27 May 2019

Nurturing Your Own Power ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 26 May 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

Each human being (Facet of God) has their OWN energetic. So each are birthed here, with their own ‘Plan’. They come in, with an accumulation of over-residing Soul essence that at first seems, or feels separate to the human vessel. Until it isn’t.

Each human (Facet of God), will therefore have their own ‘Soul Plan’. Will experience their own life experiences. Their unique journeying. They will undergo human experiences, based on their UNIQUE CRYSTALine Programme their agreed to experience in THIS lifetime.

They experience from their UNIQUE energetic. They see from THEIR own energetic state. They make decisions and choices from THEIR own ever changing energetic.

The POWER is within each human, to realise, and exercise THEIR OWN energy. Based on the human blueprint, their own CRYSTALine Light programme, their Soul’s choices pre this incarnation.

Your intuition and also your inner power is like a ‘muscle’. If it is not used, like a muscle it seems weak, hardly noticeable. But to practice using our energetic intuition, that initially may feel practically non existent, is to grow that ‘muscle’. Intuition can then strengthen, become stronger, less subtle than it first seemed to be. But it’s a choice. To practice observing our intuition, and to then LEARN to act on it. The more we practice listening and using this ‘muscle’, acting upon it, the more we are aligning to our Higher Self, to the etherical energies we truly are, to God’s Will. We become aligned, in thought, word and action to a higher frequency intelligence. We become aligned to the flow of creation. That was always there as our guidance, an ever expanding force, that was not exercised to it’s infinite potential.

The more we listen to our intuition, the more it becomes our higher form of ‘decision making’, the more we realise it is always there to guide us. It becomes our inner strength to navigate by.

When we are not using this inner energetic guidance system, we are not utilising our divine power. We may not even realise our inner power at first. Until we listen within, to how things feel. Intuition is not a THOUHT, it is a FEELING that we can then CLEARLY, NEUTRALLY, allow to become a neutral thought. Not exercised, the human being can rely on the outer to guide them. And because we have agreed to experience a multi-Dimensional environment, we can, through our own ignorance, allow the outer to CONTROL us. Where our lack of inner understanding, of our own innate ability to navigate our own life, can mean we seek that guidance outside of ourselves.

If another human being (facet of God) tells us what to do, seeks to give unsolicited advise, tells us what we are feeling, what action we should take in our life experience, give out instructions to act on...we then have the opportunity to make our own choice: to give away our power to those that seek control over us, or empower ourselves from within.

The higher in frequency we go, what was unseeable becomes seen. What was subtle, becomes known. The subtle higher planes of energy become our space of existing in. So energy becomes LESS subtle, more pronounced, easier to be as, see with, we become that energy, that power source. So what was unseen at our previous lesser Hz energetic frequency, is first seen as subtle, then it becomes us, so becomes KNOWN as our ‘new’ REAL.

This means in human terms, that we no longer give our power away through a ‘lack of knowing’. For all that we seek in that NOW moment of wanting ‘guidance’ can be found within our own higher frequency energetic HUMAN state of being. At these states, we absorb, integrate a profound HONOURING of each’s path:

At 3rd dimensional level, yet a different experience for each human facet, we can experience being told what to do by others, or alternatively experience ourselves telling others what to do. Both are acts of human ‘ignorance’ to the more subtle and higher frequency truths that reveal and reveal as we embody more and more. One denies us our innate power within (seeking guidance outside of ourselves, allowing others to tell us what to do). And one is seeking ‘control over’ (telling another what to do, feel, think). BOTH are only ignorant because they are a blindness, for BOTH experiences are but a full immersion IN the dream/illusion/Maya.

As we grow, as we clear distortions within, as we embody higher and higher truths that BECOME us, and become our way of BEing, we reach the point of letting go completely of the 3rd/4th dimensional Reality we once lived in.

Unconditional Love allows ALL their own journeying. It’s a state (energy) that observes each journey with a FULL HONOURING for each to HAVE their own experiences. It honours as OBSERVER. It allows EACH, their innate power. Meaning, we honour each person’s RIGHT to think, to feel, to act, as it is THEIR journey. There is no control, just honouring of each one’s innate ability to CHOOSE for themselves. For each, has the power within, to choose each THOUGHT, which creates their own feelings, which can then either suppress their acts, or create their acts. We reach a state of just observing and allowing others their God given rights...to choose their thoughts, words and deeds...simply because IT’S THEIR JOURNEY, not ours. And in GIVING each that SHEAR and PUREST HONOUR, we are honouring ourselves. For EACH are a part of US. They are US. They are placed in our dream for us to react to. So how do we wish to treat our Self? We embody the OBSERVER; that each are a part of ourself, and we simply make OUR choice, of how WE think, feel, react, within OUR Self Created Reality. By honouring the power, and potential power within each facet. By honouring ‘Free Will’. For to interfere, to control, to tell another what to do, to force another, IS to do that to ourselves. And is to keep us immersed within OUR dream of a 3D and 4D Dimensional Reality we are seeking to release ourselves from. As Obersver, the HIGHEST HONOURING BECOMES, to allow all others (you) their OWN experiences. For each humanised facet is UNIQUE, with the same sovereign right of Passage. For all are created of and from God.

By our choice to look within, FEEL, and practice the higher energetic we call ‘intuition’, we can grow that energetic guidance system innate within EACH FACET, nurture it, expand, infinitely so, the power we EACH already are. You are already, everything. And by internal choice, that can be realised.

One Love, One Heart,

Amanda Lorence
26 May 2019

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