22 May 2019

Energetic Shift ~ Broder Bilal ~ 21 May 2019

Source: Broder Bilal

A noticeable energetic shift have occured on our Planet.

21.50 Swedish Time
07.50 pm Coordinated Universal Time UTC
12.50 pm Pacific Standard time PST

A permanent subtle plasma connection of 5:D-6:D information highway is now connected to Grid-system.

This is reactivation of information stream Planetary Consciousness “Gaia” had before “The Fall” down to 4:D-3:D. Connecting it to information network of all Planetary bodies in 5:D-6:D

This activation of 6:D wavelength in Grid-System made as a agreement before “The Fall”, to spend cyclic time in 4:D-3:D for learning/growth is “soon” completed. 6:D wavelength will slowly increase in amplitudes.

“Gaia” will one´s again be 5:Density habitable Planetary body after the “Event”, now also with 6:Density wavelength operating in systems.

Schumann Resonance peaking within the time frame of this activation shown in the picture.
All this ties to the Galatic Portal activation upcoming days.

We The Wise Ancient One´s

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