30 May 2019

Altea Energy Complex ~ Broder Bilal ~ 29 May 2019

The name "Altea" is unfamiliar to me, but there's something about the content that prompts me to post this. 

Source: Broder Bilal

Altea Energy Complex a vast Coherent Intelligent Energy Field from different Dimensional Universe descended down to 7:Density beginning of this Long Cycle for planting the “Seeds of Life” with other Founding Races.

Altea original coder for Human facet planted in Galaxies throughout the Creation.

Shape of each Soulselve - A Torus Sphere with Plasma Light in a cylindrical line as many of the 8:Density and higher Races

Altea have no “feminine” or “masculine” counterparts - Each Soulselve is in total unification within Itself, each Soulselve is a reflection of the Whole Energy Complex as a “personality”.

13 connecting points as Soulselves of Altea Energy Complex are connected to Earth/Gaia - More in other Star systems and nearby Galaxies.

Altea completed the agreement of facilitating Evolution for the Long Cycle in Mars 2013/3:Density timeframe - Ascended back to 8:Density again.

Great Central Star of Milky Way crossed the threshold to 10:Density wavelength in October 2017/3:Density timeframe - A Great Evolutionary Cycle for many Galaxies is taking place.

A Great shift on Earth - A Great shift in Milky Way Galaxy - And a Great shift throughout the Creation

Can be called “The Greatest Gathering of All Times”


  1. A very special energy this Altea energy complex. I am vert attractief to it.

    1. You very likely are connected to it in some way :)