20 May 2019

Incoming Wave 23/24/25 May ~ Aluna Ash ~ 19 May 2019

😅  I'm still standing....They are coming in almost non-stop now, and will soon overlap each other until every moment is a massive continuous standing wave....

Please listen here.

I was planning on going to bed and just making this video tomorrow but I got a very clear message to do it right now.

Very clear message about the elements being "stirred up" with this wave and we also have a galactic portal activation on the 23rd and 24th!! Remember that we have all the elements within our body, it's important to know that when these elements are being "stirred up" in our planetary field it's also being stirred up within our individual field... balancing all the elements within you is important. Especially if you have one element more prominent than others in your natal chart or your vibrational signature.

What this is doing is stirring up any imbalance and duality within in order to balance the yin & yang energy. And then externally- As within so without. It's like everything is being stirred up in the Ether right now.

Timeline "folds" will be taking place for many... you'll start seeing or feeling like you are outside of time and viewing reality differently.

New paradigms are being accessed. Synchronicities tend to spike up quite a bit way beyond numbers when the ethers shift like now. Or shift back vetween certain number codes- these are connected to paradigms

Even if it feels tough at times, which I have felt myself too, it becomes easier. What we are going through is a new life but within the same body... incarnating to higher paradigms while still physical.

Aspects of our personality is being stripped away and we are awakening to new aspects.

There is a huge shift this summer solstice because it is towards the end of this Galactic Year but the message Ive gotten is the galactic alignment to activate the new frequency is June 2020 Soltice.

***Try not to feed into other's irritability- save your energy for you. Spiritual boundaries are a must. Don't allow your reactions to set off a chain reaction of events... it's better to deal with things or people when you feel that they or you both are in more of a neutral position. Many people right now are not aware of how much they are unconsciously projecting- and if you're a person that can feel that and need to detach yourself from it, do what you need to.



  1. Dear Grace, I just had a 'nudge' to visit your site...saw the 4-point star of light on your wall, a beautiful sync...then glancing down the page, sae your comment at the top of this post about the incoming waves overlapping until they become a standing wave. And just want to let you know, star family have been talking about this with me for the last week (with a lovely symbolic photo I'll include in the next post) about Standing Waves and Ascension, and that the constancy of the incoming waves is indeed building toward a standing wave, or 'unified wave event', and it's wonderful to see you're feeling and envisioning this. Love & Blessings Star Sister, from Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor <3

    1. Thank you for this lovely validation, dear Joanna! I was about to call it a day when I felt I had to check for comments, and saw this :) What Synchronicity we are having :D :D

      I look forward to your next post, as I usually do <3 Please say hello to your Star Family, and to Ashura and Tanabor. I also look forward to being able to communicate with my own Star Family in the very near future.

      Many thanks and Blessings, dear Star Sister Joanna!
      Grace <3

  2. Star Family greeting you back, dear Grace, they/we feel all loving thoughts/vibrations. :)
    You can always invite soul family and loving ones to meet you in your Inner Heart, they've always with and around you, all the way... <3

    Hehe, the time you sent your reply just caught my eye....OO:OO...looks like a double infinity... ;)

    Love & Blessings always <3

    1. Thank you for that tip to connect, Joanna <3 I love it!

      And also thanks for pointing out the time....I love these "messages" :) <3 <3 <3