28 May 2019

Celia Fenn Update ~ 28 May 2019

In the past few days, I've often wondered if we should even bother about these bursts of continuous waves of energies that are beginning to overlap each other. There seems to be no "off-day" 😄  We might as well start getting used to this on a daily basis, and look forward to when every moment becomes a "wave"....

Source: Celia Fenn

A minor interplanetary shock wave hit Earth on May 26th at approximately 22:00 UT. The CME-like disturbance was unexpected. It caused the density of the solar wind around Earth to abruptly quadruple, while the interplanetary magnetic field doubled in strength. Earth's magnetosphere was rattled by the impact, but it did not spark a geomagnetic storm.
(from Spaceweather.com)

Now we know why the energies have been so intense lately.

This powerful wave has been impacting our planet for the last few days.

Many people, including myself, have been hearing increased high pitched frequencies and experiencing pain in the body.

The wave should move through soon and we should get some relief from the symptoms.
Meanwhile, we know that these cosmic waves are bringing change and transformation to the Earth.

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