30 April 2019

Schumann Resonance

HearMath Institute
It's been some time that I've not checked the HeartMath Institute's recordings of what they call the Schumann Resonance Power, and I see that the reading for GC1006 (South Africa) reached 764.67 around 26 April 2019. This is the highest year-to-date reading, as shown in the graph above.

I cannot be certain, but from what I can remember, this is the highest since I've started checking in on these readings a couple of years ago. Since the historical readings on the HeartMath Institute only go back on year, I checked my blog and pulled out this one:
HeartMath Institute
So the 29 April reading of well over 700 is the highest since 1 January 2018, at least. However, I doubt the readings were ever higher than that in 2017 and before.

I do not know why it is usually GC1006 (South Africa) that registers the higher readings.

Here's a three-month graph that gives a clearer picture:
HeartMath Institute

Meanwhile. here's the reading from Space Observing System:
Space Observing System

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 29 April 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Cabal binds to our unconscious self, unhealed wounds, amnesia and negative Ego.

Our capacity to do inner work, brings light to the shadow and unhooks us from the tentacles that siphon our life force and grab hold of our minds to control our creative power —

Being willing to face ourselves fully is us finding true liberation and when we do that we notice the dark controller agendas collapse and we see the demise of Evil and we become a part of the universal forces of Nature and creation that are coded with Ascension energies. The transition creates a lot of symptoms, discomfort and confusion and much gets forced to the surface and we shouldn’t judge how anyone chooses to move through all of this. Some are also stir crazy and losing patience.

 We need to inspire one another and be encouraging — life is painful enough. We have been in a War for so long and it’s an inner battle we win when we let go of the false Matrix and accept inner Truth as the generator of a positive Timeline.

Every life lesson is guiding us towards this discovery but it’s easy to want something else to solve it, tell us or diagnose. We must eventually drop the fear of self and embrace our dormant abilities that are ready and waiting to fully shine! It heals us, advances us and takes us Home to the inner Spark of Spirit, our own divine Light ship.


I love Jesus Christ or whatever name people identify with — but the only son of God???

We are all children of God and Goddess but being modified and hybridized by Draco and Anunnaki to cut us off from our true parents is kind of the issue. That theft has broken the hearts of many. It is so internalized we don’t realize it so we just end up walking around feeling unworthy or under the control of lower Creator Gods that encourage us to relate to a false sense of self. That is our unconsciousness.

He taught that we are like him and more and have the Kingdom within. The true Alchemists and their teachings were wiped out and so we are stunted in our growth, lacking true reminders — our culture has harmful programmings imbedded into them.

 Kind of sucky... but fortunately many of us haven’t fallen for these deceptions.

SR Readings

Space Observing System
For some reason, when I look at the current reading, I want to say that Gaia Mum is doing her own thing.

And a dear Soul (thank you, M!) sent me the link to the Ionosphere chart from the same site Space Observing System, which shows live data ~ it's pretty alive at the moment!
Space Observing System

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 29 April 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Cabal binds to our unconscious self, unhealed wounds, amnesia and negative Ego. Our capacity to do inner work, brings light to the shadow and unhooks us from the tentacles that siphon our life force and grab hold of our minds to control our creative power — Being willing to face ourselves fully is us finding true liberation and when we do that we notice the dark controller agendas collapse and we see the demise of Evil and we become a part of the universal forces of Nature and creation that are coded with Ascension energies.

The transition creates a lot of symptoms, discomfort and confusion and much gets forced to the surface and we shouldn’t judge how anyone chooses to move through all of this. Some are also stir crazy and losing patience. We need to inspire one another and be encouraging — life is painful enough. We have been in a War for so long and it’s an inner battle we win when we let go of the false Matrix and accept inner Truth as the generator of a positive Timeline.

Every life lesson is guiding us towards this discovery but it’s easy to want something else to solve it, tell us or diagnose. We must eventually drop the fear of self and embrace our dormant abilities that are ready and waiting to fully shine! It heals us, advances us and takes us Home to the inner Spark of Spirit, our own divine Light ship.

Energy Update ~ Eric Raines ~ 29 April 2019

Source: Eric Raines

Primordial timeline trauma reintegration and the conscious backlash in response.

Over the past week we have seen an incredible amount of energetic movement, while the physical world seems to be stagnating in its forward flow.

We are beginning to move into the largest waves of incoming energy humanity has experienced in known history, simply because there is so much more light to anchor into on the surface of the planet. The reason for this is that more and more of us are waking up to the realization that much of our physical pain is caused by stagnant emotional and etheric energy clogging the chi/blood flow in the body. More importantly, more and more are figuring out how to transmute this dense energy into joy, light and dynamic flow.

As this trend gains momentum and majority, multiple levels of healing and reintegration are happening, let me explain.

First and foremost, for all of these individuals, a palpable sensation of releasing tension, pain and discomfort is the most immediate effect as well as the most appreciated. Along with a pain free, relaxed physicality, they are noticing an almost completely silent mind, besides what they are actively "speaking" inside of their heads. No music, no background chatter, no nonstop negative self talk. Silence and gentle concentration.

This balance between the brain and the nervous system opens up a completely different awareness of Creation outside the sight, hearing, taste, touch , smell senses hardwired into physical reality. Suddenly, fields of atomic, conscious, stagnant and vibrant energy can be experienced, influenced and direct understanding of how the energy world effects physical reality can be studied through simple cause and effect coupled with observation.

As these experiments grow in scale, confidence and strength in creating these fields that purify the energy world begin to anchor in deeply to the physical body and shifts in the DNA begin to occur, creating/anchoring in much more light.

As these people become aware of the programs, traumas, unprocessed emotions and habits that were passed down to them from their parents through genetic lineages and begin to release them, much of the etheric weight dropping the planet down in density begins to release, opening up new pathways of energy flow for the entire planet, from massive Gaia consciousness, down to microbial life forms. Etheric weight is explained in detail here.


As this phase of purging begins in full swing, doors through time are being opened. Individuals going into this energy work with the intention of only healing themselves because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired are creating a completely unexpected result because of this on a planet wide scale that is triggering the exact same process that person went through on a planetary scale.

As more cleanse themselves, their field and their bodies in search of relief, the planet is experiencing enough of a lifting that the heavy, dark emotional traumas and energetic rotten areas are getting exposed to the light on a planet wide scale, triggering the Dark Night of the Soul for the planet from Gaia consciousness all the way through the majority collective consciousness.

A doorway in time was opened on April 22nd and as of the 26th, pathways that have been closed off and locked away inside the mists of time, "purged" from timeline existence, began to permeate their way through into the NOW time.

This integration has brought forward the histories, cultures, discoveries, lessons and most importantly, the pristine energies before the Fall of Gaia took place.

This is much more monumental than simple words can describe. Think along the lines of always knowing there was an answer to a question you could not quite remember and having this life-changing epiphany strike you square in the forehead with an explosion of knowing, bliss and conscious expansion to the point of dissolving reality around you physically.

This is happening for the planetary consciousness and by proxy, us.

What is happening right now is that time has many vestiges of many hidden/occulted energies that are "lost" from now, and just like the light can make time capsules to spark in future generations, darkness can as well, they like to go back into the past and change the future however. They do not enjoy working in the unknown, it is much to transitory for them.

Multiple negative aspects, walled off safely inside of their frameworks built over millions of years have felt this shifting in the primordial past. They cannot effect the Primordial past, only close off our access to it in the NOW, meaning as the energies of billions of years ago are transmuted, this changes the timeline history, deleting the physical existence of what now, has never happened. Meaning, the control humanity is experiencing on a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental level does not exist.

Lets say that again. These control systems no longer exist....so why are we not noticing an incredible transformation right now? Well, they technically do not exist, but we are walled off from that timeline by the veil of consciousness, or the space/time we are stuck inside of as a species....that we are actively dissolving in the NOW

The major strength of the parasitic construct on the planet right now is far in the PAST, walled off from the NOW, where they stretch through timelines with gravity encoded quantum computers, coupled with consciousness augmented with AI nano technology.

Think along the lines of burrowing through time as if it were a hundred trillion layer cake (much smaller number than actuality, we are just simplifying here), each layer a different part of the NOW, or a different space in time as we would perceive it.

This walled off, safeguarded space is in between us and the Primordial past, if we are looking back through the mists of time and now they are doing everything in their power to divert this Primordial flow to humanity.

It reminds me of a cone or a wedge point first inside of extremely high water pressure, like that coming from a fire hose. There is no stopping the outward flow, but with extreme precision, strength and conscious application, it can be forced to "spray" outwards in a circle, leaving what it was "spraying" completely dry.

This is the last key in the lock to our understanding of this reality, allowing us to take back control and dissolve the infinite trap of time.

The feeling of this is almost like stepping on a stair in the dark that does not exist. A feeling of almost having achieved the unachievable, only to have that concept completely disappear from memory...

This is the lull. The ebb to the flow. What we need right now are concepts and thoughts exploring the transitory nature of how we actually exist inside of time.

I go into great detail on questions, concepts and mindsets that can change the way anyone perceives reality here


What we need right now is excitement, wonder and most importantly, understanding.

Take some time for you. Rest. Stretch. Hydrate. Keep your programming clear on the thought, emotional and energetic level. Put in your body what you want to truly experience and mind your media intake.

The next week is going to be almost like recovering from a good workout, so take your time and treat yourself accordingly.

We've got some big movements coming. Get ready. Get excited

We got this!!

29 April 2019

Odin's Ascension Pool: Sunday, 5 May 2019 from 05:00-22:00 UTC+02 ~ Lovisa Alvtörn

More on water....You can join in here if you hear this inner call.

Lovisa Alvtorn explains:

Under Tim’s guidance all of the participants in his workshop in Uppsala on April 6 2019 co-created a new Ascension Pool. The pool was named Odin’s Ascension Pool because of his strong presence in Uppsala which was the center of the Aesir faith in Sweden and Scandinavia during the Viking Age.

I have been guided to make an event at the three upcoming New Moons where we add new energies to the pool together to make it self sustaining. We started the pool at a New Moon so we will continue to work together under the influence of the New Moon.

This pool connects in very strongly with Nature, and the connection is strong to Gabriel and purity as well. It ties in to healing and purification of Nature and all of her beings - animals, plants, elementals, and to restoring their power and our respect for that power. This is also connected to the healing power of Nature herself.

During Tim’s recent Pillars of Light workshop I got a very strong connection to Thingvellir in Iceland, a historical, cultural, and geological landmark. It is a national park that lies in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Odin’s Ascension Pool is now not only held in the etheric but has also been anchored in physically underneath the rift itself, in something called an aquifer (latin for bearer of water) that feeds water from a glacier above Thingvellir down through layers of lava rock into several springs at the bottom of the big lake Thingvallavatn next to Thingvellir. The main outlet is the fissure Silfra (meaning the Silvery/Silver coloured - note the connection to Sandalphon, the Earth Star and Neptune) right between the two tectonic plates. The water is so pure and clear and the vibration of this place is amazing ...

Odin's Pool is anchored in physically into the Water in this way to help purify our beautiful planet as quickly, efficiently and smoothly as possible for the New Children of Gaia, the root people of Earth’s new Golden Age, the age of Aquarius. Water is the element that makes physical life possible, the element that holds Love and Light and Energy. Water is used as conductor of energies, we are all united through the Water here on Earth. We are all Water, and as Gaia rises to the 5th Dimension along with us our physical aspect also rises to a new level. The element that holds the physical aspect together and makes it possible – is Water.

Polluting the Water is a very effective way of holding us back, keeping us stuck. Karma flows like impurity in Water. The pollution of the Seas is like poison in our bloodstream. We have to help get it out. The pure New Water emerging from the spring fed by the aquifer where Odin’s Ascension Pool is anchored will help to clear and release the Karma held in the Waters of our planet.

There is a message from the Mermen (male mermaids) with tridents flowing in through a portal to Neptune connected to the pool – Water to Water: The New Children of Gaia cannot take these lower vibrations much more, and they need assistance. Please join me in helping by adding your Love and Light to Odin’s Ascension Pool together on May 5. If you cannot make it that day - or even if you do - you may of course also connect in and do this at any time when you feel called to.

This first event, maybe all three, if we may focus on purifying and healing through the Waters at the same time as we add all the Light and healing energies that we feel called to at the same time. Odin and the Norse Masters of Light along with Metatron, Gabriel, Pan and the Masters of Neptune supervise this Ascension Pool and they all thank us and send their blessings for our contribution to this amazing pool of Liquid Light and Love!

From my Heart to yours,

Todd SOULSPEAKS 5D: Shekina Rose Angel Embodiment/Devic Water Healing Wands/Blue Ray's Upgrades ~ 26 April 2019

Shekina Rose shares her 5D experience, which is Soul-bump incredible! She also talks about living water, and what we can do to energise the water that we drink, as well as Spirit Tech. The Divine Feminine has now got a "platform" and is supported viably. Shekina finishes with a Light Frequency transmission.

Please listen here.

Todd Medina of SOULSPEAKS 5D: With Shekina Rose An Angel Devic embodied her who sang holy tones of healing at a Conference/Healing and transforming the Waters with the Sylphs, Angelic Deva’s new technology Sedona Crystal Vortex Healing Wands, The Starseeds/Blue Ray Empath sensitive latest upgrades/Shekina gives a Light Language transmission thought form clearing with the High Angelic Devas

https://shekinarose.com/ Shekina Rose Angel Medium, Language of Light Vocalist is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activation s and Sound Performances. Creator Sedona Spirit Portal of the Vortex & Pleiadain stargate Pendant and devices sacred technologies.

**Sedona Vortex Crystal Wands https://shekinarose.com/…/One-Sedona-Vortex-Crystal-Earth-H…

Sedona Language of light Videos https://www.youtube.com/user/ShekinahsLight

Her sacred gift of attuning to your soul and highest guides will give you profound transformative information and the frequency song of your Soul that will activate your higher Purpose and Divine Power.

** Notes for energising water, preferable to use spring or reverse osmosis water and glass container (about the 24:44 minute mark):

  • Use energised copper wand that you can make yourself
  • Place hands around water container, ask and intend that it becomes pure living water, perfect for you to drink

No Matter What.....

Violet Phoenix Oracle
When you are surrounded by low vibes, solar flares, crazy moon energies, and salty vamps but you are still trying to shine your light bright

Wonder, Magic, Love and Light ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 April 2019

Wonder, Magic, Light and Love are amplified right now
Source: Lee Harris

Times are intense right now. But that does not mean there isn't wonder and magic and light and love - for all of those energies are amplified.

They are just not amplified in the collective view. They are amplified in pockets.

And the more that you are able to celebrate those pockets - talk about them, bring them into the mass consciousness, bring them into the conversation that you are having with your friends - the better things will be.

For everyone on the planet wants a more supported and sensitive future. It is just that the paralysis of fear can be so gripping that many don't know how to develop conversation in a different way.

- From The Way of the Sensitive MP3


Happiness ~ Steve Cutts ~ 24 June 2017


Here's another telling visual for our times from Steve Cutts. This shouts volumes. Generally, I notice that these "messages" from Steve and others like him are getting louder and louder. I can only hope that Humanity starts to listen or else the messages will escalate to something more severe each time. We don't need the brick wall to collapse on us.

But then again, I think it already is starting to.....

Please watch here.

(I've actually posted this before in 2017, but came across it today so I thought I'll post again.)

Sunsetting the Old You ~ Aja Andromeda ~ 28 April 2019

Surrendering into the flow of our own Divine Will....

Please listen here.

Hello, Fellow Traveler!

Do you hear the voice that is calling you home......to an expanded version of yourself?

You are so much more than your physical body, so much more than your intellect. Somewhere deep inside of you, you've known this for a long time. If you've been wanting to connect with your Higher Self, your Star Family, Spirit Guides and the beauty of multidimensional reality, prepare to journey across dimensions in order to find the wisdom and support that will help you reconnect to your True Self. Welcome to Multidimensional U!

Would you like to safely embark on a deep dive of exploration to uncover your Greater I AM identity with me and your team of Multidimensional Guides?

Learn more about the The Emergence Experience here: https://www.multidimensionalu.com/eme... Limited space. By application only.

Wonder how I ended up doing this work? Request a copy of my personal story of awakening here: https://www.multidimensionalu.com/book

With LOVE, Aja, Founder Multidimensional U® #newhuman #newearth #multidimensionalu

The High Priestess ~ Cobra ~ 29 April 2019

I've added a brief comment at the bottom of this post.

Source: The Portal

On April 14th, 2019, full mysteries of the Goddess were finally anchored on the surface of this planet in a certain group, after centuries of suppression and after the last mysteries of Isis were completely discontinued at the Isis temple of Philae in the year 457 of the current era:

On April,14th, exactly at the peak of the most important ceremony which fully anchored the Goddess on the physical plane in full alignment with original protocols which originate in the legendary civilization of Atlantis, the Black Nobility families could not take this victory of the Light anymore:

They have ordered Jesuits to put key Templar sacred sites on fire immediately, as Templars were the main force recovering fragments of Isis mysteries and bringing them into the awareness of the Western civilization.

Templars have discovered ancient sacred texts connected to Isis mysteries in Solomon's stables near Al-Aqsa mosque:

Based on those texts, Templars have built many cathedrals dedicated to Our Lady (Notre Dame) on locations of Isis temples throughout Europe:


Please read on....

** Note: Although I am not familiar with almost all the links provided in this update from Cobra, I do remember coming across this one:

In this article, the author sees the fire as a purification and re-birth of the Divine Feminine, which seems to counter the theme of Cobra's post. As you can tell by what I've posted on my blog, my personal perception aligns with that of Anaiya Sophia.

SR Reading

Update of Timeline Shift & Our Wake Up Call ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 April 2019

Amanda Lorence
Major, significant timeline shifts occurring. Previous timelines dissolve, as new timeline has now been activated. Huge.

Just before this video, Amanda Lorence posted the above update. I feel that this started yesterday, when I was feeling that uncomfortable sensation of the body not being able to be at ease.

Please listen to her video update here.

Celia Fenn Update ~ 29 April 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

It is hard to believe that April is almost over and that we are heading towards the 5/5 Pleaidian stargate at speed.

You may have felt a shift in the energies as we approach the gate and need to raise our own frequencies to match that of the 5/5 gate.

Our Pleaidian star nation friends are standing by to assist us with the powerful photonic waves that are emitted from Alcyon at this time. These waves help to connect us with Love, Beauty, Abundance, Creativity and Serenity, all qualities that are amplified by the Pleiadian energies.

Now is a good time for creativity, meditation and self-care.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

28 April 2019

Nature Is Alive ~ Terence McKenna & Eric Raines

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

There is something a bit overwhelming when you inhale into the field of your body, sparking bioelectric flow engaged with high vibratory laughter and light, then expand it out to the plants, trees and grass around you.

Just like you have the ability to move waves of chi (the Spark that animates your body) through your body, the plants can flow energy in the exact same way, sparking awareness of energetic movement inside of nature.

The really amazing part happens when you broadcast powerful sensations of energy and love....they echo it back.

The more you study this phenomenon, the easier it is to realize there is a "language" of energy being spoken back to you which will eventually evolve into direct communication no different than you reading these words right now.

The plant kingdom IS ancient wisdom. They are constantly trying to teach us. This is no metaphor

The Divine Masculine #metoo and the Matrix ~ Morag ~ 26 April 2019

We are walking into our own Empowerment, and Transparency is becoming evident among the Collective Consciousness.

Source: Awakening 5D Healing

Jupiter Retrograde circa 2019 is like being the punchbag for a heavyweight boxer. For a loooong training session. Mercury Retrograde rattles our cage, shakes us down with trickery, delays and obstacles. Jupiter’s retrograde takes us deeper into karmic excavation in our root chakra. Our emotional baggage feels heavier in weighty Jupiter’s pull back, we face our deepest unresolved karma. Warriors become ghosts in the machine, glitches follow us. Truth vibrations heralded by early 2019s 333 upgrades will filter deep into our psyches, unsettling all that is unresolved. Reality versus dreams can be a hard space to face. How do we align to higher vibratory fields if our lives are mired in dense, swampy frequencies? How do we grow and evolve when those closest to us wish us to remain as we were? How do we manifest our realities in love frequencies when our lives are cluttered with chasms of low vibrations? Stress is low frequency, emotional hurt, pain, grief and shame are low vibrations. Individual spiritual growth mirroring global truths being unearthed.

The patriarchy is digging it’s heels in, cutting us deep with its claws. The divine feminine struggles to hatch in our collective consciousness. Warrior women are breaking the bonds of one handler only to be faced with another. Patriarchy runs like a virus through our systems, designed to wound, wind and whip us into submission. From all sides the divine feminine is under attack, their will to uphold the Black Madonna matrix programme is steely. It is one of the founding principles of the elite’s enslavement of us. The divine masculine has been infiltrated, warped, sabotaged. Inversion of both divine feminine and masculine energies has created a chaotic hell dimension of primitive drives. Fear of the feminine has been exploited to create control algorithms in the male psyche. Energy wizardry binding receptors of growth to ensure perpetual predator/ victim consciousness coding. Silent saboteurs operate in our families, relationships and lives bringing us down at every chance, seeking to clip our light filled wings and keep us in our cages.

Divisions based on gender, colour and religion have been key weapons to maintain a perpetual state of chaos. War, poverty and inequality has been our reality for thousands of years. Receptors on our DNA were bound long ago to limit expansion. Curses woven into feminine bloodlines ensuring mother daughter bonds are poisoned with toxicity, dissolving divinity.

Masculine energy has been sabotaged. The Entitlement Program’s flip side is immense pressure to be able to do everything, control your woman, run your finances and be ‘the man’. Men are sensitive, gentle and nurturing just as women are. Women are powerful, clever, strong just as men are. The return of the divine feminine is the divine balance between masculine and feminine energies. We inhabit both, though the elite want us compartmentalised into one or the other.

We seek to align yin and yang in our lives, rolling out, tribal stylie, into the collective consciousness. Equality must be woven consciously into the fabric of our existence.

The cabal elite are accelerating their attack on the divine masculine and feminine with their assault on gender. Ancient tribal civilisations on Gaia believed we could inhabit spirit in masculine or feminine energies or both, irrelevant of gender. The elite seek to invert this. They have pushed us into tight boxes of male and female for many years. In response to the great swathes of higher vibrations flooding the planet their manifesto has adapted. Young people are targeted with twisted new algorithms around gender, creating confusion, loss of confidence and karmic chaos. The inversion of truth to dark is astounding at times. Who are we looking at? What are these people who parade themselves in front of us on tv, film and social media? Puppets whose remit is to mess with our heads. Soul Love is the best response millennials came up with to combat the attack on their sexual identity. They love who they love, irrelevant of gender, a beautiful response from a generation teeming with indigos and rainbow children. Millennials may rewrite the rule books yet, as the depraved elite come at them with everything they’ve got. Just as they’ve done to every previous generation, trying to limit their potential. Nothing that is happening is by accident, all has been foreseen and planned for. The Rainbow Children are here.

The collective conscious algorithm running through the matrix is service to self. We exist in fear until we move into the heart. Moving into our heart is empathy, compassion and kindness. As soon as we are in heart space we no longer function for self only, we are driven to see the whole, the collective as the priority. Those who don’t know what’s going on are choosing not to see remaining locked in lower bandwidths. Their lives a manifestation of their ego fear and spiritual lockdown. Self serving individuals become angry and aggressive when confronted with service to others people. Our heart led lifestyles offend them. Good people often say they have been attacked by colleagues, family members, friends for no real reason. It is because the light in their hearts antagonises the disturbed hearts of those stuck in their ego. Individuals recognise on a primitive, instinctive level the more of us switch to service to others mode, heart vibrations, the less secure they are in their blue pill competitive mindsets. It is a war. A war of light and dark and it is being played out in our lives.

Please read on....

Typo: Awakening of the Dove on 27 April 2019 ~ Maureen Moss

(The date in the newsletter was April 29 ~ it should be April 27)

From Maureen Moss:

Dearest Hearts,

A quick note…regarding the Awakening of the Dove I spoke about in Thursdays Newsletter.

There was a typo for the date. The date of The Awakening of the Dove is on April 27, 2019. (The explanation is in the Newsletter.)

In your heart center, take the time to read its meaning, to pause in your day, morning or mid-day and deeply feel the incoming energies of Peace and Love in your heart for yourself, humanity and Gaia.

The energy will continue to be present through the days following.

Infinite Love To You,
Maureen Email: Maureen@maureenmoss.com Website: www.maureenmoss.com

© 2018 Maureen Moss
 No part of this transmission including artwork, may be reproduced or transferred in any form or by any means without full article, full name and website maureenmoss.com Additionally voice recordings are prohibited by this copyright.

April 28 through May 3 2019 ~ Gene Key 24: Silence – The Ultimate Addiction ~ Richard Rudd

Genius is far more than lateral thinking ~
it is the ability to make quantum leaps
Gene Key 24, Invention

Source: Gene Keys

“Invention is wonderful. Invention is nothing but creativity. The Gift is all about creativity. It’s our contemplation sprinting into action. It’s effervescent. It’s surprising. It’s exciting. It’s the only thing that has enough oomph, that has enough gravitas, enough chi, to suck us out of the gravity and draw us into the light.

This is what Invention means. It’s not inventiveness. That’s different. Inventiveness is a knack, a trait, a skill even. Invention is a mystery. It comes from the Siddhi, and it will reshape our life from the inside out.”
The 24th Way, the Gift of Invention

Where Is My Focus? ~ Lee Harris ~ 26 April 2019

Source: Lee Harris

As an awake soul on the earth, a question to ask yourself at this time in your own evolution is - “Where is my focus?”.

This is a question to ask yourself when you are in struggle or compression. “Where is my focus?”

So if you are in a fight and it is all consuming to your mind or your emotions, it can be hard to want to change your state by focusing elsewhere, focusing higher, creating a prayer.

But until you get more used to this switch around in the way of being in your states, you can always offer yourself that you will only divert your attention onto a higher state for one or two minutes and then you will return to this lower one.

- From Mastering Chaos

Learn More: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/5rcw7vLY

Centre of Sense ~ Lee Harris ~ 26 April 2019

Source: Lee Harris

As a sensitive soul, you are always needing to be able to locate your center. Your center is the sense of calm or space that resides inside your body.

And that means that as a soul incarnate on this planet, you do not have to be afraid of being a human being or feeling you do not belong on this planet.

For in fact, you manage to find a space inside your own body that radiates well-being that you can visit frequently.

- From The Way of the Sensitive MP3


Project 501 Update ~ Cobra ~ 27 April 2019

Not meant for us, but I thought it would be good to know. Or pretend to know  😁

Source: The Portal

Since ANNABELLA.exe, minimum hyperphase requirements and conversion streams are all finalized and stable, their status will not be reported in future updates unless necessary.

VTXPOS requirements are more strictly enforced, limiting towards full INT YXR flow recovery.

Projects 310 and 061 in progress. DL niche in progress. Surface GDS coding fully enforced.

SD kernel clearing in progress with some AN INT multiphasic interference, surface grid ratio does not support full SD sequencing until expected 20.2.

PT intersection on hold, P501 sleeper grid activation failure.

Evaluation expected 190527.

Energy Update, Waves/Events, New Moon Portal ~ Aluna Ash ~ 27 April 2019

Please listen here.

I have written about my own opinion some time ago about how some sources see The Event in different ways. Several sources have already been saying the The Event is already happening, while some view it as the culmination of energetic build-ups, resulting in a massive burst. My suggestion, as always, is not to get caught up in words. Equally as importantly is to allow for a Bigger Picture and not get too fixated on a small portion of the Ascension Landscape.


If anyone is interested in doing a group fast with us on Patreon (it is open to public, do not need to be a Patron to join us with this group fast/cleanse)

Check out: https://www.patreon.com/alunaash

We do have a wave that just hit, the sun is currently shooting quick streams of this wave. The energy can come and go with the waves coming through the Sun & the Earths schumann resonance shifting.. causing quick tiredness or alertness, can go back n forth.

Some people have experienced the Event anchored in its 3D physical form already.. this is because they're tapping into the cosmic mental plane within the different rounds or spheres a consciousness. Others have too but werent aware of it at the time consciously, and more will have these experiences.

THE EVENT, is a shift or change in perception through the Cosmic energy coming in.

4/27- galactic portal activation date, lunar tone- means polarization, stablization through awareness of challenges along your path.

4/28- kundalini, life force integration. (I will be doing a 30min Shakti transmission on Patreon this day at 9pm EST due to Red Electric Serpent tone, lay down, rest n relax & make sure you drink alot of water after)

4/29- transform, death, surrender, forgiveness, adjusting to a new plan and change.

4/30- gateway opener. Last day of 10th moon, planetary moon cycle. healing, peace, empowerment.

5/1- New Moon Portal

5/2- 1st day of 11th moon, this is an activation date.

5/3- galactic day of harmonization and integrity.

5/4- New Moon

I will be posting what this next cycle & ending of this galactic yr means for the zodiac signs karmically soon. I've been getting a lot of messages about programmed events coming. 💜I keep hearing clairaudenitly: "The turtles back mirrors the center of creation. The land mirrors the turtles back. The land of creation. " this is the land of creation. This is what heard, and was seeing a red & blue light with, what i know is, Orions belt.

I was seeing this lining up & mirroring each other after being out of alignment. Blue & red coming together as one.. Then I saw a baby birthed. The red and blue lights were stars, the baby was another star.. (Guessing this is referencing Turtle Island & us aligning back with the Orion belt, center of creation 2022 after the emergence of the Magnetic Sun Dec 21st 2021 during the DF cycle)

I've been hearing this for several weeks I just haven't been able to understand it clearly up until now. Even while in Hawaii I was hearing this and seeing these Turtles everywhere, my condo there was decorated in sea turtles 🤣 but I was having a really hard time understanding what I was hearing up until now.

I was also hearing "a collective Soul-guided exit point" **maybe Borean Calling will see these ^ I keep hear that "the collective will be really upset at first, then it paves the way for healing" as well. I can feel this in my body so much.

Thank you family for your support. I love you!

** I pinned a poem in the comments. 💜🧡💛💚💙❤
The Rainbow Wave= Rainbow Bridge. Merge of Personality & Soul.

5:Density Rainbow Colours ~ Broder Bilal ~ 27 April 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

Latest update:
In last March/April 2018 connection of energetic link with full spectrums of “Rainbows” colors were connected to Planetary Grid-system.

This plasma link have slowly been increasing in amplitudes until December 2018 when “New Magnificent Colors” started to emitt from the core of “Gaia”. It was noticed by many, Amanda Lorence did update on this activation.

We now have very high output of this “New Full Magnificent Spectrum of 5:Density Rainbow Colors” emitting from Grid-system.

Activation was connected to the creation of more then 100 new large Grid-Vortex-Portals with some kind of unique “Spinning Geometric Fractals ” imprints. Placed in circular patterns (like equators line) around our Planet. This new kind of Grid-portals are for holding stable wavelength in Grid-Consciousness.

Service was provided by many Advanced groups with permission given by ancient Planetary Consciousness “Gaia”.

Help was also request from many globally by “inner guidance” and Entrence Portals opened 25 April 01.30 am Swedish time ( 03.30 pm PST ) ( 24 April 11.30 pm UTS)

Many Startgate Portals opened with direct link to our Planetary sphere and Entrence Portals for every Stargate connection opened from “inside”. It is connected to the Galactic shift for other purposes. Will share more on that later.

Assisting in this “inside” work has caused overload on nervous system. Will not be able to help all who have requested help. Need to save the energy for upcoming days.

For sensitive Ones please let Us know how you have experienced the past days. Use any language that is the most easiest for you.

Amazing things are happening right now.

Brother Bilal - Altea

Notre-Dame-Transfiguration and the Re-balancing of Energies ~ Jean-Luc Bozzoli ~ 27 April 2019

Source: Jean-Luc Bozzoli

The "Fleur-de-Lys" originally reflected the Sacred Trinity of the inner teachings of the Divine Mother~Father~Child.

- An intense process is bursting out of the oppressive bonds of abusive patriarchal hierarchy, and is cleaning all the traumas in the DNA. With Galactic influx of Light that bathes now the Earth, it is accelerating a Cosmic Alchemy, we are activating the multi-dimensional crystalline solar light-codes into our cells… for the creation of the New Earth.

- For the Earth was and is designed to be the Center of a major InterstellarPortal.. with the Flower of Life geometry as it’s signature.

- We step into this new reality by maintaining and developing Inner-Peace.. with the ability to be in our Heart Center of compassion, love and creativity. And reconnecting with our Galactic Consciousness via the gifts of Equal Avatars like Mary-Magdalene & Christ.

Amanda Lorence Updates ~ 27 April 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence


There is much occurring ENERGETICALLY for the whole. Dependent on each stage of their unique ascension, it IS presenting, at speed for each to kick off their older version of human. And embrace the newer expanding HUman version.

I talk a lot about UNIQUENESS, individuality, equalness. For it is YOUR very own uniqueness that BECOMES your contribution to NEW EARTH. Not another’s way, style, method, gift, ability...but YOURS. Where each on New Earth give from within. So many uniques gifts and abilities, celebrated, loved and honoured by ALL on New Earth. It’s how we build. Not by orders, hierarchy, ego, control, or ATTACHMENT TO OUTCOME, but BY effortlessly honouring and SEEING each other, as a part of us. Each having their own expression they are wanting to give out, effortlessly and inherent within them. Thank you, for choosing to be, give, express the most AUTHENTIC version of YOU. That, is your divine nature, birthright and gift to all.

The new human version is ENERGETIC. It feels energy physically. It feels and appreciates the exquisiteness of human emotion and feeling. Layers unfold. This will only multiple. The new human feels first, physically, energetically, and emotionally, which THEN sends signals to the human brain to translate what has just been experienced. Thus the new human learns, via its very own experiences of feeling.

It is worth mentioning the power of saying ‘yes’...to your evolving Self and that which you truly wish to become. It’s a ‘yes’ universe. A universe of choice. Choice expands as frequency rises. Old human perceives choice as limited, new human knows choice is infinite. Knows how to access that infinite.

Observe thyself. For what we think, feel, do IS our personal choice. To NOT think of certain things, to not feel, and to not do nothing...is also a ‘choice’. So ‘to not’ is to say YES to the ‘to not’. So to observe our own thoughts, behaviourisms, actions, or lack of, is to assist ourselves in seeing any remaining patterns of the older human version (3D/4D) we let go of. Letting go of the ‘old’ human behaviours that do not serve you, is you saying ‘yes’ to the newer and newer, ever evolving version of human you.

If you are struggling, go deep. Ask...Why am I hurting? What upsets the inner child in me? Why is my inner child so upset? Etc. Love thyself. Choosing to give too yourself all that you have relied on being met by the outside.

Anyone going through ‘darkness/shadow/fear’. Truly, now, look at that. For the dark is also the light. All are aspects of you/us. To embrace with love all those aspects of you, of the one, with LOVE. Then watch as those darker energetics fade away. You are here to dissolve the construct of ‘Fear’. It’s illusionary. Particular ONLY to the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Are you feeding your fears? Are friends, families, lightworkers feeding your fears? For we each get ‘tested’. Without exception. What is your answer? For we are tested again and again, until LOVE becomes the only answer. LOVE IS the highest energetic human frequency and how we rise through our own ascension process. Fear can be blatant, fear can be most subtle. And the power to dissolve all fear rests within you.

I see so many immersed within their own dream/illusion. Truly immersed. They know the data, yet they fall into the illusion. To step outside of it is to become your own observer of yourself and your dream and it’s contents. After the practice of ‘observer’, comes the practice of ‘creator’.
We have come to remember our Creator abilities. To transform. To give out, not because we have to, but because we choose to. Because giving, without ANY conditions, is to give from our pure unconditional state of love. That which IS our true nature. And each time we give in that way, the universal laws respond, YES, giving back of equal measure. And in the most unexpected ways. Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies we can feel to aid our life

Currently, ascending humanity holds a vast array of positions. All playing their unique role. All equal. So we bare witness to that array, with compassion, understanding, love, patience, from a place of peace within ourselves, yet as observer of the dream. For these UNIVERSAL energies are RIPE. Presenting to each, exactly, as per each’s point on their path. All paths lead home. It’s all magnetic. Where the human does not change the laws of the universe. Human can fight those laws or flows with them. One is resistance to magnetism. The other allows the flow back.

For some, they have reached a certain energetic stage. And our free WILL is always operational. We are saying ‘yes’ to the energetic upgrades occurring NOW and to COME. It is the hour to say ‘yes’, from the HUMAN CONSCIOUS awareness. In saying ‘yes’, in actively and consciously giving OUT our human WILL, we STEP UP to fully embody the roles we came here to be...to GIVE OUT to the whole. We say ‘yes’ to our contribution. To our CHOICE, to assist the whole. We say ‘yes’ to a POWER we have yet to embody, that is our destiny to do so. The continuous giving of our consciously aware HUMAN WILL, opens energetic gates (light nodes) within us, to receive upgrades to a FAR vaster energetic. This energetic is physical and etherical, combined. It becomes one. Where humans are now receiving personal data downloads, one stage at a time, showing them INDIVIDUALLY how to work with the unmanifested. In order to bring the unmanifested into the solid NEW WORLD of 5D. So we reach, energetically work, higher than 5D, to then bring manifested form into 5D reality. Divine alchemy.

So it’s all a process of embodiment stages. Safeguarded by divine ‘seals’. And why the human clearings were/are necessary. Why each become self responsible in all moments. Why each become of upmost cosmic integrity. Because there is so much more...to come. There is so much more I could write...

There has never been a greater time to be in human form, with Gaia, and all the kingdoms.
 Galactics have stood, watching for these current timelines. For humans to come through the veil. That we shall all work together, for the greater good, as One. The universal support is phenomenal.

God bless everyone,
Amanda Lorence
27 April 2019



My energy is LOVE. My path is ENERGY.

Since awakening in 2012, I have been shown, one step at a time, HOW energy works. It’s a vast subject of LIGHT, yet quite simple.

Running parallel to my own clearings, dismantling of my own human patterns, and thus embodiment stages, I was shown/taught, beyond space and time, the stages of how Light becomes a solid ‘form’ within a solid reality. There have been gaps in those teachings, of sometimes 1-2 years, that had to run parallel with my own personal human process of dismantling the human distortions and patterns within me. That also ran parallel to our galactic timeline. This technical understanding of Light, was completed in late 2018. It took 6 years to receive all relevant technical understanding.

Whilst the technical understanding of the laws of light were complete, I did not know HOW the human could perform such divine alchemy. How a human being could literally work with said data and create from the WHITE LIGHT. I am now (in the last two weeks) receiving INITIAL stage instruction, piece by piece, on HOW the HUman being can make manifest from WHITE LIGHT, via divine alchemical process. This is what I’m currently working with, learning, practising in my private time.

The true understanding of divine alchemy has been greatly distorted and also hidden throughout human history. BUT, the ability of human to perform divine alchemy, has been ENERGETICALLY ‘sealed’ up for right timelines. To safeguard the WHOLE , safeguard humanity, safeguard Gaia, and safeguard all Universal timelines. A perfect and engineered light plan, when at right timing, humanities mass consciousness had evolved to a certain energetic point within the 26,000 year galactic cycle.

The far greater, most PUREST gifts each possess, unfold after each ascend to 5D...as each become HUman (lighted). These profound gifts are for us to build with, together, on NEW EARTH. Gifts lie dormant or are of limited nature, until then. In order to safeguard 5D levels and above. There are many seals that have been in place, which have been, and are being energetically unsealed as we all go forward.

Each of our abilities, as they unfold, are in accordance with the Golden Era of Light. Aligned and orchestrated by the One Creator of this Creation.

One Love,

Amanda Lorence
29 April 2019

26 April 2019

SR Reading

The Third Eye and Crown Chakras in the Fifth Dimension ~ Tim Whild ~ 21 April 2019

Tim Whild continues with his 5D Chakra Series.

Please listen here.

Tim explains how to clear and balance these powerful chakras, and also how to navigate the spiritual initiation of ‘going dark’.

Energy Update, Pluto Retrograde & Astral Conduction Meditation/Visualization ~ Aluna Ash ~ 24 April 2019

It's no secret that I have a phobia of long videos, and when I do watch them, it's usually at 1.5x speed or more, depending on the speaker (but shhh anyway....). This one from Aluna Ash is more than 3 hours long and includes readings and a meditation, so I would normally give it a miss.

However, I did eventually listen to the first bit where Aluna gives an Energy Update, and felt that it may be useful to post.

Please listen here.

Image above shows Aluna's depiction of our Astral Meridian Lines, which I had wondered about when I first heard her mentioning it some time ago.

Current Energies / 5:5 Pleiadian Stagate ~ Maureen Moss ~ 25 April 2019

“We come to expand you and to assist the vitality of Love to move through your bodies filling the Earth and Cosmos with your vital vibration." —The Pleiadians
** Update: Maureen Moss has clarified that the date of the Awakening of the Dove is 27 April, not 29 April **

Maureen Moss' website is here.

This is at least the third message in very recent days that I've come across that mentions the clearing or purging of the mental body/plane. According to Jason Estes (here), this clearing is expected to be completed by 18 May, a date which Aluna Ash has also been highlighting as it is the start of the 11th Moon Cycle.

Her message follows:

Dearest Hearts,


What a Massive Month of shift and realizations… purging and integration, accountability without judgment and with Love… deep, deep clearing particularly of the mental body and DNA. Each day amplifying the frequency of Unity Consciousness within ourselves. Each day a lifetime of change. Each day a rarified opportunity to advance in Consciousness as consciousness itself is moved hour by hour from one reality to another depending upon our engagement with it.


There is nothing to hold on to but Love of Self.


My Higher Self wisdom has been be willing, be the watcher, see the magic, indulge in Self-Love, express in your authentic Power and claim…Own…Be your true Self inherent in your Soulful God nature. Those words, my daily mantra.


We are extraordinary beings reaching a critical point in human evolution. 



Awakening of The Dove Energies


Breathless in this months electric/resurrection intensity and at times in shock and awe at the lengths the Universe and our Soul is going to use everything and anyone to purge, expand, build and engage each one of us with Higher and Higher Light Frequencies, building our nervous systems to withstand more Light while magnetically pulling us toward consistent Self-Realization and the expansive Love that we are…I was informed this particular ‘purge and surge’ is also in preparation for what the Pleiadians are calling the Awakening of The Dove energy, slated to activate on April 29  April 27.


The Awakening of the Dove energies are those of a returning peaceful, unconditioned state of Love for Gaia and ourselves. Gaia has longed for our Pure Love and peace upon her…rather than many of our often strong desires to leave her when we reached points of great struggle here.


A state of union of this nature is capable of shifting the balance of the planet and further prepares the prepared to journey to 5D New Earth together through the Diamond Heart of One.


I sense it will be an intense day still in spite of its symbology as many of the incoming energies are structured in ways to move us from one reality to another, swiftly. Often we think we Love and think Peace however this month of energy is dispelling more and more of what we think about Love into what we feel and then become.


It is important throughout this time (now through mid-May,) to register our mental/emotional risings along with feeling into every frequency available in the moment…pausing…breathing and harmonizing then with The Highest Frequency and anchor it into the Stargate of our Hearts. 



Moving Through Stargates


Moving forward we are required to be frequency specific with each physical and etheric doorway, portal and stargate we are presented with in order to go through it and experience our next level of potential.


Last week, I shared with a friend that we are to remember that at every entrance into a higher dimensional portal/stargate there are gatekeepers at the gate to insure that the frequency of anyone entering is in sacred frequential alignment to those inside of the gate.


The same holds true for New Earth/5D. There are energetic guards at the gate (in greater truth We are the guards,) insuring the frequency of each human body is stabilized unified and at peace in all of its fields mental, etheric, emotional, physical, before entering or there would be chaos as we each know well and continues to be on 3D Earth. By Law and Love this will Never play out on Earth, again. 



The Taurus/Pleiadian Stargate


We have a Taurus New Moon right next to a powerful Pleiadian Stargate on 5-5-19 which will help shift us into the next phase of our Ascension with a burst of creative, invigorating energy and a new sense of power, influence and purpose furthering our readiness for the coming solar initiations, the creation of New Earth, aligning with our new incoming destinies and breaking open the energetic seal within the fourth strand of our DNA which has interrupted, actually cut many off from their Soul Identity.


As the Pleiadians spoke to me, we come to expand you and assist the vitality of Love to move through your bodies filling the Earth and Cosmos with you vital vibration.


This will be a great day for a loving journey into the beautiful stargate with members of our Star Family the Pleiadians long involved in our Ascension. Change-makers to Change-Makers we meet…they spoke to me.


Time for another Quantum Leap.




Know you are loved,

Email: Maureen@maureenmoss.com
Website: www.maureenmoss.com


© 2018 Maureen Moss
 No part of this transmission including artwork, may be reproduced or transferred in any form or by any means without full article, full name and website  maureenmoss.com  Additionally voice recordings are prohibited by this copyright.