18 May 2019

Rare Blue Scorpio Moon ~ Morag ~ 17 May 2019

No one is going to rescue you from yourself ~
you inner demons, your lack of confidence, your dissatisfaction with yourself and your life.
Only self-love and good decisions will rescue you

Source: Awakening 5D Healing

May’s Blue Full Moon was last seen on 21st May 2016 and next on 22nd August 2021. We have completed two healing cycles so far in 2019, this is our third. Expect karmic excavation, not like Jupiter Retrograde’s gut punch, more a slow, su burner of recognition, realisation and release. Our mind body soul being will want to connect with this process, align with the raising vibrations. Expect to feel very tired after completing every day tasks, the recalibration process is detailed and draining. We create space by resting, encourage growth in meditation and heal in self care. We can use light ritual, focused intention and mantras to formalise our higher states of consciousness. We embrace upgrades, burn through karma and manifest our futures. Full moon meditation is powerful highlighting beginnings and endings, timelines, blocks and insight. Use candles, paper and pen, crystals, sage and meditation, bowls, chanting, drums, gongs to enhance the vibrations, inner and outer.

The Blue Moon aligns opposite Mercury, in the sign of Scorpio. Mercury’s influence in the deep clear waters of Scorpio Blue Moon causes ripples, disturbances, annoyances, delays, lessons, points of tension. We will experience our blocks as we strain to align to higher dimensional frequencies. Like sharp needles, stings and sores, we will feel our programming glitch as we break through the chains of matrix negativity. Scorpio takes us deeper into our souls than we usually care to go, this is their natural habitat. They communicate with the rest of us mere mortals because they have to, to further their study of us. Empathic Scorpios rarely display it, but their spectrum of emotional energies is vast, their compassion infinite. The scorpion has to have her hard shell, for her soul is soft and light. Trickster Mercury likes to play smoke and mirrors, his world is illusion. We are going in deep friends. Scorpio is mysticism, magic, depth and seeing in the dark. Scorpio channels a cautious, careful energy, advisable as we dance with Mercury again. Scorpio can sting, she can look after herself, her stealthy moves protect her and allow her to see more than most.

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