21 May 2019

A Small Fragment of Solara's May 2019 Surf Report: Reverse Spirals

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Source: Solara Anani

April's emphasis was on Breaking Free and many of us did just that. Yet, some of us weren't able to break free in April. These are the ones who are still looking in the usual old places with their minds ~ rather than their hearts. If we try to find new solutions utilizing our old linear, logical way of thinking, it simply doesn't work. This is because what we are seeking is not located in the old places anymore and cannot be found with our minds.
Even when we are so tantalizingly close to shifting reality systems, some people are still making excuses why they can't participate in helping to make this happen. Yet, there's nothing more important for us to do. Now is the time when we need to completely dismantle ~ at a core level ~ all our fears, doubts and resistances, so we don't carry them anymore. The idea of breaking free from duality still scares a lot of people. When panic arises, it's easy to put our attention on trying to create some form of security within the crumbling framework of duality ~ yet all this does is keep us small while maintaining duality.
We are highly sensitive beings and because we feel so strongly and deeply, life can easily become too much to handle. This is why some of us are shutting down our feelings and not listening to our Heart's Knowingness. They are closeting themselves in a false zone of neutrality as a survival mechanism. It's like hiding in a closet and pretending that there isn't a world outside. But is this being honest and true? Is this being vibrantly alive? Is this really making us happy? Is this doing what we came here to do? 
This is so sad because we are all greatly needed at this time. The shift over of reality systems requires our full participation ~ first to unhook ourselves from feeding the illusion of duality and then to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality of AN.
It is not the time to be neutral ~ it's time to BE REAL! It's not time to be paralyzed by fears, doubts or inertia ~ it’s time to bring forth our COURAGE! And it's not the time to be passive or distracted. Let's finally set all that aside. It's a time to care deeply ~ rather than try to pretend that we have no feelings. It's the time to step forward ~ because the world is not going to change without our full participation.

Let's dismantle the dam blocking the free flow of the River of our True Heart. Let's reset our inner control panels to remove all the duality-based errors in our internal programming. Let's go forth and manifest our Wildest Dreams. Let's not stay where we are! Let's not go backwards to remain cocooned in the familiar. It's time to be with our True People, live in our True Homes and fulfill our True Purpose! 
Give yourself permission to stop being small. To stop being afraid. To stop searching in duality for what cannot be found there. Realize that all your perceived limitations and obstacles are simply illusions ~ the distortions of duality trying to keep you in its clutches. Then dare to step OUT OF THE BOX and OFF THE MAP of the KNOWN! RECLAIM YOUR TRUE LIFE! And believe it or not, you will be fully supported when you do this.
There's a lot of spiral energy in May which will affect us strongly. Actually, there are two Reverse Spirals ~ the upward one going clockwise and the downward one going counter-clockwise. These double spirals bring us a simultaneous opening and closing energy ~ like screwing and unscrewing at the same time. This means that some elements of our lives will be closing, while other elements are opening. These Reverse Spirals are going to break up the holding patterns that people have long been stuck in.
These Reverse Spirals act like a corkscrew which is dredging us down to the core, while opening us up to the New Reality at the same time. Since both of the spirals are simultaneously in effect, this will heighten the feeling of unprecedented change and affect us on multiple levels. They will push us into making choices ~ whether to create the kind of True Life we really want or remain where we are. 
We will be experiencing beautiful, high frequency energy, as well as a strong undercurrent of the dense, low frequency energy of duality. We must choose which energy we prefer to live in ~ which reality system will be our predominant reality. Whatever we decide right now will embed us deeper into our chosen frequency. 
The two Reverse Spirals are different, but not separate. Together they form a larger pattern ~ like a diamond composed of a double whirlpool ~ with an unusual configuration which is something that we haven't experienced before. While they are in effect, we will feel like we are going in multiple directions at the same time.
These Reverse Spirals will quicken a deepening of our connection with the Nature Kingdom. This is vitally important, for we need each other more than ever. The Nature Kingdom in all its myriad forms has some major keys for us at this time. It's a part of us which has been missing. As we expand our beings to connect with nature, Pachamama will allow us to enter her exquisite Timeless True Worlds. At the same time that all this is happening, we will be pushed into the bowels of duality so we can pull out the deeply embedded hooks that still adhere us to duality. This will happen through nitty gritty life situations that make us deal with things on a extremely raw, real level. 
This Reverse Spiral action affects everything. It forces us to become very REAL, while at the same time, moves us out of the limits of duality. It stretches us to embrace the eternal and live in this expanded, timeless state in the greatly expanded HERE and NOW of our physical world. By the end of the very powerful month of May, we will realize that something major has been lifted from us, while we have become more of WHO WE REALLY ARE.
May is an extremely full, action-packed month in which it feels that there is so little time. Perhaps, we feel this because our Old Timelines are running out ~ like the final sands of the hourglass. This means that we have to align with our New Timeline very, very soon. There's also the sense that there's little time left to shift reality systems. Yet before we can do this, we need to unhook ourselves from duality and shift our beings into Eternal No-Time.
For many months we have been Walking the Razor's Edge. Every step we've been making has had to be a true step. If we haven't been making true steps, our path will become more narrow and our razor more sharp. Yet, if we've been making true steps, we will discover in May that the path in front of us is now widening. The Razor's Edge is not as sharp as it was before. As we walk out of duality, it's like walking out of a narrow canyon whose walls close behind us. This gives us a sense of escaping into a state of NO DOWN - NO RETURN. As we step into greater authenticity, the landscape before us expands. We are now walking on our True Path. And more and more doors open before us....
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This is a small fragment of Solara's complete MAY 2019 SURF REPORT. The Full MAY Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of APRIL 2019; Looking in all the Wrong Places, So Little Time, Reverse Spirals and the MAY 2019 Overview.
Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado:

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