10 May 2019

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 9 May 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The only War we need to win is the War within and amongst one another.

Peace within and without is our willingness to hold integrity and kindness in the face of the forces that seek to divide. Adversity is a reminder to bond together more - instead of create opposition and hatred over our differences.

The stories of our lives, political parties and historical inheritances are resolved when we rise above the programs that wish to destroy us through conquer and divide tactics.

Wisdom is seeing through the game. The Caballs exist only if they are fed and we give it power.

Oneness is diversity in harmony😀😊😊! When conflict arises may we all choose our truth and the upper road and not let conflict eat away at the fabric of our true connections and self-awareness — If we allow it to digress us, we suffer and so does everything else.

We heal from the inside out, not the outside in — although some things act as powerful reminders about who we truly are. It’s not control, it’s allowance to transform.

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