05 March 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 4 March 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Truth has a resonance with our physical bodies and so it heals it and regenerates it -- falsities cause damage.

So our physical and whatever pain or ailments it is dealing with, can be our road map home, we just have to understand the roots of any afflictions and hear the messages of wisdom that can create transformation.

Much is imposed on us in our times of vulnerability and we are sometimes the carriers of others imbalances and mistakes -- and so we shall release them too.

Being vulnerable is a good thing, but the untrustworthy forces and people out there aren’t welcome anymore -- and so may we all have the greatest armor and shields of protection, while still being able to flow in our Divine essence with an open heart.

Adversity can bring us closer to ourselves or further away -- I choose closeness.

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