07 April 2019

Source Connection ~ Eric Raines ~ 6 April 2019

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity 

One of the most common causes of multiple symptoms I find when working with clients is a blockage to Source connection.

Our consciousness is not designed to be just inside of our body, but constantly shifting through the flow of the universe. Direct connection to where our Light comes from is Natural in a clean system with low density.

Humanity feels the lack of flow as normal, simply because many have no clue another state of being is even possible, having never having experienced it.

Some of these symptoms include a great feeling of heaviness, as if the body is magnetically being drawn downwards, creating a feeling of fatigue; inability to move with vigor physically, emotionally, mentally and with life goals; a disconnect from feeling there is something more than the dense 3D reality; inability to feel joy, or a much smaller feeling of joy than there should be and a whole host of minor problems that come from these symptoms.

Once this blockage is cleared, it is very similar to turning on a faucet into a sink full of rotten, stagnant water. Instead of just becoming more and more toxic, the energy dillutes to the point of neutrality, then finally activates into light.

The weight disappears, the body feels as if it has lost a significant amount of heaviness. As the cleansing continues, more internal blockage in the meridians, energy centers and the very muscle memory of the body holding onto many of these energies, begins to relax, release and rewrite the base emotional state of the body.

Opening the opposite side, into the energy of the Earth to create a clean, clear path of grounding will expand and speed up this effect to a significant degree.

Humanity is beginning to figure out the invisible control systems.

"Supernatural abilities" are nothing more than the extension of your nervous system perception once you clean out all the etheric weight that is smashing your awareness from every direction to keep you trapped inside of your skin.

Now here is where we come to proof. If you do not believe this is possible, prove me wrong. I have brought the question, it is up to you to experiment and bring a response.

Learn this technique. Play around with it until you can feel the movement inside of the body. If you cannot see the light, FEEL the EFFECTS of the light, such as the heat, the radiance, the feeling of sunlight.


Instead of bringing the ball of light chi into the chest, push it up as hard as you can up and up until you feel it connect to the sun. Pay attention to where it is hard to move easily and TURN up the light and movement until you break through.

Once you feel it connected into the sun, make the pathway you just opened much wider, taking a deep breath in and stretching it.

Relax and focus on how you feel inside and out of the body.


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