19 May 2019

Our Heart and Soul's Presence ~ Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia ~ 18 May 2019

"This shift in frequency that humanity is now experiencing, was never about redistributing wealth, or replacing leadership, or forming a world government."
Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

Humanity’s shared role with Mother Earth is manifested through our Soul’s ability to Co-Create our entire experience. There are no Universal rules or laws to approve – or disapprove – of what we want to Co-Create during our experiences of physicality on Earth.

Humanity now enters the precipice of a New Paradigm of Achievement – an era of surmounting the collective dilemmas of our Lives. What is a “paradigm” and what does “achievement” have to do with it?

Wikipedia defines ‘paradigm” as a pattern – or model of thought – used in our conceptual processing of the world. To experience a paradigm shift is to experience a profound change in a fundamental belief, model, or perception of events. In other words, “the world ain’t what we thought it was” and we must come to terms with this realization. It rocks our world. It Shifts our individual and collective consciousness and opens our energy to new ideas and ways of being in the world.

This process is ‘hit or miss’ as we – in our desire to resolve our issues – allow a new paradigm to be born. Sometimes we achieve a great outcome for a single moment. Other times we achieve even more.

Our current world is shifting and changing into an entirely New Reality. Is everyone ready to release our past sense of achievement? What did we “achieve and by whose standards?” Did we achieve Joy and Happiness and Peace and Harmony?

If we are truly aligned with our Heart and Soul’s Purpose, we will no longer be experiencing the pressing issues and dilemmas of the old reality in our manifesting New Reality. Fewer choices will be made strictly with our minds. In the New Reality, we are naturally attuned and in alignment with the entire Universe. Choices and decisions are served by our Hearts and Souls. When we do what comes naturally, we fulfill our Heart and Soul’s Purpose!

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