19 April 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 18 April 2019

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Source: Laura Eisenhower

It is not a question about whether or not Ascension is happening, it is encoded in DNA, Nature and Planetary alignments and aspects, so of course it is happening. The quality of Silver-Gold frequency is being transmitted to our Sun and planetary body for the first time, this is very much the Alchemy that comes with polarity integration. It represents Masculine and Feminine, Rod and Staff and Electric and Magnetic forces coming together and merging, after exploded planets and cataclysms in our Earth and Galactic history made it very difficult for their organic expression to exist in this lower density. It is also the Sun and Moon rising above the Saturn Matrix, helping Saturn move into a higher form and expression -- Only we can take the initiative to flow with these Cosmic and Earthly events.

So 5-G represents Electromagnetic radiation and 5D Ascension and beyond is the Electromagnetic signals we create and attract. Currently, humanity is being accelerated into expanded ranges of electromagnetic frequency exposure. These are either organic signals that support biological Ascension or Artificial ones that block and disrupt the flow of energy in our physical bodies, which affects our DNA.

The nervous system of humans produces an alternating magnetic field, which is capable of extracting ions from the atmosphere when there is a vibrational match to the same frequency. So it really comes down to our Consciousness and our capacity to get frequency downloads that are authentic and not from impostors. Chemtrails and 5-G pose threats, but only if you buy into the programmings and that is why TV and propaganda and mind-control are the means to which we lose our connection to our own Divine power and Creative/Spiritual freedom. When we exist beyond the programmings, they don't have as much impact on us, but it becomes a constant challenge we have to remain diligent about.
The question about our future is really about asking, are we aligned with Cosmic and Natural law and things like Truth, Love and Wisdom? Are we able to understand what our life experience is it is trying to show us and awaken us to, so that we can step into alignment? Life gives us everything we need to Ascend, but question is, do we know how to interpret it in a way that serves our growth and ability to transform and embody our authenticity.

Every chart is a road map towards liberation, ebbing and flowing between the negative and positive until it loses its charge and we stop perceiving it through the lens of duality, which keeps us divided within ourselves and each other. When we perceive from a place of integration, we are constantly conceiving new realities based on our own instructions, visions and dreams, in accordance with the laws of integrity...

The Satanic agenda is to reverse human neurological functioning, so that the electrical energy is disrupted and so we loop in past traumas. Their agenda is to separate us from the purifying and alchemical properties of Aether, through targeting Nature and the power of the Feminine within both genders. The magnetic has been damaged, but is now healing cause it connects to the Cosmic Aether which is now available. This is undoing thousands of years of genetic damage and reversal codes.

In our history, the True Mothers DNA was extracted from Earth and it was replaced with the Dark Mother, which is an artificial synthetic alien version, put into the planetary architecture to mimic the true role the Mother Earth consciousness plays -- who nurtures us and supports us. These reversal energies have created addiction, suffering and imbalance and so the dark forces have been in power for many cycles of our human history, with a masterful agenda that has been hard to overcome due to amnesia.

Our inability to connect with the True Mother is recorded in the cells of our Mitochondrial DNA and the patriarchal program impacting both sexes has been passed down generation to generation. This is also revealed in the controlling of the magnetosphere and magnetic field, which makes the electrical disrupted. These are what makes up our DNA and so the scrambled codes became Junk DNA.

Everything is healing on a Cosmic and Earthly level right now and Aether and Water being carried within the plasmic Silver-Gold liquid light energies, is showing us that this reunion and integration of polarity is literally turning the lead of Saturn into Gold and the Full Moon tomorrow is a huge leap in our ability to step into this and allow it to shift us profoundly. This is a reunion of True Love on a Galactic, Cosmic and Earthly level. Question is, are we up for it??

(I wrote this and drew some inspiration from the material of Lisa Renee ~ Laura Eisenhower)

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