27 January 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 26 January 2019

I am posting this message because I understand where Laura Eisenhower is coming from, and how she handles the information that she comes across. Supporting a stream of consciousness because it feels appropriate at that moment, until it no longer feels so; having no fixed belief because I would like to believe that I'm continually growing and learning.

Finally and most importantly, the advice to stay discerning and follow your own Truth.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

I am continually exposed to many assets and inside operatives, but more than ever lately. They are way more than that of course and some unbelievably strong Souls... I have lately been handed more documents than I can keep up with and clues and maps to get to some real deep truths... This is documentation that is not easily accessible... I will share it with those that can help me understand it and expose it, as I always do my best to do just that...

I just received 6 letters in the mail from someone in jail who is a Montauk survivor and someone wrapped up in much more than just that... Many of them are in desperation -- they NEED to be taken seriously... You may see me launching all sorts of campaigns and Gofundme's, cause it feels like the right thing to do --- please feel no guilt if you can't assist or if you don't believe their stories. Please also be careful of thinking I am locked into some thing like fixed beliefs ~ I am just supporting these voices and their journey's, until its obvious it isn't a good idea. I appreciate others doing the same in regards to me too... We all have to do that with each other, figure out if it works for us or doesn't...

I don't have fixed beliefs, but everyone needs to be heard and everything needs to be aired out cause that is DISCLOSURE... When it is all out there, we can then all form our opinions and not lose our mutual respect ~ that is the true human test.... If we devote to being Guardians in human form (our highest DNA capacity, which we can already tap in to) ~ we are protected and Sovereign... I hope I can have everyones support when I bring their stories more into peoples awareness... We are quite used to seeing the emergence of Whistleblowers anyway!!

What you decide to do with it is perfectly fine -- it all can trigger huge growth periods,... but we all know cause many of us have been exposed to this kind of thing for a while -- its just more to process so we can really understand an even fuller picture than we have now and then from there know what needs to be done for the Greater Good of ALL (GGA), so stay discerning and just be your TRUTH....

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