension is not bound by or based on “time” or “space.” Transmutation occurs within the HERE of the NOW.

Transmutation is much like “ascension” into the fifth dimension. If you transmute into a higher frequency of consciousness, your perceptual field expands to encompass the perceptual field, and even experience, returning to your innate fifth dimensional SELF.

The form that contains your consciousness resonates to the same frequency of reality as your consciousness. Therefore, if you state of consciousness is low, you will feel negative and you will primarily perceive that which appears negative and/or unhappy.

On the other hand, if your consciousness resonates to the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, you will feel hopeful, inspired, creative and have a deep need to assist others. You will never feel alone because you can perceive that there are the higher dimensional being who accompany you on your journey to third dimensional Earth.

Please read on....

Video: Embodiment Phase of Ascension ~ Sandra Walter ~ 24 January 2019

Source: Creative Evolution (video included)

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
A new video on the Embodiment Phase of our Ascension is now up on YouTube. A rich description and guidance on what Embodiment means and how it is changing the collective and Gaia. Downloadable audio version below this video.

Please subscribe to the Ascension Path YouTube channel when you stop by!

(Link to video ~ yt)

AUDIO version MP3 download:
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Embodiment podcast
In Love, Light and Service,

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 26 January 2019

I am posting this message because I understand where Laura Eisenhower is coming from, and how she handles the information that she comes across. Supporting a stream of consciousness because it feels appropriate at that moment, until it no longer feels so; having no fixed belief because I would like to believe that I'm continually growing and learning.

Finally and most importantly, the advice to stay discerning and follow your own Truth.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I am continually exposed to many assets and inside operatives, but more than ever lately. They are way more than that of course and some unbelievably strong Souls... I have lately been handed more documents than I can keep up with and clues and maps to get to some real deep truths... This is documentation that is not easily accessible... I will share it with those that can help me understand it and expose it, as I always do my best to do just that...

I just received 6 letters in the mail from someone in jail who is a Montauk survivor and someone wrapped up in much more than just that... Many of them are in desperation -- they NEED to be taken seriously... You may see me launching all sorts of campaigns and Gofundme's, cause it feels like the right thing to do --- please feel no guilt if you can't assist or if you don't believe their stories. Please also be careful of thinking I am locked into some thing like fixed beliefs ~ I am just supporting these voices and their journey's, until its obvious it isn't a good idea. I appreciate others doing the same in regards to me too... We all have to do that with each other, figure out if it works for us or doesn't...

I don't have fixed beliefs, but everyone needs to be heard and everything needs to be aired out cause that is DISCLOSURE... When it is all out there, we can then all form our opinions and not lose our mutual respect ~ that is the true human test.... If we devote to being Guardians in human form (our highest DNA capacity, which we can already tap in to) ~ we are protected and Sovereign... I hope I can have everyones support when I bring their stories more into peoples awareness... We are quite used to seeing the emergence of Whistleblowers anyway!!

What you decide to do with it is perfectly fine -- it all can trigger huge growth periods,... but we all know cause many of us have been exposed to this kind of thing for a while -- its just more to process so we can really understand an even fuller picture than we have now and then from there know what needs to be done for the Greater Good of ALL (GGA), so stay discerning and just be your TRUTH....

Self-Empowerment ~ Lee Harris ~ 26 January 2019

Source: Lee Harris

Your next step in life is going to involve a few people's upset.

This is not because you are going to be whacking them about the face or giving them a verbal lashing that shocks them to their core. It is because you are going to take a path of action that they would rather you didn't - that will trigger something inside them which is historic.

You can still do this in as loving and kind a way as you can. But we are speaking to those of you who are still leaning-in to others’ energy fields a little more than is good for you these days. For that lean not only takes you off your balance point but it is you giving away food to somebody who will not alchemise it. It is you giving your energy, which is alchemical, to someone who will just keep repeating the pattern with you.

Big Love Lee

From my Mp3 - The End of People Pleasing: A guide to letting go

YOUniverse ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 26 January 2019

Source: Nassim Haramein

"Every time you access smaller scales within yourself, you can experience the larger scales" – Nassim Haramein

Emotions: Showing You Where You Are ~ Gigi Young ~ 26 January 2019

Source: Gigi Young

Our emotions are not the result of random external stimulation like we are taught to believe, they are actually much deeper indicators then that.
Each emotion is telling us a story about how we are relating to our soul. And with practice and patience that feeling can be followed inward, like a journey, or pathway back to ourselves. Our emotions are alchemical, etheric pathways.
Do not be afraid to fall into the deeper rhythms of your emotional body and let them tell you where you are. Where you are not loving yourself, forgiving yourself and taking responsibility. Come back to yourself, now. It’s time.
You will not drown in the depths of who you are, like you have been told. You will find ease, your eyes will become deep and your mind still.

Where Are We Coming From? ~ Eric Raines ~ 24 January 2019

"In the battle against monsters, one must take extreme care not to become one."
Source: Eric Raines

I was asked a question that hits on so many levels in one of my previous posts that I was asked to post the answer directly. This is where we are headed and it is not going to be an easy road as we pass through it. However, if we ever want the future generations on our planet to experience freedom in every sense of the word, deep introspection is required on all levels.

The question was: "So then, you truly believe pedophiles, human traffickers, rapists and the like will just phase out of our reality without us ever having to confront them and make clear to them that in this reality we will not tolerate their outrageous crimes against children and Humanity as a whole. That we can just "love and light" them out of our reality?"

My answer:

"So how do we clean out the body energetically? It's not about focusing on the blockage, because you cannot achieve harmonic resonance inside of an area rife with disharmony.

We need to be aware of where the blockage is, but focus on where the energy is already flowing, and then bring our energy to bear there.

Build where it is working and open into something so clean, so pure and so resonant that the blockage has no choice but to release and purge as soon as you bring that energy in there.

This is the "so below".

The "as above" would be similar, just applied to the physical.

So we know where the blockage is (the rapists, murderers, pedophiles, etc...), but to put our energy directly into that will do nothing more than expose us to incredibly dark resonances that will inevitably overtake even the strongest will.

"In the battle against monsters, one must take extreme care not to become one."

What we need to do is pool our resources and focus where it is already moving and resonant. We need to create communities in the physical and online where we can live what we know we came here to be. Not lip service to love and light, but actual places where we can grow en masse, cleansing our own personal demons and genetic/ancestral programs/traumas with our Star Families, creating not just resonance, but actual activation.

Once we have achieved the first phase of planetary awakening, we, as a movement of the People of the Rainbow prophecies will then take this literally miraculous energy directly into the world.

Not for war, but for true healing. The people perpetuating these atrocities are not doing this because they enjoy it naturally. They are doing this because they have been so damaged that they need to destroy innocence and light in order to feel relief from their own damage.

By not wishing these predators to heal like humans, we are in essence giving permission for the abuse to continue.

Just like banning weapons will never soothe the urge inside of people to hurt and kill each other, putting these people in prisons to rot, or outright executing them will do nothing more than move this damage into the next generation.

It's not going to magically love and light itself into being all better, direct attention and transmutation is required, but....when we have built up the resonance needed to speak to the God/Source inside of these people without their programs forcing them to pull back into what they have always known.

It is all about where we are coming from.

I know this through personal experience, both in myself and other people.

We cannot speak to the program, it does not understand the Language of Light, but what we can do is build up a collective "This is NOT acceptable" that echoes through the foundations that the darkness had built up in order to pull so many out of Creation's light."

Solar Activity & SR Readings

Ascension News: Should We Avoid Certain Spiritual Ideas and Practices? ~ Steve Nobel ~ 26 January 2019

Source: Soul Matrix

Many in the New Age community were shocked by Doreen Virtue’s sudden conversion to evangelical Christianity and her subsequent denouncing of the New Age. Do check her website for a blog post entitled: An A-Z List of New Age Practices to Avoid, and Why.

Now, let me say that I met Doreen a few occasions when I was a director of the not-for-profit organisation Alternatives, based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly London. I thought she was a good presenter and had some keen mediumship skills. I saw her work with audiences in London and thought she quite accurately read a few people in the audience. I never really liked her books or Oracle cards since the material seemed quite shallow. For instance, I have never seen a blonde busty angel in quite the same way her many Oracle cards depicted!

I listened to a video of her speaking about her conversion and she seemed genuinely convinced that she made the right decision. This is of course her personal choice. However, she published a post on her website denouncing a number of ideas and practices about the New Age which I thought deserved some comment. Especially, since so many have raised this issue and commented on her decision on social media.

Before I get into answering some of what she said on her post I want to say that deception is actually a feature of the outgoing 3D Matrix. Deception can be found amongst much of the conspiracy theories doing the rounds. Some conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy facts. Some are complete nonsense. Deception is a major tool of the ‘dark’ side and so we need to be able to tell when we are being deceived. In other words, we need a sharp intuition. Without this we can become prey to believing much of the disinformation being put out there. This disinformation campaign is very real and has generated much fear amongst those who should really know better.

OK, so let me address more directly what Doreen is speaking about on her website. Now, I am not saying there are not pitfalls with the New Age. It is quite a broad movement and there has been a growing interest over the past few decades. In my time I have met some teachers who I would call grey magicians, meaning what comes out of their mouth sounds good but the energy they put out is something else! As already mentioned, the important thing here is to develop a good intuition. If a teacher feels bad, they should be avoided or approached with caution. If a teacher is aggressive or overly authoritarian again the same applies. I have had a number of clients who have had bad experiences with healers and teachers. The good news is this group is in the minority and the vast number of healers and spiritual teachers are there for service.

Doreen talks about the existence of demons or the devil, saying she has found out the hard way that they’re real. Well, Doreen was pushing a rather utopian image of spirituality before her conversion and never really mentioned the ‘dark’ side. As many of you have read my blog posts or listened to my podcasts you will know that I often mention the ‘dark’ side as being an intrinsic part of the outgoing 3D Matrix. Entities are very real and they come within a spectrum of being a bit of a nuisance to a major problem. The good news is in this time of ascension all entities can be removed and sent to the light or wherever they want to go, so long as it is far away from the client’s energy field!

“The New Age false promises are the same ones that the serpent gave to Eve . . . And the serpent continues to try to feed us the same false promises today.”

Well, the story of Eden represents metaphorically the fall from grace into the 3D Matrix. The story is not literal as many evangelists believe. I am surprised that such an intelligent woman would speak in this way! We must also remember that the church was responsible for blocking scientific investigation and research for many years. The astronomer Galileo was nearly burnt at the stake for suggesting that the earth orbited the sun and was not the centre of the Universe. So this idea that New Age ideas are false and the ideas of the church are somehow beyond reproach is nonsense.

“God loves you, and he wants the best for you, and so do we! He wants you to go directly to him in prayer, worship, and Bible study so that he can guide your path in a safe, fulfilling way for this life and your afterlife. If you’ve been engaged in these practices, please immediately go to God in prayer, get on your knees and ask for his help so that you can stop New Age practices.”
God has long been seen as exclusively male. This idea is of course being challenged by a broad-spectrum spiritual teaching. Actually, we are in a time where our experience of male and female archetypal energies is being rebalanced, the Goddess is returning. Please check my previous posting on this subject.

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26 January 2019

More Out With The Old & In With The NEW ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 25 January 2019

An important point that Denise Le Fay highlights in her update ~  we are not all here to do the same job.  This is something we need to hear again and again because sometimes I know that many read/hear something that some source comes out with, and they worry that it's not the same with them.

I will also add (and repeat) here that perhaps more importantly, we are not all from the same place of origin, and therefore may not have the same perspectives or inclinations as others from different places. Especially so since more and more DNA activation has taken place in recent times, and we are embodying more and more of Who We Truly Are.

What is essential is staying true to your own Soul path and your own higher purpose.

Source: High Heart Life

So much has changed energetically since the December 21, 2018 Solstice it’s dizzying, and it’s still happening. Then more changed via the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon. These changes will only be followed by nearly constant changes throughout 2019 so, eyes and HighHearts wide open transmuters.
The night of the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon—which feels like it happened six months ago instead of only days ago—I checked it repeatedly throughout the evening and felt other humans reacting to it. It was visually beautiful and I was grateful for the clear night sky so I could watch the entire process unfold from the privacy of my backyard. What surprised me about it however was once it reached its peak, the energies changed dramatically and instantly. Another LARGE chunk of old lower things were suddenly gone the moment this eclipse peaked and I felt an explosive removal of the old and instantaneous insertion of NEW energies and codes. Remember back in April 2017, how Saturn got hit by seven solar flares to energetically free it from old lower things? The January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse had a similar energetic transformation, freeing the Moon of all past lower energies, negativity and distortions and has embodied the NEW energies.
This January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse energy swap-out was blatant, intense and took a split-second. As I stood there watching and feeling this, I was simultaneously saddened in a nostalgic sort of way and ecstatic, surprised and not surprised at the speed of this, and empty and full too. Empty of the old and full of more NEW. Another strange sensation and knowing about the ongoing removal of old energies and distortions and what remained of them and their etheric structures.
There’s been a great acceleration of the removal of old lower energies and instantaneous insertion and embodiment of more NEW higher Light energies and codes etc. since mid-December 2018. This quickening will continue during 2019 so be prepared to feel, I repeat FEEL, not think but feel the old world and its energies and intentional and unintentional distortions suddenly disappearing energetically more and more and more. This process has been happening all along but it has greatly accelerated since 2017, because we and Earth are capable of much more far more quickly being removed and replaced and not be injured or destabilized by these big evolutionary shifts and Separation of Worlds processes.

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25 January 2019

Telektonon: 80th Solar Return of Jose Arguelles ~ Stephanie South ~ 24 January 2019

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift

The dream we dream is dependent on the time we keep …In the cosmic dream we remember that which we originally dreamed. We are here to complete that dream, and we are here to restore harmony to the synchronic order of life.
—José Argüelles/Valum Votan, 28 Meditations on the Law of Time January 24, 2019: Blue Cosmic Monkey, Kin 91 (8 x 8).

This day marks the 80th solar return of the birth of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, who was born a twin on his mothers 30th birthday and his parents 11th wedding anniversary.

In honor of his birthday, here is  a key excerpt from his life from Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change, the Visionary Life of Jose Arguelles.

This chapter excerpt tells of his original vision of the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan. and is very timely for the situation we now find ourselves in on Planet Earth.
Human history is the struggle to remain open. Time and again human consciousness fixates, and slams the door on its greatest gift , the open- endedness of infinite possibilities.
—José Argüelles, The Transformative Vision
José woke unusually early on July 26, 1993, Kin 144, and began reading the book De Tulan el Lejano (From Distant Tulan), which claimed to be a translation of a Mayan codex, though it appeared to him as almost a science fiction story.

He had received the book from Dr. Z’ek Balam, a Mayan healer in Mexico, who had asked his good friend, Mother Tynetta Muhammad, to pass it on to him. He had just received it the day before and eagerly looked forward to this morning when he could finally read it.

The book described a number of travelers from the star Tau Ceti (Tollan) who were traveling, not in a spaceship, but in a timeship.
As he was reading the text, José felt as if he was reading some part of his own memory.
This timeship experiences a type of shipwreck on planet Earth bringing with it various archetypal figures in the history of the Earth including Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, Homer and the Mexican prophet, Quetzalcoatl.

The origin of the ship is Tollan in the constellation of Cetus (whale). See full manuscript here: http://lawoftime.org/thirteenmoon/fromdistanttulan.html

Learning about this shipwreck was a trigger that opened José’s memory, causing him to fall into a deep meditative state in which he viewed Earth civilization of the human as a vast Cineplex theater with countless simultaneous kaleidoscopic projections from.

Many different past and alternative world systems playing out in a compellingly parallel array of dramas. The main theme seemed to be the images of the vaulted tomb of Pacal Votan. It was as if he were actually in the crypt itself. From this tomb many time tunnels radiated outward.

In one time tunnel he passed up and down different sets of stairs leading to the tomb until he came to what appeared as a central control panel of the radial tunnel system.

From this vantage point, as if watching a movie screen, he witnessed the unfoldment and evolution of the human race. His attention was drawn to the particular 5,125 year test period in the experimental free will test zone.

He witnessed how humans began to deviate from natural law, from natural time and turn away from the Source.

He saw the artificial reality being superimposed over Nature and the machines move in to ultimately destroy the planet.

He saw that the way people were living would destroy them in the end, unless they consciously, as a single species, made a shift in consciousness and went back to living in natural cycles.

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You're The Voice ~ John Farnham

If (when) we have global anthems, I would nominate John Lennon's Imagine and You're The Voice by John Farnham (or here, live).

You're The Voice
We have the chance, to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older
We're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?
You're the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
Oh-wo-wo-wo, oh-wo-wo-wo
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear
Oh-wo-wo-wo, oh-wo-wo-wo
This time, we know we call can stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing, we can make it better
We're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?
Songwriters: Keith Reid / Andy Qunta / Maggie Ryder / Christopher Thompson
You're the Voice lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc