17 May 2019

Activations, Collective Karmic Detox, Solar Wave +UPDATE ~ Aluna Ash ~ 16 May 2019

I'm posting this first....it's impossibly long!

Here for the video update.

Full Moon in Scorpio on the planetary tone/10 on May 18th during the 11th moon cycle/spectral tone. This is a beautiful shift- new beginnings, new opportunities, new people, new paths! After Full Moon as Pluto goes back to the 22nd degree in Cap- its between worlds.

Allow it to unfold, you've done the work... Nuture yourself, allow yourself to be present. Soul integration & awareness of the Soul communication taking place. Telepathy/intuitive communication is expanding.

** Andromedan energy is specifically connected to this Divine Feminine shift in a very active way & the shifts coming.

The shift that people are waiting for has already happened, now we just have to believe & embody. We are playing out the collective & individual karmic energy like crazy righg now as we close up this galactic year.

The 11th moon is about release. Each moon cycle holds an overall energy tone, along with each day, every 13 days, etc.. according to Mayan astrology. I use Mayan & Western... and Sideral with Mayan at times depending on the cycle we are in.

We also have cosmic rays/Sllar activity hitting at this time.

I've gotten messages about: the 10th chakra, activations, constant dna upgrades, karmic clearing, clearing timelines & personality traits, collective rapid unfolding of karma & evolution, realms merging, others shifting quickly in awareness due to resistance, astroids & shifts in consciousness, venus/mars lost integration or imbalance of female/male energy karmic transfered, spiritual phantom pain syndrome, a light coming that cause unfolding of new life paths.

I've been seeing a lot of different things but one is this like astral battle in the energy fields around everyone... literally everyone. I talked about the astral thoughtforms, entities, mist like entities- partial physical & nonphysical well this is either changing our my ability to perceive spiritually/astrally is growing.

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