31 May 2019

New Moon in Gemini, Next Solar Storm, 12th Moon Cycle ~ Aluna Ash ~ 30 May 2019

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Next Solar wave/storm around 6/5/19 and I also heard the 13th.

The 12th Moon cycle begins today, on 5/30 right as the Sun is transmitting more waves Cosmic Energy and right as the New Moon portals opens during the Galactic Activation Portal date on 5/31. The New Moon in Gemini is taking place on the tone 13 while inbetween two energy waves and two Galactic Activation Portal dates (5/31 & 6/4)- changes are coming, prepping for interdimensional shift. The New Moon is a time of sitting back, retreating and beginning to plant new seeds/intentions for the week following the New Moon as we move into the first quarter moon.

Energy around the New Moon that stuck out to me Astrologically: T Square- in Mutable Signs between: Jupiter, Neptune, Moon & Sun. YOD/Finger of Fate between: Jupiter, North Node & Venus. Cradle between: Saturn retro, North Node, Venus & Neptune. This is all creating an energy of building tension right before change/adjustments take place due to the forceful nature of the Soul illuminating new ways of relating/understanding intellectually within yourself and with others. Learning to respond consciously instead of reacting unconsciously and projecting our shadow onto another. It may feel like a transitional place for some.

A message I received is that the next wave is coming around 6/5, they will be coming in in more of a rhythm and with more power. The Sun Being is helping us to evolve more rapidly through communicating through these waves of Cosmic Rays being transmitted.

The plasma waves/cosmic waves are much easier to deal with and easier on the body when the channels of the subtle body are worked on- by clearing the channels through visualization & meditations. And when the body is at a healthy pH level, and the shadow self is consciously engaged and integrated.

Listen to your body. Rest if you need to. Drink plenty of water. Work on the Subtle Body Winds by drawing them into the main/central channel. And If you feel tension/pain in a specific area of the body- use the innate intelligence within the body to guide you through your own healing by doing what you feel guided to do. You may feel guided to visualize something or move your body in a certain way, etc.. Or if you feel guided to seek healing in a different way- go with what feels right to you & listen to your body.

If you are feeling alone, angry, overwhelmed, sad, anxious, lost, exhausted.... you are not alone. You are here ON PURPOSE and you are here WITH A PURPOSE. The whole purpose of doing the work and freeing ourselves from suffering, is to free others, all life. and it is worth it. It is beautiful & magical, even the tough parts. Triggers activate consciousness in order to be deprogrammed & cleared.

💜I appreciate all the love & support on the channel.

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The Greatest Gift ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 27 May 2019

"The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to forgive ourselves completely and to create a life that says “I AM WORTHY!” "
Source: Jenny Schiltz

This weekend I received a wonderful confirmation and it wasn’t lost on me that it was Memorial Weekend. Let me start from the beginning.

I have known a guy we will call Lance for a few years. He is a friend of a friend of my spouse. When I first saw him, I was curious about his story as I could see that his nervous system was shot and he had blown out the 3 lower chakras. I soon found that he was a Disabled Vet with severe PTSD so what I was seeing in his energy system made sense. I wanted to reach out but heard my highest self say, not yet, he will come to you when and if he is ready. I honored this and created the space for healing to eventually happen

A few months ago, he came for a cookout at my home. My oldest daughter was also there and she was really struggling with her impending move to Turkey and having to wrap her life up into 6 suitcases. Her energy was chaotic and her adrenals were pumping. She was on the verge of a decent panic attack. A friend of mine, who is also an energy healer, helped me to calm her down and ease her overloaded system. I saw that Lance was watching with curiosity. Once my daughter was feeling better, Lance asked what was happening and told us how he has panic attacks and sometimes can’t sleep all night from the nightmares.

We asked him if he wanted us to assist and he hesitantly agreed. Once we got him comfortable, I tapped in and immediately started seeing war scenes. I knew that he had experienced significant soul loss. I explained that he needed a soul retrieval and he said he didn’t deserve to be the person he was before all that happened.  Just then I saw a group of children come into my vision. One boy around 6 or 7 was holding the hand of the soul piece he had lost.

I asked Lance if his pain and self-hatred had anything to do with the children. He looked away and said, yes and would tell me no more. The child that was holding the hand of the 20-year-old version of himself told me that Lance had run him and the other children over. I told Lance what I had heard and he looked so ashamed and said “We had orders not to stop, others had died stopping, some kids had bombs. I had no choice.” The pain and guilt in his voice were palatable.

I explained to him that when he ran over the group of people, he had lost a piece of himself. The soul piece still looked shocked and confused but was held onto tightly by the little boy. I told Lance that while he may struggle to forgive himself the child already had and that in fact, the child had watched over him all these years.  Lance kept repeating that he didn’t deserve to be healed, to be happy, and the more he expressed that the more my friend and I were able to remove the gunk from his field.

Please read on....

Upcoming Planetary Assignment: Clearing Energies ~ Broder Bilal ~ 31 May / 1 June 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

We will now merge our Consciousness with the Planet/Gaia for this task.

Connect to Gaia´s and call in help by those you feel most connected to - Angelics - Galactics - Higher Self - Or Ascended Masters

Ask for help with releasing all the energies of the Planet that are not aligned with the 5:D vibratory spectrum. You can meditate and hold your connection with Gaia/Planet

You can also use Inner Techniques:
Use of Vortex motion in “inner layers of dimensions” in Consciousness - Left and right rotation with clear inner focus. You can use the Center Node – Star of Gaia as the focal point

There are geometric nodes located above Southpole and Northpole where energies can be released.

Stargate Entrance Portals opened 26 April as a passageway to all “entities” in Astral field, when they cannot cope the higher energies we are soon entering.

This will create more stable wavelengths in Grid-system also affecting the well-being of Humanity.

Starting 31 May:
22.00 Swedish Time
20.00 ( 08.00 pm ) Coordinated Universal Time UTC
12.00 Noon Pacific Standard Time PST
14.00 ( 02.00 pm ) Central Standard Time CST
01.30 am India Standard Time IST – 1 June
06.00 am Sydney New South Wales – 1 June

Lasting 20 minutes.

Adding a GIF-Video for more clarity on how to use the Inner Techniques.

The closer we get to "Event Wave" the more work will to be done by Us from "Inside".

You can share the post so more can join the Ground Treamwork.

Time Zone Converter in comment section.

Lightworkers with Expanded Consciousness joined as a large group with same Intentions can have tremendous effect.

Brother Bilal

June Energy Update ~ Lee Harris

We can look forward to more keel-over moments.... Seriously though, it's a teensy price to pay for massive change in the Collective Consciousness.

Source: Lee Harris Energy (includes video with more details)

Perfect Storm for Healing and Elevation, Anger as a Release and Fuel for Change, Full Circle Moments, Dreams and Synchronicities, and Light and Creational Energy

The main themes to emerge for June are:
Remember to stop and regularly ask yourself how you are doing because this continues to be a fast, ferocious and very illuminating time on the planet in terms of energetics. Those of you that are energetically sensitive, awake and conscious of what’s going on at a planetary level will already have been feeling the effects of it - particularly in May when there were some real ‘knock you off your feet’ moments. This theme of fast elevation, fast change and deep, deep healing may continue for many months and even years to come. So our nervous systems need us to be looking out for them as much as possible. And if things (or you) feel or seem weird, strange or unpredictable, that is par for the course right now.

The first main theme for the month of June is - WE ARE IN A TIME WHICH IS THE ‘PERFECT STORM’ ALCHEMICALLY FOR HEALING AND ELEVATION. This means that there will be a continuing release, resolution and/or re-examination of any issues that we might have as we move forward. This could manifest as suddenly being able to resolve something in yourself around a long and lingering past issue, or having a very real healing moment with someone from your past. Or simply seeing or feeling differently about an incident from your past that previously felt defining or key to your life journey.

Healing energy is very strong at the moment and it is directly linked to ELEVATION. We are undeniably in times of elevation. But often what happens to us before we elevate is we contract. You may have heard me talk about the principle of CONTRACTION before EXPANSION. It’s the fear or reluctance we feel to  moving forward right before we have a breakthrough. The step back before the spring forward. And then we walk into a whole new level and a whole new way of being. There is a strong theme of that playing out right now.

Think of the example of little children who are over-excited about going to a party, and they talk about it excitedly for the whole week leading up to it. But when party day comes, their parent or guardian walks them into the party and the child stands shyly against the wall, not quite knowing what to do with themselves. Give it ten minutes or so (for them to adjust to the energy of the room) and most will then let themselves go into this big, expansive community experience and it can be hard to prize them away at the end! They contracted before they expanded.

Remember that this is going on for everybody. It’s not just that you alone are having moments of depression or doubt or fear. It’s that those energies inside your body are looking and wanting to move out and leave. But they’re asking you to first acknowledge them, and :
  • Are you willing to see me and feel me?
  • Are you ready to go a bit further and deeper than where you are now?
  • Are you willing to become something you’ve never become before?
The path of growth is interesting and complex - even for those who are passionate about self growth being part of their journey. Because we want change but we also fear change.
There is a feeling of safety in the familiar pattern of our lives and a safety in the comfort of the known.

But in 2019 we are not seeing much safety in our known world, whether that’s to do with the environment, the systems or with government - it’s all changing and faster than we realise. And it was always going to be this way - prophecies have talked about this for a long time.

So the question we have to ask ourselves is how do we deal with this change on a day-to-day basis?  Well, we look at this ‘perfect storm’ for healing and we WONDER and GET CURIOUS about what we are being asked to elevate into. We become AWARE of the healing movements inside us as much as those that are collective.

So if you are going through a difficult time right now with (for example) heartbreak and wounded relationships, you could just circle round it (feel it and talk to your friend about it) OR you could get CURIOUS about why this is rising in you.
Why this, why now?

Life is calling you forward and it’s asking you to move to a new place around relationships.

So the healing process and ‘wound’ you are in might be you readying yourself and taking actions to step into a new partnership once you are through this.

OR, it might be that you get to, “You know what, I think I’m done with intimate partnership. I don’t think I’m going to put my focus or my attention there right now. I’m just going to live my life and see where I can find and experience love in all the other ways.”

We don’t always know where we are being led. Our soul ALWAYS knows where we are going, and part of the joy and sometimes the unease of being human is that we don’t always know what is calling us forward or why we go through the healing and growth phases we go through. 

At least not in the moment.

But we can live more from our soul and allow that journey to become easier through our integration.

If we follow what we’re feeling from moment to moment, and look for and pay attention to the signs and the people that come into our life, we can return to that sensory, intuitive way of being (that so many of us were discouraged out of by our society) and start to get back on our soul path. Then we become who we are here to become, do what we are here to do and be who we are here to be for others as well as for ourselves.

We are seeing a lot of full circle moments and not just in June. This has been going on for many months and will continue to be part of the path for the next year or so. This phenomenon means that you might see yourself coming full circle in life with your talents, dreams, desires and abilities. Perhaps there is something that you had put away and thought was forgotten, was untimely or you were just going to let it go, when suddenly it comes back into your life in a new form. Or it could be that somebody offers you an opportunity or a collaboration or asks you out on a date when you thought you’d completely given up on dating. This energy is strong right now.

There’s a lot of sweet, heart energy reconnecting us to our soul’s heart and the dream in our soul’s heart, which is something that we all have. Our SOULS ARE HERE TO CREATE. We are here to create as much beauty and harmony on this planet as we can - even though we know that this planet has as much disharmony, dis-ease and problems as it does harmony and balance. But for those of you who feel compelled to be creators of more harmony and balance, either for your own life or for the lives of others and the world at large (because it lights you up to see harmony appearing), these full circle moments are going to be coming in strongly and MORE RAPIDLY in the coming months. So look out for the synchronicities, opportunities and if you feel the dream in your heart rising, don’t be surprised if some wounding comes up too.

I had a similar thing this month, something returned that I thought I’d left a long time ago and as I could feel it coming in, I also caught the part of my mind that was saying, “Oh, I don’t know if this can work because it didn’t work last time.” That’s the healing aspect I’m talking about coming in for all of us as we move into these passions and desires. We get to let go of the old wound as we birth the dream anew.

Many of you right now are in what I call THE MIDDLE ZONE. The feeling of, “I don't know what I want to do. I’ve got no idea and I feel purposeless and adrift.”

Remember, it’s no different to when you have a break up with somebody - you usually need a period to acclimatize, assimilate, figure out what you need to let go of and what you need to learn from, and celebrate what was in that relationship before you go onto the next one. This is how the middle zone looks and feels. Think of it as a chrysalis phase.

So if you feel purposeless, track back your last 6 to 12 months. You have probably made some big moves in your life - either you’ve physically changed things or been aware that you’re feeling disconnected from certain ways of being, relationships or jobs you’re in. So know that you’re already halfway there! Just remain curious, stay open and don’t let your fear and our natural need to control as human beings make you think something’s going wrong. It’s just the discomfort of deep transformation and it will be helped by practises, people and places that help you feel peace and ease as you go through it.

I’m a big believer in, “Life is happening for us not to us.” I know many of you feel the same and it’s really important to remember that even when we’re in tough lessons or tough experiences, there is something we can’t yet see that is trying to break through. Right now, those of you who are in that moment of, “I don’t know where I’m going!” Don’t worry - you will. You can’t stay there for long. Every butterfly breaks out of the chrysalis eventually.

Just remain CURIOUS and OPEN. If you try things and go with opportunities that come up, you will see that things will progress quickly because of the high level of creational and community energy happening on the planet.

The desire and the ability to CREATE - to create new things in the world and to form new relationships - this is very strong right now. But so too is the desire to be IN COMMUNITY - to bring communities together and harness the power of communities to effect not just change, but love and peace and harmony. This makes me sound like a 70’s Hippie which is funny because we often talk about Hippies in a denigrating way. But for me, growing up and hearing people talk about Hippies, I always thought, “Wow! I totally love the values of Hippies.” And what I’m loving now is that there is no longer this segregated group referred to as Hippies - because those values are beginning to become more normal and permeate more of society.

As more and more people break down emotionally and ask, “What’s going on on the planet? This doesn’t look good and this doesn’t look right”, it’s shaking and waking everybody up emotionally inside.

Some of you will be going through or looking to make some big changes right now and so figuring out what you need for self-care, self support, health, wellbeing, nutrition, your relationship to your body and your relationship to your life is really going to help you with this elevation process that we’re in.

The last thing that came up very strongly for June was - ANGER AS A RELEASE AND AS A FUEL FOR CHANGE. Don't be alarmed if anger is coming up for some of you in a surprising way when you’re going through this healing storm. This relates more to those of you who feel you may have been a bit deficient in anger or it’s not your immediate emotion when you’re in a less desirable state. Maybe you normally go for sadness or grief or fear so you might be surprised that anger is running through your system.

We are in very electrically charged times energetically so people are having a lot of electrical energy (a lot more Kundalini) pulsing through their system. So anger can be working through you as a real energy flush, a real boundary and a real change agent. Fear, sadness and grief tend to be more passive and more introverted and are emotions and feelings that we have to sit back with. But anger can be electricity that fires us up and leads us forward.

So long as you’re not whacking people over the head or using your anger abusively or destructively towards other people, you’re just feeling a flush of anger in yourself, so don’t worry. It’s you waking up and and shaking up and that is really what this whole time is about - this PERFECT STORM of healing and elevation that we are in.

This is a time of an enormous amount of LIGHT pouring onto the planet. It’s also why we are seeing this real roar around control and domination playing out in the world.

But the light that’s amplifying on the planet is raising that frequency in opposition. So, stay with what’s true for you. Keep doing the work that you feel to do - not just your career but the part of you that wants to support, lend your activism, lend your voice or whatever it means for you - and between us, we can continue to help bridge this illumination.

We are lightening up and it’s a process we have never been through before. It’s completely new for all of us. So some days it will feel challenging and scary, and other days it will be euphoric and peaceful. And as you either go deeper into that journey that you’re already on or if you are thinking, “Euphoric? I haven’t felt that yet Lee”, just trust and it will come.

It will come. And it comes the more you stay with this process.
Sending you lots of love for the month of June.



Ascension Codes ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 30 May 2019

"As more and more dormant Soul DNA comes online, the morphogenetic field is reprising its divine human template. The reptilian hybridization is being replaced with crystalline light codes for Ascension. As the Atlantian matrix collapses into zero point, the hybrid lineage is coming to completion. The experiment is over. The new divine human race is awakening and evolving at a rapid rate."
From this perspective offered by Meg Benedicte, we can see the incredible mechanics of our Ascension upon our physical bodies. 

Source: New Earth Central

Due to the gradually increasing galactic solar waves and plasma solar storms entering the earth plane since 2012, consciousness is expanding and dimensional boundaries are morphing. The dense magnetic layers lock in patterns, programs, code, trauma and linear time in the human energy field.  Some call this a ‘Soft Event’, as plasma waves alter the geomagnetic field and thin/dissolve the Time Barriers of the 3D hologram.

On May 26th the earth was hit by an interplanetary shockwave from space that unexpectedly caused solar wind density to abruptly quadruple and the interplanetary magnetic field to double in strength. The powerful solar blast not only affects electronics and satellites, but also the physical body. Visit for details: https://truestrange.com/2019/05/27/strange-space-weather-alert-interplanetary-shock-wave-hit-the-earth-may-26-2019/

The incoming plasma storms and photonic light streams are deconstructing the human-reptilian hybrid lineage dating back thousands of years. It is causing a gradual unwinding of the hybrid genetics that dominated earth for centuries. Since the Atlantian civilization, humanity has been monitored by veils of amnesia and genetic reengineering (reptilian hybrid coding) that cause disconnection and devolution.

As the solar flashes increase, the human brain utilizes a complex network of microtubules to transmit photon packets of “light consciousness‟ into your biological quantum field computer. The plasma waves are decomposing the hybrid genetic code and the photonic data is activating the Soul’s galactic, dormant multidimensional DNA. Human capacity to metabolize photonic light in the brain receptors enhances a wider-range of higher superconsciousness.

Embedded within the reptilian hybrid code are elements that weaken the immune system, including virus, parasites, mold, yeast, non-organic heavy metals and bacteria. The onslaught of auto-immune conditions is directly related to the decomposition of the hybrid lineage, triggering a survival counter-attack. As the plasma/photonic waves deconstruct the hybrid code, the battle for survival consumes the biological vessel.

Instead of sinking into the death cycle, we are being guided to focus on the resurrection of the original human blueprint of Ascension. As more and more dormant Soul DNA comes online, the morphogenetic field is reprising its divine human template. The reptilian hybridization is being replaced with crystalline light codes for Ascension. As the Atlantian matrix collapses into zero point, the hybrid lineage is coming to completion. The experiment is over. The new divine human race is awakening and evolving at a rapid rate.

All the instructions required to direct cellular activity are contained within the chemical deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as DNA. Epigenetics affects how genes are read by the cells, eventually causing chemical modifications that will turn those genes on or off over time. The plasma/photonic infusion is organically altering the instructions to ‘turn off’ the reptilian hybrid genetics and ‘turn on’ your dormant galactic DNA.

During the Soft Event rollout, the physical body endures waves of hybrid cellular decomposition and detoxification. This causes stress on the immune system and elimination process. Through epigenetics you can communicate to your DNA to support the detoxification and immune system with laser-focus intentions, commands and visions. You are guiding your transfiguration with focused instructions to the DNA. Ramp up the elimination of hybrid genetics and embedded parasitic colonies and replace with your divine human crystalline lineage. It is time to activate your Ascension Codes!

I will offer genetic healing support in our upcoming podcast on Wednesday, June 5th at 5pm PDT. Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we activate the Ascension codes. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2019 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Saturn's Return in Light ~ Joanna Fay ~ 30 May 2019

The cascading effects of the transmutation of Saturn's energies will have far-reaching implications for Humanity's path....Joanna Fay brings us very good news indeed! There are so many reasons in this update for us to keep our vibes high and maintain joyful energies in our Hearts and Minds, as requested by Star Family.  Much Gratitude to Star Beings and Joanna 💖 As usual, there are numerous breath-taking photos accompanying this much-appreciated update!

I highly recommend reading this ~ there's much for which to be grateful, and equally plenty to which we can look forward in the near future.

(And on a personal note, I love and appreciate that Joanna mentions the Standing Wave concept, which I've also been writing about quite a bit lately in view of these continuous energy waves coming in ~ Joanna's description is vastly more detailed and informational! 😃)

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,
There’s been such a lot happening the last week! In the previous post, following on with the immense shifts within Carian (bird-being) soul groups that have flowed through the Centaurus and Carina constellations, we mentioned this is connected with another more local profound shift, occurring around Saturn. This is now complete, incredibly beautiful, and we can talk about it a bit here, as the effects begin to catalyze changes in a deeply instilled mindset of limitation, separation and lack within the collective consciousness field around the Earth that has been linked with Saturn in the human psyche.

Since early May, Saturn had been ‘on the radar’ with guidance to tune into what was happening around Saturn’s north pole, where there’s a ‘cerulean blue storm’ vortexing around the pole, within a most unusual, beautiful double hexagon of changing colours.

Some years ago, I began to attune with the souls expressing through multidimensional forms as planets in the Solar System, which completely unravelled all preconditioned views passed down through millenia in relation to all the planets. In the context of Saturn, its esoteric and astrological ‘identity’ on Earth as the Great Malefic and Lord of Karma, whose influence had some positive qualities but many negative ones, of control, coldness, isolation, separation, limitations and karmic ‘rebalancing’ that could turn one’s life upside-down through periodic Saturn Returns, was transformed when connecting with Saturn’s Heart, with the Soul vibration resonating through and from that Heart…which I saw and felt as super-soft 6D liquid light emanations, very fine uplifting harmonies and tones of golden-white light.

This high, loving radiance ran counter to anything I would have expected, as at the lower 4D levels, the Saturn energies came across as chilly and heavy. In recent weeks, star family’s focus toward Saturn strengthened, within the series of steps of unravelling and transmuting various frameworks and systems of control from around the Earth and Solar System, confluent with wider galactic releases. What came into view with this strengthening focus was that the whole Saturnian lower 4D grid was being artificially generated from a network of stations located on some of the moons of Saturn, and that in those dimensional layers, the rings of Saturn have a powerful radiating, transmitting capacity that was being harnessed by that network, to constantly pulse the cold separation/lack vibrations to receiver discs around the Earth….and that this was blocking the true soul light of Saturn’s 6D heart (which the planet’s north pole hexagon represents) from radiating into the Solar System.

We’re using past tense, as during the last couple of weeks in Earth time, the transformations of unascended energies in parts of the Centaurus constellation translated very swiftly into the Solar System as a take-down of the Saturn moon network, with absolutely beautiful metamorphoses of the energies of those moons into higher vibrations once they were liberated (in a mere few days of Earth time during last week). The true soul light of Saturn has begun radiating again, pulsing outward through its rings, clearing much interdimensional debris, including remnants of Maldekian technology that had been used to create the controller network there. The lower grid around Earth formerly tethered to that network has now been rendered obsolete, and receivers and transmitters are in the process of being neutralized and dismantled by the lightships and our 5D Agarthan friends.

The beginning of this process was initiated just before the March Equinox 2019, with a similar, collaborative lower network untethered and removed from around the Moon, which opened the way for this next removal. At the macro level, everything is unfolding in sequence to support the highest planetary ascension outcome, regardless of constant attempts to slide it into lower timelines, and star family ask that everyone committed to assisting Earth and humanity’s ascension keep the most joyful, most peaceful, most compassionate ascending vision and trajectory in our hearts and minds. Give the most beautiful and loving path our focus and energy.💓

The return of Saturn in Light also now opens the way for the vibration of Chiron (in astronomy, classed as a ‘centaur’ object orbitting between Saturn and Uranus, and variously described as an asteroid, brown dwarf planet and comet) to flow through its true ‘key’ activational role. In astrology, Chiron has been known as the Wounded Healer, and mythically was seen as the wisest of the centaurs (half-man, half-horse beings), teacher and guide of many beings, and connected to the Centaurus constellation. So can you feel what is unfolding here, at the higher levels? As the whole of Centaurus lifts into unified frequencies of love, Saturn is released to radiate deep, flowing harmony and peace, and with the interference network gone, Chiron’s vibration is able to be received on Earth and elsewhere no longer as a wounded healer, but Whole and One, guiding the key to inner wisdom of the heart into the human collective consciousness field, from duality to unity as unhealing wounds are transformed back to Love and Compassion (note also how the astrological symbol for Chiron is depicted as a key).

Please read on....

SR Reading

Space Observing System
Holy moly......

30 May 2019

Altea Energy Complex ~ Broder Bilal ~ 29 May 2019

The name "Altea" is unfamiliar to me, but there's something about the content that prompts me to post this. 

Source: Broder Bilal

Altea Energy Complex a vast Coherent Intelligent Energy Field from different Dimensional Universe descended down to 7:Density beginning of this Long Cycle for planting the “Seeds of Life” with other Founding Races.

Altea original coder for Human facet planted in Galaxies throughout the Creation.

Shape of each Soulselve - A Torus Sphere with Plasma Light in a cylindrical line as many of the 8:Density and higher Races

Altea have no “feminine” or “masculine” counterparts - Each Soulselve is in total unification within Itself, each Soulselve is a reflection of the Whole Energy Complex as a “personality”.

13 connecting points as Soulselves of Altea Energy Complex are connected to Earth/Gaia - More in other Star systems and nearby Galaxies.

Altea completed the agreement of facilitating Evolution for the Long Cycle in Mars 2013/3:Density timeframe - Ascended back to 8:Density again.

Great Central Star of Milky Way crossed the threshold to 10:Density wavelength in October 2017/3:Density timeframe - A Great Evolutionary Cycle for many Galaxies is taking place.

A Great shift on Earth - A Great shift in Milky Way Galaxy - And a Great shift throughout the Creation

Can be called “The Greatest Gathering of All Times”

Observe, Not Absorb ~ Eric Raines ~ 29 May 2019

Source: Eric Raines

True empathic abilities do not absorb others emotions or energy. An example would be, "I can feel anger radiating from that person." as opposed to, "I feel angry because that person is radiating anger.".

If you find yourself absorbing others emotions, you are in fact, empathic, but your skills are bleeding through without firm boundaries.

A simple, easy technique to solidify your personal, sovereign space is as effortless as breathing, we just need to add an intention or a flavor to the breath.

Slow down the breath and start inhaling deep into the abdomen, stretching the tummy open. On the exhale, completely relax and let go, allowing the breath to bleed from the lungs.

Stay in this focus until you feel your body relax and the mind calm (shouldn't be more than a minute or two). Once you feel the body let go, you are ready for the next step.

The intention is to feel the gravity of you, pulling everything that is you into your bubble, including the space outside the body on the inhale. **WHAT IS MINE, IS MINE**

On the exhale, reverse the feeling. Push out everything that is not you, making it weightless. **WHAT IS YOURS, IS YOURS**

Do not do this aggressively, or with anger. Make it as gentle as possible, simply stating facts, because what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours

Do this whenever you feel the buzz of the crowd push in, or when you feel someone thinking about you, holding negative feelings, or when you feel intense emotion radiating from someone.

Empathic abilities are just like any other skill. Trainable.

Enjoy your Jedi training  

Incoming Wave ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 May 2019

Amanda Lorence
Strong Incoming Wave NOW.
Energetic patterns, not "new" but are far more physically pronounced.
Infinity loop dominant.

29 May 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 28 May 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

I am sharing data received today, via a method I call “Mapping Gaia” ( There is a higher frequency data system above the solid forms of Gaia, that I first read, followed by an immediate download, of what the “Mapping” is referring to). I won’t speculate further or guess, just passing on. Please just take what resonates to your path. Discard if it doesn’t. 💙🙏💙 For clarity, the CAPITAL letters below are the “Mapping”, followed by the ‘Download’ text which is in the brackets if/when it was received.

In order:
STORM (solar storm).
FIRES ALL (the energy surge will fire up energy within each human).
TWO CHOICES (each and every human has the same two choices).
LIKE AN ARROW, EXTRA LARGE (refers to incoming solar wave).
DIAGRAM 1 shows the Mapping (Diagram 2 shows what the Mapping means. It’s a download received in 2017 that refers to the Event Wave).
LIGHT FROM “I” (the letter I, not 1, or eye... The energy of God).
STILL (to Still the mind during the wave).
KEY (Stillness is key during the wave).
GRAND WAVE (the Event Wave).
FEEL THE LOVE (an energetic, within the physical body).
WE ROLL TOGETHER (All realms, All dimensions).
22 22 (non solid light forms/consciousness outside of both Galactic and the Labyrinth).

Finally, to be clear, I don’t know when this Wave takes place. Only that my sight and body was shown it will take place (visual and physical assimilation in 2014), and I can say that our physical energetic of our human bodies have been steadily increasing in ability to absorb more and more energy (Hz), getting closer and closer per incoming wave to the actual assimilation experienced in 2014. Please just take what resonates.

I have a lot of messages not read, which I will get to as I can. Due to daily quantity, I can’t always respond. But all is on track and perfectly aligned for All. Trust yourself and your path...because you can, by quietening the mind and just listen...to your own heart.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
28 May 2019

Incoming Energy, 12th Moon Cycle, Portals ~ Aluna Ash ~ 28 May 2019

They are coming in non-stop now....

In this update, Aluna Ash informs us of the significant shifts in the Collective Consciousness as Humanity aligns more with Gaia Mum's frequency.

Please listen here.

I will make another video and go over some of the messages & June energy 
**everyone will experience the acension process differently. And perceive reality differently. 
We are all conduits to energy. But we experience it differently based off our elemental makeup, Soul path, past lives, etc.. 
A message that I got is there has been a new agreement- to "turn up" the ascension process... this will cause a rapid acceleration in awareness and perception. Right now is the tipping point where things are culminating or reaching a climax connected to the last collective agreement. I am also seeing the energy/aura of planets/animals/earth looking different, a subtle difference. 
New Moon Portal opens as the moon enters the electromagnetic field connecting the Sun & Earth on 5/31 right as the next wave of Cosmic energy is coming in/hitting (hitting Earth, if you tune into Cosmic energy & planetary field/aura you may feel this now- or before the 30th) and 5/31 is also a Galactic Activation Portal. 
The next Galactic Activation Portal date is June 4th, after the New Moon in Gemini. The next Galactic Activation Portal after the New Moon in Gemini is on Soltice, June 21st. 

SR Reading

Jason Estes Update ~ 28 May 2019

That keel-over energy wave that came in on the 26th/27th was such a mystery to me, and I have been mulling over it since. I had mentioned (here) that I saw it as different energy threads with different signatures being braided together to form a thicker "yarn".

I finally remembered that Jason Estes may have indicated that period to be some energy marker date, so I went to check. Thankfully, he has written an update. I will write more about this energy wave later. (He had mentioned 27 May in this earlier post.)

Source: Jason Estes

we are in the post process of the influx on the 27th and the prewave process of the influx on the 31st tonight at 5am cst

its important to understand that the last influx was the first influx that has ever come to a split collective fully while this was a very interesting experience we all learned from it so the next influx will be much easier

as we wind down the month of may take a moment to celebrate you made it this far because the hardest part is over now we just learn apply and be

June is a month of restoration and renewal with only 1 influx and a support window to prepare for the next Ascended master gift in July, things have never been easier then they are right now so take a moment to really go inward and let go of the struggles and the jaded values you have created within yourself, and just go out and stand in nature and feel the wind on your face and the dance of the trees, and really take a moment to look at the color green in the world


28 May 2019

Celia Fenn Update ~ 28 May 2019

In the past few days, I've often wondered if we should even bother about these bursts of continuous waves of energies that are beginning to overlap each other. There seems to be no "off-day" 😄  We might as well start getting used to this on a daily basis, and look forward to when every moment becomes a "wave"....

Source: Celia Fenn

A minor interplanetary shock wave hit Earth on May 26th at approximately 22:00 UT. The CME-like disturbance was unexpected. It caused the density of the solar wind around Earth to abruptly quadruple, while the interplanetary magnetic field doubled in strength. Earth's magnetosphere was rattled by the impact, but it did not spark a geomagnetic storm.
(from Spaceweather.com)

Now we know why the energies have been so intense lately.

This powerful wave has been impacting our planet for the last few days.

Many people, including myself, have been hearing increased high pitched frequencies and experiencing pain in the body.

The wave should move through soon and we should get some relief from the symptoms.
Meanwhile, we know that these cosmic waves are bringing change and transformation to the Earth.

Grounding ~ Tim Whild ~ 27 May 2019

Source: Tim Whild

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves as Lightworkers is ground our energy. As the frequencies rise on Earth on a daily basis we receive everything from the Cosmos via our Stellar Gateway chakra. We are essentially human lightning rods.

Feeling ungrounded can be a difficult experience in todays climes as we choose our vibrational state the minute we wake up and connect into our physical reality.

The Earth Star chakra beneath the soles of our feet determines the energy that we stay in during the course of our day.

This is a very simple exercise that you can do when you wake up or whenever you want to 're-set' and bring yourself back into full alignment.

1. Stand with both feet firmly on the floor. Barefoot/outside is the best but not always convenient so anywhere will do!

2. Take a couple of deep breaths and focus on the Earth Star chakra below the soles of your feet. See it as a beautiful hematite grey/silver.

3. Ask your Earth Star to hold you at your perfect fifth-dimensional frequency all day (we all shift vibration due to our circumstances and surroundings...balance is key)

4. Feel yourself setting firmly at a high vibration and ask your Earth Star to regulate your vibration during the course of your day.

5. Imagine beautiful silver roots flowing from your Earth Star into the higher magnetics of the planet, into the 5D Ley Systems and merging within the Christ Consciousness of the waters.

6. Hold this for a few breaths and then allow your Earth Star to surround you in a silver bubble of protective light.

7. You are now ready for your day!

Love Tim 🌸

Subtle Shift in Our Collective State of Mind ~ Broder Bilal ~ 27 May 2019

This "wave" is actually making me feel nauseous..... 

Source: Broder Bilal

Even within the spiritual community this kind of “Insidework” can be viewed with some skeptics, hoping the “Star Nations” will do to all the work for Us.

Our meditation sessions are preplanned, Our Intentions, as a Large Group of Lightworkers with Expanded Awareness have more energetic effect on where focusing Our Energy.

Changes in Our Collective State of Mind, as some call it “timeline jump” is taking place more frequently the closer we get to the point of Singularity.

As a Large Group, asking help from Higher Councils, more energy can be beamed in through the Portal in Our Sun - Or from huge Motherships stationed close to Saturn.

With this session, Our Collective experienced another “Wave” amplifying up the Grid-System - Felt by most sensitive around the World.


20.20 Swedish Time

18.20 ( 06.20 pm ) Coordinated Universal Time UTC

12.20 Pacific Standard Time PST

15.20 ( 03.20 pm ) Eastern Standard Time EST

Energy “Healing have been provided by Lighted Beings from Arcturian Collective for those who attended this session.

We are thanking Arcturian Higher Council and Lighted beings for this beautiful experience.

Also thank you for Connecting - as the Ground Crew operating from the surface.

Brother Bilal

Honour Your Food ~ Sasquatch People

Source: Kelly Lapseritis

"Honor your food in its process to you and honor the miracle of it all; in each minute piece. Even if you feed the birds and wildlife around the house, you must honor the seed and be thankful."

- Teachings by a clan of Sasquatch People to Erin Renee as she transcribed for " The Sasquatch Message to Humanity Book 3"

Artwork: "Harvesting and Sharing" by Apak

27 May 2019

Celia Fenn Update ~ 25 May 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

 I really think it is time for some serious self care right now.

The incoming energy has been really potent the last few days and we are still integrating the energy from the 5/5 star gate.

The sun has moved into Gemini, which is the sign opposite Sagittarius which aligns with the Galactic Center. Sooooo, that means that we are "in tension" somewhat with the energies and codes downloading from the Central Sun right now. It is a powerful time but also a difficult time.

I am feeling joint pains and headaches, so I am planning a quiet week end with myself and maybe some art and craft projects. Also feeling a need to create beauty in my home environment, which is my Sacred Space and the place where I create my version of the New Earth reality.
So have a great week end everyone!   

Vibe High ~ Lee Harris ~ 26 May 2019

Holding a wider, brighter vibration for as long as you can will have an enormous effect on the environments you visit
Source: Lee Harris

Since you can now see everything in a clearer, wider way, the chaos that you see can be disconcerting. But going down into or under that chaos will not help you or others.

Holding a wider, brighter vibration for as long as you can will have an enormous vibrational effect on the environments you visit.

– From Mastering Chaos MP3 https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/5rcw7vLY

Effulvance of Planetary Elixirs Presents to All ~ Gaia Portal ~ 27 May 2019

Source: Gaia Portal

Effulvance of planetary elixirs presents to all.
Far-sighteds view the realm.
Clarification comes to all Hue-Beings.
Clairvoyance comes to all.

Making Sense of the Mess: Part 2 ~ Jason Estes & Kerry K

Posting this first for those interested, I'll likely get to it much later.

Source: Jason Estes

you are your greatest teacher

(Link for video)

From Samadhi Speaks:
An important post purge update with Jason Estes filled with insights and guidance. In this chat we look at how to create meditative spaces, why they are so important and how necessary it is to be in that space in order to keep our momentum. As always, you'll find impactful understandings and ways to apply to them to your life.

Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat

I can have 2 aspirin and lots of quiet? OK thanks shut up now pls
I got led to this from Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat and was very glad to see the visual representations (and written confirmation!) of what many of us felt just recently, as mentioned here.

Please head over to their site to also see lots of other graphs, have a good chuckle and feel much better :)

New Human Gateway: A Template to Higher Consciousness ~ Yukia Azorah Sandara & Kerry K ~ 15 January 2019

In this intriguing discussion with Kerry K, Yukia Azorah Sandara explains the Divine Embodiment process that is taking place, with the Divine Feminine energies beginning to "occupy" (my own term) the mind. This will eventually lead to Humanity's thought-forms taking on a more balanced energy as we progressive move into our New World. We will also begin the see the elimination of diseases as this new configuration gradually takes form, as well as experience more stillness within.

Our new individual portals within our Higher Mind, Higher Heart and Sacral are also being formed, thus enabling us to access Divine Codes for ourselves. Grounding into our Planet is very essential.

"We are going beyond the Merkabah."

I also feel it's great Synchronicity that Denise Le Fay's update was posted before this one. In her update, Denise mentioned the upgrading (more like re-configuration) of the Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus glands, which are related to Yukia's information.

There's much more, including pictorial representations of these new configurations, so please listen here.  I highly recommend this for those who wish to hear about the evolutionary process of the Human Template, which ties in with the Planetary Ascension and of course, the Cosmic level. It is such an engaging discussion!
Merge of the Higher Mind & Higher Heart
God Particle ~ We are Everything
Zero Point ~ Final Stage

The INTERNAL Separation of Worlds ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 26 May 2019

The best way to read updates with specific terms ~ in my opinion ~ is to avoid being overly defined (or triggered) by them, and willingly allow the fact that there are different interpretations from different sources for such terms. I have already written enough on the topic of how different sources have their own perceptions on The Event, so there's no point to belabour it again. It's best not to get lost in words.

With that out of the way, this update from Denise Le Fay will resonate a lot with many who went through very obvious physical manifestations of the out-of-this-world energies (literally) in April & May. Denise also highlights a very key aspect that would serve us well to be reminded of at all times, in all situations ~ Ascension is an internal process. This is why we can never really move forward without inner work, no matter how much knowledge is acquired.

Source: Denise Le Fay
The “Shift” or “Event” as some call it and expect it to happen, has been happening continually inch by painful and difficult inch for the past thirty physical linear years on Earth. Intensely so in the physical dimension since 1998–1999. I’ve referred to this constant “Shift” “Event” process energetic Stair-steps that the First Everything-ers, Foreunners, Pathpavers, Embodiers, Wayshowers have been traversing for the past 20–30 or more years in this life.

However, many people believe and expect some instant special-effects type of external singular “Event” and/or “Shift” to happen all at once that will shift them and their physical bodies into a much higher state and reality. If it happened that way, no one alive on Earth would physically survive it because the frequency range difference between what has been and what we’re evolving into is too extreme for anyone in a physical body to survive in-tact in a single “Shift” or “Event”. Mass humanity is nowhere near evolved enough to be able to make a single evolutionary leap “Shift” or “Event” and ascend to a higher level of being. No, this “Shift”/”Event” has been unfolding quite differently for decades already.

2018 Triple Crowns Process

First Everything-ers and Forerunners, do you remember Embodying increasing amounts of Crystalline Christ frequency during 2017 and 2018? Do you remember Embodying the Triple Crowns process in 2018? If you weren’t conscious of that particular phase it doesn’t matter, only that you went through it and were further Rewired by it. The Triple Crowns process was, as has always been the case with the Ascension Process, very compressed the last three months (Trinity, Triality instead of lower frequency Duality) of 2018. Three stages of Embodying the first, second and third “Crowns” that year so you’d be able to move up a few more Stair-steps and Embody more NEW in the near future in a NEW way with very NEW results. That future is 2019, and as usual, a different multiple stage process continues this year. 

Such has been the entire Ascension Process; steadily laboring our ways up higher frequency stair-steps transmuting all that needed to be, releasing more lower old, while each higher step caused and continues to cause us to embody and Embody increasingly higher frequency Light energies, more NEW codes (templates) and NEW DNA and then run them through our bodies in these NEW ways.

Please read on....