03 April 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 1 April 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

If we trust we hold the upper hand, we won't be manipulated.

We want to embrace our Cosmic family, but not from a place of disempowerment, because the fallen aspects of any race are the ones that seek control. They compromised their DNA for ultimate power over us, which requires a food source and so is why they modified us and created systems and power structures to target our belief systems and vulnerabilities...

Even though they seem more advanced cause of their technologies and abilities, they really aren't. They didn't incarnate into the human meat suit (but work through their hybrids) and aren't limited by this downgraded vessel we inhabit, but our Consciousness is where we hold the key to reverse damage and synthesize the electrical and magnetic, rod and staff, M and F with the nucleic acids connected to the elements, allowing Aether divine energy to stream in, which is now available like never before in this Ascension window period...

So many of our strands are switched off, but it is like an exciting present or package we get to open -- and feel the positive fact that what we need most for our liberation, our life path will help us to retrieve -- if we can accept the challenges to transform us and teach us and keep our eye on the magic of synchronicities.

The minute we dip down into stress and gloom, we only notice the things that reinforce it and we lose connection with the natural magic that Earth and Cosmos is made of.

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