29 May 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 28 May 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

I am sharing data received today, via a method I call “Mapping Gaia” ( There is a higher frequency data system above the solid forms of Gaia, that I first read, followed by an immediate download, of what the “Mapping” is referring to). I won’t speculate further or guess, just passing on. Please just take what resonates to your path. Discard if it doesn’t. 💙🙏💙 For clarity, the CAPITAL letters below are the “Mapping”, followed by the ‘Download’ text which is in the brackets if/when it was received.

In order:
STORM (solar storm).
FIRES ALL (the energy surge will fire up energy within each human).
TWO CHOICES (each and every human has the same two choices).
LIKE AN ARROW, EXTRA LARGE (refers to incoming solar wave).
DIAGRAM 1 shows the Mapping (Diagram 2 shows what the Mapping means. It’s a download received in 2017 that refers to the Event Wave).
LIGHT FROM “I” (the letter I, not 1, or eye... The energy of God).
STILL (to Still the mind during the wave).
KEY (Stillness is key during the wave).
GRAND WAVE (the Event Wave).
FEEL THE LOVE (an energetic, within the physical body).
WE ROLL TOGETHER (All realms, All dimensions).
22 22 (non solid light forms/consciousness outside of both Galactic and the Labyrinth).

Finally, to be clear, I don’t know when this Wave takes place. Only that my sight and body was shown it will take place (visual and physical assimilation in 2014), and I can say that our physical energetic of our human bodies have been steadily increasing in ability to absorb more and more energy (Hz), getting closer and closer per incoming wave to the actual assimilation experienced in 2014. Please just take what resonates.

I have a lot of messages not read, which I will get to as I can. Due to daily quantity, I can’t always respond. But all is on track and perfectly aligned for All. Trust yourself and your path...because you can, by quietening the mind and just listen...to your own heart.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
28 May 2019

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