29 June 2019

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 29 June 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

I am sensing a HUGE Incoming Wave will occur TONIGHT. It is approx 0930am here right now. I feel STRONGLY, the Wave will be massive, arriving within 12 hours from Now for All.

This is ALL about God. We are in a HUGE timeline. The ONLY way, is through our Hearts. It matters not what we know, what we believe, where we have been, where we have walked, what we think...the ONLY way, is through our divine heart portal. It was always the KEY.

Profound times, massive juncture to get through. For the Forerunners, expect a body purge, as cells change, spin faster, as we alter again and upgrade the system. The forerunners are at penultimate stage, prior to enlightenment or said another way, where their Consciousness changes, to be in a body, with the embodied consciousness of God. How long this penultimate stage lasts I do not know. Just that we are there, in service, to divine Will.

Stay true to your self, allowing all others their journey. The only way...is through the heart. As the innocence of the child.

One Love, I love you all.

Amanda Lorence
29 June 2019

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