20 May 2019

Energy Update: Aluna Joy Yaxk'ín ~ 19 May 2019

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'ín

Blessing on this Taurus FULL MOON in Scorpio.

What happening? Zenith passage (center of the sky) of the SUN and Pleiades over the Head of the Dove in the Maya World (March 21 - May 20th) Sun and Pleiades/Alcyone conjunct creating a cosmic node portal. (Alcyone the central Sun of the new divine feminine... more coming on this soon)

Today is the culmination of the week long Wesak festival (celebration of the Buddha) that is celebrated around the world, but also in Tibet, every year. It is a day to celebrate, and a time to place newly, upgraded intentions on what we would like to create in the future.

Today as we wake up, so much is quickly transforming. I am sure we all felt something was different as we opened our eyes this morning. There is a huge energy portal between our Sun and the star/sun Alcyone of the Pleiades system that has created a cosmic node point. . . A double sun portal. This is vast and has multiplied incoming light that might make us feel full or very heavy with new information. We are waking up further and will be deeply remembering. This is very true for those with open eyes and hearts. We could find lost pieces of our life/soul puzzle. This is a puzzle piece that we might have thought was way outside of ourselves, but now we discover that these pieces are much more connected to us personally. It will take some time to integrate these misplaced gems, causing more transformation within ourselves. This is flowing into us today.

With remembering lost pieces, we also find what is not necessary anymore. We might need to do some inner and outer clearing. Our base or core identity foundation will be upgraded, and newly discovered records will be uploaded. We might need to let go even more of things that are not supporting us. These could be energy parasites that could be thoughts, beliefs, programs, ancestral patterns, life styles, or even people. What was important to us before, may not be now. We are making room for a new greatness and a brighter light.

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This double sun portal will also affect our world stage. Those of you that are global barometers, you might feel an intensely deep quaking that is causing a deep wobble in the pit of our being. We are waiting for the other world shoe to drop, and it is a big shoe. This is going to change a lot of things in our material world very quickly now.

Full Taurus Wesak moon in Scorpio. Yes... It is powerful. Scorpio with its powerful unending love and need to create impeccability will start to align the wrongs in the world. Trust and the need to feel safe and secure between each other and between countries and leaders will be issues to deal with. We will see more power struggles at the “faux top” as passions flare. But what the masses value in their world will be the true voice, with undefeatable and authentic power, that will change everything.

Blessings on this powerful and light filled time. 💕
Aluna Joy

Artist unknown... anyone?

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