16 May 2019

Scorpio Full Moon / Buddha Moon (Wesak) / Awakening Moon ~ Celia Fenn ~ 15 May 2019

Source: Celia Fenn

With the Scorpio Full Moon coming up on Saturday the 18th and some geomagnetic storm winds hitting the Earth, the energies have been a bit rough recently. I kept doing weird things yesterday, and when I checked the energies, sure enough, we were being hit by increased magnetic energies. 

We can expect this to intensify as we head towards the Full Moon, which will be off the wall powerful and intense.

Huge shifts and changes will probably be felt during and after the Full Moon, which is also the Buddha Moon (Wesak), known as the Awakening Moon.

Hang in there everyone, we got this!

Might be a bit bumpy along the way but awesome events about to unfold for all of us!

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